SunLux - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Energy Auditor

  • Electrical Contractor

SunLux - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Energy Auditor

  • Electrical Contractor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Community Solar

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

SunLux was started because the industry lacked what customers truly wanted; exceptional customer service and best possible value for your money. SunLux only aligns itself with industry leading manufactures, financiers, and distributors to ensure high quality and longevity of your investment.

Some Facts About SunLux

• SunLux is a privately owned company

• On pace to be in the top 10 fastest growing companies by 2019 according to Inc5000

• 1 out of 7 Panasonic Enhanced Premier Dealer USA (FULL Warranty)

• Rated number 1 Solar installers in California by Consumer Affairs

• 5 star reputation across all review platforms

• KFI Radio - Bill Handel and Dean Sharp the house whisper both went solar with SunLux over all the rest on their network

• All installations handled in-house. No sub-contractors

• Exceptional Customer Experience

• Low profile racking system and skirting around front of panels that looks clean, flush and something that will actually increase your home value. Conduit run inside attic or painted

• With SunLux we ensure you get the MAXIMUM return on your investment

• BIG NEWS, just signed an exclusive deal with LA Dodgers radio…

o We only use Name Brand Tier 1 Components
o Aesthetically Pleasing - Black Panels, Black Rail, & Low Profile
o 25 Year Solar Panel & Inverter Warranty
o 25 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
o 25 Year Performance Guarantee
o 10 Year Roof Penetration Warranty
o 24/7 Online Monitoring
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We have offices serving:
All of Northern and Southern California

More About Us

More About Us

We help homeowners go solar, but we don't compromise on quality of components or installation. We custom design each solar system so it looks clean, flush and something that will actually increase your home value.
We take pride in our work, and are so confident you will love our product that we will never ask you to pay until you are satisfied!
SunLux Energy is a licensed and bonded solar contractor by the California State License Board (#100678). We do what we say and say what we do!
SunLux Operates in Southern and Northern California, Texas, Florida.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
12 Reviews
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Reviewed Mar 19, 2019

Highly recommended! Great customer service! Very fast installation! Excellent communication! Very professional and always there to answer any questions you may have!

"Bait and switch scam"
Reviewed Jan 04, 2019

Don't sign with this company they will give you a reasonable deal during initial talks, very responsive during this time frame. But after signing in the dotted line things changed drastically. A few days after signing I review notice via phone call the price of the equipment will increase 75% due to errors on behalf of the distributor. I email the owner requesting answer and have yet to replied to it has been over 3 weeks. My suggestion to all that read this is to go with a different company any company. They had the nerve to force their distributor to call me instead of responding to me direct. Still awaiting answer and a resolution will update once I get one? But as for now don't make the same mistake I did.

Update: Finally got a resolution after a month of back and forth talks. They have come to a reasonable resolution. My install has been delayed a month out and the price has increased 10%. Will update once more when install has been completed and I have inspected quality of install. Hopefully no other issues moving forward.

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"Positive and Great team"
Reviewed Jun 06, 2018

Any questions you asked will be got a quickly and helpful response from SunLux team. For new user will be the best to choose SunLux as a partner.

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"Great company and friendly service! Highly recommend!"
Reviewed Feb 05, 2018

My wife and I had done a fair amount of research into Solar tech and installation. We took into account the quality of the panels, the quality of the inverters, the reviews from other clients and the overall client experience. We had several quotes and spoke with 6 different installers. What we really liked about Ralph Funk and the staff over at SunLux is that they weren't trying to oversell products that we didn't need. Ralph was very courteous and friendly. He took his time to explain the entire process, the equipment, what to expect in terms of production and the time frame for installation. He answered all of our questions promptly and always with a positive attitude. We were assigned a project manager, Ms. Clarrissa, who went above and beyond to keep us updated and reassured throughout the entire process. We really appreciated the frequent communication and availability to address any concerns we had. We chose the premium equipment and the pricing was very competitive compared to other installers! We are very happy with our solar panel and installation. If you're still on the fence about solar and don't want to miss out on the 30% government tax rebate that is expiring soon, look to SunLux. We highly recommend them!

