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Centauri Systems, LLC

Our main goal for clients is to eliminate your energy bill by providing renewable energy to your home. We also work with a leading solar financing company to provide an option for no down payment alternatives, with a very low interest rate!
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We are fresh look to the industry bringing a low cost, high value outlook on residential solar. We use a low overhead budget to support our customers to save money on their jobs. Since we do not have huge advertising budgets, that savings gets directly passed to the consumer.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Turnkey Installations, no shady subcontractors getting involved.

  2. Locally owned, national companies may be bigger, but they just use whoever they can find to complete the installation.

  3. Small business, gives a lower cost to customer for the same quality.

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English; Portuguese; Spanish

Centauri Systems is a fully licensed electrical and building contractor that installs solar panels, batteries, and EV chargers.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

We are a small locally owned team of individuals who have worked together for years before creating a company. We have used our previous solar experience and drive to make a new company motivated to give the best quality at a lower price.

Andy Coleman, Owner/Sales
Dylan Hering, Salesman

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Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship warranty lasts 25 years and covers anything we have installed incorrectly.


Electrical Contractor
Residential Building Contractor


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Lg Chem Battery, SolarEdge Energy hub and battery bank certified. Rec and Silfab certified solar professionals.

Industry Certifications

  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional

What Customers Are Saying

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So Far So Good!

Dylan and James did a great job outlining what our options were as well as giving us flexibility in the panels and micro-inverters we wanted (even if I relied heavily on their knowledge to make the choice). System install took 2 days and I was quite happy with the cleanness of the install. Took about 2 weeks after install to get through the permitting and approvals, but now we are generating energy! I put value at 4 stars just because these systems aren't cheap, but in the long run obviously they pay for themselves. This isn't a dig at Centauri since their prices were in line with other quotes we got, it's just more solar in general is a big investment. We won't know for sure what the system is capable of until the summer months roll around, but given the 3 weeks of generation we've seen (mostly cloudy early winter weather), I think we'll be happy.

Posted by Rooks103 on Nov 22, 2022
Amazing Service, Price and end product

Working with Centauri was amazing from the very beginning. Especially with Dylan, he was great to work with. First getting a quote, price and financing was super simple. The Quote and Product was superior from any other quote/product combo I got from more than 5 other of the national companies. The installation took place less than 2 months later, which is also FAR better than anyone else was doing and the install and product look amazing. Finally service - best customer service I've had from a company or contractor in some time. They communicate great, answer questions and concerns in a timely manner and made sure I was happy with my product, including weeks later with followups. I couldn't recommend Centauri more.

Posted by trevor.thompson7410 on Nov 22, 2022
Strongly Recommend!

From start to finish, my experience with Centauri Systems has been excellent, and I would strongly recommend them. Dylan was the first to provide me a quote via EnergySage, and he was consistently quick in answering my laundry list of questions. He has a no-nonsense approach and he kept me updated throughout the permitting, install, inspection, and final power-on process. From a design standpoint, one of my priorities was to avoid a main panel upgrade both due to cost and since our panel is in a finished space. With Centauri this was a non-issue from the beginning whereas one of the biggest competitors was hesitant to commit either way before I signed a contract. As for installation, James, Andy, Grahmm, Dylan, and the rest of the crew worked quickly to stage parts, plan the best route up to the roof (we don’t have much extra space on our tiny city lot) and install our 10.8kW three-array system. I’m impressed by the attention to detail. For example, Andy went out of his way to paint the only visible conduit segment white to match the house, and Dylan routed the rest through the attic. They coordinated final inspection and meter-swap quickly, and the system is now producing power less than three weeks after they started installation.

Posted by benjamin.heintz on Nov 21, 2022
Great company Wonderful service

I had a few different quotes for the solar panel array I was looking at for my house. I decided to go with Centauri Systems. Their quote was fair and the only one using micro inverters. Dylan was our contact. He answered all our questions and let me know how everything was going to work. The paperwork went fast, and the install some how went even faster. The crew did a great job and the work area was kept clean. Great company and wonderful service.

Posted by dave_ickler on Nov 20, 2022

The guys at Centauri Systems from start to finish did an outstanding job. The install looks great. They took the time to do things the correct way. Whenever there was more than one way to install something they took the time to ask us first of how we’d prefer it. Centauri was also very easy to communicate with during the entire process. From bid—financing— pre-install— inspection. I would definitely recommend using them for any of your solar energy system needs.

Posted by beaulieu.evh on Nov 05, 2022
Friendly and capable rooftop solar installers

I was unfamiliar with solar panels at the start of this process, but after asking many questions and getting quick responses from Centauri, I felt much more comfortable that I made the right decision to go with them for a rooftop solar installation. The guys were helpful and answered every question I had, even on the day of the installation while they were busy doing the work.

Posted by jaycai on Oct 24, 2022



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