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YSG Solar - Profile & Reviews

YSG Solar was founded in 2010 as a local advisor and installer of solar energy systems. We have an extensive background in value engineering and have worked on complex institutional projects to residential solutions. YSG Solar has grown responsibly for the last decade sustaining steady growth for years to come. Our consultative approach allows us to identify and solve energy-related concerns. YSG offers the industries strongest warranties ensuring all projects are successful for years to come.

We are looking to build long term relationships with all of our customers.

Highest quality equipment, Top rated customer service and best price.

-Flexible payment options so you can own your solar panels.
-25 year parts,labor and power production guarantee.
-Quality equipment from manufactures with over 35 years of experience.
-No paperwork required, our processing department makes solar simple.
-A+ Rating with the BBB.
-Over 1,500 Installations Completed.
-No hidden fees or charges.

59 reviews

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  • "YSG blew us away"

    Reviewed Apr 24, 2021

    Team YSG for the win! This is my first solar experience and I couldn't be happier. Up to installation I'd say is 3 stars as I ran into a few issues and it can be difficult to contact the service reps. Basically I had many questions and had a hard time understanding some aspects, but not at the fault of YSG. However, once that hurdle was crossed the install crew at YSG did a fantastic job. The crew lead was patient and kind and walked me through the entire process. The team was super friendly and nice and they did what they could to accommodate my requests. The job was supposed to be done in 4-5 hours but they were stopped by 4 different safety inspectors which delayed them an additional 2 hours. I know things can get crazy with the Long Island Building Dept where I live, and I know this again was no fault of YSG and they handled it like champs. Overall, they were extremely friendly, nice, safe, and kind. Even the men who worked on the top were friendly. I've had my system for going on 9 months and our PSEG bill is already in the negative each month. Thanks so much for everything.

  • "YSG took great care of our home & 3 neighbors"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2021
    "YSG took great care of our home & 3 neighbors"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2021

    YSG wasn't the cheapest out there....but they have the best gear....and the best warranties. I had my system installed May 2019 and did a financing contract and I love I save about $245 per month. My home's value has increased by over 30k with no increase to my property tax, by law, from having my solar system installed. The only thing I would've done differently is getting solar 3-5 years ago when I first started looking into it. We had a slight hiccup in the project when there was a miscommunication with the architect who made the plans and the design team from YSG. So it took a bit of extra time to have a new design made up and approved with the NYC DOB. Really wasn't YSG's fault and they handled it with ease. So far in the last 2 years 3 more of my neighbors have gone with YSG for their solar and are all saving between 150-350 per month on their Coned bills. I would highly recommend going with YSG.

  • "Great Company YSG Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 31, 2021

    I had a great experience working with YSG Solar. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. The project manager I worked with answered every question from start to finish and I truly felt like he was always listening/looking out for my best interests.

  • "YSG Kept us happy and comfortable"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2021
    "YSG Kept us happy and comfortable"

    Reviewed Mar 19, 2021

    After looking at multiple companies, we went with YSG and are very happy we did. They had no high pressure sales tactics, aka let my wife take her sweet time deciding while still honoring the quoted price, and were actually 40-50% cheaper (!) per KW than the other two companies we looked at in detail. The whole application process was very streamlined and well organized, almost all done online, with YSG taking care of all the paperwork, right down to getting the local building permit. The installation itself was done less than 12 weeks after we opened our application, which was incredibly fast compared to what the others were offering, plus the installers were actually YSG employees, not contractors. Finally, I think YSG's panels look better, with a lower profile and a nice skirt around all the panels versus the design examples we received from the other two companies. We are very pleased with our panels and the entire project.

  • "YSG Turned out to be the best choice for us"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "YSG Turned out to be the best choice for us"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    Before getting Solar I talked with many companies and got numerous quotes but none were as low as YSG, especially factoring in the long warranties that come with the equipment YSG uses. With that said, YSG also had a decent amount of negative or just so-so reviews so I had to take that into consideration. I spoke with the rep, Ken, several times about getting Solar before I decided to do it. He was amazing and assured me YSG had made many changes to better the experience and he was right. As a contractor myself in another field, I've seen first hand how one bad apple can spoil the bunch when it comes to a smooth working project. If one part of the cog doesn't do their part, the whole operation can be at a standstill and make me look bad as the contractor. So I was aware of the potential for unexpected hiccups to arise and I'm pleased to say we actually had none. The entire process was great and although it has only been up and running for 6 months, I can see each day how much I am saving. Highly recommend going Solar with YSG, I was not disappointed. I was offered an Amazon gift card for the time I spent going out of my way to leave a review, but I was never asked to leave any specific amount of stars and YSG told me to be honest in my review. In this day and age, when everything is done online and anyone can look up a company's reviews, it makes sense to me that a company would go out of their way to have past customers sharing their experiences online for future customers to see.

  • "YSG Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 25, 2021

    The YSG representative I worked with did an amazing job with the entire process. He explained solar panels and it's benefits in detail along with YSG attractive price. He went above and beyond on finding me the perfect loan. I definitely recommend YSG for your solar panel needs .

  • "YSG Exceeded our expectations"

    Reviewed Feb 22, 2021

    From start to finish cannot say enough about the service and professionalism of the entire team that came out to install our panels and power walls. We first had 21 panels installed to cover roughly 50% of our usage since my husband did not want panels on the front of the house (which is south facing). Once he saw our system at work for a couple months, he agreed that we should pull the trigger and have the front of the roof done to get us to having 100% of our usage covered. So we ended up having an additional 24 panels installed and 2 power walls and they got it done in 1 day! They answered all our questions and went above and beyond for a seamless installation. We highly recommend!!!

