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Mega Solar Inc. - Profile & Reviews

We believe in educating perspective solar seekers to eliminate the confusion and immense uncertainty for many homeowners. We are committed to teaching you everything we know of value so that you may choose a solutions that best fits your solar investment needs.

Our commitment to clients begins with safety, quality standards, and efficiency of service as we continue to excel in all challenging aspects of solar - we pride ourselves on executing projects on time and within budget.

Our team includes individuals with true field knowledge that can deliver a new transparent experience. We believe it all starts with customer education: if you are properly equipped with knowledge, you are likely to make a great decision, especially in an industry that is changing daily. Doing so levels the playing field and welcomes new advantageous opportunities built on trust.

We are excited you are taking a few minutes to look us up, and we can't wait to speak with you. Best of luck on your project.

45 reviews

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  • "Exceptional"

    Reviewed Oct 19, 2020

    The educational background given at the presentation was eye opening. It helped me understand why solar makes sense for me and everyone has different solar needs. Brandon, from Mega Solar, gave a detailed presentation focusing on my understanding of solar before he even tried to sell me anything. He wasn't pushy or made me feel uncomfortable like a car sales man does... He was helpful in guiding me through my decision. Months after I bought solar he is still there if needed with a smile to help me in anyway possible. Mega Solar has saved me hundreds of dollars already and I just bought solar. Thank you Brandon from Mega Solar for your dedication to your customers!

  • "I could not imagine it going any better"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2020
    "I could not imagine it going any better"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2020

    My goodness

    these guys went an extra 10 miles to get this job done. from service upgrade to getting our unpermitted structure fixed to running a trench to so much more. i honestly never thought it would work but these guys were up for the challenge they were hungry and make it happen.

    so much was going on i just left my faith with them and they took care of everything. the job was very difficult and challenging especially with our service upgrade and other subpanels. too many things to list but they kept at it one thing at a time and delivered a beautiful finish.

    it took us about 6 months with the city and all its complications but they were there every step of the way and got this thing installed. very determined and lovely group of people to work with. Special thanks to our amazing electrician (zee) who was there from the start and took care of our many needs everyday from lights going out to breaker panel rewiring and monitoring set up.. im very surprised on how this things turned out. and now im very excited for my system . great job you guys im truly grateful

  • "highly recommend"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2020

    Mega Solar was a pleasure to work with. Right from the beginning the staff was very helpful and patient with all of our needs. We didn't know much about solar but the team really took the time to explain every aspect of solar power in our first appointment in a way that was interesting and easy to understand leaving me with total confidence in the decision to go solar. The salesman had real data to back up their claims. They used high quality equipment as well as sound and capable contractors to complete the installation. I highly recommend Mega Solar to anyone considering the switch to Solar Energy. I can assure that you will be in good hands with them.

  • "good service and execution"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2020

    I was so pleased with the flexibility of Mega Solar and their great service. They were helpful along every step of the way. They also had a great price for us. Highly recommend them! we chose Panasonic panels because they're the best on the market and look very nice. They installed it really quickly and met our expectations with no issues.

  • "a good investment"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2020

    Great friendly service from a team of professionals who know what they're doing. From the moment I called to inquire, to the moment my panels were installed and even after the installation, I've had the best service experience. I was reluctant to go solar, and shopped around for some time with different solar companies before I made my decision. I am so glad I went with Mega Solar. I highly recommend these guys if you're thinking about going solar. In addition, the difference in your utility bill is immediate; definitely worth the investment.

  • "I wish I've gone solar earlier"

    Reviewed Oct 09, 2020

    We are so happy that we chose Mega to install our system. The customer service has been outstanding from the beginning. After comparing several offers for leasing and purchasing we decided on Mega. Our sales rep Brandon spent a few hours on the phone with me explaining the process and our options. I appreciated that we were never pressured at all just given lots of information. Buying ended up being our best option. Mega Solar was able to schedule our appointments around our busy work schedules. From the installation teams to the final inspection our technician was early for appointments, professional, informative and customer service oriented. I highly recommend Mega and Brandon as a company to do business with. We look forward to many years of saving on electricity. Thank you. Raug

  • "installed recently by mega solar"

