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NuWatt Energy - Profile & Reviews

NuWatt Energy is a full-service solar panel installation company. We offer free home and business solar energy quotes as well as solar system financing, design, engineering, permitting, installation, rebate acquisition, maintenance, and monitoring – all based on your energy goals and budget.

Our solar power systems are built to outlast the 25-years lifetime of the system and our customer service ensures you feel comfortable trusting us to safeguard your investment in solar and to power your residence or your business for decades to come.

The NuWatt Energy all-in-one package:
100% Reliable execution by our assembly teams
Modern systems engineering ensures high energy outputs
Long-term investment security
Comprehensive service package

47 reviews

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  • "Very helpful"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2021
    "Very helpful"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2021

    This company was very helpful and quite responsive whenever I had questions. Reasonably priced and ready to work with me in order to get what I had requested (in this case, ground mount estimates instead of roof mounts) and gave excellent information. Would definitely urge people looking for reasonably priced service and good customer service to look to this company.

  • "Professional, Friendly & Easy to work with"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021
    "Professional, Friendly & Easy to work with"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    I was very skeptical to go solar given how aggressive some of the solar installers are. But, after talking to Maan, it became clear that they are not like the usual, aggressive solar installer. Maan was very friendly, always available and guided me honestly and answered all the questions patiently. Once the panels were installed, Jonah took over from there and he kept in constant communication as we stepped through various stages of the project paperwork.

    Thanks NuWatt for making the experience go so smooth from start to finish.

  • "NuWatt Energy - 100% Professionalism"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021
    "NuWatt Energy - 100% Professionalism"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021

    There are not a lot of words that can describe the entire process with NuWatt Energy. From the first call when I had a thousand questions, to the quote phase and especially with the planning and installation everything was flowless.

    We started the process mid September so the chances to get the system installed and up and running by end of the year were quit slim (because of the New England weather). However they installed the panels and the entire system end of November and we started to produce energy by end of December. And this was done during the COVID-19 period which does not make things any faster. But all documentation and signatures were done online so no direct contact was necessary.

    The communication was great and on point. The thing everybody who goes solar must understand is that the documentation part needs approvals from state/town and this approvals can not be put on fast track. But NuWatt were very good in explaining every step and the time frame and once they received approvals immediately went to the next step in the planning.

    I really can't find any negatives about the entire process.

  • "Professional, thoughtful and responsive"

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2020
    "Professional, thoughtful and responsive"

    Reviewed Dec 31, 2020

    NuWatt proved itself on several occasions and at multiple levels to be thorough, adaptive and consistently professional. They have a streamlined evaluation and approval system that makes the process as seamless as possible for the customer. When there were problems with delivery from distributor, followed by snow storm, they adapted nicely and rallied all the other elements to get the installation completed before the end of the year.

  • "Roof leaks, NuWatt helpful"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2020
    Updated Dec 04, 2020
    "Roof leaks, NuWatt helpful"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2020
    Updated Dec 04, 2020

    I contracted in mid Sept. 2019 for a solar panel system to be installed on my house. For a variety of reasons, some related to weather, NuWatt missed the original target date for completion by 3 months. They stayed in communication with me throughout the process. The weather delays were not their fault, but in the end I did miss out on part of the Federal tax credit due to the delays. They took a few bucks off the contract price as compensation.

    After the installation, my roof developed two leaks, some months apart, but both in the area under and near the panels. In both cases NuWatt responded quickly and fixed the problems. Their installer reported that the leaks were caused by defects in my roof, not by the solar racks. The roof was 15 years old, but NuWatt had inspected it before starting the installation and judged that it was in good shape.

    The roof didn't leak before the solar panels were put on. Admittedly it wasn't a new roof. Maybe it was destined to start leaking this year anyway. Maybe the leaks were caused by the installers walking on the roof. Obviously you can't install the panels without walking up there, but it could still cause some damage. Or maybe the weight of the panels caused some flexing of the 100 year old rafters, and that loosened a seam so the water could come in. If that is the cause, this problem won't go away. Time will tell.

    Nothing can make water in your attic an enjoyable experience, but NuWatt was responsive in fixing the problems, even though it appears that the racks they installed were not the direct cause. So they've gone above and beyond and I appreciate that.