  • "Extremely clean and professional"

    Reviewed Feb 18, 2021

    I had a great experience with YSG Solar. There were a few hiccups between utility and YSG about the maximum size of the system that can be installed at my home which caused a bit of a delay. After that cleared out, installation was scheduled. I was very impressed with installation crew. They did a great job putting up the system. They wore masks while communicating with me. Cleaned up after themselves after using my basement for connections. We've had the system installed for about 6 months now and have seen about an 80% reduction in our Coned bill which is what we were originally promised. I would highly recommend YSG for your solar energy needs.

  • "$150 Amazon Gift Card"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2021

    Thank you Ken and as promised for the $150 Amazon Gift Card I've given a 5 Star Review. I look forward to the Additional funds for these review postings. The completion of this 2019 project is almost behind us. I've contacted Nadia few times this year and Enphase of the much needed completion of the mapping. Enphase was kind enough to keep me informed about YSG completion. As of yet they have not received communication and await YSG to.go.into the portal created and complete the mapping for each Envoy. I hope 2021 will be the year but anything is possible. I hope to hear back from this organization and kept up to date and future Amazon Gift Cards.

  • "YSG was extremely professional"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2021

    100% absolutely outstanding, completely exceeded my expectations. The crew was on time, worked like a fine tuned unit, helpful to each other, no idle chatter or loitering while in between tasks. If idle, the guys respectfully stood back from the Workman at hand, and observed. No one was busy constantly checking their phones, if they did so it was only for an instant and out of view of the homeowner. No foul language whatsoever even when working within their own areas, only respectful, cordial language was used every minute of the job. My total compliments to the crew leader, who was THE most friendly, accommodating, professional person that could be. Also a shout out to Aaron who was also a top of roof crew lead, and two other guys named Andrew and Marcus, also roof guys who did a great job as well. I had no idea your installers would be so perfect, I absolutely made the right choice in going with YSG Solar.

  • "Would hire again"

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2021

    After researching several of the top solar companies in our area we went with YSG Solar and we are glad we did. The project proceeded just as the sales rep explained it would and the cost was exactly what the written proposal said it would be. We were notified all along the way by email at each step. Getting the fudning for the panels was easy and painless... all done electronically and guided by YSG. When it was time for our install we were notified that there was a shortage of our selected panels so they upgraded us at NO Charge to us to the next highest rated panel which produces more energy. The install continued on schedule. On install day, the installers arrived on time and began work. I was very impressed with the workers and how quickly and efficiently they installed the panels. Once completed and the inspection was done it did take a few days longer than necessary to get the paperwork transferred to Coned but once it was done the next day we got the OK from Coned to turn it on. It's been working perfectly since then. We went live 10/5/20 and just got our first bill since the install from Coned and the result is our electric bill was 9 cents for October. For sept we paid $143 electric and for august we paid $166 for electric after Coned jacked up their rates. So this means we have already saved $150/month so far and our system wasn't even activated for the highest producing summer months yet. Can't wait to see what our system does next summer. Super satisfied with YSG Solar.

  • "YSG Took care of us"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2021

    Had a 8.16KW solar panel system installed by the YSG crew from the Manhattan office this past August. The install went much quicker than I expected. The whole install took about 9 hours. The electricity was only off for about 20 minutes. This was a larger crew than I expected. There were guys on all parts of the solar system doing their thing all at the same time. The YSG team definitely worked like a well oiled machine. I tried to move all my stuff from where I thought they would be working however there was another area they had to work which had a bunch of stuff. However they moved it safely and moved it back to the same exact location. It looked like it was never even moved! During these COVID times, I noticed that team took precautions to keep everyone safe, very happy about this. The crew even had a sanitizing station set up by their work vans. Pretty thorough I have to say. Thanks YSG! You guys were awesome! Even having our system installed at the very tail end of summer, we've already cut our bill from around $400/month to $120. I expect by this summer when our production is in full swing our bill will be down to $0.

  • "Very knowledgeable staff who seem to be in business for the long haul."

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2021
    "Very knowledgeable staff who seem to be in business for the long haul."

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2021

    Installers were very professional. The only problem we had was trying to install the enphase system monitoring app on my phone which I gave up on. Otherwise the system is working fine

  • "So happy we found YSG Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 09, 2021

    We did our homework for about 2 years and finally decided to go with YSG Solar. From the initial consultation with a very knowledgeable salesman to turning on the system everything is made very clear to us and we knew what to expect next. We loved the fact that YSG uses their own installation crews which other companies subcontract out and the parts we went with are American made. We have family and friends that wish they would have went with YSG after their horror stories with other solar companies.
    We had our system installed Nov 2019 and have already accumulated around 1000 extra kwh in the last year, on top of covering our entire $320/month Coned bill. We are supremely pleased and would hire again.

  • "Excellent service"

    Reviewed Dec 17, 2020

    After researching different Solar companies I am absolutely satisfied with the decision I made choosing YSG Solar for the installation of my solar panels! YSG Solar was responsive and helpful from the time I first called, through our decision-making process, and throughout the planning and installation of our system. Kenneth DeCiccio went over all of my options and answered every question I had no matter what time of day I called. He was very helpful and efficient!! My installation went smoothly and as planned. Kenneth DeCiccio followed up with me every step of the way to ensure the system was working as it should. I am very pleased with YSG Solar and would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone considering a solar installation.
    Darlene F.

  • "Would choose YSG again and again"

    Reviewed Dec 15, 2020
    "Would choose YSG again and again"

    Reviewed Dec 15, 2020

    I had my solar panels installed in Sept 2018 and shortly after we had some severe rain. I noticed a water spot on my son's bedroom ceiling and called YSG to come out and take a look and make sure I didn't have an issue with the installation. Two crew members were dispatched quickly and it turned out it had nothing to do with the installation. I found out my roofer took some shortcuts which caused the leak. The crew was kind enough to offer and fix the issue while he was up on my roof as it was a quick fix. My system has been performing exactly on par with the original estimate given and my experience with YSG has been excellent.

