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A1A Solar Contracting, Inc - Profile & Reviews

A1A Solar designs and installs quality residential and commercial solar electric systems in the greater Jacksonville area. Nationally ranked and NABCEP certified, A1A Solar is committed to upholding our core values of integrity, quality workmanship & product, and customer satisfaction. Each employee is empowered to take whatever steps are necessary to ensure integrity and performance to provide customer satisfaction and long-term value.

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  • "Great Solar Sevice"

    Reviewed Mar 23, 2021

    From beginning to end, A1A Solar provided terrific, knowledgeable and professional service in the planning and execution of placing solar panels on our house in Ponte VedraBeach, Florida. They were helpful in explaining the process and facilities a seamless transition from being solely dependent on our local electric provider to utilizing renewable, solar energy for a majority of our needs. I highly recommend them.

    shellie thies
    Response from A1A Solar Contracting, Inc
    Responded Mar 25, 2021
    Response from A1A Solar Contracting, Inc
    Responded Mar 25, 2021

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience! We're so glad to hear that everything went as planned during your install!

  • "Worth the wait"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2020
    Updated Jan 27, 2021
    "Worth the wait"

    Reviewed Oct 12, 2020
    Updated Jan 27, 2021

    I ordered my Power walls in June and then I was notified that there were delays in shipping, and now the Power walls would not be ready until mid -August, then September, then October, now November.

    *** Update*** So after talking with the owner (Pete). We were able to work out a better communication plan. They started to let me know where I was on the list and I could at least estimate when I would get my batteries. As of of today 1/27/2021 I have my batteries fully installed. And I couldn't be more happy about it. The 2 guys who installed my batteries were great. Both Robert Sligh and Warren Davis did a fantastic job. They were professional and completed the entire install in less than 2 days.

    After all this, I would say that I would definitely recommend using A1A Solar in the future.

    shellie thies
    Response from A1A Solar Contracting, Inc
    Responded Jan 07, 2021
    Response from A1A Solar Contracting, Inc
    Responded Jan 07, 2021

    Edit: We're so glad we were able to get your issue sorted out to your satisfaction. And thank so much for updating you review!

    Hi, thanks again for your feedback. As we've stated on the other reviews you've left on different platforms: As you are aware, Tesla had a significant supply chain interruption due to Covid; this was and is completely out of our control. A deposit is typically non-refundable but because we understand the frustrations with this situation we agreed to refund your deposit after our costs were covered. Those costs included permits, engineering, sales and marketing costs, and other miscellaneous administrative expenses. We believe this is a fair and reasonable course of action.

  • "2 years in and no complaints"

    Reviewed Jul 31, 2018

    It has been a pleasure doing business with A1A. They provided all requested information prior to installation, showed up in a timely fashion, and did quality work. We were particularly concerned about how the solar panels would survive all of the nor’easters and hurricanes here on the coast, but there has been no problem at all.

  • "5 Stars for A1A Solar!"

    Reviewed Jul 28, 2018

    The word that comes to mind for me is PROFESSIONALISM. From start to finish A1A SOLAR ‘s entire team was highly organized. From the salesperson, sales support staff, installation team, and Tech person on staff, they were always there to help me throughout the entire process. A1A SOLAR knows what they are doing and has a professional team to back it up. I can see why A1A SOLAR was involved in putting up the solar panels for IKEA in Jacksonville.
    Installation was exceptional, a crew of 6 people showed up at my house. Like a well oiled machine each person had their specialized duty. 2 people did all the electrical installations, another 2 people put up the solar scaffolding, and the others installed the panels. Those guys knew what they were doing, which gave me a high level of confidence.
    During the whole process A1A SOLAR did everything from permitting, financing, installation, and service after the sale. They even have a Tech Person you can call for advice or questions. He will answer all questions no matter how big or small.
    I also, like the free Solar App, “Enlighten Solar”, which comes with the package. It shows your solar production in Real Time. It gives you solar production reports, every 15 minutes, daily, monthly, and annually. One of my favorite features is it shows me how much carbon offset my solar panels have saved. For example, my carbon offset for June, 2018 was 971 pounds!
    I also want to put my 2 cents worth into why everyone should go solar.
    1. It is essentially Free! Once you have solar panels, you become an Energy Producer. The more energy you produce, the less you pay in utility bills. The savings from your electricity bill goes to pay for the loan on the solar panels. One way or the other, you will pay roughly the same amount, whether it is the electric bill OR the solar loan. Yes, it will take 10 years to pay off the solar loan, but the savings from your electricity bill pays for the loan. The solar panels have a 25 year lifespan. So once your 10 year loan period is up, you are on the 15 year free electricity gravy train.
    2. You get a 30% tax credit on the solar panels and installation. Not a tax deduction but a TAX CREDIT! You get 30% off the solar panels and installation, refunded back to you when you file your taxes.
    3. You are helping the environment. By having solar, your carbon footprint becomes smaller. It makes me feel good that I am doing my little part to decrease carbon emissions. There is a Value for that and should be considered in your decision.
    4. The Value of your house will increase. It makes your house more marketable and differentiates you from the pack.
    5. Let’s not forget about the “Coolness Factor”! It’s just super cool to have solar panels on your roof. I feel like someone from Silicon Valley just moved into my house. It shows that you are on the vanguard of technology.
    As you can see, I love talking about my solar panels. I can assure you will feel the same.
    5 stars to Pete and his crew at A1A SOLAR, they know what they are doing, and will make you feel confident about your decision to buy solar.