    If I had to do it over again with what I know today, I would think twice about installing solar panels over a roof that is anything less than brand-new. So, my review is kind of meh for the whole solar-panels-on-your-roof concept, but if you do decide to go ahead with it, my experience with NuWatt has been mostly great. They've really been supportive through this problem, even though it's not clear the problem was their responsibility, and that's impressive.

    Maan Alawa
    Response from NuWatt Energy
    Responded Dec 01, 2020
    Response from NuWatt Energy
    Responded Dec 01, 2020


    Thank you for your feedback and we sincerely apologize for your ongoing roof issues! We at NuWatt Energy strive to improve in any way possible, so your feedback is helpful in understanding what we can do better. We had installed your system using a leak-proof mounting & sealant combination which has proven to be highly reliable and effective against rain and other torrential weather. Visit this link to view the secure mounting equipment that we used: www.ironridge.com/components/flashfoot2/

    We have full confidence in our highly-experienced crew and the secure equipment we use, and provide a 25-year labor warranty to back this up. Part of this warranty covers the cost of repairing any damage caused as a result of the installation, including roof leaks. We are more than happy to work with you to determine specifically where the leak is coming from, whether it's specifically leaking from one of the mounting legs, or from another spot not compromised during the installation. 

    Please do not hesitate to reach out to us so we can identify the job site and help you resolve this issue!

    Best,NuWatt Energy877-772-6357

  • "Great Experience getting estimates and quotes"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020
    "Great Experience getting estimates and quotes"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020

    I had a great time talking to Maan over at NuWatt

    I ended up going with a different company but everything about my experience was enjoyable

  • "Excellent customer service and experience"

    Reviewed Sep 15, 2020
    "Excellent customer service and experience"

    Reviewed Sep 15, 2020

    NuWatt installed our 36 solar panels on our home back in 2017 and we are very happy with their service during and after the install.

    Two months ago, we had an issue with one of the converters and upon talking to their technical support they identified the issue and got the part replaced free of cost within a short time. They are truly a committed and serious solar company that stands behind their installation and we are happy to have chosen them.

    My wife and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a reliable and trustworthy company that cares about customer service. JKC

  • "Anyone but NuWatt"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2020

    Go with literally anyone else for your residential solar installation.

    Everything with NuWatt was a mess the moment after the contract was signed. It took nearly 4 months to get the project complete. I'd wait weeks before getting responses to my questions.

    They subcontract everything. I had a dad and his teenage son installing my panels. The electrician seemingly had no details about anything with my system.

    The connection to SolarEdge took over a month to establish because NuWatt spent all of their energy blaming me for the problem when it was a faulty piece of equipment.

    Now I'm a year in and only getting 70% or so of what the system is rated for. I've been asking NuWatt for 5 months to resolve it and they refuse to even acknowledge the issue - again, blaming me for 'not understanding' how things work.

    I'll be opening a BBB complaint against them as my next step, but wanted to share my experience here so others don't get duped by this company.

    Every solar installer in this area is similarly priced. Go with anyone else and actually get a system that works.

    Furthermore, EnergySage was zero help along the way. I'm honestly disappointed in myself that I didn't just go do the research myself instead of limiting myself to companies who pay to be included in the EnergySage list.

  • "Outstanding job and service from NuWatt."

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2020
    "Outstanding job and service from NuWatt."

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2020

    My brother had NuWatt install his system and he spoke highly of them, so I decided to go with them. My project was a bit complicated because I was in the midst of renovating my house, and switching to solar was part of it. They were easy to work with and very prompt in all their responses- whether it was calls, emails, or texts. They were thorough in all their responses and helping with redesigning the system to my preference. They were flexible, and worked with us efficiently to modify the design and installation. Give them a shot even if your design is a bit complicated- my experience was great and I feel valued as a client.

  • "Helpful and fast service"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2020

    The team at NuWatt answered all of my questions and helped me understand my options. They were very responsive and did all the hard work to get my system approved by the local municipal utility for an additional rebate. They were able to schedule my installation weeks earlier than anticipated and the installation team was great. I don't know what magic they used to get all the permits and inspections to happen so quickly, but they exceeded their own timelines at every step.