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"Great Solar Company"
Reviewed Jan 18, 2018

Great group of guys if you want to get your solar done. Everything was done online. My sales guy name is Ralph. Never met him, but got all the proposals done online. He will answer all the questions promptly. I met a couple of other contractors, each spending 1-2 hrs at my house. I chose Sunlux because Ralph did not use any sales pressure tactics to get me sign. He was very patience. We went back and forth until I was completely satisfy. Got 5 quotes and Sunlux gave me the lowest quote. Not only do they have the best quote, but their panel is also high quality. The work was done in a timely manner. Took 2 days for the install and an appointment for the city inspection. The panel looks great on my roof. Great job guys! Thank you Sunlux.

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"Quick & Clean, Not to mention the Best Price in town!"
Reviewed Jan 12, 2018

Had Ralph Funk from SunLux do a fantastic Job!
Told him what I needed and he worked it out.
Got me the best deal possible!
I should mention I am a General Contractor and you can bet I did my due diligence searching for the right company and the right price.
Spent a month dealing with different Solar providers...
All of them, even Costco...
Ralph hung in there through all my questions and comparisons...
He had the right answer for each and everyone.
I made my choice and the crew was out within a week or two.
They had me up and running within a few days afterward.
I had heard horror stories of people waiting up to six months to get powered up. Didn't happen here...
The financing was as easy as pie...and anyway you want it,..,
Purchase or lease....totally up to you.
Believe me, this is the guy you want to talk to.
I had actually signed up with another outfit prior to discussing with Ralph.
Even had the loan approved.
But something just didn't feel right.
I canceled with them before it got too serious.
Best move I could have made, saved about 10K, got 12 additional panels for the same amount I almost paid for a substantially smaller system...
Do yourself a favor....
Save your time and effort....Just call SunLux and ask for Ralph Funk

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"SunLux Energy Solar Panel Installation Review "
Reviewed Nov 18, 2017

We had 26 LG solar panels installed and had a great experience with SunLux and their team. Ralph Funk was our Sales rep and very competent. My husband interviewed several companies. SunLux offered the best product for the best deal and completed the job very well. We highly recommend.

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"Professional, Courteous and Clean!"
Reviewed Oct 05, 2017

The SunLux team not only provided me with the most competitive quote, their team was courteous, professional and clean. The installation took less than 3 days and we got through the inspection process with ease. I highly recommend using SunLux if you are serious about going solar!

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"Best price - quality components - attentive service"
Reviewed Sep 25, 2017

Of the multiple quotes I received through EnergySage, SunLux stood out from the first click. Ralph was at our house the next morning and he was well-informed and professional. Given the design steps and approvals required, the SunLux team worked in record time to get us up and running. The crew was clean, respectful and the job looks great. They get my highest rating across the board!

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"SunLux Installed Solar for my Home in Corona"
Reviewed Sep 25, 2017

I am very happy with my Sunlux Solar System installed at my home in Corona, CA in July 2017. SunLux literally handled everything. Their representative visited me and presented what systems could be installed. That was soon followed with an on-site visit by the professional installers to determine the specifics of the install. A specification document was then presented to us. All of the numbers were clearly laid out in an understandable way. The installation was completed in one day. The installers came, installed and left my property clean. The install boss spoke to me and explained what was done and what would follow. Inspection and approval followed and the system was turned on. Sunlux’s representative was available to answer questions at all times. Their project coordinator handled the paperwork. Documents were emailed to me to review, discuss and sign and email back. She was available to give me the status of the process at all times or would take the steps to clarify what was not known. Very helpful and knowledgeable. All contacts with Sunlux were professional and courteous. I would have Sunlux do it again and I would recommend them to other homeowners.

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"Review of SunLux Energy, Inc. Experience"
Reviewed Aug 28, 2017

After obtaining 8 bids for solar installation on our private residence, we ultimately decided to go with SunLux Energy. Their prices were not the cheapest or the most expensive, but fell somewhere in the middle of the pack. It was felt their components were better than average making their system a good value for the price. We also reviewed their business license and checked out the local court records to see if there were any complaints or liens on them, which there were not.