  • "A Great Solar Company"

    Reviewed Dec 11, 2020

    I chose YSG out of more than a half a dozen other solar contractors. They had good online reviews and I liked their warranties. I also liked the fact that they used Panasonic solar panels which as high quality and have their own limited warranty. So in case of anything I can get anyone to take a look at the panels.

    The project didn't go baby smooth. There were a few bumps along the way. The panels were up on my roof by the end of November 2019 but didn't get going until June 2020. However this is more to do with life as we know it shutting down for a few months because of COVID. This delayed inspections and electrical tie ins by the utility company.

    The were professional and responsive. As I said there were a few hiccups during the project. Getting people scheduled and at my house was an issue but it was mostly because of the perfect pandemic we went through. I had an electrical issue in my breaker panel after installation. They came in and resolved everything. The inspection and sign offs went smoothly as well.

    So long story short they are a good choice for going to solar. The project wasn't completely seamless but nothing in construction goes seamless. The end result is I have a great system and a great price and worked with a great company.

  • "YSG made us happy campers"

    Reviewed Dec 06, 2020

    I chose them because of the three I looked at, they seemed to have the most experience. Also, a fellow neighbor had used them and was pleased. I originally reached out while out of town for work and was unable to meet anyone at my home to get a quote. Within 48 hours, they sent me a detailed quote with financing options and a thorough tax credit breakdown. While still out of town, I asked them to go to my property to perform the shade report to determine an accurate production estimate which they happily did. By the time I got back in town a month and a half later, installation was starting and was completed within about a week. So far, as of November 2019, my bill has consistently stayed under $50/month down from around $375/month. I would choose YSG again in a heartbeat.

  • "YSG gave us solar panels suited to my wife's taste (WHICH IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!)"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2020
    "YSG gave us solar panels suited to my wife's taste (WHICH IS NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE!)"

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2020

    We picked YSG Solar after talking with 2 other solar companies in our region. We are thankful we did. The sales process was very professional and they were honest about what they could and couldn't do, most of which was aesthetics requests from my wife. They completed the actual installation in 1 day and we and our neighbors were impressed with the collegiality of the workers. The finished product looks great and the price was fair, around 2k less than the other company we got a quote from even including the use of more expensive black Panasonic panels. Our bill went from around $350 to now under $100. A large portion of our roof is North facing and the other portion we didn't want to trim trees to use, so our system does not cover 100% of our bill which is fine with us.We would pick them again in a heartbeat.

  • "Referred all my coworkers and neighbors to YSG"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2020
    "Referred all my coworkers and neighbors to YSG"

    Reviewed Nov 18, 2020

    Great team! Excellent customer service from start to finish. Extremely knowledgeable and honest. They answered all my questions and were very transparent about what to expect with timelines and dreaded, unpredictable Long Island permitting. I had an 8.68 kWh system installed by them in 2018 which covers 106% of my usage. They designed the system, acquired permits, and submitted the design to HOA for approval. The installation was complete in one day, and the aesthetics are superb- including black frame panels to be within our HOA guidelines. The pricing is extremely competitive, if not the best out there with a savings of about $5k for us. They don't play games and overpromise like some other solar companies and we were happy to have American made products. You can't go wrong with YSG solar. I Highly recommend

  • "YSG top dogs in NYC"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2020

    The team at YSG solar was easy to work with for our system installed in Feb 2018. They made each step of the process easy from: generating the quote, the installation, the power company inspection and finally helping provide the tax forms and SRECs. All of their guys were pleasant and respectful of our property during the installation and got bonus points for not aggravating any of my neighbors during install of the system. I would hire them again and recommend them to anyone considering solar power. We could fit enough panels to cover 85% of our usage and our bill went from around $400/month down to around $50 which includes the mandatory monthly $28 fee that Coned charges regardless of whether you have solar or not. I referred two of my coworkers to YSG in the last two years and they both have rave reviews of their systems as well.

  • "Telling all my neighbors about YSG"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2020
    "Telling all my neighbors about YSG"

    Reviewed Nov 10, 2020

    I could not be happier with YSG Solar. I decided to go with YSG in June 2017 because of their initial responsiveness: they were willing to educate me on the options and immediately signaled that they were a company I could trust, that would be responsive to my needs, that would communicate in a timely manner, and that could get the job done quickly and efficiently. I was not disappointed. YSG quickly and effectively managed the permitting process with our local authorities, and despite complicating factors due to summer weather and distance to the site, we were able to schedule an initial site visit and installation much more rapidly than I expected, inside of about 45 days. They communicated regularly during the process and I always received a response within a day when I reached out with a question. The system is now up and running and generating loads of electricity. We have not paid more than about $16 to Coned since 2017. I also think it's worth mentioning YSG's ethos as a company. YSG Solar is in this business for all the right reasons: they value the environment and are quite knowledgeable about the ever-developing options for renewable energy. They have been in the biz longer than 95% of the other companies we spoke with early in our solar process. A small, family-oriented company, they also seem to have happy and empowered employees. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • "Would recommend to anyone"

    Reviewed Nov 01, 2020

    I would highly recommend YSG SOLAR to anyone considering moving to solar energy. The company could not have been more thorough or professional. Every detail was explained prior to beginning the project, including what we could expect in tax rebates, how long it would take to see a return on our investment, and a full outline of the installation process. The work was expertly managed and kept on schedule, if not a bit early. In just one month, our electricity has gone from close to $200 a month to $19 which is just the account fee Coned charges no matter what. Not to mention, YSG SOLAR supplied all the paperwork necessary for my tax rebates - nearly a total of $15,000. Even my accountant was impressed. I could not have been more pleased with their expertise and excellent customer service.

  • "YSG put quite a bit back in my pocket"

    Reviewed Oct 27, 2020
    "YSG put quite a bit back in my pocket"

    Reviewed Oct 27, 2020

    For years we had been wanting to switch to a sustainable energy source in order to decrease our carbon footprint and lower our energy bill. We've had an off grid cabin for years but not with a solar system connected to the grid.We shopped around for months trying to find a solar company who would be able to provide us with the best solar panel array for the price. Our search ended at the first appointment with a sales manager from YSG who explained in detail all of our options and answered our many questions. From the permits, the paperwork and ultimate completion of our installation, the team at YSG solar was friendly, knowledgeable, efficient and professional. It's gratifying to wake up on a sunny day and know that we are harnessing that sunshine to power our home's energy needs.

  • "Would use YSG Solar again"

    Reviewed Oct 19, 2020

    The YSG Solar team are the people you need to call if you are in the market for a solar system. They are trustworthy, honest, knowledgeable and very helpful in making sure you get the right system to fit your needs. Process was quick and to the point. Wife isn't mad at me, win win. Would recommend

  • "YSG Solar is the "Real Deal""

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2020

    YSG Solar is a locally owned business. They've installed many residential systems. They were willing to work with me even though I only needed a minimum size system. Other companies I contacted wouldn't even call me back when I sent them a photo of my electric bill. I had to get my contract submitted to Coned within 24 hours so I would qualify for the $2500 incentive and the extra $1000 they were running at the time (back in 2017). YSG got it done, even though the deadline was on a Saturday. The crew showed up on time about a month later and installed the system. They did not hurt the roof or my new gutters. There have been several bouts of severe weather since then, but my solar panels are fine and well secured. I had to wait another month for Coned to show up and inspect the system, but everything passed muster and they turned on my system. Since then, I have not had to pay an electric bill. Through May, 2017, the value of solar production exceeded the cost of the electricity I used, resulting in a credit which stays on my bill. In June and July, I owed small amounts for electricity, less than $20, but the credit balance I had built up covered those. In comparison with the same months in the year before I got solar, I have significant savings every month, such that my system will have paid for itself in less than 6 years. I had been interested in solar for years, and I'm very glad I finally took the plunge. I had my rebate and $1000 extra incentive from Coned less than three weeks from when they inspected my system and turned it on. YSG Solar handled everything with Coned. I can't recommend them enough! YSG Solar is definitely the company to choose for solar in NYC.

  • "YSG Came through for us"

    Reviewed Oct 03, 2020

    We worked with YSG to install two arrays on the roof of our two unit condo. Each unit-owner paid for their respective array. Everything went pretty smooth. The pre-planning was well thought out, the technical site visit was informative and the plans submitted to my towns building department were very quickly approved. The actual install took about 3 days due to weather complications. Once the panels were wired and PSEG switched out the electric meter to a net-meter, we were off an running. Shortly afterwards, I noticed that our 5kw inverter was "clipping" at 4kw. I called YSG and they had a crew out the next day. What had happened was that our inverter was switched with our downstairs neighbor. Our 20 panels were going into her 4kw inverter and her 15 panels were going into our 5kw inverter. This was quickly corrected. A few weeks after install I had an optimizer on one of the panels fail so that only 19 of the 20 were producing power. Again, they had a crew out in a few days to fix it at no additional charge. I also called them after I had a water leak in our ceiling. I was concerned that it was due to the solar install, but upon further investigation I learned that our HVAC condensate drain had separated and was leaking condensate water onto our ceiling. Again, I was pleased that they responded so quickly to an issue that they weren't responsible for. My system went live at the end of October 2018 and we didn't produce enough power to meet all of our need through the winter. At it's peak, our electric meter showed a net of 450kwh used. However, we haven't had an electric bill since January 2019 and our meter is now showing a net of about 150kwh used. I expect that it will get back to zero (or lower) before we turn on the central air. Time will tell if it truly produces the 107% of the energy we designed for, but so far, I'm optimistic.

  • "Service of system installed by ysg"

    Reviewed Sep 30, 2020
    "Service of system installed by ysg"

    Reviewed Sep 30, 2020

    Buyer beware.. pray your system never has a hiccup. Black hole. Months have passed and no closer to resolution. Essentially a brick on your roof, at the cost of a car.

    Bad name to industry if service is so poor. Wonder if the rest of industry is this bad?

  • "I wish I had another roof to get solar done by YSG!!!"

    Reviewed Sep 28, 2020
    "I wish I had another roof to get solar done by YSG!!!"

    Reviewed Sep 28, 2020

    Best experience with a company I have ever had!!! Did everything over phone and email with ZERO sales pitch. After dealing with several other companies that was a welcomed approach. They took the lead with educating my HOA on the current laws and providing any and all requests for information. My HOA is now in the process of updating their laws. Their knowledge and professionalism is top notch. They had my 31 panel system up in less than 8 hours and took the time to answer the myriad of questions I threw at them. All with a smile on their faces!! I HIGHLY recommend this company. You will not be disappointed. Thank You YSG Solar.

  • "YSG Solar is the bee's knees"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020
    Updated Sep 24, 2020
    "YSG Solar is the bee's knees"

    Reviewed Sep 24, 2020
    Updated Sep 24, 2020

    I talked with several different solar companies in my quest to go solar and from the first conversation, YSG Solar stood out. The sales rep was professional, knowledgeable, and kept my budget and concerns in mind from the start. There were no high pressure sales tactics or things of that nature; he wanted what was best for me. Throughout the process, YSG was quick to respond to any questions I had, and did a great job working with my HOA, which can sometimes be a pain with tons of hoops to jump through. The install crew was fast and efficient, and completed the install in just a few hours. They even painted the conduit the same colors as the siding on my house. Aside from being great to work with, YSG also has the most competitive prices, which certainly helped. I debated taking one star off as I ended up needing more panels than expected for a second fridge and AC unit we added. Now this is not YSG fault that my usage increased, however if I had known it would increase by so much I would've requested a larger system. All in all, I'm thoroughly satisfied with YSG Solar, and highly recommend them.