    The only thing that could have gone more smoothly is if they were clearer about what to expect during installation - they answered all my questions when I asked (when and how long would they need to shut our power, where in our home would they need access, etc.), but I needed to ask the question rather than them proactively saying "here's what to expect." That's a pretty minor thing, though, since they were extremely responsive to all my questions.

    On the whole, very satisfied with the job they did and how quickly they did it.

  • "Wonderful experience"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2020

    From the beginning to the end of the process, NuWatt has provided an excellent experience. I am pretty new to the solar game, and so I had a ton of questions along the way. Maan led me through the stages of analyzing their bid to the contract signing, while Azmi was the project manager who took care of the system installation, city building inspections, and utility interconnection. Both of them were extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and I'm very grateful for their assistance. They took care of absolutely everything, but when I wanted to know more, they helped me understand each of the stages of the project. The installation crew was very experienced -- one member had been with the company for almost ten years, while the electrician had done about 100 projects before ours. I highly recommend NuWatt as a quality installer.

  • "Went above and beyond!"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    I was perplexed by which co to go solar with but thanks to a friend's recommendation, I decided to give NuWatt a go. I'm pretty happy with my experience with them. From start to end, their team was incredibly helpful and thorough.
    They explained everything and would regularly update me about applications, permits, and everything related to the project. Will give them a solid 5/5 and always recommend them to others wanting to go solar!

  • "Work done"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020

    Owner, Aiman was very patient, not knowing much about the process. Then apprehensive of what level the install quality would be? Let me tell you, rest assured, couldn’t have been better, even if I knew how to do it myself! Especially the electricians, very neat routing and conduit bends, though brick as well! TOP SHELF... from A - Z. John C.

  • "Quick install, great experience"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2020
    "Quick install, great experience"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2020

    We had new solar installs this year, with NuWatt. Their team was great with the specific designs we wanted, and we had a great overall experience. The installation was quick and we immediately started using it. I'm pretty happy with the whole experience. Can't recommend them enough!

  • "Great experience, great team"

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2020

    We had a great experience with NuWatt Energy. We were installing solar in February with them. Their team was pretty knowledgeable and the whole process went smoothly. They were efficient and got the system installed and ready for inspection in no time. Will def recommend.

  • "NuWatt Energy is top of the line!"

    Reviewed Mar 01, 2020

    When I first found NuWatt Energy, I had already dealt with a number of solar contractors that failed to respond or failed to deliver. So I was incredibly impressed with just how quickly they responded when I submitted my information on the site, hearing back from them the same day!
    NuWatt Energy is not your typical solar energy company - not only were they responsive, but they walked me through the process in a way that kept me feeling like I was being listened to, even during times where I may have been a little stressed (thanks, Maan!).
    They were on top of all the paperwork and the project finished on time - if I could give them more than five stars, I would!!

  • "More than your typical solar company"

    Reviewed Feb 06, 2020
    "More than your typical solar company"

    Reviewed Feb 06, 2020

    I wanted to go solar five years ago, but I had someone come out and say it would cost me $$$$ and that would only cover a third of my electricity. So, I said I was not interested. Now, the price has gone down. I went taking to so many different solar companies and found NuWatt, which was an up-and-coming company at the time and everybody seemed motivated. Wow. The entire experience blew me away - and I have never regretted going solar with NuWatt.

  • "Superb Install"

    Reviewed Dec 25, 2019

    Our goal was to to be net-zero. To achieve that, we needed to install a 13kw solar array on a small house with limited roof space and steep roof pitch.

    We received 10 bids from both large and small companies. NuWatt was the only company that could do it. No one else could squeeze that many panels onto our roof.

    And not only were they able to do this challenging install, but it came out even better then we expected. They used high quality materials for a strong, clean install that looks great. Moreover there were zero problems throughout the install and there were no surprises.

    Because NuWatt is so good, they are in high-demand. The install took longer then expected, but it was well worth the wait. Maan and team were clear, friendly knowledgeable and honest throughout the entire process.

    I definitely recommend NuWatt.

  • "Great Team, Prepare To Wait in Massachusetts"

    Reviewed Dec 19, 2019
    "Great Team, Prepare To Wait in Massachusetts"

    Reviewed Dec 19, 2019

    NuWatt was wonderful from day one. Always responsive to questions and queries. Super professional. Always quick to move the project forward whenever it was possible.

