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We believe there is an opportunity to build a new kind of solar company from the ground up by utilizing the lessons of the previous decade with the tools of today that will propel into the 2020’s and beyond.

Our team of industry veterans is looking to create a new and better customer experience that fully integrates technology to achieve your energy reducing lifestyle. Lumina believes that solar is always the better choice, and we have the expertise and tools to help get you there.

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  • "The best experience and service I could hope for"

    Reviewed Nov 19, 2019

    Everyone, from my first contact with the company until the inspections were completed, was incredibly helpful. They were more than happy to work through a number of different options, figure out a very complicated electrical and roof system, and quickly come up with a solution when it turned out part of my roof couldn't hold panels. Everyone came on time when they were supposed to, answered all my questions no matter how ignorant they sounded, and most importantly, were very friendly and pleasant, in addition to doing top quality work. All told, installation took less than a day, soup to nuts. This company is clearly customer focused, values its clientele and being as thorough and professional as possible.

  • "Best Experience"

    Reviewed Nov 12, 2019

    best experience start to finish. Excellent presentation about why solar and variables involved and designed a system that fits my need. System is up and running in 45 days, well ahead of the schedule. Professional work. Kudos to Ryan and his team.

  • "Very Satisfied"

    Reviewed Nov 04, 2019

    I am very satisfied with Zac Hare and Lumina Solar. I met with Zac when I was considering quotes from several companies. He provided a detailed quote, and answered all of my questions very clearly. While some other companies provided unrealistic quotes that ignored DC regulations, Zac made sure that the quotes he provided were consistent with the relevant regulations regarding solar set backs. He even followed up with DC's head of permitting.

    Zac presented several customized proposals with different wattage panels. He did not use "hard sell" tactics at all, and he went out of his way to make sure that I got the best price while still maximizing the system wattage.

    The install process overall went very smoothly. Zac sent regular updates on how the permitting process was going. Shortly before the install, Lumina discovered that I would need a sub-panel installed (which they missed during the initial inspection), but they offered to split that extra cost, which I felt was more than fair. They also sent out a contractor free of charge to patch up some drywall and repaint where they installed the sub-panel.

    The overall install process -- from signing the contract to getting the system turned on -- took approximately 3 months, which was shorter than the estimate they provided. The system was turned on in June, and the actual production has very closely matched the estimates that Zac provided in his proposal.

    I would definitely recommend Lumina to anyone who wants to install solar panels.

  • "Excellent Choice for Solar"

    Reviewed Oct 31, 2019

    From the outset, we had a feeling that we'd be happy with Lumina Solar. I'm pleased to say that our instincts were correct - Ryan and the team were communicative throughout, explaining just what we'd be getting for our investment, and laying out a realistic timeline (given the permitting system in DC, that's not always easy!). Every team member we spoke to was incredibly helpful and informative, and we continue to be impressed by the level of service.

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  • "Well planned and executed solar install"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2019

    Ryan met with us after another company giving us an offer and 30 days to find a better deal, but also giving us a uneasy feeling about dealing with this other company. The experience was different from the start with Ryan. No hard sales pitch; Answered all questions without giving off a sense we were wasting his time, or asking silly questions. And they undercut our other offer by a noticeable amount.

    The experience didn't change throughout install. All questions were answered, and issues addressed throughout. Install date came before we knew it and was knocked out in 2 days for a 57 panel install. The process to get approved by our electricity supply company was also super quick. Less than 2 weeks until our meter was switched out and we were generating clean energy and offsetting a significant portion of our usage ($270 bill down to $33 coming into Fall, which would have been more substantial had we started the process earlier in the year to make use of more of summer - read towards start of spring) which was significantly shorter than friends who have also got solar.

    Would highly recommend Ryan and the Lumina team.

  • "Lumina Solar"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2019

    Lumina Solar recently completed installation of their solar system on my home in Perry Hall. I had quotes from several other installers when I met Ryan Farrell of Lumina. From the start, Ryan was a different kind of salesman. He took the time to educate us about the benefits of solar without any pressure. He explained the differences between the different types of inverters and why he was proposing a Solar Edge system with optimizers for my location. When he showed our house, complete with surrounding trees, on his PC program simulating daily and annual power generation I was duly impressed. He then showed us an Excel spreadsheet showing the expected annual power generation based on our locale, our electricity needs and our expected savings over the lifetime of the system. We then negotiated a price which was in line with one of the best quotes I had received. In addition, Ryan provided us a very favorable financing option. As my roof was over 20 years old, I asked Ryan for a recommended roof installer, and he recommended Fichtner Services.

    Fichtner's quote was in line with my two other quotes. They did an excellent, on-time job, and their personnel were helpful and professional.

