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Energy Service Partners

Established by experts with more than 25 years of experience, we’re proud to be the loyal ally your sales organization needs. We used the word “Partners” in our name because we’re committed to doing our part and making your business successful. Always aware of the importance of the customer experience and quality installation, we cover every step and make sure your customers are pleased.
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About Energy Service Partners

By providing unbeatable customer service, cycle times, and craftsmanship, we protect your business’ reputation and make sure you’ll be thriving for years to come. We handle everything from initial design and engineering to city inspections and installation.

We create an incredible experience that gives your customers every reason to recommend you to their community. Get in touch with us for installations in Nevada and California.
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  • Installation
  • Roofing
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

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25 years


California CSLB #619149

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

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  • Certified Installer
  • Gold Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

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Extremely unprofessional

If I could give 0 stars I would. Our experience with Energy Service Partners has been the worst experience of our home ownership. We signed our contract in March 2022. After several delays, the installation was completed in June, but it wasn't functional. The subcontractors didn't use the proper inverter, which wasn't discovered until months after the installation. They tried to install an underpowered (cheaper) inverter. The contract also called for a new Main Service Panel. This work wasn't completed at installation, and still hasn't been installed. It's been a year since installation, and the solar is still not activated. We've been making payments since October 2022. After countless calls and emails, I can't even get a timetable for when this will be completed. The next step is legal action since they are unable to give any updates. It's the most unprofessional experience I've dealt with, and I've had to deal with many contractors for my house in the past 2+ years.

Posted by wmaxwellparker on May 04, 2023

Wish I had found these reviews prior to doing business with these crooks. Our Project started in July of 2022. We started making payments in January of 2023. So far weve had to make 4 payments on top of paying our Edison bill. Also, the sales rep Alex Mcfarland promised us we wouldn't have to make a payment the first year, a charger for an electric car, and a system link with our existing solar panels. I have tried calling ESP Solar and Alex Mcfarland directly but ESP Solar has not provided answers or a solution as to why we're so behind. Alex Mcfarland has stopped answering our calls/text. I'm in the middle of reporting the business to the California franchise tax board and district attorneys office. I can provide photos of their work as well. Just beautiful guys! I expect they'll say the sales rep has no affiliation with them to shift blame as they've done in the past.

Posted by jsanchez8877 on Apr 18, 2023
Beware of door to door solar salesmen

In response to ESP's response: ARE you kidding? Our usage is less now then pre-solar. I talked to PG&E ..they told me the months of Nov. 2021, Dec. 2021, Jan. 2022, Feb. 2022, and part of March 2022,,,our solar only produced enough power for one day's regular usage for each of those months. We have been paying double since we got stuck with this solar an agreement that the salesman forged ...then disappeared once he got paid. My God we are low income seniors and Joe just found out in March 2022 he has bile duct cancer. Get rid of this damn "agreement" that has been chocking us. We will even pay to get rid of it and your worthless panels..just make sure there are no holes in the roof like you have put on others. Then repair it by hiring an unlicensed contractor to throw a blue tarp over it and charge $1800!!!! This is the kind of people you are!!!! I am NOT some crazy Karen who goes around making complaints. You can check all my reviews online...mostly I give great reviews. This is the first time I am going all out. This has damaged my brother, Joe's and my lives, it has damaged our peace of mind, it has damaged our future security. IS ANYONE LISTENING AT ESP>??? We have a $31,000 lien on our home, $15,000 finance charge, solar payments that are going up to $160 a month!!!! FOR WHAT? So we can pay two bills for power instead of one!!!!!!!!!!!! It started March 2021 with the unregistered door-to-door salesman...we should have slammed the door in his face. To make a long story short... a very bad experience. Deceitful, unresponsive, subpar company. We end up paying double this past year..paying for useless solar and pg&e bills too! Contacted them over 60 times. The salesman disappeared as soon as he was paid. We finally got a supervisor who said.."our system is working as expected." I said "As expected for whom? The salesman said our pg&e bills wouldn't be more than $10 a month." Supervisor Scott S. replied "that salesman wasn't an employee of ESP. We are NOT responsible for any promises he made to you." WOW!! Unreal! We put complaints to the Contractors State License Board, BBB, FTC, Attorney General, Center for Accountability..and more. We are on the hook for $31,000. Or $45,000 if you count finance charges by their partner in crime Sunlight Financial. We have a lien on our home, and a solar system that doesn't work. We are two Seniors on a fixed income who don't know much about solar. The perfect prey these predators hunt down. The biggest financial mistake we ever made is letting that salesman in.

Posted by jojotep on Aug 16, 2022
Hire at your own risk!

Solar panels installed. Haven’t heard from them since. They asked for a review before the job was finished. Extremely disappointed!

Posted by cray692811 on Aug 02, 2022

ESP - Energy Service Partners: TERRIBLE COMMUNICATION Emails, Texts and they take days To return your voice mails.

Posted by terryljohnson5 on Jul 25, 2022
ESP install solar panels & panel electric box

Only one of your workers spoke or understood very little English. All the others would say No English. Very poor communication and they had no water. So when we saw them, they were hot & dehydrated. We gave them ( 4 or 5 workers) over 14 bottles of water to keep hydrated. That is very poor planning on your part. Also, did not pass inspection as they installed too small of an electrical panel box. Inspector said it could catch fire & was a hazard. Very dissatisfied with the knowledge & experience of your workers. What else did they cover up or do wrong? My overall review for ESP is very, very poor…

Posted by ofelske on Jul 13, 2022



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