    Reviewed Oct 08, 2020

    My wife was recommended this company by her colleagues at work and we spent a while talking back and forth with them. Solar was just confusing to us and we wanted to learn more. This company was focused on education and we thought that was distinctive compared to others on the market. We asked questions and they had all the right answers. Immediately we felt confident going solar with them. They don't steer you in anyway towards any kind of equipment choice or other service. I enjoyed work with them and we are happy with our system so far. Its been a few weeks but things are looking good. Hopefully we will continue to be impressed in the coming years. Thank You

  • "company review for mega solar"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2020

    Our overall experience was very good. Start to finish, the project was done in a timely fashion as promised by the project manager. Communication was good, scheduling was on time, and installation completed on the 5th day with final inspection from the city. No complaints but I was a little disappointed to know they could not run the conduit through the attic without additional charges. I understand their a business but, I'm happy with the decision nonetheless.

  • "performance review"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2020

    this decision was by far difficult for me because im the kind of person who likes to dig deeper into how they actually do the installation of solar panels. reason being; i just re-roofed my house and spend over 20k and i did not want a disaster to occur from some company that doesnt know how to install. so i had to learn how its done to make sure i know if they're making a mistake or not.

    turns our mega was in my neighborhood a few weeks back doing an installation for one of my neighbors and the sales person was happy to meet me there and teach me all about it. surprisingly enough, the sales guy knew what he was doing and it turns out he used to work on the field which impressed me more because every other person i spoke to was reading off of a brochure. this guy took me on the roof and underneath the panels and showed me how its done. its quite easy actually; especially if you have a shingle roof like mine.

    the water protection (which i cared about the most) was done beautifully and i looked at other photos of jobs from near by homes before deciding to go solar with them. the rest of the job was very clean also, and my neighbor was happy with them too. they inspected my home and we ended up with 21 panels and micro inverters. very sleek looking and functional. quick installation and i was there each day of the job. the team was professional and worked well together. they walked me around and taught me how to monitor everything and what all the different letters mean. i felt more empowered and confident in my choice. i couldn't ask for a better experience. well done mega really nice job thank you

  • "a happy customer"

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2020

    if you're looking for solar, look no further

    mega will impress you just as they have me. From day 1 i was impressed with their care for all the tiny details which is something my husband and I are very big on. They care about every detail there is; small and big. The salesman took his time teaching us and helping us find information online to complete our research, he even shared with us up to date information we were looking for. He really helped us narrow down our options. Thinking about the way they helped us, we realized they should earn our business. They have added so much value to us from the beginning that we really could not choose anyone else.

    Thank you mega solar and team, you're amazing

  • "thank you"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    we chose mega for our solar project after many conversations and research. while every company was essentially identical in their pricing, methods of performance, and expectations - we just felt more comfortable with mega and the experience of the sales person. The idea that everyone in their company starts work on the field really impressed us that meant we are talking to someone who really does know what they're talking about and we felt that difference from sales person to another. Everything went as expected with the job. Im sure we would have gotten the same results with others but the knowledge and delivery of information showed further depth in knowledge on their part. so thats why we chose mega.

  • "solar system installed by mega"

    Reviewed Oct 01, 2020

    im reviewing this company because they deserve the review.
    the best thing about them was customer service. they respond quickly and efficiently
    their installation crews were very good and clean. got messy because we changed our electric panel but they cleaned everything up very nicely and the stucco work matched our home perfectly. good group of guys took care of us all the way through. we like this company and their price was awesome

  • "review for mega solar"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2020

    Decided to buy a system from mega with 23 panels and 1 inverter. price was good and service was good also. we enjoyed working with the electrician at the time who was able to fix a few outlets for us at no charge because we were having some issues with them. knows what he was doing and the system was installed perfectly on our new roof. good job, great service, they follow up with me from time to time. i like that. mega is a good solar company

  • "good working system"

    Reviewed Sep 28, 2020

    mega sold me a enphase system in 2015 and until today its working perfectly fine. i wish i had a battery but back then the battery industry wasn't as good and there were no options. nonetheless, i am happy i chose mega. the sales guy Blake was very helpful and really honest. They took care of financing and all the paperwork i even got a rebate for $1,100 and they gave me a visa card for $500 just for signing up. The installation was good too. they showed me what they're doing and i like that they updated me everyday. the guys were nice and professional. everything went the way i expected with no hassle. i enjoyed working with them.

