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Whaling City Solar

We asked the first 15 projects we did this year:

"What did we do upfront better than the installer that became your second choice?

7 of 15 answered with something along the lines of -- We trusted you the most based on your answers in our first exchange
5 answered -- Lower price on identical project
2 answered -- Different brand/financing option not offered elsewhere
1 answered -- "Honestly, I just liked the Game of Thrones article in your blog."

To us, that's the only list that matters. If you live within an hour of New Bedford, we'd love to come say hi and look at the property in person.

Confused by why solar pane pricing is so all over the place? You're definitely not alone.

Our founders believe that direct access to the design, support and install teams is all anyone really needs to go solar anymore in 2021. You made it here to EnergySage all on your own without signing with the first solar door knocker or cold caller didn't you? So why pay someone now for a sales commission to re-explain what you learned here for free?

Instead, Whaling City Solar sells solar panels, inverters and racking directly to the public at our cost from the factory. You read that correctly, no markup anywhere. Then we'll outline the costs of our time involved to permit, engineer and install it, including energization and service after completion. By separating parts and labor it allows us to modify quotes or designs quickly and transparently.
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4 unique characteristics we'd like you to know about Whaling City Solar:

1) We'll give our honest, brand neutral recommendations about equipment choices

You can't find an employee here that isn't a tech guy or a tech gal. We're actually going to enjoy talking about what you already know about panels, inverters, racking, etc. and where we can fill in the gaps. If you're having trouble understanding the differences between brands, that just says to us you're paying attention.

2) We'll actually itemize the project for you

Since you'll be owning this solar array, we believe you deserve to know what you're paying towards equipment costs, labor, overhead, etc. Doesn't that mean we're showing our customers our margins? It sure does, but we found no one minds paying for fair and honest work.

3) We care about your big energy picture as much as the solar array

Climate change isn't a battle, it's a war we'll all be fighting for decades to come. For the majority of customers a new solar array will not be the only electrification upgrade they do by the time they move. If your energy future might involve EV charging, mini-splits, battery storage, etc. we'd love to make sure we're setting you up for success with all we know about this stuff now.

4) Local always works best for home improvement work

This is not just a satellite office for us, South Coast MA where our team lives, works and raises our families. We're neighbors as much as we're contractors. So if you see us in line at Stop & Shop or Mary Lou's, wave hello! Since we know we're going to be an option for your future projects as well, why don't we start this project off as friends?
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Approved installers passed our rigorous screening criteria for experience, licensing, and positive reviews.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

10 years roof workmanship warranty covers parts and labor on penetrations and field connections done by installation crew.


CSL and HIC (General Contractor)


General Liability, Workmans Compensation, Disability,


NABCEP PV Associates Exam

Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Solarize Massachusetts
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Amazing System and Service!

I am so happy with my solar panels and system installed by Whaling City Solar. Adam is an expert at what he does, encouraged to get other quotes, gave me a master class on solar, and is always, always willing to answer any questions I have. His group of emoyees are awesome, too, and did a top-notch job. I am a very pleased client and recommend Whaling City Solar HIGHLY!

Posted by mwh9989 on Jan 29, 2022
Sunny Day in New Bedford

We are extremely happy with the service from Whaling City Solar. Of the three companies we looked at Whaling City was the most responsive, most knowledgeable, and best priced. They were completely upfront about all of the associated costs, providing a complete picture of the design and service calculations up front, allowing us to get a comprehensive picture of the installation costs, power generation, incentives and financing. Once we decided to move forward with them they took care of every aspect of the project, from permitting through installation and setting up the rebates. They were very patient working around my schedule and they made the necessary change orders without complaint, taking any installation challenges in stride.

Posted by jim.mckeag on Oct 25, 2021
Going Solar in the Historic District

Being in downtown historic New Bedford means we needed to navigate not only the city's standard approval processes, but also the ones in place to maintain the historical authenticity of the National Historic Urban Pack area. Helping us through this entire complicated process is where Whaling City Solar really shined. Yes, their Solar systems are top notched. Their monitoring systems tell us the exact amount of energy produced, and we can see ongoing savings in real time. But the real value was how easy Whaling City Solar made the planning, approval, and installation which all occurred through the tough COVID times. Appropriately, we ‘flipped the switch’ during a joint event with Whaling City Solar and town officials on Earth Day 2021. Everyone in attendance was enormously happy with the outcome. Ben Waite, President & CEO, Fiber Optic Center, Inc.

Posted by purchasing on Sep 28, 2021
Solar made easy

We had Whaling City Solar install solar panels on our 180 year old house in a historic area of Fairhaven. We were concerned with how the system would look as well as function. Whaling City did an outstanding job on all counts. There was no "hard sell" up front, the process was well described, the system looks good and works good. Being a retired engineer I wanted much more than a "good enough" job. I have seen lots of contractors do poor installations. This was not the case with Whaling City. You can expect better pricing, less hassle and a more professional job from these folks.

Posted by collasius on Sep 17, 2021
Best solar company around!

Whaling City Solar Panels are a significant investment for your property! I have my pool, AC, jacuzzi and home lighting electric bills completed eliminated for choosing this company! Not only that, the value to your property increases immediately! It’s a win win situation. Whaling City Solar is run by professional and extremely knowledgeable Owners! Definitely try this company before anyone else! Best price and top rating panels for sure. Thanks Adam!!

Posted by plainvillechoppers on Sep 16, 2021



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