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Sol-Ark, LLC

Sol-Ark battery-based inverter systems are the most affordable, efficient, flexible and installer-friendly hybrid inverter systems on the market. We have 3rd party and installer data to prove it.

All-In-One, Plug 'n Play with zero headaches, Sol-Ark is revolutionizing the industry. Literally the "multi-tool knife" of solar inverters, the Sol-Ark:

*Protects your appliances and electronics against lightning, storm outages, and even EMPs
*Sells back to the grid
*Works seamlessly with all battery backup technologies and Time-Of-Use
*Auto starts a generator
*AC couples to existing microinverter systems
*Produces a massive 20 kW peak surge power to operate a 3 ton A/C off-grid!

...and tons MORE...for LESS than LG/StorEdge, Pika, Sonnen, and Tesla!

Battery Based Solar. Made Affordable. Made by You.
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Necessity is the mother of invention. Sol-Ark was born when like-minded defense engineers and veterans got together to create a better solution than anything they had been able to find for themselves. True energy independence, Sol-Arks are military-tough, yoga-flexible and incredibly easy to install. Even a handy DIYer can do it.
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  1. 7 day support and we actually talk with the end user, unlike our competition.

  2. We have the best product if you truly want the freedom to have power when you need it to power everything in your home. Many companies say this, but at the first power outage there goes your AC unit.

  3. We truly care and add features to our products that are requested by customers.

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Chinese; English; French; German; Hindi; Portuguese; Spanish

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  • Manufacturing
  • Community Solar

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10 year product warranty standard


General Liability, Umbrella policies


Electrical Engineering
Nuclear engineering
All solar certs for safety and electrical-See on Sol-Ark website please

Industry Certifications

  • The American Solar Energy Society
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

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Sol-Ark 12K

The 12 K inverter was a great choice for my home, very easy to install an if you have any problems or questions, a quick phone call will get you back on track. I would highly recommend a Sol-Ark inverter for all your energy needs

Posted by rcbreaux59 on May 11, 2024
Residential Sol Ark 15k

I began my solar journey 15 years ago when panels were 5 dollars per watt or more. I even built panels using reject individual cells I bought from eBay. I splurged on the Outback GT2524 for one phase in my house. The grid tie technology in these newer hybrid models make everything else obsolete. With the cost of panels tanking and the magic these inverters can do , everyone should be going solar . IMHO. Chuck Korschgen Happy Sol Ark owner

Posted by thehitchingpostllc on May 04, 2024
Great customer support

I purchased a 15k inverter for a new solar installation with battery backup. Very pleased so far. Had some minor startup issues, but customer support were very responsive and helped me get those sorted out quickly. The dc to ac inversion does seem to be very efficient. I like the PV Pro app, which allows me to monitor the system from anywhere. My only dislike is the tiny touch screen on the inverter - it can be confusing at times and hard to tick the right boxes. Luckily, all of the same functionality is included in the app.

Posted by kurt513 on Apr 27, 2024
Awesome product

This is a great product that I would recommend to anyone. The support was very helpful and the webinars are top notch. Can do a whole lot of stuff with these inverters

Posted by cecelia.hartigan on Apr 23, 2024
15K-Not reliable

Attn: Mr. Brennan The solution I was provided by your reseller at Briggs and Stratton is not acceptable. I wish to discuss this matter with an empowered Sol-Ark representative. 305-469-5489 My Sol-Ark 15K inverter has never work properly since it was installed. Following my communication with Clayton (B&S rep) I detail what happened last weekend when the inverter shocked me and and started to emit heavy smoke. Look forward to hearing from you Adrian Barzola Per your request, following the timeline leading up to the catastrophic failure of the Sol-Ark 15KW + Simpliphi system. - Last night around 11pm I cut-off the grid power to the house. - The batteries powered the house all night. - Around 7:45am the batteries had not reached the 30% depletion. - Around 8:25am the generator came on, Sol-Ark began charging the batteries - 9:08am the batteries reached 51% (see picture below). - 9:31am the inverter cut-off the generator multiple times, shortly it continued charging. -10:35am the house went dark, I ran to the mechanical room, the inverter was ON, the batteries were at 62% all the numbers on the screen reflected zero's (see picture below.) -I waited, nothing happened, the house remained dark, Sol-Ark remained ON, I thought it could be the breaker on the Sol-Ark, I reached for the door and received strong electrical shock. At that point, I smelled smoke coming from the Sol-Ark. I located the off switch and pushed it with a sharpie. (see video attached) As I mentioned to you, I have lost all confidence in this system, I don't want it in my house, had I not acted quickly my house would have caught fire. Since day one, the system has malfunctioned, this very well documented in our email exchanges.

Posted by adrianbarzola on Apr 18, 2024
Sol-ark 5 star tech support

I Just installed a Sol-ark 1200k. The setup was a little complicated but phone support was fast to respond and walk me through my particular setup. once We had the inverter communicating with wifi the tech person was able to see all settings in real time, he could change them remotely or was happy to explain to me how to do it myself. Very Happy

Posted by dragonara on Apr 17, 2024
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 12 kW
    Sol-Ark 12k, TIGO Optimizers, EG4 Batteries Crit Load Panel
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 10.44 kW
    10.44 kW LG Ground Solar Array with a Sol-Ark 15 kW Inverter and 22.8 kWh of Backup Batteries
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 8 kW
    New build in Lockbourne
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 19.4 kW
    19.4 kW Sol-Ark 15K with 38kWh Homegrid Stack'd battery



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