    Through no fault of their own, the process was an emotional endurance race. There was a lot of red tape and five months of waiting for everything to process. As we neared the end of the year, the stress of missing our tax rebate was really taking a toll. We called NuWatt weekly, sometimes more, and they were very sympathetic and did what they could to try and provide some kind of progress status.

    In the end, when all the paperwork was done, they installed everything within a week. It was wonderful! I mean, we started in June, and finished in December, so it was a bit anti-climatic that we missed all that summer sun... ah well.

  • "Excellent experience!"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2019

    Excellent experience with this company and their staff. I was on the fence for a while, but after contacting Nuwatt, I knew I made the right choice! They were there from start to finish and answered every single question along the way. They are so very supportive! Don’t hesitate to work with them, they won’t disappoint you and will make sure you are satisfied 100 percent!

  • "Great local installer, top products"

    Reviewed Nov 03, 2019
    "Great local installer, top products"

    Reviewed Nov 03, 2019

    We've been approached by some of the very large nation-wide installers that go from door to door a several times. They come in with a lot of catchy phrases ("Completely free", "You are very special to be selected"), but are overall hiding very expensive installs with some seemingly cheap monthly payments.

    Luckily we heard about EnergySage where we found Nuwatt. The technology they sell is the state of the art, they know the products they sell very well, the pricing is competitive, and they are delivering great, clean installs. The permitting phase seemed a bit long initially, however, once permits were there the install went really fast which made the project overall finish in time.

    It's a great feeling to consume real solar energy and help burning fewer fossils!

  • "Excellent Service and Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019
    "Excellent Service and Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019

    We picked NuWatt due to their flexibility to accommodate our requests in terms of design, number of panels and quality of equipment. They were also very clear on time frames, financing and incentives. Maan Alawa was a pleasure to work with and my system was up and running within 90 days of signing the contract. Will definitely recommend.
    P.S: We got a 6.7kw system; 20, 335watt Panasonic panels, 6 kw Solar Edge Inverter.

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  • "Comments on our solar system purchase from NuWatt Energy"

    Reviewed Jul 17, 2019
    "Comments on our solar system purchase from NuWatt Energy"

    Reviewed Jul 17, 2019

    We chose NuWatt Energy for the purchase and installation of our residential solar panel system because the initial presentation of the product was thorough and understandable.
    We worked with Maan Alawa throughout the sales and installation process. He provided us with detailed information about the financial and installation process so that we felt comfortable throughout. His responses to our questions and concerns were speedy and accurate.
    The installation was completed in the time that was promised and our system was up and running sooner than we expected. We have been online for several months and continue to be pleased with the system operation and savings.
    Overall, we are very satisfied with our purchase and the outstanding service provided by the people at NuWatt and would heartily recommend the NuWatt company for a solar system.

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  • "A step closer to carbon-free living !"

    Reviewed May 15, 2019
    "A step closer to carbon-free living !"

    Reviewed May 15, 2019

    NuWatt installed solar panels on the roof of our home. They made the process very smooth and efficient right from system sizing, permitting, installation, to system turn-up. The entire process took less than 60 days from quote generation to system turn-up. Maan Alwa and his team are very professional and diligent in their efforts. They provided guidance throughout the process and were very accommodating of requests for any changes to the system. I highly recommend NuWatt. They are already working with some of my friends and neighbors on their solar installations. Keep up the good work NuWatt !

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  • "Electric!"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2019

    NuWatt Energy is not only top of the line, when it comes to technical skills, as in all things electric and solar panel systems, but their communication and utmost respect for their customer and other collaborators is Outstanding!!!
    The process of my solar panel system, was anything, but straightforward, there was a third party community agency, that facilitated the start, of the process, there were weather issues (so much cold rain), there were inventory issues, all resulting in delays, catching up, (none of which was in their control) my own vacation, even presented a challenge but NuWatt Energy was always in direct communication with me, they always gave me options and asked, what worked best for me. We did experience a, "bump," in the road, but they handled it swiftly and with the utmost integrity. Even after my system was installed, they have remained in direct contact with me, and serve as my technical guides for understanding and learning about my system. I have high standards for companies, I do business with, and NuWatt Energy exceeded my expectations! They belong at the top of any installer list!

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  • "Awesome!"

