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YSG Solar

YSG Solar is a family office that values transparency, innovation and conducting business with the utmost integrity. Our team is an elite group of individuals with expertise in policy, structured finance, engineering, and construction management. From the projects we perform to our internal people, the focus is based on quality. YSG is an established service provider of solar energy and storage technologies; we offer a strategic approach to generating, storing and distributing power. Throughout the last decade, we have completed over 1,500 installations nationally, our selective process is to work on projects that provide high impacts with maximum value.

Services: Residential Solar Electric, Commercial Solar Electric, Energy Audits, Storage, Energy Monitoring
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YSG Solar was founded in 2010 as a local advisor and installer of solar energy systems. We have an extensive background in value engineering and have worked on complex institutional projects to residential solutions. YSG Solar has grown responsibly for the last decade sustaining steady growth for years to come. Our consultative approach allows us to identify and solve energy-related concerns. YSG offers the industries strongest warranties ensuring all projects are successful for years to come.

We are looking to build long term relationships with all of our customers.

Highest quality equipment, Top rated customer service and best price.

-Flexible payment options so you can own your solar panels.
-25 year parts,labor and power production guarantee.
-Quality equipment from manufactures with over 35 years of experience.
-No paperwork required, our processing department makes solar simple.
-A+ Rating with the BBB.
-Over 1,500 Installations Completed.
-No hidden fees or charges.
Year Established
Phone Number
(516) 855-7283

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years Parts & Labor
25 Year Power Performance Warranty
Roofing Penetration Warranty


Master Electrical License
NYC Home Improvement License
Yonkers Home Improvement License
Westchester Home Improvement License
Putnam County Home Improvement License
Nassau County Home Improvement License
Suffolk County Home Improvement License
Rockland County Home Improvement License
NY-SUN Approved Installer
NY-SUN Approved Large Scale Installer
NYSERDA Small Wind Installer
NYSERDA Solar Thermal Installer


Fully insured



Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Partner
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

70 reviews
Average Rating 70 review(s)
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WARNING DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY!!! You're going to get stuck paying for a system that doesn't work I can promise you that! My solar system has been in need of repair since March 2022 (now August 30th 2022). Pigeons even made a home under the solar equipment installed on the roof because the technicians improperly installed the critter guards. I have a long email of back and forth to prove my claim and of course the long history report of my actual solar system. YSG Solar IS A SCAM! Look at all these fake accounts giving high praise to what is really a SCAM company. 99% of the reviewers here have less than 3 total reviews. Here's a few examples of the many outrageous excuses to not come out and repair my warranted system: *MAY 31, 2022* FROM: Chelsea Watson-Operations Manager Hi Ashek, Our crew lead just came back after losing a baby and we are working on scheduling all of our service visits now, I will send you a date asap for when they can come troubleshoot. Thanks for following up, we can hopefully get someone there in the next 10ish days. *JULY 21, 2022* FROM: Chelsea Watson-Operations Manager "I'm really sorry to hear about the pigeons. I wasn't aware that the critter guards were left off, I will make sure the crew clears the pigeon homes out and replaces the critter guards when they come to reset the rapid shutdown. Our crew lives together in a big dorm and all have Covid for the second time this year. As soon as they come back, your home will be the first that I send them to. Thank you for being understanding, I realize this can be very frustrating. I look forward to wrapping this up for you."

Posted by ashek81 on Aug 30, 2022

One word Chelsea! You did an amazing job with our solar panel project. We signed a contract about 2 months ago and my partner and I had a lot of questions and concerns (our first home). We had lots of construction at the home and had questionable experiences with our flooring company ( a story for another day) and the solar project was next so we had a bit skeptical. Chelsea was able to answer all of our questions and even was kind enough to allow us to text her, and sometimes even into the late hours of the night, which we thought was so nice of her. My last electric bill was $23 from ConEdison. The solar panels are all black solar panels and they make our house just amazing! Way to go YSG and THANK YOU CHELSEA

Posted by bsweetstuff33 on Jul 09, 2022
Amazing experience, we felt so at ease working with YSG

We couldn’t be happier with our experience with YSG Solar. My husband and I searched high and low for the best company in the deer park area. They had a high level of service throughout the entire process. Will absolutely be recommending their services to friends and our family!

Posted by rtara6050 on Mar 25, 2022
My Tesla is now being charged from the sun!

My Tesla is now being charged from the sun! thank you YSG Solar. In September we started searching for a solar panel company. My neighbor used another company that we met previously who came to our home to provide us an estimate. We started the process and after months nothing occurred, my husband ended up cancelling. We called YSG and within one day of calling we received the estimate. From the day the paperwork was signed until the panel system had been installed was just weeks. This was a big relief. It was not an easy decision for us to go electric with our car. YSG even installed our Tesla charger, they delivered on all of their promises and are a true professional company. There is nothing better than getting a $20 power bill.

Posted by rcle30z on Mar 15, 2022

YSG Solar doesn't honor their written agreements for promised rebates. We have written emails from their salesman promising us $2000 rebate after installation. After installation, we requested our rebate and we were told that the salesman no longer works there and he was mistaken about the rebate they they refused to honor the agreement. It was 5 months of constant emails and calls before they gave us $1000 but they refused to honor the full rebate. Reported to NYS Attorney General's Office of Consumer Fraud and Better Business Bureau. YSG's response to the BBB was replete with lies and they refused to mention the written email agreement for a rebate and instead mispresented the facts as a promotion we were seeking after the fact! STAY AWAY FROM YSG SOLAR.

Posted by pitman on Jul 24, 2021
I never want to experience an outage again

This story starts with mentioning that it was 10 below freezing at midnight when the power went out! As a single man I would not be too worried, but I had a wife, 3 kids, and at the time, a new baby on the way. Also, the thought of our new wood boiler freezing up was a nightmare. The house was losing temperature fast, but fortunately, Coned had the power restored within two hours, which is amazing in such dangerous conditions. I made a decision that night. We needed a backup plan. After saving up some money, I talked to a gentlemen at YSG Solar. I told them, in the event of a power outage, I want enough backup power to run the boiler, the furnace fan, and to flush the toilets. I have to say, I was quite impressed with the efficiency of their work as well as the product. A week after the installation, Coned alerted us regarding a two hour power outage for the maintenance to the neighborhood lines, to take place at 9 the next morning. Next day, working on the computer, I asked the wife if it was 9 yet. She said 5 after. Was the power out? Yes, but we could not tell, the computer screen never even blinked! One other thing I asked of YSG Solar, was that during normal days without a power outage, how do we harness the additional power the panels take in. Apparently it's called "Back-feeding the grid". All extra power produced goes to the grid, to be stored for later use in our account. The result? Our electric bill went from $216 to $22. But to work this out not only requires the expertise with the equipment, but also knowledge of local codes, which differ amongst counties as well. This was too big of an investment to trust the beginners, and I am very glad I chose YSG Solar. At the writing of this testimonial, the guys at YSG Solar have a combined experience of 16 years, and it shows! * Update 6-30-2021. I wrote this testimonial well over a year ago, and am still enjoying the peace of mind. To do it over, I would not change a thing.

Posted by jenniew635 on Jun 30, 2021
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