  • "YSG is the best in the Biz"

    Reviewed Sep 21, 2020

    I had researched solar power two years earlier and decided against it because of costs. YSG's partnership with their manufacturers and reduced material costs made procuring/installing a system within our financial reach. Their Proposal was well clear. When they agreed to an installation date, they arrived on time, worked much of the day, cleaned up after installation and when they left it was operating. Thus far (system installed Nov 2019) our electric bills show a 63% reduction in cost. I sized the system to break even with electrical costs by the end of the year. Using this approach YSG's ROI was 8-9 years. Based on our current bills (Sep-Nov 2019), I full expect to cut that ROI at least in half, meaning a payback within about 4 years. Very happy with the system and YSG Solar.

  • "YSG did a great job"

    Reviewed Sep 16, 2020

    I had a great experience working with YSG Solar. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and helpful. The project manager I worked with answered every question from start to finish and I truly felt like he was always listening/looking out for my best interests. He ended up being the installer too, which made the communication and trust that much better throughout the entire process. I've been lucky to have had some really good experiences with contractors, but YSG Solar has been the best with their responsiveness to my incessant questions, thoroughness, professionalism, and genuine care for my best interests. With regards to cost, they are very competitive with other companies out there. The only negative thing I could say is that there was an unexpected charge to upgrade our electric panel which wasn't found until Coned came to do the final inspection. Not YSG's fault as Coned has their own rules, although I just would've rather known before hand.

  • "Would Recommend YSG"

    Reviewed Sep 14, 2020

    I had researched solar power two years earlier and decided against it because of costs. YSG's partnership with their manufacturers and reduced material costs made procuring/installing a system within our financial reach. Their Proposal was well clear. When they agreed to an installation date, they arrived on time, worked much of the day, cleaned up after installation and when they left it was operating. Thus far (system installed Nov 2016) our electric bills show a 63% reduction in cost. I sized the system to break even with electrical costs by the end of the year. Using this approach YSG's ROI was 8-9 years. Based on our current bills (Sep-Nov 2016), I full expect to cut that ROI at least in half. Very happy with the system and YSG Solar.

  • "Stay away from YSG"

    Reviewed Feb 29, 2020

    YSG is not a professional company from making false promises on schedule to the owner, David Magid is not accountable. I was told the system would be completed In 2 months at most.
    That was in November 2019, “everything will be installed in 1 or 2 days” I am into my 3rd visit and still Not fully installed.
    I am dealing with an incomplete installation and a YSG team that’s not accountable for what they do. I was told on 12/24 the rest of my connection will be 3 or 4 weeks.

    David asked me to approve the loan on 1/2/2020 and everything will be completed in 3-4 weeks. All it was so they could get paid, since he has avoided contact with me. I asked for call backs.

    Do not approve any loan from Service Finance Company, LLC until you are fully operational.

    Stay away from YSG, I have had an issue every step of the way, not one item or schedule has been kept.

    I will update my progress until my system is connected updated - 2/6/2020

    As of 2/28 I have not received any schedule of my interconnection, e-mails and schedule request have gone un answered for weeks. I keep on getting the run around, I get the talking to Nora or David but no answers from Ken D who was my sales person.

    My loan payment has started in February and now I am paying for a system that’s not operational plus my electrical bill. Two bills and not end to it.
    I have contacted Service Finance Company, LLC and waiting on their reply.

    I will update my progress as I hear back from Service Finance Company, LLC or when David Magid decides to complete my project or call me back as requested. Updated 2/28

  • "quick and easy thanks YSG"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019

    I had YSG Solar install my solar system 4 years ago and it was quick, and easy. YSG handled all aspects from analysis, permits, installation and finance so it was seamless. Recently we had a problem with our enphase monitor that we had to get replaced. The part was not covered under our warranty with company but YSG took care of it!

  • "I recommended them to all my friends and family"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2019
    "I recommended them to all my friends and family"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2019

    From the first time I contacted YSG I was impressed. The knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of the job were great. The installation was on time and clean. The system is up and working as I expected. Any questions I had were all answered promptly. It is not often you meet a good reliable company.

  • "Why Get Solar? Bills keep adding up. Who is paying for them?"

    Reviewed Oct 03, 2019
    "Why Get Solar? Bills keep adding up. Who is paying for them?"

    Reviewed Oct 03, 2019

    My husband and I have been reaching out to the company since our solar broke back in June. It was supposed to be resolved within 7 to 10 days but it took 43 days to get our new inverter. We now have had extremely high electric bills the past two months because we missed the hottest months to bank our energy. We have been asking how they will reimburse us for this loss but everyone we have spoken to in the company has left and we have to continue to start over again. We still continue to wait to see if anyone can help us resolve this issue but at this point nothing is being done. I wouldn't recommend this company like I have in the past because the lack of communication, professionalism and turn over of employees makes me quite worried if anything will come of this.

  • "After 3 months, no solar power yet"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2019
    "After 3 months, no solar power yet"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2019

    I would give them 5/5 in workmanship and my satisfaction after all the issues were resolved. (Please see my initial review below.) Since the last review, the system has been connected and working fine. My first solar production started on June 26th and I have a full month of satisfaction since then.

    One note for anyone trying to finance their system, please make sure you ask about the system base cost and dealer fees separately. Dealer fees is huge 15-20% that bank charges to your solar company and they pass on to you. So if you are financing, you are paying upfront 15-20% extra which is rolled into what you are borrowing. I learned it quite late.

    ======= Initially reviewed on June 25th ========

    My system was installed over 3 months ago now. It's still not activated yet. First I had to go after them to finish electrical inspection and now for last month I've been emailing and calling them to activate the system and show me how to monitor, but no concrete response yet.

