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Horizon Solar Power - Profile & Reviews

Horizon Solar Power specializes in the design and installation of commercial and residential solar systems in the Southern California area. We are licensed as a general and engineering contractor. Horizon specializes in offering turn-key solar system which meets the energy needs and financial goals of customers. A privately owned company since 1998, Horizon has installed more than a thousand residential installations since 2010. Horizon Solar Power is an experienced contractor with installations found in more than 50 cities throughout Southern California.

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  • "PAINFUL!!!!"

    Reviewed Dec 22, 2019

    We received a flyer in the mail from Horizon Solar Power that said quote, “Congratulations Andrew our promotional department shows that you have been scheduled to receive a (this next part was in bold) $250 Amazon Gift Card! This is a limited time offer. Hurry!” No purchase necessary. My husband called the number on the flyer, spoke w/Taylor (Terri) at Horizon Solar Power on 10/28/19 @ 9:30 am & set an appointment for 11/5/19 @10 am for someone to come out to our house that day to give us a presentation. We cleared our schedules and set aside time for the appointment but on 11/5 about 20 minutes past the appointment time I called Horizon Solar spoke w/Wendy & found out they had called the wrong number the day before and that person had cancelled the appointment, but Wendy offered do a phone presentation by Nathan & was assured we would still get the $250 Amazon gift card. So we did the phone presentation w/Nathan. After giving our power bills amounts, asking questions, & listening to Nathan (very helpful & informative) we were disappointed to find out our roof would have to be fixed before they could do the solar panels on our home. We said we would have to look into fixing our roof & weighing the options before we could make a final decision. Nathan said he would send the proposal & we would get our $250 Amazon gift card by email. As of this date we still haven’t received our $250 Amazon gift card & no return phone call even though we have called them numerous times.
    11/15 Spoke w/Terri at 866-204-0382 – said she will get proposal # & call us back.
    11/21/ spoke w/Nathan at 951-484-6718- said he will send email to manager & get this taken care of.
    12/6 left message for Nathan
    12/6 spoke w/Wendy said – Nathan was supposed to send proposal to us & go through his manager to get the Amazon gift card.
    12/6 spoke w/Tommy said – will talk to gift card manager Eva & get this expedited & look at proposal to see if we qualify.
    12/13 left message on Nathan’s cell number that we haven’t received the gift card that he said we would get.
    12/13 spoke w/Scott – He said Eva was not in today. He said she works Thursdays through Sundays and call back on Sunday when Eva was there. He said he will send Eva email about this matter.
    12/15 Sunday – I call & ask for Eva, as Scott said to do last Friday, but Alexandra said Eva doesn’t work on Sundays call back on Monday. I tell her I spoke w/Scott last Friday who said to call Sunday because that is when Eva is in.
    12/15 – I called Horizon again that day to ask the correct spelling of Eva’s name & Bob says Eva IS in today, even though I tell Bob, Alexandra just told me she isn’t in today, Bob says she is here, I just saw her & I will walk this over to her. So I wait on the line & then he hangs up on me.
    12/15 – I call Horizon back again because I’m not sure if it was by accident Bob hung up on me & I speak w/a Josh who says Eva is not in today call back on Monday. I tell Bob I’m really confused & frustrated because one person says Eva is in today, & the next person says she is not. I begin to wonder…are they trying to give me the run around on to confuse me on purpose??!!
    12/16 I call Horizon – there is no answer so I leave message for Eva to call me back.
    12/16 11:34 am – I called Horizon, I speak w/Jerry (sounds very helpful) - bottom line he says he will send email to Eva to contact me.
    12/20 I called Horizon – no answer so I leave message explaining the whole story again.
    12/21 Received Amazon gift card in email today, just as I was filling out a form to the BBB & FTC for a complaint. I really was beginning to wonder about the integrity of the company. Horizon says Eva is the one I need to talk to but she has never returned our phone calls I feel Eva could’ve given us the curtesy & respect of a return response. Or at least someone from Horizon reaching out to us instead of having us go through this painful experience of having to follow up numerous times with conflicting answers from different people from Horizon.

  • "The Amazon Gift Card Offer Via Mail is Misleading"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019
    "The Amazon Gift Card Offer Via Mail is Misleading"

    Reviewed May 24, 2019

    The Horizon Solar Company promises a $250 Amazon gift card with a "qualified solar assessment". After accepting the offer, and after an hour conversation with a solar specialist, Horizon did not provide the Amazon gift card due to the fact that my initial annual cost estimate was wrong (after calling and verifying with PG&E). While their legal verbiage may support their denial of delivering the gift card I strongly feel this is misleading and dishonest.

  • "Water Damage from Roof Leak!"

    Reviewed Mar 01, 2017

    Do not use this company - they do not care about the customer or your property. It has been over two weeks and my ceiling is about to cave in - they still have not sent anyone to fix it. Very bad installation and customer support. Stay away!

