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Next Solar Inc - Profile & Reviews

Next Solar's mission is to educate and inform home owners of the benefits of going solar. We offer a customized renewable energy solution for home owners that best suits their needs.

At Next Solar, we've been able to leverage our company's success to help gain a distinct advantage for our customers. We're able to offer our customers installation with as little as no money down and a monthly payment that will typically be no greater, and often less, than what they are currently paying their power company every month.

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  • "Wanted to see what SunPower had to offer"

    "Wanted to see what SunPower had to offer"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2021

    I had an appt set up with these people to get an estimate on solar panel installation, received auto generated email confirming the appt. People never called to confirm the appt and didn't show up. Can't believe Sunpower actually uses these people

  • "Worst solar company EVER"

    Reviewed Oct 25, 2019

    Don’t throw your money on a hole, we have being for around 9 months having issues with them. We continue to receive and PAY Duke Energy bills. They continue saying we have the equipment working in full, however electric bills says the opposite. Still WAITING four our refund! Don’t even call them, we are still Waiting and waiting and waiting and we were ask for PATIENCE...Really??? I gave them 1 star but they deserve ZERO starts. If you are willing to live a nightmare and continue to pay electric bill having a solar panel equipment install for 9 months in your house, that’s the company. And we have to pay 2 bills now because Duke Energy is still charging us.

  • "The Best solar company in the nation"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2019

    I looked around and got a lot of quotes and information before I decided to get solar and let me tell you that all the other companies are in it just for the money . They all want to sell you something and then they don’t want to follow through with anything they promise. Basically like dealing with a car sales man is what it was like . But next solar inc we’re absolutely wonderful to work with. They wanted me to get the max production from my system instead of trying to sell me on a system that I wouldn’t get me the production I needed. No else cared about that and when it comes to solar you want the max production that you can get. They came out and we’re so professional and caring about what I needed and wanted.i would recommend that everyone who is interested in solar to go through next solar inc. they are amazing!

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Our company provides affordable energy efficiency products for big savings at zero down.

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  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Next Solar Inc Headquarters

11 Airport Blvd, Suite 104
South San Francisco, CA
94080 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 140 Gregory Lane
    Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Workmanship Warranty

10 year Parts and Labor




Business Incorporation: 2015
CSLB License Number: 1016284

States served by Next Solar Inc

  • California CA ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • South Carolina SC