    Reviewed Mar 06, 2019

    I can't recommend these guys highly enough! Their attention to details, their after-the-fact support, their price are all outstanding. We just moved and NuWatt will be doing our next system as well. Our previous location had several unusual challenges, and NuWatt worked with us all the way to deliver a great installation. The crew was quick, clean, and neat and we are very happy with the finished array.

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  • "NuWatt Solar Energy System"

    Reviewed Mar 06, 2019

    Aiman Alway set up our system in 2011. As of March 2019, our system has almost paid for itself. Our 28 panel array is on our garage facing due south.
    Once we paid our deposit, it was only 2 weeks until our supplemental electricity system was installed and operational. There was no mess, neither inside nor out! NuWatt has a policy of paying you $500 if another person signs up after viewing your system. We have certainly availed ourselves of that option! We have recommended Aiman and NuWatt countless times!

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  • "Awsome solar savings!"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2019

    Had our roofs redone and new solar install last year, both with NuWatt. We both like the look of the all-black panels and immediately started producing enough solar energy to cover current usage plus on top of that the payments we get towards SRECs. Thank you, NuWatt Energy.

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    Reviewed Mar 05, 2019

    In June of 2011 Mr. Aiman Alawa of NUWATT ENERGY"s installation f our solar panels was one of the smartest things we did to save electricity and lower pollution. Mr. Alawa designed a frame on our garage roof that more than doubled the number of solar panels. The performed exactly as he promised . We went on line in July of the same year and have generated more than 61 megawatts of electricity and many SRECs since then. We have zero problems with the array. I highly recommend NUWATT for any solar installation both residential and commercial. I encourage people to visit and see our system. Thank you Aiman for your design and work!

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  • "Very pleased"

    Reviewed Mar 01, 2019

    We had our system installed February 2018. Our rep, Maan, was great from start to finish. Very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all our questions patiently and we are happy that we opted for a high-end system that erased our Eversource electric bill. The install went without a single issue and their crew members were very efficient and courteous. I highly recommend Nuwatt Energy for the smooth experience we had with them. We are literally saving thousands per year now! Definitely using Nuwatt to add more panels for our new Tesla.

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  • "Hard working, sincere team that got it done for me!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2019
    "Hard working, sincere team that got it done for me!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2019

    My situation was a little tight with SREC II cut off dates expiring. NuWatt worked with me on some crazy timeline, and got the installation done well before the cut-off. Their office team, crew knew what they were doing, very professional, hard working men that always showed up on time and got the installation done as per code. It has been a few months since the system went live, and everything is going well! I am glad we chose NuWatt!!

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  • "Overall great job"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2019

    They were very helpful in looking at different equipment options so we could get the performance and aesthetics we wanted. The end result was what we were looking for and we're enjoying the energy savings.

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  • "Great experience - Highly recommended!"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2019
    "Great experience - Highly recommended!"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2019

    I had a smooth experience installing solar in January with NuWatt Energy. Their efficiency got the system installed and ready for inspection in no time.

    The working crew and electricians were very friendly and worked hard all day. The crew and the solar consultant, Maan, were very friendly and personable.

    NuWatt is a trustworthy company with a great customer service! I will be recommending NuWatt Energy to my friends!

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  • "Uninterested in my project"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2019
    "Uninterested in my project"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2019

    After I received the initial on-line quote, I tried to reach this installer multiple times to discuss and have someone come out to our site. I never got a response.

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  • "Bad communication, slow job."

    Reviewed Jan 12, 2019

    Had good communication before signed the paper. Once deposit was sent, the schedule will be pushed week by week. It has been four months since the document was signed, and the project is still not finished. Now they stop answering your emails and phone calls. Really bad communication, will not recommend.

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  • "Communication issues"

    Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

    NuWatt seems great, until you give them the deposit. Then communication grinds to a halt. The contract they want you to sign leaves you a victim to their desire, or lack of desire to actually install the system. You become legally bound to it, no matter how long it takes and whether or not it is actually producing electricity. There are financial penalties for you if you don't follow through with the project but none for them if they don't get the work done. Same if the inspections are not scheduled, the permits not acquired or the paperwork not filed. And if a more lucrative project comes their way, your project will be put on hold. The people you have contact with don't seem to communicate your concerns to the workers who do the install. The installers seemed competant but are not effectively managed from the people running the company. I can't recommend this company.

