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Solar Chief

We are the local solar company for Columbia, SC. We also come from a family who has a background in solar for 20 years in California.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

10 Years


Mechanical- M-114209


Fully Insured



Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association

What Customers Are Saying

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Beware of these folkd

Beware of these folks. They are overly priced and use every snake oil salesman trick that they can use to get you to buy from them. Don't ever deal with their sales guy named Ryan. He will curse you like hell if you don't end up going with them. Very unprofessional and shady people.

Posted by peterboy39759 on Feb 08, 2021
Worst Experience Ever

This company was sub contracted through the solar company. They came out and began the installation on time and with a great pace...Until they started installing the panels for the front of the house. They were supposed to had contacted the HOA and verify that it would be ok to install on the front of the house. Long story short, they did not and the my HOA informed us that it was not allowed. We had to redo the layout for the panels and have them installed on the back of the home. Problem was Solar Chief had started installing on the front. They promised they would repair my roof and return it back to the condition in which they found it. They did not, as you guessed. They patched the roof and contacted roofing companies to get quotes to repair the roof correctly. The owner of Solar Chief explained that the estimates, from three different roofing companies, were too high. MONTHS later they sent two of their own guys out to repair the roof. They did a terrible job...maybe because they are not ROOFERS. The shingles were different colors and not laid correctly. Anyway...the own of the company stated that he should not have to pay for the roof because he thought it was ok to install on the front because there was another home in the subdivision that has them on the front. We contacted a lawyer, they contacted their lawyer. Bottom line they offered us $3000 towards the roof repairs that were estimated at $6000. We finally excepted the offer and never got the payment. A storm came through and damaged the roof severely and we were able to get it repaired properly a year and a half later. What ever you do, DO NOT use this company.

Posted by reggientamiko on Sep 03, 2020
Scam Artists who take your money and don't return calls

I gave these people $13,250 as 50% on a project. They've done nothing and won't return calls. Nobody in any department answers their phone or email. These people are awful. Run the other way if they approach you. I'd give them minus 5 stars if the rating existed.

Posted by wwardrop on Nov 14, 2019
Do not hire this company!!

This company was subcontracted to install my solar. They started the project in October of 2018 and completely screwed it up. Thecompany I bought my solar from has finally found someone else to come and clean up their mess. $2500 he replace my siding and another $5000 to fix mistakes to installation. It has been over a year and my solar is still not running. Just an AWFUL experience. I wish zero stars was an option.

Posted by janel_hagar on Oct 29, 2019
Solar Chief is a Scam of a Company

These guys quoted us on solar and in the contract said install would happen in 30 days. We were actually scheduled for day 100. The night before the installer showed up and no solar panels were present. Turns out Solar Chief had lied everyone we had ever met didn't actually work for them. The only people who actually do work for Solar Chief Karl Wiant and family wouldn't answer the phones. Even when we got our lender involved we still have never heard from Solar Chief. We are anticipating having to work with police and go after them for fraud at this point.

Posted by RGarr0929 on Aug 26, 2019
Don't believe thier advertisements

Solar Chief advertises online and on local radio that: “ALL THE PANELS WE INSTALL ARE AMERICAN-MADE.” The panels they have installed on my property are labeled: “MADE IN KOREA.” No notice of these panels being foreign made was given prior to installation. Radio commercials were running on WZMJ 93.1 FM the first quarter of 2019, during the time I was deciding on purchasing solar energy equipment, and was a factor in my decision. The contract was signed 03/18/2019, initial installation work started 05/01/2019. The system installation is not complete as of 09/17/2019. On first review, phraseology in the company’s contract leads consumers to expect the start of the installation to happen within a month, and the completion of the project 7 days after the initial start. Upon closer reexamination that is not true and extensive provisions allow for lengthy delays. The company rarely answers telephone calls to any of the listed telephone numbers. Numerous attempts to contact the company, by telephone and Email, receive no reply, nor do they provide any communication as to when their installers will arrive on the customer’s property. Solar Chief has received so many bad reviews that they have removed the REVIEW section from their Facebook page. Not wanting to allow future customer to read what previous customer think of their work. 9/24/19 I got word they are declaring Bankruptcy, Good bye and Good Riddance, I'll file my claim with the bankruptcy court.

Posted by J.L. on Aug 21, 2019
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 8.1 kW
    Solar Chief turned out to be Thieves



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