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Great Sky Solar - Profile & Reviews

2017 WINNER: Boston Magazine's BEST OF BOSTON HOME® for "Best Solar Design", Boston.

28 reviews

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  • "Best decision to choose Great Sky Solar!"

    Reviewed Aug 31, 2020
    "Best decision to choose Great Sky Solar!"

    Reviewed Aug 31, 2020

    The only regards were I should ask them to install my system sooner and bigger. We are not only don't have to pay electricity, we also received check and still have credit on Eversource even we are working from home. Best investment, best decision and best price!

  • "Great system and install, excellent service after installation"

    Reviewed Apr 04, 2020
    "Great system and install, excellent service after installation"

    Reviewed Apr 04, 2020

    We had our system installed by Great Sky at the beginning of 2017. They were a better value than other installers, used high quality LG panels, and they had a production guarantee that was far better than other companies we considered.

    Since then, if we have ever had issues with our system, the team at Great Sky has come out and promptly evaluated and repaired our system, no charge to us. Great Sky continuing to service our system long after installation is a testament to their commitment to quality and customer service rarely seen today.

    They have gone above and beyond to keep our system up and running. Highly recommended!

  • "Bait and switch - Dishonest company"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2020
    "Bait and switch - Dishonest company"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2020

    I would never buy from or trust this dishonest company!
    Great sky solar quoted us the lowest price for an lg system with 370 watt panels. When we started to get serious about moving forward the guys pushed the price up by $6,000 siting an error. Our marketplace still shows the lower price.
    Also the size of their system was larger than what the utility would have allowed. I asked another company and they said that the larger size was not allowed to get Massachusetts incentives.

  • "Great Sky Solar team are friendly, professional and AMAZING to work with."

    Reviewed Aug 29, 2019
    "Great Sky Solar team are friendly, professional and AMAZING to work with."

    Reviewed Aug 29, 2019

    Just got 22 Panel install by Great Sky Solar. 5 STARS to David, John, Tehan and Great Sky Solar Team. David recommended and educated me with different types of panels for my house. John guided me through the process of Panel design for my roof as well as helping me through the process of applying for the solar loan. John help me save lots of money on my panels with all the states incentives. He answer all my call even after hour. Amazing customer services and great great communication.
    The installing team from Great Sky Solar are reliable (show up exact time that they suppose to show up), professional, answer all questions and suggested great ideas to make the solar panels and all the shutoff control look nice on my house. They clean up after themselves and test to make sure everything work before they leave.
    Even after they finish and my system up and running, they continues to responded to my email and phone call quickly and answer all my questions and concerns. They really do stand behind their services and products.
    At first, I was worry because they are small company and not doing that many installation compare to other big companies out there. But with all the positive feedback about Great Sky Solar from my friends, as well as their professionalism I decided to go with them.
    Overall, Great Sky Solar team are friendly, professional and AMAZING to work with. Nothing to compliant. Great decision to go with Great Sky Solar.
    Wish you guys with best success and continue to do AMAZING work. You guys will definitely get more services from my family and friends.
    Again Thank You Very Much

  • "Best Installers by Far"

    Reviewed May 06, 2019

    I have had two separate solar installs done, and can say with extreme certainty that Great Sky Solar (GSS) is the best around. They are small enough to offer great communication and attention to customers, while also being efficient enough to offer the absolute best prices. Every member is very knowledgeable on the whole solar environment, and have great insights on all topics, from pricing, to materials, to financing and incentives.

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  • "Efficient, Clean, Friendly, and Knowledgeable"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2019
    "Efficient, Clean, Friendly, and Knowledgeable"

    Reviewed Apr 07, 2019

    The team at GSS is top-notch. They are quick with responses, knowledgeable about their systems, friendly, and are conscious of cleanliness and running a clean install.

    Before moving to New England, I worked in the energy field (including solar) in California, yet mostly for large commercial projects. After scouting around I decided to go with GSS because of all the similar reasons that other reviews have already mentioned. Going solar for our family was a no brainer, and since I already knew about solar and it's various systems I knew I could vet a company that would treat us right.