  • "quality solar system"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2020

    there is a lot of information online regarding solar. too many providers have different opinions. i was confused more than ever. upon doing further research i found what i wanted and began shopping for price. my goal was the best quality equipment for the cheapest price and mega had it - cheaper by 105 on average from all other quotes we received. we ended up with LG panels and solaredge inverter system. we are really happy with our choice and mega did a fantastic job installing on time. process was fairly easy and they took care of the utility paperwork. whats not to like? we're saving almost 100% on our bill and helping our planet at the same time. the staff were great the sales guy was helpful and the installation crew was professional. all in all a solid experience. we cant wait to pay off our system to start getting free electricity. everyone should go solar its a big step forward in saving our planet. thank you mega and team for the amazing work - we will refer our friends and family

  • "great service"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2020

    our system was installed by another company that went out of business a few years back and when we started having issues with our micro inverters we didn't know what to do. we contacted a few local installers to see what its going to take to fix but we were shocked at the prices some of these companies charge just to inspect the system. Mega said they wont charge to look at it because it takes very little time to inspect a newer system to see what the issue is.

    turns our it was our wifi signal not working and we were not seeing the system production data online so system appeared to not be working. mega came out and fixed our internet connection and didnt even charge us anything. they happened to be working near by and the technician took care of it within 15 minutes. this is an honest company and they dont try to rip you off right form the get go. they like helping people and they believe in what they do and stand behind their service. if this is how they treat their non-customers - i would be honored to give them my business. thank you mega

  • "new solar system"

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2020

    we had a new roof put on about a year ago and wanted to look into solar.
    our bill was very high and we needed to do something about that.
    we have a few people come out and take a look. most of them didnt want to install on a metal roof
    by mega said it was no problem they had done it before and i saw a few of their projects they even showed me how the install is done and what they use to make it happen i felt comfortable with them and we went through it. the job was very clean and they impressed us in their way of doing business. we're happy with our choice and happy that our bill is pretty much non existent. a good choice

  • "happy customer"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2020

    one of our neighbors was doing solar so we decided to walk by and talk to them
    based on what we learned that day we wanted to do more research. a few months later we called mega
    back to give us a quote so we can compare with the others by then our neighbor had completed their project and we talked to them again to see how they were doing. they seemed happy and it was all easy process for them. since they had used mega and we liked everything about them at that point. we just went ahead and signed up. its been 8 months since the installation and so far so good i mean we have not had issues but they did come out to reset the inverter because of a communication issue. other than that they're pretty good at answering questions and being helpful. we're happy we went with them.

  • "terrific installation"

    Reviewed Sep 22, 2020

    i had the pleasure of working with mega on my solar project. they made the process easy and coherent vs other companies i spoke to who caused more confusion for me. the sales rep was experienced and knew how to make me understand what the different options are to decide what is best for my home. they weren't pushy at all; in fact, they prefer to share their knowledge and let me decide what to do. I appreciated that very much. project went pretty well as expected. minor delays for permitting and inspection but overall solid performance. thank you mega

  • "good company and great work"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2020

    we bought a system from mega last year and were happy so far
    they did the job within 2 months and got the permits signed by inspector no problem
    good quality, not too expensive, and easy to deal with them
    we've had our system for over a year now and we haven't had any problems
    they did replace our inverter once but that didnt take time, they did it the next day
    so far so good. give them a call if you need solar they will take care of you

  • "solar review"

    Reviewed Sep 20, 2020

    my husband and i have been looking for solar for 2 years but we never moved on it because it was still too expensive. a few years later in 2015 we started searching again and found that prices have dropped significantly more. we contacted a few local contractors and mega was one of them.

    though they all had the same price, what really impressed us about mega is the fact they are 1) family owned business 2) well educated staff 3) all have field experience 4) very honest and straight forward - it was shocking actually. they brought so much value to us as we were learning which showed they really had the knowledge and experience.

    price was not the cheapest and not the most expensive but overall very balanced company. impressive team harmony and ethics. installation was perfect and till this day 2020 we're happy with their customer service. our sales guy still contacts us periodically to check on us. and we dont have to worry if system has any issues they're on top of it all the time. we couldn't be happier with their good work.

    thank you mega solar and team

  • "project review"

    Reviewed Sep 19, 2020

    my friend referred me to this company they were working in his neighborhood
    we stopped by to look at the job and talk to the neighbor. he seemed happy with them so we figured why not give them a call since someone has tried them already and we did like the way the job looked

    call them and the sales guy came out and explained it all to me and my wife. we liked the price and we signed up right away. nothing to it really they were able to give us 105% from our usage so that was a plus and we dont have to pay the expensive power company anymore. permits were done within 3 weeks and they came out the next day to install. smooth operation, team was helpful they showed me how to work the system and how to monitor.

    they periodically call to let me know they're doing some maintenance on the system and they show up to check everything to make sure its good. i honestly never thought solar was this easy. friendly guys too and they love to share their experience and help others. im quite happy with them and you will be too. give these guys a call!!!