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  • "Site evaluation"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2018

    I schedule a site evaluation wit the installer, he called me 15 minutes before he was scheduled to be here and cancelled, he said he was going to call to reschedule, and as of yet has not. Apparently he doesn't want to to do the job?

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  • "NuWatt was great!"

    Reviewed May 22, 2018

    We are very happy with our new solar system installed by NuWatt Energy, and highly recommend them.
    Our house in Jamaica Plain, MA is all electric—we heat the house, heat water, and cook all with electricity, so our usage is higher than for other households of similar size. We’d been interested in solar for a long time, but have an east-west facing gable roof, and weren’t sure whether the technology had advanced enough to make a solar installation feasible with that suboptimal orientation. Well, it definitely has. NuWatt gave us a system projected to produce around 90% of our annual usage from an east-facing array. The system went online in mid-February, and even during those fairly short days, our panels began producing about 60% of our usage. As days lengthened and the heating season wound down, the solar contribution increased, and since May 3rd we’ve been running the grid meter backward. Of course there’s some imprecision in those production projections, so we won’t know whether we’ll actually reach that 90% figure until the year is up, but clearly the system will produce a very substantial proportion of our yearly electric power consumption. And it will do it cost effectively. After the federal and state (MA) tax credits and the SREC sales are factored in, we expect that the system will pay for itself in just a few years. The cumulative savings over the life of the system will be considerable. We now find ourselves wanting to knock on doors in our neighborhood to ask the owner “Are you aware that your roof has a beautiful solar orientation, and that you could be making money from it while doing something green for the planet?”
    We received 6 or 7 proposals via EnergySage, narrowed them down to two based on the online information, and had those two visit our site to finalize their bids. Maan Alawa, our NuWatt contact, is a friendly guy, easy to deal with, who responded reasonably quickly to our many email queries, as we changed our minds several times about how big to make the system and other details. Nuwatt also gave us the lowest price per kilowatt. Winter was coming on by the time we signed the contract, so there were some weather related delays, but once installation began, the crew was very fast and efficient.
    Again, we are very pleased with NuWatt, and highly recommend them.

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  • "Great system"

    Reviewed Apr 02, 2018

    NuWatt did a great job. My solar system is paying off well now. My last power bill was negative $94, and I have already produced almost 2MwH of power, which would be 2 SRECs or, around 500$ of additional income. It's winter (well spring now), and I'm "earning" 300/month. Not bad at all. In my town the solar inverter box has to be mounted on the outside of your house, so be sure to plan for where you want this unit to go *before* the day the electricians arrive to install it.

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  • "Purchased a 5.3kW system in 2018"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2018

    Everyone around here uses NuWatt Energy and it's a no-brainer why. They just give you the easiest and most efficient installations - period!

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  • "Gone Solar"

    Reviewed Dec 05, 2017

    For a while now I have been wanting to go solar and I didn't because of the lack of information available and the high costs. I am so glad I found EnergySage because if it wasn't for all the information on this site I think I would still be double guessing myself and I wouldn't have found NuWatt Energy. In Total I had 9 quotes. After eliminating 6 based on pricing, warranty and quality of equipment I ended up with 3 very good quotes. After questioning all three to death, I felt more comfortable working with John Tehan from NuWatt Energy. He would answer all my questions no matter what, at times late at night. Once I committed to NuWatt, John worked with me in trying to built the best system I could get. I explained to him exactly how I wanted the panels installed on my roof because looks and the location of the conduit was my main concern. Many times I have seen solar panels on roofs and I would say who in the world installed that system. Even my neighbors would say we'll let you be the guinea pig but now they are like wow looks good. My electric bills were outrageous and the whole reason most of us go solar is not to save the planet, we want to save money. My first bill $41 normally $270+. Originally I was told they were not that busy and that it would take 3-5 weeks to get the system installed but in reality when your dealing with city permits and Electric companies it takes much longer. It is a slow process so you need to be patient. My system was signed July 5 and was turned on September 15. So plan on 9-10 weeks. If you're thinking about going solar now is the time to do it. Give NuWatt Energy a chance and take advantage of all the incentives available including Mass Solar Loan income based support and I will guarantee you will be happy in the end.

