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Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma is a true Oklahoma owned, and operated, solar company that cares about its citizens and the environment.
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About Solar Power of Oklahoma

Solar Power of Oklahoma is the only full-service solar power company in Oklahoma. We do not sub-out installations and have more installs in Oklahoma than any other company. Let us show you the difference with the absolute best customer service and most quality solar panels in the state. We can't wait to get your home energized!
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  1. 120,000 solar panels installed in Oklahoma.

  2. Top-tier customer service.

  3. Dedicated project coordinator from start to finish.

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  • Installation
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  • Energy Auditing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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Enphase Platinum Installer, NABCEP, Tesla Powerwall, Generac, Enphase, Tesla Solar Roof, OSHA, ChargePoint, QMerit, AMICUS Solar Co-Op, Solar Review Pre-Screened Pro, A+ Rating with BBB, Generac Generators, UNIRAC.

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  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • SunPower Authorized Dealer
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

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  • Gold Installer

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The Absolute Best Option In Oklahoma

If you are looking to go solar, and have discovered Solar Power of Oklahoma from any source... Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation immediately. I began my search for the best solar company and fell deep into about a dozen different businesses and I am here to tell you why I believe my choice in SPO (Solar Power of Oklahoma) was without a doubt the best I could have made. Firstly, these guys do SOLAR. That's their product, that's their mastery. Some other companies were nearly $10k more expensive because they offer to spray foam insulate your attic, or install dual-pane windows! -- You do not want a car salesman selling you a boat, and you should surely consider those things to improve savings but you're here for SOLAR, and that is where SPO really shines. They charge by a "Per Watt" system which is SO great. With half a dozen estimates in my collection, Justin came out to my house and he completely shocked me. Not only did SPO come in at a much better rate (FOR THE EXACT SAME PANELS) but he sat with me in my home building out a system in front of me while explaining in detail *WHY* certain options exist and what they mean for me. He had some suggestions, and since I plan on getting an EV in the future, we planned for it with a slightly larger system! There was no hard salesperson energies, in fact we went on several tangents regarding a certain feline house member who was acting a fool. It was a warm and educational experience that made me feel comfortable with moving on to the next step of this massive home project. To be perfectly honest, even if the price wasn't better than their competitors, I would likely have still opted to SPO thanks to Justin's transparency and knowledge. He even let me design how i wanted the panels laid out in the blueprint!! SPO has several options in regards to paying for the panels, and with Justin, we found a path that worked best for me! Options for financing, leasing, everything in between with accurate pricing and details!! Like mentioned before, i'm going to mention it again because they were one of the only companies i found that gets their overall price through plain old MATH. Not some funny fine print "Package" dealership math...but real "$/watt" math that adds up. After meeting with Justin and moving on to the next steps, I was invited to visit the facility and meet the team and technology! How strange -- i thought, but after spending a little over an hour at their headquarters... meeting the owners, the install team, seeing the warehouse and getting to know the people at the foundation of this company, it became so much more meaningful to me to see a (quickly) growing company making its way through the challenges of a young business with poise and promise. Unfortunately the landscape for solar is riddled with red tape and lots of "Hurry up and wait." but SPO took care of all the permitting and communicating with the city. Normally this is a several month process of empty radio waves... but I was put under the careful watch of Jackson, who had weekly updates for me regardless of the status. (I will go into this later) Thanks to the diligence of the team at every step, i was cleared for install relatively quickly! When it came time for install, it was broken up into 2 days. Racking, where they install the frame for the panels, and do some inspections followed by the panel install day where they essentially wire everything up and get it ready for operation...and more inspections. Everything was completed quick and clean! The panels were installed and they looked great! The crews arrived at 08:00 on the DOT as agreed upon. Not even a minute late. Everything went as smoothly as it could have. I could not believe how easy this was for me. Sadly, SPO does not have control over the legendary OG&E (Who I was interested in Solar to get away from) and we ended up at a bit of a standstill waiting for the final okay from. While it was a frustrating experience for me, the customer... what made it so much more comforting was how hard Jackson was working to speed things along. Weekly updates became twice weekly, keeping me updated making sure I knew I was not forgotten. Jackson must have been put on a bounty board at OG&E for how much he called and emailed on my behalf to get my system online. Like I mentioned earlier, even if the status was "We still have not heard a response" I still got updated and felt very much in the loop. It made me realize a couple things. 1. OG&E is backed up, likely because solar is such an attractive option right now. 2. ANYONE getting solar is going to have to deal with this regardless of the installer, and if that's the case... I am SO glad I went with SPO just for how connected, and motivated Jackson was on my behalf. Having someone go to bat for you is a BIG difference when dealing with red tape. Please do not get confused, this is NOT an advertisement, but it would be wrong of me to omit that SPO also has an OUTSTANDING referral program! They heavily incentivize spreading the word and offer some stellar rewards for doing so! So feel free to mention my name and this review when you call to make an appointment, i don't know if it will count for the referrals but really i just want you to get those two on your team! (MAKE SURE TO ASK FOR JUSTIN AND JACKSON!! THEY ARE JUST THAT GREAT) because they deserve all the business in the world. Consider it a tip of the hat to me for doing the work to find the absolute best solar company for you! So now I sit here, eating some breakfast that was cooked with the power of the sun...typing on a computer also exclusively powered by my new system. I am completely and wholeheartedly committed to steering anyone who mentions solar to get in touch with Justin at Solar Power Oklahoma and make the best decision for you. I could not be happier with their service, workmanship and overall excellence...clearly as I feel strong enough to put this out there for everyone to see in the hopes that your search for the best option in solar power can be found early...and more of that glorious solar power can power your home too. **UPDATE** So I've had my system up and running for a few months now, and so far, my OG&E bill has been a couple dollars (for the service >_>) and i could not be happier with the way they look on my house. Like i mentioned before, i had oversized the system in the hopes of an electric vehicle living in my garage in the near future...and the performance of the system has actually encouraged me to take the plunge! I can now comfortably say that SPO's service has now enabled my dreams and aspirations. The very best decision i have made since becoming a homeowner. Thanks SPO!

