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Element Power Systems, Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Element Power Systems is a service business in the advancing renewable energy industry. Operations currently specialize in the installation of solar energy systems, wind turbines (vertical/ horizontal), electric vehicle (EV) charge stations and energy management solutions for homes and businesses across Northern California. We are dedicated to providing customers with excellent customer service and workmanship of the
highest quality.

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  • "Should have done it sooner"

    Reviewed Sep 14, 2018

    These guys are awesome! Brad did a really great job answering all our questions and explaining every fine detail about the solar plan for our home. Liz from the office was really great at setting up our appointment and keeping us posted with all the Install details. Element has a great Team. The installation was up in a little over a day and our solar was turned on three days after the project was completed. Extremely Happy with the results! Thank you Team Element!

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  • "Solar System"

    Reviewed Sep 14, 2018

    I have been completely satisfied with the solar system installed by Element. I've only needed to contact Travis Falconer (who coordinated the installation) once, and he returned my call promptly and answered my question. (The problem I called about had nothing to do with the solar system.) I was relieved that Element stands behind their work and continues to provide support after the installation is complete. My PG&E bills have been reduced substantially, especially during the summer when I'm using A/C. I now use the A/C whenever it's uncomfortably hot in my house, instead of being reluctant to use it because of the cost - I would realize even greater savings if more of my appliances were electric. Installing solar has also added value to my home and will make it more competitive with other homes in the neighborhood that have solar when/if I decide to sell. The 30% tax credit also helps greatly to defray the cost of the system. Can't think of any negatives to installing solar right now. I've had it for 15 months and, so far, have had a very positive experience. I also strongly recommend Element if you're thinking of installing solar.

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  • "solar panels"

    Reviewed Jun 26, 2017

    very pleased with panels and Element power for their professionalism.

    They called me to report an issue, and have resolved any concerns regarding my panels. I called regarding one panel producing less than other panels. Brian researched the issue and advised the panel in question was shaded by an exhaust fan for part of the day.

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  • "System Still Running Great after 5 years"

    Reviewed Jun 24, 2017
    "System Still Running Great after 5 years"

    Reviewed Jun 24, 2017

    I purchased my system from Element Power Systems about 5 years ago. I am really happy with the system and I have not had any issues. Brian's team does quality work at a fair price. They listened to my requirements and put together a proposal to fit my needs. I never felt pressured and they patiently answered all my question. If I have any addition solar needs I will go back to Element and I recommend Element to anyone in the East Bay that wants Solar!

  • "Local - Small - Quality - Responsive Solar Provider"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2017
    "Local - Small - Quality - Responsive Solar Provider"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2017

    A pleasant surprise in this competitive and hyped industry. Element Power Systems lived up to everything we hoped we would find in a Solar provider. They listened to our needs and concerns and addressed specific issues in a very professional and timely manor. They did all they could to clarify how all this would work - what we could expect and cost compromises that were possible.

    Not only was their quote the best we received but they were very efficient in providing cost/performance options, plans, permits and approvals. Our system installation was conveniently scheduled and efficiently completed in less time than we anticipated. We were very impressed with the workmanship and knowledge of the installation crew. Their attention to detail surprised us - and they left our home w/o any mess or dings. They even replaced and repaired some defective roof tiles. With a very heavy rainy season - there were no leaks.

    They followed up with calls and visits (including assistance to reconnect to WiFi when we changed internet providers). They reviewed the power reports to assure the system was working as anticipated. Over this past year our electrical cost savings have been as good or better than estimated.
    We have highly recommended Element Power Systems to several neighbors who questioned us about our experience.

  • "K&P 97% PV Install"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2017

    With increased utility costs and financial benefits of PV solar system, the decision was easy. Element Power Systems representatives were knowledgeable, courteous, efficient, and complete in their work from planning through operation. They definitely earned and receive an "outstanding" rating and could not come more highly recommended!

  • "5+ rating for Element Power Systems"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2017
    "5+ rating for Element Power Systems"

    Reviewed Jun 21, 2017

    I just love it! I used Energy Sage as one of the final resources to get me ready to deal with the so confusing world of sales people in the rooftop solar universe. I interfaced with about 6 solar companies where the sales people seemed to know less about solar than I did (which I admit was woefully inadequate after a 2 year effort. I ran into Brian, the majority owner of Element Power outside of Home Depot. He was friendly, low pressure, and was the first person who could answer my questions about solar without "having to get back to me". His bid was competitive, the contract was consumer friendly and very complete, and his staff and service just perfect. I had an additional monitoring meter installed by him and he was responsive on his follow up. My system out performed his contract calculations: it covered my electricity bill and fully covered my Chevy Volt, saving me an additional $200 per month on gasoline. My first full year settle up with PG&E was $.32, yes thirty two two cents. At contract signing, even my wife was blown away with Brian's friendliness , competence, and patience with my endless questions. I fully recommend this company for its integrity, competence, and ease to work with.

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We understand the vast assortment of solar companies to choose from when going solar. Many of these companies can have a complicated sales process and high pressure to move forward. At Element Power, we pride ourselves on our low pressure, informative sales process. We let YOU make the decision and educate our clients so they understand all options of going solar.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Element Power Systems, Inc. Headquarters

700 Harvest Park Drive, Unit E
Brentwood, CA
94513 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 700 Harvest Park Drive
    Brentwood, CA 94513

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years


North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners


Solar (C46) and Electrical (C10) CSLB#946630


1,000,000/2,000,000 General Liability Policy
1,000,000 Workers Compensation
Bonded and Insured

States served by Element Power Systems, Inc.

  • California CA