    My frustration led me to write my first negative review of the lifetime. After 3rd loan installment and sunny days and no solar power.

  • "12kw system performing very well"

    Reviewed Apr 02, 2019
    "12kw system performing very well"

    Reviewed Apr 02, 2019

    They installed a 12kw system for me and it's outperforming estimates!

  • "thanks for your help"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2019

    Very professional and efficient. Thanks for all of your help. We ended up putting in a special part after the job to stop the snow coming down so fast in the winter. This has helped a lot even though our winter was mild. The internet app is also neat. Thank you YSG!

  • "solar system"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2019

    I have to start by saying I am very demanding customer and I’m not easy to satisfy, We start looking into solar in 2014 we met with few companies and we had different offers and different options. but I wasn’t excited about any. We keep searching until I find YSG [you save green] on the Internet I give them a call and I spoke with David. and I have to tell you throughout the whole process he never let me down he was available each time I try to reach him and always giving me accurate information’s. he was great and reasonable and any promise he had made definitely had met. The installation team was great they did their job in 1 1/2 day. The work site was clean organized. very friendly people. system had been working perfectly sense October 2016. based on my experience they are great people great equipment And very honest. never tried to cut corners and I’m so happy to deal with them and whenever I have the opportunity to recommend them I do so.

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  • "Awsome company!"

    Reviewed Feb 19, 2019

    Completely satisfied with the entire process. Everyone I delt with was professional and nice. Would highly recommend to anyone

  • "Simply the best"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2019

    Their customer service, especially after installation, was top notch!
    We only had a issue with my meter with LIPA. There was some miscommunication with how that worked. As soon as I mentioned an issue, they were on it. The converter box has a plug so when we have sun we can keep our fridge and a fan running. That is a very nice bonus feature.


    Reviewed Jan 06, 2019

    Not only was everyone incredibly friendly, they were also very educated. My husband and I put panels on our house back in 2012. He wanted solar for a very long time. When we purchased our house we made sure it faced the right direction. YouSaveGreen installed solar panels for three of our neighbors.


    Reviewed Dec 02, 2018

    Fantastic professional experience. We would recommend YSG. The application is great, it shows us the power we are making and using in our home. After meeting with several companies we signed up with YSG. Once we got started it was quick and easy.

  • "Great company"

    Reviewed Nov 14, 2018

    The team at YSG did a fantastic job during all steps of the project. Always returned emails and phone calls promptly.

  • "charging my car with solar!"

    Reviewed Nov 04, 2018

    Couldn't be happier! This company was very courteous, got the enphsae system installed. We can see all the solar panels from our computer. They used micro inverters that produce more power than I use, enough so that I am able to charge my electric car. Our electric bill since has never been over $50 a month. We got tax refunds in the first year!

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  • "Easy and Painless way to save $$$"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2018
    "Easy and Painless way to save $$$"

    Reviewed Oct 28, 2018

    I could not be more satisfied with YSG Solar. From start to finish they were professional. From the initial consultation, without knowing what to expect, they explained everything in details. It was truly a no-brainer decision to get solar based on how much it will cost me and how much I will recoup that and how much I'll save beyond that. They took care of ALL the paperwork, explain the loan options, tax benefits, etc. They came, they installed, clean up after themselves. My main concern was what kind of damage is done to my roof. 3 years later, no issue. My electric bill is now about $20, the cost of hooking up to the grid. I even bought a Nissan LEAF. My intention was just to save myself some $$$, but I'm so happy that I'm doing my part to save the planet and feel really good about it. All thanks to YSG Solar. And yes, they have helped me get the paper work needed to file my taxes and claimed my refund.

  • "Thanks for the wonderful job!"

    Reviewed Oct 13, 2018

    We had solar installed back in 2015 by YouSaveGreen. The solar works great and our bill has not been above $50. We used to pay over $200! They energy audited our home during the first meeting. We had been impressed with all of the recommendations. He found out our air condition vents had been using more energy since they did not have a seal. This made sense since all of the vents are in our attic. Most other companies tried to have us rent the solar panels. We are happy we purchased our solar panels from YouSave.

  • "Anthony Landisi"

    Reviewed Oct 10, 2018

    I had YSG Solar install my solar system 4 years ago and it was quick, and easy. YSG handled all aspects from analysis, permits, installation and finance so it was seamless. I highly recommend You Save Green solar.

  • "Great all around job!"

    Reviewed Oct 07, 2018

    Adding voltaic panels to our home was a goal when we had lived out west. Arriving in New York we did not know if this would be worth it. We built our house with a perfect roof facing south. Our YSG solar panel experience has been great and we are the proud owners of a 5000 Watt panel system. YSG answered all of my questions and had been patient with us the entire time. I recommend them.

  • "works like you promised"

    Reviewed Aug 19, 2018

    If solar panel construction was a baseball team, YSG would be the Yankees. I have never been this biggest baseball person but these guys are good. Our installation took place almost three years ago and the process was amazing. At first we had looked into solar and received so many calls. I had to put off the project for several months we just had been very turned off at first. YSG was the only company still followed up with us and took the time to explain how it works. Make sure you get quick mount flashing this is an item we did a lot of research about when we went solar. The roof was new and we had been concerned about water damage. YSG offers the longest warranty we found but we also had our roofer inspect the job after they finished. Everything is working just like they promised., thank you YSG!

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  • "Fast ans Honest"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2018

    They gave me an honest evaluation of my property and how many panels I would need. The whole process was fast and easy. The work was clean. I had no problems at all with any part of the whole process. Would highly recommend

  • "Staying cool with solar power!"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2018

    Electric bills have been reduced by 90% even when the A/C is at 68. We expect some months with credits when it cools off. System operates hands free and monitoring app is very cool. The information from the monitoring app can lag, we had to change the connection twice times. YSG took care of all the paperwork for us and we just had to sign.