  • "Clean and Tidy"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2020

    Great job done by the installation team
    I love the new panasonic panels we installed
    mega solar came out and checked our house
    then we designed a system together. they replaced the broken tiles for us
    they came and installed in 3 days and inspection went well the first time
    I'm very pleased with the way this turned out. Check these guys out if you
    are looking for solar

  • "honest company"

    Reviewed Sep 04, 2020

    i highly recommend mega solar because they were very open and honest from the start. there was an issue with our roof that other installers did not point out. we didnt go solar right away and had to get the roof done first. we came back after 4 months and the quote got even better. we could not have asked for a better experience. installation and system went well no issues.

  • "review for mega solar"

    Reviewed Sep 02, 2020

    first, they were the best company i could find out of the 8 or 9 companies that came to my door. we went solar in 2017 and its been great so far. the team at mega does really monitor and spend a lot of time analyzing all the details. and they let me know right away as soon as something doest look right.
    and in the rarest occasion they would come out and replace whatever needs to be replaced. its very easy and we dont have to strain ourselves with trying to chase them. i gave 4 stars because it took longer to get the job done than we anticipated. overall they did what they promised me and no leaks on our house so far. we're happy with them and yes i do recommend you to check these guys out. they do nice work

  • "went solar"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020

    awesome staff. i went solar with mega solar. got a 6.2 kilowatt system with lg and solaredge
    i love the look and the seamless integration on the roof. looks very nice and my wife is happy
    mega was very responsive to my questions, they gave me what i wanted as far as price. came out and did the install very clean and efficient. they deserve 10 stars.

  • "we chose mega solar"

    Reviewed Aug 27, 2020

    my wife and i have been using our AC a lot especially in this heat. and we could not take it anymore
    the power bill was more than $1000. i needed to do something. so we began searching and actually
    were referred to mega solar by someone in our neighborhood who got a system from them 2 years ago
    they seemed happy and told us to shop around and try them out too
    we talked to 4 companies and mega. everyone was about the same price. we just chose mega because we felt a little more comfortable with them and they provided us good information and answered our questions. they knew about the battery systems, they have a certification. their license was good. finance was good, price was good. and they really cared about making us happy so we went with them. it was a great choice. we dont have to deal with edison anymore

  • "solar still running"

    Reviewed Aug 24, 2020

    mega solar did a good job on our house. we went with them in the summer of 2019 because we got very high bills $800 or more sometimes. they gave us a system that generated the same amount of power.
    so our bill was zeroed out at the end of it all . that was shocking to us we didnt believe it at all
    im so happy with this investment decision. when you think about it you will always need power. why not lock in your price? and generate free power for years and years....

    it was a no brainer to us. the installation went well and they left the house in clean shape. they are very responsive with any questions, even till this day we call and they always take care of us. thank you mega and team we are impressed.

  • "solar system review"

    Reviewed Aug 24, 2020

    i did some research on these guys before signing up. i talked to a few of their customers.
    even tho the price was good i still wanted to make sure they were the right company for me.
    they even had experience with my roof which is why i chose them. they seemed knowledgeable about
    the way to install on metal roofs and showed me pictures of customers homes and explained how it all
    was going to be installed. i felt more comfortable knowing they were experienced with my roof type
    i did not want problems with my roof. they installed it pretty quick and it looks really nice
    i got panasonic with solaredge, happy with the monitoring application its on the go. we got inspected
    and passed on the first try so all in all - pretty good job. give these guys a try the know what they're talking about.