    Throughout the process Lumina Solar kept me informed of the status of the approval process with BGE and Baltimore County inspection. Shortly after BGE approved the interconnection Lumina contacted me to schedule the installation.

    The Lumina crew arrived on the promised day and completed the installation in short order. Ryan of Fusion Solar and his crew did a great job. I was especially impressed with the neat routing and installation of the electrical system. There was minimal disruption to my house power as they connected the system to my electrical panel.

    After the installation, Lumina Solar contacted Baltimore County to perform the final inspection and BGE to approve the installation and install the Net Meter. Just two weeks after the installation my solar system is online, and I am generating power. The SolarEdge app enables me to see power generation throughout the day.

    This entire process could not have gone any better. Lumina Solar took care of everything. Everyone with whom I had the pleasure of dealing with was completely professional and on time.

    In short, I highly recommend Lumina Solar to anyone who is considering solar panels.

  • "Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Jul 31, 2019

    TL;DR Version: From start to finish, excellent company to work with, great quality, and very competitive pricing. We would select Lumina again should the opportunity arise.

    System Specs: 6.71 kW residential installation. 22 panels (305 W each).

    Full Review:

    We considered 5 different solar companies in our search for getting a solar panel array installed on our home. We received quotes from 3 and contracts from 2. Lumina was prompt to respond when we reached out for an estimate. In fact, I received a call from 2 different Lumina representatives to make sure they contacted me back.

    Ryan F. was our sales representative. He also helped us throughout the entire process from start to finish. My wife and I are very particular, and so we had a lot of questions. Ryan was always reachable and very communicative whenever we needed questions answered. His response time was always less than 1 day (including weekends) and often within a few hours. We were initially hesitant to go with a smaller company, but the outstanding customer service that Ryan and Lumina provided assuaged our concerns.

    Ryan came to our home and discussed our needs and wants for the system. The appointment was supposed to last 1 hour, but we pestered him for over 4 hours with questions ranging in scope from overall system size to low-level details about solar panel manufacturing techniques. Ryan was very knowledgeable and was able to answer almost any question we threw at him. If he didn’t know an answer, he was honest and said so rather than making something up to make a sale. During the consultation, Ryan was also equipped with great visualization and modeling software to give us a realistic view of what the solar panels would look like on our house. In addition to the visualization, he also had pricing and budgeting tools that explicitly broke down all aspects of the system costs. After he left, we knew we would be going with Lumina.

    After we signed the initial contract, we decided to add more panels, which changed the design. This change was not a problem at all, and Lumina was very flexible and prompt in re-designing the system.

    Installation took less than 1 day, and the county inspection took place the next day. Justin led the installation and mounting of the panels, Joe was the electrician to connect them to my inverter (and ultimately my home’s power), and Aaron handled the county inspection. Throughout the installation day, I was taking pictures of the process and asking them questions about how everything fits together for my own edification. I’m sure my interference annoyed them, but they didn’t let me know it. They were very professional, and they politely answered all my questions.

    Overall, we are completely satisfied with Lumina in providing our home with a solar panel array. We highly recommend them if you are considering “going solar”.

  • "Install Solar Panels For Electric System"

    Reviewed Jul 04, 2019

    Lumina Solar provided a one stop shop for us to go solar. They surveyed our property, designed the solution, dealt with the permit applications, installed the system, coordinated the inspections. We were introduced to Lumina Solar ( by Retrofit Baltimore (

    We had a large solar system installed on the house and garage. The team installed the equipment very well. They were on time, courteous, and left the house clean and tidy once they had finished. The project was on budget.

  • "Excellent solar installers"

    Reviewed May 17, 2019

    Lumina did a great job planning and installing our system in D.C. -- communication was good, they waited patiently for us to do some minor roof repairs, they planned a big system for a good price, and they stayed on top of Pepco to make sure our meter got switched out and we got permission to turn things on. In the three weeks since we flipped the switch, we've generated a surplus every day but two cloudy ones.

    We'd previously worked with a big national company on a pre-paid lease on another house, but purchasing this system with Lumina was an even better experience.