    What impressed me most about GSS that I don't think is mentioned here very much, is that I never felt any hard bargaining, hard selling, or up-selling of any form. GSS (and other installers) didn't know initially I had any knowledge of solar, so I could patiently listen and see what they offer and how they would approach our install/house. Once I started asking questions, installers would quickly figure out I knew a thing or two. It was here that GSS won me over, because they sell reliable products, with a professional install, and are VERY particular about aesthetics. Solar should be functional and can be 'fashionable' at the same time, ex. auxiliary piping and boxes in a convenient yet out of view location.

    Their pricing comes in line with other competitors, and our family was willing to come up a bit more since we felt that we shouldn't experience any problems with them. We were even able to quote a electric vehicle 'charging station' install since we have an EV with a charging station (240V), and since they were going to be working on our electricity we asked them if they could do this also. Not even a problem.

    Finally, GSS helped us through the whole process of getting into the SREC/SMART (the renewable credit) system so we can maximize our return. SREC is the old system, SMART is the new one.

    We are now 6 months after install, and we have had zero problems. No leaks (from roof), no panel outages, and the system just simply works. We are producing energy and receiving credit from the SREC/SMART network. Couldn't be happier. Thank you GSS!

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  • "Best of the best"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2019

    After many local solar companies stating they couldn’t fit more than 25 panels on my roof and stating they are better than the rest - I found Great Sky Solar! The owner came out to provide me the quote. I’m in western Ma and he drove at least an hour and a half to my home. The entire team was professional and respectful. Prior to accepting the quote, the owner made it clear, going with or without Great Sky Solar, he’s available to answer any questions. This is a plus for a company that only really cares about a solar array to be installed on the roof whether it’s by them or someone else, they are willing to help. Great Sky Solar installed 30 panels covering my entire roof! It looks clean and smooth like it was my actual roof. I’ve had people driver by my home and stopping to ask who installed them, hopefully they have gone with Great Sky Solar as well. Nothing but the best from them and the are great communicators throughout the entire project!

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  • "Steered me in the right direction"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2019
    "Steered me in the right direction"

    Reviewed Mar 03, 2019

    I stumbled onto this site by chance a couple years ago, and through that met the team at GSS. The thoughtfulness of the approach and the consideration they gave through the process sealed the deal for me. As others have said, crew came out an was professional and expedient through the whole process. They were monitoring the panels at the beginning and came out to replace a defective one even before I knew myself that I had a problem. So far the panels are producing the power we scoped for, and now I'm considering switching to a heat pump to take advantage of my electricity.

  • "Good work, easy to work with"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2019
    "Good work, easy to work with"

    Reviewed Feb 20, 2019

    Great Sky Solar put 16 panels on our urban 3rd floor roof. They made the entire process relatively easy, and straightforward. We had full confidence in their work and their workers, and we especially liked supporting a worker-owned business.

  • "I love my panels!"

    Reviewed Feb 17, 2019

    Great Sky was fabulous. I was a little concerned when I didn't hear from them after a month or so but now I know it takes about 3 months for the permitting with Eversource. The crew that installed the system was so great! They let us know that they drive by our house everyday so if there was any problem they could get it done first thing. There were a few adjustments in the first week because the system was producing so much energy so they switched out the inverter and I didn't know until I saw their truck in the drive. I love going on the web to see how much energy I have made and the SREC's are such a surprise when they come! It's all gone very smoothly.

  • "Excellent work and wonderful experience"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2019
    "Excellent work and wonderful experience"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2019

    We did quite a bit of shopping around for our solar rooftop install. Our house is from 1812 with a small, tricky 45 degree pitch roof, and I was very concerned about quality workmanship. Great Sky was the only company we spoke to who recommended relocating a vent pipe so we could install an extra panel on our roof. This was added work that other companies we talked to weren't interested in doing. It has been a year and a half since our install and everything is performing as promised with no issues. Thanks for a great job, Great Sky!

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  • "Excellent Experience"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2019

    The installation was completed April 2018. It is true what the other reviewers have said, so, I will not repeat that. There were a couple of problems. One, I created (I know more than the solar installers syndrome) and the other involved my back up generator. Both were resolved at no additional expense.
    If I need to purchase solar panels again, I would definitely use Great Sky Solar without getting other estimates.

