Goldin Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Electrical Contractor

Goldin Solar - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Electrical Contractor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

We are high volume, high quality, high value contractor. Many panel manufacturers and solar companies subcontract their work to us. All equipment scientifically analyzed to be the best for Florida weather conditions. Also, all equipment is from companies with healthy financial's to ensure warranties will still stand years from now.

More About Us

More About Us

Goldin Solar is Florida’s leading solar energy contractor with offices in Miami, Orlando, and Vero Beach. We are committed to helping our customers produce their own electricity, in a less expensive manner than if they were to continue to purchase their electricity from their current power company; and to make sure that we install only the most reliable equipment, at the best possible price, so our customers can rest assured that they will be saving money, and the environment, for decades to come

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV

Associated Suppliers

Associated Suppliers

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Goldin Solar

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Extremely pleased with Goldin Solar"
Reviewed Aug 20, 2018

Goldin Solar did a great job with the solar panel installation on our roof. Karl, sales person, was very knowledgeable, answered all of my questions when we met, followed up with emails and phone calls and was not pushy with sales pressure. He covered all of the bases on how we could take steps to reduce our energy demand prior to selecting an appropriately sized system. (We had done everything already.) We went with an 11kW system to be big enough for our home and an EV we intended to buy in the near future. Karl was very helpful with advising about the FPL pre-authorization process for the system size. The office took care of the permitting paperwork and kept me updated on the progress. Madelin was excellent as the project coordinator, she kept me up to date with the scheduling, permit status, helping to make sure the online application with FPL went smoothly, etc.
After the system was installed (actual installation only took 2 days), permits closed (a few more days), the online FPL application was approved within a couple of days and then two days after, FPL changed the meter to a net meter.
The only delay was at the very beginning with the preliminary drawing (location of the panels on the roof). There was some miscommunication but it was easily worked out.
Nick, the field tech manager, took the time to drop by and go over the inverter menu display menus with me.
I had reservations about installing a solar panel system. Goldin Solar helped ease those concerns. I am very glad we went with Goldin Solar and definitely recommend them. If you speak with Daren, you can tell he is a very enthusiastic about solar panel systems and gives straight answers.
Miami Shores, FL

"Awesome Solar Installation!"
Reviewed Jun 16, 2018

Albert Moshe is definitely the person you want to talk to, he simply has all the answers and many years of experience in the solar industry! Before installing my solar system I spoke to lots of other solar companies that barely had any knowledge regarding many aspects of the solar process. Not to mention the fact that they did not disclose crucial information just to make a quick sale. Albert is not a used car salesman, he simply provides you with all the information based on numbers and facts since sollar simply sells itself and that is exactly why I chose Goldin Solar to install my solar system. My bill has now dropped to $9/month and I have already referred my family members and neighbors to only use Goldin Solar for all of their solar needs. It’s not easy finding a reputabe solar company that actually delivers as promised, especially in Florida. I encourage more people to start going green. You can save your wallet and the planet at the same time. It’s an absolute no brainer! Thank you Goldin Solar!

"Excellent from Start to Finish"
Reviewed May 21, 2018

I walked into this process with a bit of trepidation, as this is far outside the purview of my specialty/profession. However, with the honest and clear guidance from Goldin Solar, I felt confident to proceed. The whole process was very easy, from estimation, to financing, to the installation ... they helped deal with my HOA, the county, and everything in between. Excellent!

"(CEO reached out and cleared things up.) I am unable to delete this so I'll bump it up until"
Reviewed Nov 10, 2017

If you're a prospective buyer and or interested in solar, you should read this review.

When we were first interested in going solar, we contacted a handful of companies before finally settling with Goldin Solar. Albert, who is the sales consultant came to our home to run us through our options. He's very friendly and knowledgable when it comes to solar. He's also very easy to contact regarding any issues that may arise. We honestly signed the contract because of Albert and assumed that the he was an embodiment to Goldin Solar standards. 6 stars.

"We are currently running 6-8 weeks from signature to install." All finance agreements were signed and we are ecstatic to go solar. A couple days past and we have our site survey. I also messaged the project manager letting him know of our preferences just to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Week 4. We receive the preliminary layout and it's completely wrong. I immediately messaged the project manager and let him know. I was told I'd receive the revised plans the following day. Next day came and nothing received. 4 stars.

Hurricane Irma.

At this point, I'm a bit concerned and contact Daren (the owner). He was very friendly and immediately resolved all our concerns and issues at hand. Our main concern was being left in the dark regarding updates with our project status so it was quite assuring to hear Daren himself answer all our concerns. Great guy and very knowledgable! We received updated layouts the next day. :) 5 stars.

We received the engineering plans and give the go-ahead! Next step, submit the plans to the building department.

I decide to check the Building Department website trying to locate our plans for the solar panels. To my surprise, nothing submitted yet. As bewildered as I was, I decided to contact the individual giving me weekly updates and asked for the status of the plans (not mentioning what I already knew). I received a response stating it was in permitting and waiting for approval (which I obviously knew wasn't true). I asked if she can tell me the Process Number so that I could track the status on the building department website. No response. Ironically, later that day, I again checked the Building Department website and noticed that plans were submitted hours after I decided to contact the individual. Laughable. 3 stars.

Week 13. I still haven't received any real updates since 10/12/2017. From time to time I check the building department website to see if there are any updates. We're really frustrated at this point so I email the Director of permitting information at the Building Department for some information and receive the following:
"The plans were submitted on 10/23/17, uploads and reviews were completed by 10/26/17 by the Department.. At this time the plans are disapproved by structural, please click on the process number below to view disapproval remarks. No plan rework has been submitted."
A couple things to take away from this. Our plans were submitted on 10/23 and disapproved on 10/26. Just 3 days later, yet today is 11/10 (15 days later) and I have yet to receive a single update from anyone at Goldin Solar. I messaged the individual that's supposed to give us weekly updates and she says they called us 4 days ago (didn't receive any call). When I asked which number they contacted us, she said she doesn't know because they called from a trainees phone who has since been fired. Can you believe it? 1 star.

We are really trying to be good customers and not try to be annoying in any way but, this whole process of going solar has been a nightmare ridden with delays and lies. I understand the hurricane, some miscommunication here and there, but we were hoping things would look brighter (pun intended) by now. It's very discouraging to realize today is 11/10 and plans still haven't been resubmitted, especially since they are saying that it was a minor fix. For those keeping count, it's week 14. Again, trying to be good customers but SIGH. I will update this review with any developments.

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"My Solar System"
Reviewed Jun 29, 2017

I am extremely happy that I went with Goldin Solar. I talked to three Solar salsesmen and decided the Goldin Solar representative was by far the most truth full. The installers were professional and extremely polite. I would highly recommend Goldin Solar of Florida to anyone interested in installing a Solar System.

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"Excellent system"
Reviewed May 01, 2017

Very ethical and reliable company, they installed my solar panels, all the process was smooth and fast. I love the system, since it started producing energy, all my house consumption has been covered and there is some extra energy to help in summer time.
Daren is very Professional and easy to talk with, He knows his business.

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"Goldin Solar Rocks!"
Reviewed May 01, 2017

It has been a year since my Solar System was installed by Goldin Solar...and so far everything works perfectly and it's been a great investment that practically pays for itself. Goldin Solar took care of everything from permits to installation and everything was done on time. The website provided by SolarEdge to monitor the solar panels works perfectly as well and provide great information about the system performance.

Great Job Goldin Solar!

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