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  • "Solar Energy Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 13, 2019

    Solar Energy Installation

    We just got solar panels installed by Lumina Solar on our home. In my sincerest expression Lumina has provided exceptional services. They immediately began the permit process and have the master electricians and carpenters on staff to service your home. Whether you are purchasing the panels or doing an agreement for solar power - Lumina Solar is the best choice in solar power. I had experiences with two other companies that failed to deliver services. Where they said no Lumina said yes. The person to contact is Colin Gload. He will ensure that you get the best possible customer service in a timely manner. I highly recommend this company to anyone interested in investing or having solar installed in their home. Colins contact information is below.
    Colin Gload
    Co-Founder, Director of Sales
    (c) 443-824-3130

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  • "MD Solar Install with Lumina Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2019

    Short Version:
    My experience with Lumina Solar was a very positive. I was blown away by the team’s experience within the Solar industry and willingness to communicate with me every step along the way. From my sales manager and main POC Ryan Farrell, who answered a large quantity of my questions on the spot unhinged too many times to list and provided routine check ins as we waited for permits and paperwork of that nature to get approved by the various government groups, to the site surveyer Mark (I can’t remember his last name) who took the extra time to identify and capture pictures of a few shingle nail pops and shingle nail holes on my roof that I was able to get repaired through my builder prior to panel install, to the install team and extreme professionalism & attention to detail of lead electrician Joe (I can’t remember his last name) who explained the physical install process with me during day of execution and even provided me with some welcomed insight into how Lumina was formed. Lumina was also more than willing to install a Solar Edge HD Wave EV Charger Inverter w/ the charging cable and holder since my electrical panel is located in my garage. So I got solar panels (wanted solar ever since I was a teenager), A Solar Edge inverter with Power Optimizers, and an up to 40A @ 240 VAC Level 2 EV Charger wrapped into one project. Icing on the cake: Lumina conducted the research to confirm my eligibility for MD’s EV Charger Rebate (In addition to the State solar grant and county property tax credit) , making this entire project that much more financially sweet. It’s February, my system’s been running for a few days, and I got over 70% of my electricity provided by solar on the extremely sunny and clear skies Monday we had.Very much so looking forward to summertime production because this is greater than expected already.

    Deeper Dive:
    My journey for solar pv started on EnergySage. I followed EnergySage’s advice and attempted to receive quotes from several companies: Maryland Solar Solutions Inc, Tesla, Lumina Solar, Celestial Solar, and Solar SME. While I had mostly good interactions with the sales personnel from all 5 companies, my conversations with Ryan from Lumina Solar and Jim from Celestial Solar were the most reassuring by far. So I scheduled site assessments with both. Unfortunately Jim from Celestial was unable to make our scheduled assessment due to having a tech that called out sick as he had to fill in for said tech for an inspection. I sent him a follow up email to inquire on if an alternate date a week away would work, but I never got a response. So I proceeded in kind with Ryan from Lumina. The assessment with Ryan went extremely well as he developed the system in real time with solar estimating software on his laptop. The software seemed to be significantly more user friendly and visually appealing than what I encountered at the Tesla store when looking for a quote from Tesla/Solar City. We worked together and designed a couple of options.I compared pricing and such with the other quotes received. With the exception of Tesla, which was priced considerably low, all other prices between the companies I received quotes from were fairly in line. I decided to make my decision off of reassured quality as opposed to rock bottom lowest price (Tesla in this case) and ended up proceeding forward with Lumina because I was more than reassured in their capabilities along with their professionalism. The efficient all black panels, the experienced team, the experienced installers, the experienced electrician, and their competitive price in comparison to the pack. As a bundle it was the right call. If you’re planning to go solar definitely consider Lumina. Happy to recommend and write an overly long review for a local company that is putting quality first and foremost.

  • "Satisfied Customers"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2019

    Ryan Farrell approached us last year to discuss the possibility of a solar system. He was very professional and his presentation was very clear – we contracted Lumina to install a 12.6 kW system and Lumina took care of everything necessary to complete the process – including working with our power company who did not seem as enthusiastic as we were. The system went up in two days (we have a very challenging pitch as well as large roof) without a hitch. Once the power company approved the interconnection, we were off and running.

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  • "Great quality, great service, great communication.... just really great!"

    Reviewed Dec 30, 2018

    After so many difficult experiences with home improvement contractors over the years - I had low expectations for whomever installed solar on my house.

    From the very start - Lumina Solar, and their rep Zac Hare, exceeded in all ways.

    They were flexible with schedule, maintained great communication, worked closely with me and Pepco to get all the legal agreements worked out.

    When they came for the install and found out that part of my roof profile had changed (I had a new roof put on and several attic fans removed) - they were able to do a quick redesign that made the overall more visually pleasing AND produced more energy.

    In all ways I whole heartedly recommend Lumina Solar.

  • "Personal and Professional"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2018

    Working with Colin Golad and his team of installers was such a pleasant experience. They were polite, hardworking, and professional. Colin promptly answered all my questions and made me feel comfortable in making the decision to go solar. I absolutely recommend Lumina for their professional yet personal service.

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Our founding and management team has over 45 years of residential solar experience over the last decade. We have built our company efficiently to offer our customer a high quality experience and installation with a variety of unique cash, loan, and PPA options.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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10 year workmanship warranty.


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