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Sunnova Energy Corporation - Profile & Reviews

Sunnova Energy Corporation offers a long-term, low-cost electricity option to homeowners. Our customers make a fixed monthly payment for power, similar to an electricity bill, but with lower costs locked in for years to come. To deliver this low-cost electric service, Sunnova's best-in-class installation partners install a solar system on a customer's rooftop. Once the system is installed, Sunnova provides insurance and monitoring of the system; and its industry leading customer services oversees the maintenance, providing our customers care-free electricity at a low price for many years to come.

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  • "What service?"

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2020

    My system (6 years old) has been broken for 6 months. Despite by contract that they are supposed to monitor the system, I had to bring it to their attention when I noticed consecutive summer months of very low production. I have been told “a technician will be contacting me soon” for months. I never get an answer to any questions. I’m not sure the technician actually exists. If he does, he must be very busy dealing with hundreds of broken systems, which isn’t a good sign either. I wonder at what point we can declare the contract null and void if they don’t hold up their end of providing service and maintenance?

  • ""We need to do a credit check., even tho you're in the middle of escrow getting a mortgage""

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2020
    ""We need to do a credit check., even tho you're in the middle of escrow getting a mortgage""

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2020

    When is this ever a good idea?

  • "Terrible company"

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2019

    It all started when the sales representative came to my house and gave me nothing but lies all his information to get mice business was all lies nothing that he said was done through this company my bill is now higher than before I had soldier I am very disappointed they are are a terrible company to have I highly recommend not going with this company they're liars And you will be paying twice as much as what your pain without soldier I got lot been to a contract for 30 years that I cannot get out of I highly recommend to not go with this company


    Reviewed Sep 10, 2019

    Have had Sunnova for 3 years. So far, our system has not even come close to the projected production amount. I now pay 2 power bills monthly. It costs us more then when we did not use solar. Very unhappy and I would not recommend this company to anyone. Multiple calls in to the company, and just keep getting the run-around, and "We're working on it, will give you a call back". We're considering hiring an attorney to help us get out of this mess!

  • "Go elsewhere ! "

    Reviewed Jul 31, 2019

    I have had solar since May 2019 . My install was done by Trinity Solar. Funding was done through Sunnova . I was pleased with first bill ($103 to Sunnova and $12.84 to U.I. ) . Then it went all wrong ! I was monitoring my production on line and noticed on June , 15 production stopped . It is now July 30th and still no production . Called Sunnova at least 8 times . Their customer service is inept. By contract they are responsible for monitoring my system. They had no clue . They keep telling me that they are going to “escalate my case “. I escalated my own case by calling Trinity ‘s (Installer ) salesman and service techs . Trinity has been helpful but bottom line is during hottest months and with A.C. running I am tired of excuses ! Again run don’t walk away ! Sunnova sucks !

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  • "Very happy run order to save the energy"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2019
    "Very happy run order to save the energy"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2019

    So happy to save the energy.

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  • "full of cra----"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2019

    not what was talked about by the agent, a system to small now i pay two power bills

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  • "Don't get involved with this company"

    Reviewed Dec 30, 2018
    "Don't get involved with this company"

    Reviewed Dec 30, 2018

    If I had to do it over agin, I would not have used Sunnova or any subsiderary partner like Zing who markets their services on their behalf. While having solar panels has saved me 30-50% off my electric bills, the contracts and agents basically misrepresented the contract. While the company claims they do not put a lien on your home for the panels, essentially that is why they do. I am have been trying to sell my home for 90 days, having over 30 showings, and 5 offers all of which were retracted upon review of the solar contract. Multiple title companies from both my realtor and potential buyers have all said while the contract is not a “lien” it is enforced like one making it extremely difficult to transfer services and complete a sale on the home. The solar company gives you a few options when it comes time to sell your home, all of which are extremely difficult and can cause you to break the terms of your contract both with them or the buyers. Unless you plan on living in the same home for 25 years or buy a system full price, it simply is not worth it. The company gets the tax incentives and the panels won’t increase value you in your home when it comes time to sell. Better yet they start charging you before you even have the system installed during the 6 month process to get permits, plans, and installation. The sales people are misleading and work on a quota system receiving bonuses for locking in so many contracts. There is no real honesty or integrity from the salesman/woman. I am currently working with a lawyer to have the system removed so I can sell my home

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    Reviewed Oct 23, 2018

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2018

    HORRIBLE company. I inherited a Sunnova from the previous homeowner and it is TERRIBLY undersized and EXPENSIVE. The system does not produce enough solar energy and when they have you locked in to their 20 year contract you are TOTALLY screwed. I have called multiple times and want to know why other similar houses have bigger systems, why between my solar and energy bill combined I am paying more than other similar or even larger homes and what can be done. They always "open a case" but have NEVER once called me back. I called AGAIN today to check in and they just said, call our local partner Trinity Solar. They always make sure to remind you of the contract though and that you either buy it out or bend over. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. Horrific customer service and just use the contract as a way to negate that the system sucks, they don't respond and changes can never be made without additional costs. I cannot wait until these things are gone. Praying a hurricane rips them off!

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  • "Poor customer service"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2018

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH this company. They have no appreciation for the customer. I've had a problem with snow slides causing major damage to MY house and squirrels eating my roof due to SUNNOVAS leased panels. No one ever told me anything about snow and critter guards that I can have put up to protect their panels and my house for THOUSANDS of dollars at my expense. But don't worry their lease payment comes out of my bank account on time every month. This is the worst the worst company to deal with to try and resolve tour issues as a consumer. I am forwarding pictures of damages and the few email replies i get from them to better business and the news to get the word out, go elsewhere for this go green investment.

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  • "Extremely poor service"

    Reviewed Mar 27, 2018

    My system has gone down four times in the past year, once for a month. Service agents who take the call are courteous but provide a firewall to escalate an unsolved problem. Promises of a call back never happen.. I like the idea of solar but am sorry I got involved with this company.

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  • "Federal incentives going where?"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2017
    "Federal incentives going where?"

    Reviewed Jul 07, 2017

    I find it absolutely absurd that a company that gets reimbursed by the Federal government for green energy production only provides said service to the high class. God forbid you are actually a working class citizen with a few credit blemishes. I thought President Obama gave you these monies for the working class. Id give you a negative 5 if I could

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  • "Customer Service"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2017

    I recently had Sunnova Solar panels installed and I've asked questions by email and never received a response

    Is their any legal or other actions that can be taken to ensure I am not getting ripped off

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  • "Does not service Texas"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2017
    "Does not service Texas"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2017

    They are listed as servicing Texas but when I called was told otherwise.

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  • "Stay away"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2016

    I have seen all types of solar loans/leases/PPA's and this one is a bad as they get. From their lack of customer service to their over production promises and their high rates, I see nothing good about this company.

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Our ongoing mission is to be the most reliable and efficient provider of low-cost solar power to homeowners.
Sunnova offers the benefits of solar service through its network of local installation partners who work directly with homeowners. Sunnova maintains solar service agreements with each homeowner, providing worry-free electricity and service for years to come.

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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