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  • "13xLG330 on my Garage @ Windham, NH"

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2017
    "13xLG330 on my Garage @ Windham, NH"

    Reviewed Dec 03, 2017

    I was looking for a company for installing and connecting a small solar array on my garage roof. EnergySage helped me find and compare several companies, including NuWatt Energy. We researched each one and landed on a decision to try NuWatt Energy.

    Aiman & Maan at NuWatt were extremely helpful from the start, even when we were just at the research stage. Their pricing was at the front of the pack, their installation plan and materials were of high quality, and they provided lots of helpful advice in the financing to arrive at the most suitable payment plan, as well as helping plan our installation and structure to get the most from the array. Maan helped me through the entire process, letting me know exactly what I had to do at each step of the way – even after installation, he helped me through the full process and got me to the point that I was finally producing power. They were extremely supportive and helped me out even when my own electrical contractor had some issues with his own work to commission and finally connect the array to the grid.

    Aiman followed up with me to check on how my installation was producing and further providing me with the ability to monitor production on all panels.

    Bottom line – NuWatt made my solar install a painless, hassle-less, economic, even pleasurable, experience. I am very grateful for their helping me produce being my own clean energy in the years to come.

    Kudos to NuWatt Energy

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  • "Excellent experience "

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2017

    I interviewed 8 solar companies through Energysage.com, I have to say there are many salespersons that really don't know what they are talking about. Only 2 companies were thorough, remember that it is not only the cost of panels, installation and warranties to be concerned about, but your project could bear additional cost if roof support is inadequate or additional electrical costs. It was important to us to know all costs before we entered into any agreement. They were through, communicated well and installation went smoothly. We are actually over producing solar. It is great to be able to say this, we could never t be happier.

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  • "Very impressed with NuWatt Energy!"

    Reviewed Aug 11, 2017
    "Very impressed with NuWatt Energy!"

    Reviewed Aug 11, 2017

    I had an excellent experience from start to finish with NuWatt Energy. John Tehan was much more than a salesperson: he educated me on all of the solar options, worked with me to find the right options for my home (he priced out various solar panels in various configurations to find the right number of panels for a price that met my budget), and then acted as a project manager throughout the installation process. He was extremely reliable and easy to get a hold of, and we stayed in constant contact through phone, email, and text throughout the entire process. My panels have been functioning for almost a month now, and the production so far is as expected, and I am looking forward to saving money on my electric bills!

    This link was helpful as I was sorting through all of the solar options and helped me ultimately settle on NuWatt:

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  • "Good Experience with NuWatt Energy"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2016
    "Good Experience with NuWatt Energy"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2016

    Salesperson took time to explain the ins and outs of solar. He answered all my questions, worked with me on financing, and stuck to the installation schedule. All this with a great price. I would recommend NuWatt Energy based on my experience with them.

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  • "Great Experience!"

    Reviewed Nov 07, 2016

    My experience with NuWattEnergy from 1st meeting with Representative to my new solar system they installed being turned on for me by no less than the CEO himself was outstanding. They gave me a clear concise proposal with set dates for completion of different phases of my installation to final completion. They met every single one of the milestone dates as quoted. The system has operated flawlessly and I have not had an electrical bill for over a year since installation. I recently contacted them to ask if they could possibly install a Snow Guard system to prevent heavy cascading snow off the solar panels and they agreed to research what kind of system would be best for my installation. They proposed a system with a very nominal charge for installation and it was just installed last week without a hitch. I can't say enough about this company and their professionalism.

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  • "8.55kW System in Cambridge, MA"

    Reviewed Sep 12, 2016
    "8.55kW System in Cambridge, MA"

    Reviewed Sep 12, 2016

    Really impressed with the service. Happy with the quality of equipment used. I'm satisfied by having solar power from NuWatt Energy!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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NuWatt Energy promotes Real Energy Independence with our affordable systems. NuWatt Energy selects and installs only solar modules by financially-sound manufacturers that can outlast the warranty terms to safeguard your solar investment in the long run.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



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Workmanship Warranty

25-year PV performance warranty (@80% or 85%)
10-year and 25-year parts and workmanship warranty.


CSL, Master Electrical License, Designs exceed NABCEP standards


Construction Supervisors License (CSL), Home Improvement License, Master Electrician License in MA, NH, CA, TX, and VT


General Liability, Worker's Comp, Commercial Umbrella

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