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  • "Dependable, Courteous, and Fast installation"

    Reviewed Jul 29, 2018
    "Dependable, Courteous, and Fast installation"

    Reviewed Jul 29, 2018

    We have been looking into solar power for a while and after comparing few companies we decided on YSG! From the moment we signed the contract they've been very quick and professional on every step. We got our panels installed just a few weeks after the contract. The inspection took two visits to get done. Pseg would not change my meter since I have a small dog in the yard. We have had solar for few years now, and we reduced our electric bill significantly. He set up the monitoring system and we track our power every day since the activation. Amazing how easy it was to produce clean electricity, Thanks to the entire team!

  • "Awesome solar company"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2018

    My husband and I had 5 other companies come out to do the presentation on the solar panels. We were very impressed with the knowledge and professionalism before and after the installation. Once the job was done it took about 4-5 weeks to turn the system on since we have to wait for Conedison. This is was the one item I wish we could avoid but thats the electric company for you. YSG Solar has installed solar for several of my co workers and this is how we met them, Thanks again we really appreciate your help!

  • "Solar Soaking"

    Reviewed May 26, 2018

    Read this to understand why you should stay away from YSG Solar. The details are important. They were pushy about signing their contract. Then they called and suddenly wanted to do the installation the next day, before the permit applications had even been submitted. That was the red flag that changed my mind, so I told them I was going with another company. They tried forcing me to stay with them by telling me the only way they’d cancel my contract is if I paid them $7,822 even though they had done no work at my home. The phony invoice listed four expenses. The first was "Site Survey" for $800. (Site surveys are free by industry standards.) The second was "System Design" for $3,500. (System designs are generated in minutes using software.) The third was "Interconnection" for $500. (My utility told me they would not have billed YSG for interconnection until the job had been completed.) The fourth was "Solar Edge Inverter w/Optimizers" for $3,022. (These parts are routine warehouse stock items that are used on virtually all homes. No special orders were made for my house, a standard center hall colonial.) I had to hire a lawyer to get them off my back, and that cost me $1,734. They never apologized or admitted any wrongdoing, and I wonder how many other people they've swindled with this same con game. Do not use this company – they are dishonest and unscrupulous.

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  • "YSG stands out from EVERYONE! Read review to understand."

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2017
    "YSG stands out from EVERYONE! Read review to understand."

    Reviewed Oct 06, 2017

    Sorry if you see the same review word for word on other sites, but I typed up such a long thing I didn't feel the need to keep changing it. - Hello everyone! Hope your having a good day! I never wrote one of these reviews in my life so bear with me. First off, my name is Adam. I have a very extensive knowledge in many topic''s from medicine to car engines. My favorite however is technology. I have kept my finger on the pulse of solar for years, because I wanted it and lived in states that had high incentives. But still, the rate of return would have been 12-15years. The past few years I have been busy with other projects; but started looking at solar again THIS YEAR. why caps you ask?
    There is a tiny windows of opportunity here. Its between now and stretches maybe..... 2 years at best! That''s best case the 2 years. I beg you to look into solar again, even if you have tried in the past and didn''t like the price. Big things happened over the last 3-5 years, and more so in the last 10mo. Right now the government is basically paying more then half of the entire system. (Location dependent). But to a point. Federal rebates apply to everyone, if you check your state in sure there are other incentives to.
    So you say, Adam; why now or less then 2 years? Because solar equipment and installation has dropped *almost* to the floor regarding price, and power output. Solar equipment fell to an all time low as of this year. The Government sponsored programs have realized this and have cut the incentives to a point. But the kicker is they accelerated the phase out year by about 5 years as of today! These programs will BE TERMINATED FOREVER. I can tell you right now, with the right solar installer, you can get the best deal on the planet. Remember government cuts it in half... Do you believe that solar will fall 50%? You shouldn''t. Equipment may get a little cheaper, but the killer in the mounting rails for your roof, the wiring, the inspections and permits, not to mention the biggest expense. US! People! We need to pay people to work at that height with fear of falling. Or worse, being electrocuted. These costs will not ever change. They are hard costs that will never change.
    So best deal you will ever get in the next 20 years is right now. My 2 year timeframe is a guess, a best
    case scenario actually. They can pull it anytime. Most power companies have gotten green lights to charge every American more money each year with price hikes. The "normal" rate is almost 4% a year, here in NY ConEdison is fighting for 10% this year! So lesson learned from part 1? GET IT NOW! Next this is now my complete, unaffiliated, uncoworssed experience with YSG Solar. I had, this year, sign of with 2 different solar companies. One was a fairly well known big player in solar land, SunRun. They came recommended highly. The person who came to the house to "explain things" got my vote and we signed. A 2nd company I wont mention, did the same thing im about to tell you. All of these bigger companies are connected to Big Power industry. Solar hurts their bottom line. When I finally asked 10 times I got a copy of my contract "because at the time the sales people came, neither printer worked". Cut to the chase. They required you to connect your system to the internet or have cell phone service so "They can monitor your system, as well as CONTROL IT DEPENDING ON DEMAND IN YOUR AREA! Meaning your own power will be shifted!!!! No dice, and they lied on other things, Fraudulent signature''s of my 83 year old grandmother in fact. NO LIE, ALL 23 PAGES; but doesn''t even compare to the internet clause. Not to mention I could only have 10kw that would "fit" on my roof. *Cough cough, fraud*.Tiny bit of background here: 8 years of fighting with ConEdison over my bill. $600 in summer for a 3 bedroom tiny apartment!!!!!! They refused to do anything!!!!!! So they have stolen for me for years and years. No pool, No heaters, No windows A/C, New house, Central air, all energy star NEW appliance''s, LED lighting. Gas heating air/hot water, house was brand new in 2009.
    Now enter the promised land. YSG Solar. I received a call in my VM from a solar company called YSG. Never heard of them prior, my mistake. So I did something I never back. Best decion I ever made.
    So now you say why makes them any different then other 100 quotes I got? MMMMmmm.... EVRYTHING. First of all solar can be scary to try and understand, and compare apples to apples. Equipment is a MAJOR thing to look for and what type (not brand) of inverted they use. I will explain that a little further down.
    YSG has made purchasing a solar system as easy as ordering a pizza. Its difficult for me to explain everything, but I will try me best.
    1)I spoke to a SINGLE point of contact for my system. From start, ordering, financing, installation, permits and
    inspection....1 Person!!!! The sales people at YSG act as your contact point. The crazy thing is for tech people, or financial people, my contact knew all facets of the business and could answer every single question without saying "ill get back to you". I don''t want to plaster names here, but if your either type of person, you should speak with *Steve* at YSG. Tell him Adam recommended you and he will know why. I am a very tough customer. I want it how I want and to my specs, to my liking. He met those demands and exceeded them. Most people wouldn''t even need to know everything I asked.
    2) Price- Here is my system for you geeks out there. I wanted a net zero bill. Meaning ZERO electric bill, not just reduce it. I sent over my coned bill and he calculated what size would do it for you. I chose to go bigger so I over generate if anything. If you shop around the installation prices are usually spoke in terms of dollar per watt. My system, before ANY TYPE OF REBATE OR INCENTIVE was $3 per watt!!!!!! Now get this, for NY residents it dropped to $0.80cents per watt after incentives!!! If you just take the federal rebate, without any state help or other things, it drops to $2 per watt! Beat that price? I doubt it, not with the equipment I ordered.