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  • "Great Sky Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 15, 2019

    I had solar panels installed on my roof in March of 2018 by Great Sky Solar. I can't say enough great things about my experience. They kept me up to date at all times as the project moved along and were always helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns. After having the system for about one year they have delivered everything that was promised. The quality of work was excellent and everything was clean and tidy at the end of the job. As someone who is obsessed with quality of work I was very satisfied with the job that was done and the professionalism of the staff and installation crew. Jim, the master electrician was awesome. I have already had a pay back of 30 percent in the first year of operation.

  • "Great value and service"

    Reviewed Feb 15, 2019

    I did extensive research to choose the best solar provider for our home, reviewing more than a dozen companies and interviewing and getting quotes from a half dozen. Great Sky stood out, head and shoulders above the field. They have a no-pressure approach but simply lay out experience and proposal. It was the greatest value for our investment, and I would choose them again in a heartbeat.

  • "Great Folk to Work With"

    Reviewed Feb 15, 2019

    From the initial discussion to the final install it was pleasant working with Great Sky. We haven't seen them since - the system just runs - but I have been in touch a few times and they remain responsive. Definitely a good team to do your installation and keep you generating those megawatts.

  • "Bespoke Ground Mount Solar Array"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2017

    Great Sky Solar designed a bespoke ground mount array for my property, and was very flexible about positioning it so as to fit in with the esthetics of the landscape and avoid needlessly taking down trees. Once the project began, the Great Sky team showed up every day for three weeks until completion, and liaised with the local utility company to commission the array. The workmanship was and is excellent, and Great Sky has always been available to help me understand how the system works and to address any glitches. The whole company is very friendly, easy to work with and committed to my satisfaction. I recommend Great Sky wholeheartedly.

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  • "Individualized turnkey installations"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2017
    "Individualized turnkey installations"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2017

    I really appreciated Great Sky's dedication to putting together a system that would work in circumstances typically avoided by the giants, who prefer cookie-cutter installations. I had minimal southern exposure (but as it turned out, very serviceable western exposure) and a municipal power company where I believe I was one of the first ten customers to make use of a newly introduced net metering policy. My electrical usage is very modest (about 2.4 MWh annually). In addition my application fell into a period of uncertainty for SREC II. Despite these apparently discouraging factors, Great Sky created proposals grounded in measurements taken from my roof, worked with my muni to understand their policies and meet their particular requirements, and kept me apprised of the evolving SREC II environment. Installation was professional and sensitive to appearances (even to the point of painting outside electrical conduit to match different trim and wall colors behind it!).

    I was very anxious to keep on top of any responsibilities I had to make sure the project moved forward and was executed properly, but in fact, Great Sky pretty much did it all for me. As anticipated, the system generated its first MWh in the first quarter of operation, and everything is set up to auction the associated SREC and deposit proceeds automatically. Most months my electrical bill is a credit that offsets some of my gas bill (from the same municipal power company).

    It was a bonus that the company is local, small, and looking to do the right thing, and not some outfit just looking to make a quick buck in the MA market.

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  • "Excellent Installation and Service"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017
    "Excellent Installation and Service"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017

    July of 2016 - 33 Panel array on my roof. Great Sky did an excellent job designing and installing the system and walking me through the SREC II Market that was unknown to me at the time and had a questionable capacity issue. I am very pleased with the follow-up support for a replacement LG Panel under warranty and am very happy I went with a local provider for my design, installation and service needs.

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  • "Pleasure to work with Great Sky"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017
    "Pleasure to work with Great Sky"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017

    We had a great experience working with Great Sky to install our PV system. From the initial survey of our home/roof, over the turn-key delivery and system startup to the final tracking and SREC registration, Michael, David, Katherine and Mike with his crew were very professional and courteous. I'd use them again in the heartbeat and recommend them warmly to all future solar enthusiasts.

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  • "Incredibly easy to work with"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017
    "Incredibly easy to work with"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017

    I honestly can't say enough good things about working with Great Sky. They carefully talked us through the process, discussed the pros and cons of various options, explained the reasoning behind all their recommendations, and basically held our hands the entire time. The installation was fast and unobtrusive, the array is great, and when the bank we were working with got bogged down over the holidays, Great Sky was patient and understanding about the delay.
    I've privately recommended them to a number of friends, so now I'm doing it publicly. They're a great company, and they have really worthy goals for sustainability and environmental progress. I can't imagine why you'd go through anyone else.