  • "we bought solar for our home"

    Reviewed Aug 20, 2020

    these folks are hardworking and deserve respect. they went beyond what we expected to get the job done. my son hired them and we trusted his choice. our bill was high for edison and they were able to give us the same amount of power for 1/2 the cost: whats not to love? we appreciate your communication and promptness to our project. a job well done

  • "Decent company"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2020

    I chose mega because they were honest about everything and they gave the best price

    where things fell shot tho: is the project took time because of permitting issues and engineering had to revise a few things and working with hoa. they did their best to get the approval process quickly but ended up scheduling a bit far ahead due to being busy. after waiting several weeks for hoa approval, then to wait for permitting and then installation. project took nearly 4 months

    they did however promise to make it right and they did - by offering me $500 visa card and a sincere apology form the head of the company (Moe) who was very caring and kind and genuinely interested in making us happy so we gave him a chance and he did that so thank you Moe and crew at mega solar. we appreciate your hard work. you've made us happy so far


  • "excellent service"

    Reviewed Aug 17, 2020

    i could not be happier with mega solar. they did a great job, clean installation, and quick too. we signed up with them because they had the best price and customer service was good. they werent pushy like some of the other sales people we talked to. the came out and installed quickly, system looks great and they educated me on everything i needed to know. im happy i chose them

  • "happy solar customer"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2020

    i hardly write reviews but for this company i had to. so we signed up for solar with mega i mean its cheap and saves like half of your bill so why not. we got good finance terms and payment was good too
    they came out the next day and took pictures everything was moving quick and smooth
    these guys really know what they're talking bout. i talked to other sales people and they really had no clue what the difference was between solaredge and enphase or different types of panels
    these guys had the experience and i was comfortable right away talking to them.
    all the prices were a little higher than these guys but they went the extra mile to earn my business and i appreciated that. they even gave me a smart thermostat for free and some $$$ for signing up. it was a great journey for my family and were excited about saving power in the years coming. i recommend these guys to anyone looking for solar

  • "professional installation"

    Reviewed Aug 14, 2020

    my husband and i are big on quality and follow every step of the way when hiring contractors
    and we take our time researching everyone and checking their references

    we got a bunch of quotes and decided to talk to all of them. we ended up hiring mega solar because they had the best all around customer service, decent competitive price, but what we really liked was how professional they were when they come out to install the panels

    they briefed us on what they're going to do and answered our questions. they were clean and tidy, showed up on time and got the inspection passed on the first go. it was very quick installation actually.
    they showed us how to check the system from our phones and helped us understand what all the little details mean. we were educated by the sales person at the end. all in all was a good experience.

    thank you megasolar

  • "great service"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020

    we chose mega not because of price, but the gentlemen that helped us with the project, mo. he was very helpful and shared a lot of insight about solar and all the confusing information. he clarified whats important for us and helped us focus on what we actually need instead of buying something that has no financial benefit to us. after several weeks of talking to him we found the math to make sense, we felt comfortable with them, we checked their license and references. he even shared information about a customer near by. so they definitely want to prove themselves. we took a chance and signed up. they were wonderful to work with, got the solar on our roof in a reasonable time and did everything for us. we're happy with our choice and i think you will be too. thanks mo and crew for a job well done!

  • "Quick Installation"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2020

    i got a quote form mega recently and it seemed too good to be true so i called them. after verifying who they are, i went ahead and signed up. they came out then next day to inspect the roof, i signed some papers and got approved for financing for 10 years.
    they were able to get the permit right away because were in dwp area. they came out and installed within a few days. we passed inspection. all happened within 3 weeks. i expected it to take longer based on all the customers i talked to. but they did a good job, install was clean and we're happy we went with mega. you should try them too

  • "good company"

    Reviewed Aug 11, 2020

    its my first time shopping for solar and i went to google and found this energy sage one
    i put my information and got a lot of people giving me price. so i talk to some of them
    to see what the difference is and which one is cheapest
    i call references too
    i waited a long time because i wanted to chose a good company. i choose these guys because
    they were honest from the start and did give me the lowest price i could find. and they did a good work
    on my house. i chose the panasonic panel and it was the best one available for me

    im happy with the installation work too - they did a clean job for my family

    Thank u very much, Nahal

  • "good experience with solar"

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2020

    i was looking for solar for quite sometime and came across energy sage
    i asked for some quotes and decided to talk more with each company
    they all had the same thing to offer prices were very close
    but i wanted to chose someone i was comfortable with
    this guy knew what he was talking about and seemed to have a lot of information which i like a lot
    he answered my questions and helped me figure out what i need
    he never asked me to sign up but i felt like he gave me the best value for my time so i
    had to choose him. they're not a huge company but they are good for the job
    give them a try

  • "cheapest price"

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2020

    i was skeptical of the low price compared to others

    but when i spoke to them they seemed to know what they're doing and i felt more comfortable to learn more about them. they'e been in business for a while and customer service was good

    i gave them a shot and they delivered on their promise so im glad it worked out

    always learn about the company you're doing business with first

  • "One very solid job done!"