    3) Install time - From the day I first spoke to YSG to the day the permits were issued, system installed, and
    inspected..30 days!! Here in NYC! Unheard of. NYC never acts fast on permits, ever!! Everything arrived at my house by truck the day installation started. It only took 3 days, and that is due to rain, and 1 man down out of my crew. Condition better? 2 days I bet. Flipped it on, worked first try!

    4) Your actual cost and financing - I don''t know a single company that offers this program. Its called a split loan. What it does is split your loan up to consider every tax or incentive you qualify for from federal and state sources. These numbers are set in stone by the state and feds. 1 loan is the amount of rebates do you. In my case, almost $20,000. Best part? ZERO PAYMENTS AND ZERO INSTEREST FOR 12-18mo to allow you to get those incentives. If you turn them over to YSG solar finance company (as you should) THE LOAN IS CLOSED WITH NOTHING PAID OR CHARGED!. 2nd Loan is the remainder, your responsibility of what''s left to pay after everything. My loan is 12years at drum roll please.. 2.99%! Payment ? $163/mo that doesn''t change. Oh, that number doesn''t count your property tax abatement for 5 years in some states like mine!!!!
    This keeps your loan payment low by splitting it and wiping # one loan out. If you consider the abatement and money saved on electricity, you end up paying off the system after 2 years, so the rest is free. in my case; over a 25 year period, the system will have saved me $193,000.26!!!

    5) Quality - I requested certain types of equipment. The most important you should learn is what type of inverter do they use. If they use a String (cheapest, operates at the LOWEST PANEL OUTPUT), Microinterters that get mounted to each panel, and optimizers, which I have. It allows each panel to communicate with the main inverter allowing it to produce the most power and adjust each panel for max production. Period! This option adds almost $100 per panel. But let me look at what
    every single panel is doing on my roof and if there any issues. I''m sure geeks like me will love that. Panel type should also be highly looked at, LG, Panasonic, Sunpower, are the top 3. YSG uses optimizers with the newest LG panel series out (Neon 2 !!! Without asking! you can monitor your system from anywhere in the world with you smartphone or PC. It has and collects every single statistic you could ask for.

    6) Warranty- This is a big one. how long is it and what will they cover? What happened if they go bankrupt? YSG purchases extended warranties'' for all hardware and an insurance policy for roof damage or water penetration. This gives you at least 2 warranties'' on everything. Either YSG or if they blow up and disappear your still covered. The tricky part im sure you have seen is time each part is warranted for, correct? YSG makes it very simple 25 years ON EVERYTHING!!!! You own the system, they fix it free. Simple.

    Final thoughts - Call everyone else first, just call and see what they send you in writing only, no verbal garbage, then call YSG Solar. I lost 2 month''s of my life because 2 other solar companies. When I say YSG was upfront with me I mean complexly upfront, not a single surprise, and updates everyday. I don''t know how they do it, but they are simply the best. Just for instance, the ONWER of the company came out to see the inspection to make sure there were no issues the customer had to learn or correct. I have never seen that dedication to quality. I know if seems like I work there, but I assure you I don''t, im just finally happy and able to get rid of my power bill, and not giving ConEdison a penny more!!!! My only regret is not getting a battery backup with the install, it has so many advantage''s I couldn''t explain it here, but if your budget allows YOU WANT IT. Thank you YSG for being great. Here''s my system broken down, (My system is huge for a residential house).
    16.2KW System
    46 - LG Neon2 330watt panels, all black to look better and are over 19% efficient!
    2 Inverters - SolarEdge SE7600A-US ( I requested battery backup capability for the inverters, this model is the only one that does it from SolarEdge , its called StorEdge if you care to look it up) Each is 8.4kw capable so hence I needed 2.
    Everything installed and wired including fuses, disconnect switches, electric panels , taps, everything! No hidden costs.
    Cost breakdown:
    $48,000 cost
    $6000-8k from state direct to YSG
    $19,000 and change in rebates
    $19,800 left on 12 year loan at 2.99% $163 a month. Can be paid down quicker as mentioned above.
    No one else touched this price, and they used all high quality material, no shortcuts, so sales pitches, no upselling. Just exactly what your budget allows and what you want it to do.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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