Our biggest concern was our lifetime warranty, light-weight, concrete composition tile roof which had been installed 12 yrs earlier at a considerable cost. Ralph Funk, SunLux sales rep, assured us they had professional people who knew how to work and walk on these types of roofs and that SunLux Energy would replace any broken tiles. We signed the contract on 6/13/17 and were told to expect the project to take 45-60 days. Panel and electrical installation didn’t occur until 7/27 and 28, despite the fact that Edison and our local city had approved the project in a timely manner.

When the installation crew was finished I was appalled at the number of black plastic trash bags full of broken tiles being removed from the roof. Not only did they use all of our reserve tiles, but they also removed good tiles from unaffected areas of the roof to place under the 18 solar panels they had installed.

The City failed the electrical permit because a cold water spigot located in close proximity to the new electric panel was not grounded properly and we needed to relocate a carbon monoxide detector 15 feet further down the home’s hallway. This delayed us another 10 days until 8/10/17 when SunLux Energy returned to make the above corrections and the city signed off on the rough inspection within minutes of the work being completed. We were now more than 8 wks past signing the contract and feared the project was now going to interfere with our planned family vacation.

When the roofers arrived, upon inspection of the replacement tile, it was found not only to be a different manufacture; it was also a different size, color and texture. The roofers stated they could not obtain the correct tile because it was no longer made. I immediately started a Google search and within 20 mins learned the name of the obsolete tile and located a tile yard in the area that had the product in stock.

The following day, 8/15/17, Anthony, from SunLux arrived early to await the city inspector for final permit to turn on solar system. In the meantime, the same roofers arrived with same original manufactured tile albeit slight shading difference. It seemed like a very short time later, Anthony informed me that the roofers had completed their work.

Upon examination of the roof I found several broken tiles simply caulked back together and not replaced. Approximately 10 replaced tiles had bright yellow florescent moss/mold growing on them. Another 6 were broken on the edge that met the asphalt portion of the roof, exposing roof felt. When asked about this I was told it didn’t matter that the roof felt was showing because there was asphalt underneath this particular area. Lastly, a number of tiles, too large to count, and apparently, too many to repair, were left with small corners broken off them.

It is also important to point out that when these numerous roofing tiles were replaced, they were no longer nailed into place but instead held with caulk. The old nail holes were never sealed with roof mastic and will predispose the roof to leaking water over time. The caulked tiles also make for an uneven surface when abutted up to adjoining tiles; this will make them more vulnerable to cracking when next stepped on.

I insisted they replace a couple more tiles, but ultimately gave up on our roof ever being the same as before the solar installation. There were not enough extra whole tiles left at the end of the job to replace the 38 tiles we had held in reserve, so the roofers had to go back and purchase more.

The final city permits were signed off and the system was turned on. I went back up on the roof to clean all of our skylights of dirt and dust from the recent project and to hose off the dust on our new solar panels so as to improve their efficacy. While there, I poured bleach on the yellow florescent tiles and attempted to scrub them free of moss with a heavy duty scrub sponge and power washer but didn’t seem to make much head way in getting them cleaned.

As I was doing this unfulfilling work I couldn’t help but think there is something wrong with this picture; No 60+ year old woman should need to be cleaning roof tiles on a $17K+ solar job just recently purchased. In hindsight, If I had any idea this was going to turn out this way, I would have insisted all tiles in affected area be removed and stack prior to installing solar panels. I would also insist on an exact date for completion written into the contract.

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"Could Not Be Happier with SunLux Energy"
Reviewed Feb 23, 2016

SunLux Energy is definitely the best company to use for your solar needs. From the time we were given an estimate until the project was completed
we dealt with very professional and knowledgeable owners. When the system was designed the solar panels were installed to be hidden from the street view as much as possible. The installation was very neat everything was done to combine the old with the new. We were out of town during some of the installation and SunLux made the work areas accessible to the crews and took great care to make sure everything was secured in the evening. After the system was complete we were given instructions in our home as to how to access the system on the internet and monitor how much electricity we were saving. Our first electric bill using our new system was $3.93! We highly recommend SunLux Energy to anyone in the market for a solar system !

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