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  • "Great company! Highly recommend"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017
    "Great company! Highly recommend"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2017

    We were very pleased with our experience with Great Sky from start to finish. Great company and great people. Michael and Katherine were communicative and honest, and the installers did an excellent job. We have received so many compliments.
    We love our solar array! Highly recommend going with Great Sky Solar!

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  • "Great Installer"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2016

    I am very pleased with Great Sky Solar with everything they did from start to finish. I am an Engineer and technically fully understand the technology. I had many questions and they patiently answered everyone of them. When I left messages, they quickly returned my calls. They came when they said they would, cared about how everything looked and did a fantastic job putting the system in.
    Everyone is knowledgeable and very professional. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

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  • "Very knowledgeable, very helpful"

    Reviewed Sep 30, 2016
    "Very knowledgeable, very helpful"

    Reviewed Sep 30, 2016

    Two very thoughtful and knowledgeable folks from Great Sky Solar came out to my house and carefully evaluated my situation--this is important because many solar companies try to avoid coming to the house which results in a proposed system that is not nearly as tailored to the site. They really took the time to understand my unique situation and they were well-versed in the solar industry. I felt they proposed an excellent system for our house, taking the time to get it right. We did not have them install the system, so I can't comment on that. The cost of the system seemed to be higher than average.

  • "An employee-owned, trustworthy, reliable and efficient solar company!"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2015
    "An employee-owned, trustworthy, reliable and efficient solar company!"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2015

    I have had an excellent experience with Great Sky Solar, from beginning to end, from financing to installation. Because the financial opportunities are so good in Massachusetts, a lot of second-rate companies have moved in to try to skim off the benefits from unsuspecting customers. Great Sky, being employee-owned and a social-benefit company, has been straightforward throughout, explaining how their (very good) deal differs from other companies', and showing me exactly what to expect both in terms of energy savings and finances. We had questions about my installation because my roof is flat, and I wanted to avoid piercing the roof if at all possible Their thorough, knowledgeable staff worked with me every step of the way to make sure that my system will be both efficient and safe. They have been respectful and responsive. I am totally confident--having done my research--that I got a great deal, a safe and high-quality installation, and excellent support for the life of my system. They are honest and wonderful people. I wouldn't have anyone else messing around with my power or my roof!

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  • "A Very Positive Experience"

    Reviewed May 29, 2015

    From the beginning till the end, working with Great Sky Solar was a very positive experience. They were informative and professional. They took care of everything. I would highly recommend them.

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  • "Thank you Great Sky"

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2015

    Why I think Great Sky is a great company:
    They were informative, supportive and responsive through out the entire process.
    They were willing to show me the numbers in a couple of ways so that I could compare costs/benefits with other estimates easily.
    As a worker owned company, each person was deeply invested in doing a good job and making the process work well for me.

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  • "Great Company"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2014

    Great company. Staff was very professional and pleasant to work with. Would recommend !! 5 star.

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  • "Great Solar from Great Sky"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2014

    Patt and I had our Solar PV system installed by Great Sky Solar. We were impressed by their knowledge, professionalism, and dedication to the mission of increasing our renewable energy supply. The team kept us apprised at every step of the process, and overcame the significant challenges of weather and the idiosyncracies of an older home to give us a system that is everything we had hoped for. I would recommend this team of inspired professionals to anyone considering a money-saving and planet-preserving photo-voltaic system.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Great Sky Solar was founded on a vision of combining clean energy with a clean and transparent business model.

We are small by design, connected to our community, and hire the best people. We never subcontract any portion of our work, and all of our employees enjoy strong salaries and a healthy work/life balance. On these principles, we've been able to build a truly sustainable company so we can offer you unparalleled service and expert craftsmanship.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Great Sky Solar Headquarters

2161 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA
02140 US

Workmanship Warranty

Peace of mind is important. We at Great Sky Solar want to exceed your expectations and, as such, go above and beyond to ensure our solar power systems work smoothly. In the unlikely instance that problems arise with your array, we offer a full warranty on all of our installation work. This includes any parts and labor associated with repairing or replacing your system. Additionally, your roof is covered for any leakage, damage, or problems associated with the installation of the solar panel array.


Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts (SBN), Climate Action Business Association (CABA)


Electrician, CSL, Home Improvement


We're a fully insured company, including full liability insurance for any damages or repairs to your property.

States served by Great Sky Solar

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