  • "Poor Customer Service and Coordination, Sloppy Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 01, 2017
    "Poor Customer Service and Coordination, Sloppy Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 01, 2017

    I was very disappointed in the overall communication and scheduling of the installation. There were several delays and missed appointments that resulted in me missing work for no good reason. My front yard and driveway had debris and trash left everywhere. Definitely unprofessional. I only hope others will see this and think twice about using Horizon Solar Power. I will not be recommending them.

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  • "Great experience "

    Reviewed Dec 08, 2016

    I've had my solar for 6 months now and couldn't be happier with this company. From start to finish the process was very smooth and very informative. Installers were very professional and walked me through each step of my system. A++++ company

  • "My Horizon review"

    Reviewed Nov 24, 2016

    I just want to say that I am very happy with the system over all. From the initial contact, to the final product. The installation was very quick, organized and mess left was very reasonable. I did not have my panels installed on the roof, they were put in my back yard, so there was a lot of digging and cement work required. I am very happy with the work done and the panels do not pose any problem to me. So if needed, I would highly recommend Horizon for the Solar panels.

  • "Very informative"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2016
    "Very informative"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2016

    I've been avoiding calling to get a quote to switch to solar because I felt that by the end of the conversation that I would feel pressured. That was not the case at all. I called to get a quote and the salesperson was very niceties. By the end of our conversation I felt more knowledgeable about switching to solar and would strongly consider using this company.

  • "Great company to install with"

    Reviewed Nov 22, 2016

    Horizon was by far the best Solar installer around.I met with other Solar providers and Horizon was the best.They made it a very easy transition.Very quick installation,very informative and great customer service experience.I referred my neighbor and he was pleased with Horizon as well.I made the right choice and am very satisfied.

  • "Solar is awesome !!"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2016
    "Solar is awesome !!"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2016

    We made the switch to solar - using Horizon Solar - last February and are very pleased with the whole process. The install went very well, as did their instructions and follow up. Our electric bill is about $5 dollars a month, even during the summer months, and we love it ! We recommend solar to all our friends.

  • "Excellent Customer Service!"

    Reviewed Nov 09, 2016

    It began with our Horizon salesman, and continues with the Customer Service Representatives that we have contact with. They were in continuous contact with us throughout the process during each step. If we had a question, they were quick to respond and always helpful. If we weren't home, they would leave a message with detailed information and with names and contact information to get back to them if we needed anything. I was able to refer a few friends who also signed up for Horizon services and they have indicated their extreme satisfaction with the company and it's personnel also. We are on fixed retirement incomes, and are now saving money every month that we really needed to save. Thank you Horizon!

  • " Customer service "

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2016

    There are tons of solar companies out there but horizon has great customer service and because of that we decided to go with this company! Everything was flawless and done quickly and efficiently! We love or new solar and the bill we get every month is wodnerful compared to what we were getting! Liz was amazing in setting everything up for the initial appointment!! Thank you again!

  • "Amazing customer service from start to finish"

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2016
    "Amazing customer service from start to finish"

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2016

    There are many solar companies out there but what stuck out to me was the excellent service we received from the initial phone call telling us about horizon all the way down to being granted permission to operate. Horizons employees are ethical, and responsive. I feel like horizon is going to go very far and I am excited to see how much money they have saved us!!

  • "Best solar experiance"

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2016

    Horizon is so awesome. They have the best staff members. They go out of there way to get u the best savings... Instalation was done promptly. Loving my low bills. So satisfied with this company and the experiance. Im recomending them to everyone. I sat with about 6 different companies and heard their spill. Horizon solar power is by far the best.

  • "Why I chose Horizon..."

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2016
    "Why I chose Horizon..."

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2016

    I chose Horizon for my quote for many reasons.. The main reason I went with Horizon for my quote was the impact they have had on my community. Horizon has opened doors for many people and given them tools for actual CAREERS!
    Horizon has helped out with the community by hosting food drives, bone marrow drives, and some of their employees have even hosted community cleanups!! The energy at Horizon is just amazing and honest. Horizons employees have all had great attitudes with every step of the process for me, and Horizon is someone I would WANT to do business with. Keep up the good work!! I see positive things on the horizon for HORIZON!!

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Horizon Solar Power is California's largest exclusive provider of residential and commercial solar systems. We deliver clean energy solutions customized to serve every Californian with personal service, creative solar installation options, and flexible financing solutions.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Horizon Solar Power Headquarters

27368 Via Industria Suite 101
Temecula, CA
92590 US

Workmanship Warranty

10yr Labor Warranty on Cash Purchases








HERO Certified Contractor - #92545


CSLB #1004233






Policy Number: 9003029
Effective Date: 01/01/2013
Expire Date: 01/01/2015


Bond Number: SC408288

Bond Amount: $12,500
Effective Date: 03/02/2009
Contractor's Bond History

States served by Horizon Solar Power

  • California CA