    Reviewed Jun 02, 2020

    I make this short and down to the point. I had the chance to speak with Mo about my decision to go solar by accident. I talked about how I had found a great deal through Solar City "a different solar company". He asked me what my coverage was that they had promised, I replied; a solid %70. he offered me full coverage. my wife and I didn't think this would be possible and yet he had promised it. He spent about five times the amount of other reps showing us how he would do what he had promised. there wasn't a single unanswered question and he was there whenever we needed him to be to answer further questions we would come up with. He knew his stuff. It didn't take a week before we were absolutly convinced his company was going to deliver what we never thought possible. I suppose they can do more because they are family-owned. and family operated. they were the nicest people you could ever meet. the entire job took two days. they took care of the A to the Z. they made all the appointments for the city workers to make it a go. We have been enjoying a zero electrical bill every since. they are still there to answer questions. they are courteous and honest. going solar with this company was one of the fewer better decisions I have ever made. I would recommend this company without a single second thought. they are unbeatable and they stand before their work. I just love these guys. Mo, thank you for the personal care you brought to our home.

    Moe Lebdeh
    Response from Mega Solar Inc.
    Responded Sep 03, 2020
    Response from Mega Solar Inc.
    Responded Sep 03, 2020

    Mr. Mojtabai,

    I enjoyed learning with you and your wife both through this great relationship. I am grateful to be your friend as well and pleased to know that i've delivered on my promise to you guys. Thank you for the opportunity, we deeply appreciated it

  • "Great attitiude and work ethic"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    From day one Mega solar was collaborative and willing to work with me and my family in coming up with a solution for our solar power initiative. My family went very slow in making this decision and Mega solar was with us every step of the way!

    Moe Lebdeh
    Response from Mega Solar Inc.
    Responded Sep 03, 2020
    Response from Mega Solar Inc.
    Responded Sep 03, 2020

    Mr. Lofton,

    Thank you for your review. Some projects are difficult to navigate but its important for us to remain focus on your investment goals. Your project took more time to get going because we spent a lot of time searching different products and solutions to find what was unique and perfect for your family. We hope you enjoyed working with us as much as we did

  • "Exceptional Service"

    Reviewed May 21, 2020

    My experience with mega solar has been great .I’m so pleased with my solar system,I was searching for a system for a long time and consulted with serval companies. Mega solar by far had the best rates. They where honest from the start and completed the project in a timely matter.

  • "Happy mega customer"

    Reviewed May 18, 2020

    Mega Solar was a pleasure to work with. process was easy from start to finish, installation time took two days using best product and warranties which is a big deal for me, my system has been turned on so far i am a happy customer with no complaints.

  • "excellent service"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2019

    i work mainly with moe and he was so helpful he made the process very smooth and i have to admit that he was very professional . their worker were so excellent and fast and there price was the best out of all quot i got .
    highly recommended .

    1 person found this helpful
  • "Excellent Provider"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2018

    Mega Solar installed panels on my house. They are a family run business and did a fantastic job. From start to finish the project took less than 3 weeks. Their prices were extremely competitive and their staff was very friendly. I highly recommend using this company for anyone that is considering going solar.

    1 person found this helpful
    Moe Lebdeh
    Response from Mega Solar Inc.
    Responded Sep 03, 2020
    Response from Mega Solar Inc.
    Responded Sep 03, 2020

    Mr. Sanchez,

    Thank you for the kind words - we could not have done it without you being a part of the process. Sometimes, things just work in our favor and we end up exceeding our own expectations. In your case, thing went beyond smooth and we're very happy you've given us the opportunity. Thank You

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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25 Years including penetrations


C-10 Electrical Contractor


General Liability
Workers compensation

States served by Mega Solar Inc.

  • California CA ,
  • Texas TX