Posted by brandon.rabbitt1 on May 28, 2023
Should have done this sooner & and with Solar Power of Oklahoma!!

Should have done this years ago! We had a great experience working with Solar Power of Oklahoma. They answered all our questions in detail which was easy to understand. Once we made the decision to go solar, the loan application process was quick and couldn't have been easier. The installation was fast and efficient. They even handled the city permits. We were generating electricity the day of the install and we could see the energy output on the app on my phone. They also showed us how to operate and maintain the system, also easy with the app. Everyone involved was super friendly and helpful. We saved money on our energy bill the first month. Like I said- WE SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS SOONER! We are already planning on expanding our system and Solar Power of Oklahoma is the only place we would even consider for this. We can't recommend them enough.

Posted by choyt1964 on Nov 24, 2021
Excellent service and equipment!

I have put a lot of research into Solar Panel installation. I can tell you that the team at Solar Power of Oklahoma were very knowledgeable and understanding to what we were looking for. They suggested the Hybrid system which suits our needs well. They installed it with precise and updated me every step of the way. They explained the payment option very well and use quality equipment with expert installers. We’re happy we used SPO and would never trust anyone else when it comes to Solar installation. Sincerely, Robert Borg

Posted by borg_robbie on Jun 05, 2020
Amazing service and product

The service to the customer is unmatched! Superb, reliable, and dedicated are only a few words to describe the amazing people at Solar Power of Oklahoma. I would recommend Solar Power of Oklahoma to my family and everyone!

Posted by parapusher on Dec 02, 2019
Totally Satisfied New Solar Power Customer

We are very happy with our decision to go with Solar Power of Oklahoma. We had been interested in looking at solar power for several years. Rumors about not being able to connect to the grid or get credit for solar generation from OG&E put us off from looking at it seriously, until recently. In the past year, advertisements on social media dispelled those rumors. We looked at a couple of companies. They all sold us on the economic case for going solar—it pays for itself and it makes the world cleaner. It’s foolish to not take the solar plunge. We opted to go with Solar Power of Oklahoma primarily because it’s a local company, and they gave us a much better deal paying cash up front. So glad we did. Loved working with Shawna to develop our requirement and estimates. Every member of the team that did the installation was personable and friendly, and they worked like a fine-tuned machine to get the installation complete in less than a day total time. The could have done a little better job explaining parts of the process and what to expect. Another company we spoke with had a really neat chart presentation, which is useful for visual learners and ensures all the information the company wishes to convey is in one spot. None of that detracted from our overall satisfaction with our decision to go with Solar Power of Oklahoma. There was a little delay in getting OG&E to do their part (wonder why?) in connecting us, but now we’re up and running and saving money already. I must say, it’s been a lot easier than we would have thought. Best of all, we’re saving money and helping the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.

Posted by billswigert on Nov 21, 2019



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