  • "Good decision"

    Reviewed Jul 23, 2018

    A1A delivered on their promises and exceeded my expectations. I shopped around and did my due dillegence with three other companies. Sean was the last rep I met with, and though A1A wasn’t the cheapest company, I became convinced that they were the best overall value. I spoke to the owner of the company, Peter Wilking, during Sean’s presentation, and was impressed. As a former Navy man, I liked the fact that the company is veteran-owned. The install took only two days, and my JEA bill has plummeted to almost nothing. I made the right decision.

  • "Fantastic"

    Reviewed Sep 16, 2017

    A1A was fantastic to work with and installed a great system. I have not paid the power company for electricity since the system was installed. I have been able to produce enough electricity to power my house and charge my car. I also made it through Hurricane Irma with now damage to my solar system.

  • "excellent value and service"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2017

    A1A Solar, its representative Jim Schweg, and its installers have made my purchasing solar panels easy and profitable. Jim estimated that with hybrid water heater and our 14 panels we would see a savings in the range of 50%: we have always hit that target and often exceeded it. When installers broke through a step on my ladder to the attic, they replaced the entire assembly with a far better one without my even asking. As I write this, Florida summer is in full blast--mid 90's with very high humidity--but I don't even have to think about raising the temperature on the thermostat to achieve economy. The panels do that for me.

  • "A1A Solar is second to none. "

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017
    "A1A Solar is second to none. "

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2017

    I purchased a solar system approximately 1 year ago from A1A Solar. I have been nothing but pleased with the quality of service from both the installation crew and the customer service employees. There was an incident during install where my wife's car got scratched. They fixed it without question and hassle free for me. They stand behind their work and their professionalism is what you're looking for in a company. I will definitely be calling them for my next home.

  • "Great!"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2017

    In addition to being pleased with the system itself, we were very pleased by the professionalism of A1A Solar. They explained every part of the process in detail and made everything very easy.

  • "Did a great job and were easy to work with"

    Reviewed Jun 24, 2017
    "Did a great job and were easy to work with"

    Reviewed Jun 24, 2017

    One of their sales guy, Jim Schwed, came out and helped advise me on what size system might be appropriate and what the cost would be. He was friendly and informative. Once I decided I was ready to have the work done it took about 3 weeks from the time we signed the documents until the local electric company had approved all the work and installed a net meter. The system worked well, and a year later I felt like I wanted a little more even though the panels produced more electricity than I used over the year. A1a upgraded the system at a very reasonable cost, and I'm still happy with it, and now I'm giving back even more renewable energy to help reduce the need for greenhouse gas power plant emissions.

    I also want to make note that I found their electrician, Ben, to be very patient and informative, as when he was here doing some of the installation I had many questions that he seemed happy to answer.

    It's definitely worth giving them a call if you're looking to go solar in the Duval area.

  • "A1A solar power "

    Reviewed Jun 10, 2017

    Happy with the system it performs well. It's not what I expected but it still does well. I thought I would have a few credits by now with the power company. I haven't had any zero bills like I expected. I have had 16$ bill. I think my system was underestimated on how many panels I needed to have. I wish I had at least 6 more panels installed. I think that would have made the difference in what I thought production was gonna be.

    I am very happy with the service and professionalism of the company. Super great and I would recommend them if you want solar. I also recommend going with a larger system don't go off your electric bill and what's recommended to run everything. If i would have known what I know now, I would have got at least 6 to 10 more panels.

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We love solar, and solar is all we do. We also love happy customers because they bring us more business. At A1A Solar, we're not happy until you're happy. That's just how we do business.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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A1A Solar Contracting, Inc Headquarters

10418 New Berlin Rd #223
Jacksonville, FL
32226 US

Workmanship Warranty

3 year warranty, covers defects in workmanship and/or equipment


NAPCEP PV Installation Professional # 032611-337


NABCEP# 032611-337, NABCEP # SH092411-28, State License CVC-56771



States served by A1A Solar Contracting, Inc

  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA