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Green House Solar - Profile & Reviews

We are a NABCEP certified PV Installer as well as New Jersey licensed Electrical Contractor. We are small and local so we can give you the personal and custom feel to the sales and installation processes. All our design, permitting, installation and commissioning is done in-house. We will withstand the test of time unlike other small companies because we are Electrical Contractors as well. While Solar is our main focus, we also specialize in Electrical Contracting, Green Electrical Upgrades such as LED Retrofits and Electric Vehicle Charging, and Generac Generator Installations.

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  • "Excellent"

    Reviewed Jan 13, 2021

    Great service, talented installers, top-notch equipment, works perfectly. Honesty!!!

  • "Built as promised!"

    Reviewed Jun 10, 2020

    Green House offered a quality experience from beginning to end! Communication was stellar; I approached three companies initially, and their pitch was the most detailed and accurate. We are very happy with our solar generating system!

  • "Thank you Green House Solar!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2020
    "Thank you Green House Solar!"

    Reviewed Feb 21, 2020

    Deciding which solar contractor to go with seemed like a daunting task until Green House Solar came along. I appreciated the relatively small size of the company which allowed for direct, hands-on attention from the owner, Frank, his salesperson Michael, project coordinator Tim and installers Rob and Cory. They were there for me and my home every step of the way. There are a lot of hurdles to clear to get a system up and running from idea to reality, most of which have to do with building inspectors, the utility company and the state, but they navigated them all for us. Not to mention the panels and inverters they deal with are top notch, and we look forward to a profitable and earth-friendly system for years to come!

  • "Excellent Company"

    Reviewed Jul 05, 2019
    "Excellent Company"

    Reviewed Jul 05, 2019

    Dealing with the whole staff was amazing. I chose Green House Solar based on extensive research and their honest salesperson Tim. Choosing to go solar was a big decision for me, however Green House made me feel that it did not have to be wrong decision. Their communication was phenomenal and they always got back to me in time. The office manager was great getting all the paperwork together and the things that I had to do were very minor (e.g. signatures). I am very comfortable that I decided going with Green House Solar and my system now is operational and working as expected.

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  • "Quality Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2019

    Frank knows what is he building. He recommends the best product. He went over and above the contract and provided the best microinverters available in the market. His crew does quality work too. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality work done at a fair price.

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  • "Promises Kept - Great Product"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2019
    "Promises Kept - Great Product"

    Reviewed Mar 07, 2019

    Green House Solar exceeded my expectations. They were not the cheapest, but the quality of their work and the efficiency of the Sunpower Panels means I needed to buy less.

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  • "Just what I was looking for"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2019

    Smooth process from start to finish. Good price, smooth installation and high quality workmanship.

  • "Excellent Job"

    Reviewed Jan 11, 2019

    Green House Solar and Frank the owner did an excellent job from the start, answering my many questions and providing me with different options on the system design. Frank was very knowledgeable and honest in his answers. I am fussy about doing things correctly and having them look good. Green House Solar met my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality work done at a fair price.

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  • "Great solar installation experience"

    Reviewed Dec 24, 2018
    "Great solar installation experience"

    Reviewed Dec 24, 2018

    Greenhouse solar installed solar panels at our house earlier this summer, and we were very satisfied with the entire experience. From initial conversations to final installation, the entire process was smooth. To being with, we started our conversations with Tim, who was really good at explaining the process. He provided us with detailed numbers, which we found very useful when deciding to go with solar, and in choosing this company over others. Once the contract was signed, we met with Frank Curran, the owner. Frank is very knowledgeable which was apparent as he walked us through the process, and he patiently answered all our questions related to the installation. He also checked our roof and found that they had lost their asphalt layers and recommended we replace the roof shingles. The majority of the time was spent obtaining the required certificates and permits (expect 2-3 months to get the permits) but once the permits were in place, the process of installation was very smooth - the entire system was installed in two days, and we were able to switch on our solar pretty soon after that. The best part of the installation was none of the wires are visible from the outside, everything was neatly tucked under the panels and the panels themselves look like a series of skylights. Right after installation there was some water leaks during rains but Frank had someone from his team come over right away, and they doubled the sealant in the basement. We have not seen any leakages or any other problems, since!!! It’s now been 5 months since the system was turned on - we have seen a noticeable reduction in the electricity bill, and we also recently received our first SREC in the mail. Overall we are very happy with the entire installation process and with going solar. We would definitely recommend greenhouse solar to anyone for solar installation.

  • "Excellent Service"

    Reviewed Oct 16, 2018

    We were on the fence about whether to install a solar system while doing a major remodel of our home. We weren’t sure if it would be worth it and we were concerned about the additional coordination required with our general contractor. We spoke with 3 different solar installers and Greenhouse Solar stood out as the best option for us. Frank (owner) met with us several times and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Their pricing was very competitive and Frank gave us different options on the panel styles while keeping the costs reasonable. We decided to make the leap and we’ve been very happy with the service we’ve received. Frank was VERY accommodating with scheduling and he helped us meet a critical deadline for the installation. The system is now up and running and looks great. The entire process was much easier than we anticipated and Frank’s attention to detail and excellent customer service get the credit for that. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Greenhouse Solar to anyone thinking about installing a solar system.

  • "Thank You Green House Solar!"

    Reviewed Jul 10, 2018

    Not even joking I’ve been looking at solar panels for the last 5 years. Have met with every single installer possible in NJ. The day me and my wife met Frank we knew that he was the one and only one who would install our Solar System. He’s beyond knowledgeable in the field and just a straight up guy. Every review you read about him and Green House Solar is exactly what we experienced and as you can see they are all five star and positive! Long story short when he and his team showed up the day of the install it made it even more clear to us that our decision to go with Frank and Green House Solar was the right one. I can’t speak highly enough of those guys and how great they were. The install was literally so professionally done that our town inspector ended up complementing them on it. He told me he’s seen hundreds of Solar installation jobs and that this was the best by far. Little details which you would never even think about they do and it was noticed by the inspector. There’s lots of anxiety and things to learn when looking into purchasing a solar system. Trust me i get it! Everybody will shop around as you should and as I did. You will talk to the usual suspects and meet some nice salesmen who will show you a bunch of charts and promise this and that and everything under the sun literally.... All I can say is that I have been through it all and the one thing you owe yourself is to call Green House Solar. It’s a big decisions to do this and you want somebody who knows that and will be there every single step of the way with you. You also want somebody who is a certified Electrician and understands the ins and outs of what a system entails which Frank is and does. I can’t thank him and Green House Solar enough! We know 110% we made the right choice going with Green House Solar!

  • "Excellent service, good installation."

    Reviewed May 05, 2018
    "Excellent service, good installation."

    Reviewed May 05, 2018

    I had always wanted to go solar, and when I took the survey at Energy sage, Frank along with several other solar companies, came back with quotes to me.

    Of all the quotes that I received, Frank's was the most detailed and more importantly he read my list of requirements and did the best job of designing a system for my home. His quote was also the most reasonable in $ / Watt.

    It took quite some time to get through the permitting process, but we did eventually start construction after the begging of the new year.

    Frank listened to my requirements, specifically about giving me access ways between the panels so that I could get to the other side of the roof.

    He and his men did a good job with the installation of the panels too, despite some very inhospitable weather conditions. (Sussex Co. in the winter)

    The system has been up and running now for 2 months and we have produced nearly 2MWh worth of power.

    All in all I can highly recommend Frank Curran and Green House solar.

  • "No B.S."

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2017
    "No B.S."

    Reviewed Dec 29, 2017

    I've been a construction manager for over 30 years and I interviewed many solar contractors before I made my final decision.
    Greenhouse solar was honest truthful and did not try to oversell anything only what would be the most efficient system for the price that would fit my home.
    I grilled them on the installation process, every piece of equipment that would be used to install the panels to my home and found that everything was of the highest quality.
    I also requested several different manufacturers of solar panels for cost comparison versus power output and Frank from Greenhouse solar never hesitated to supply me with all the answers and spreadsheets to every question I had.
    Green House Solar were able to install in the time frame that I requested. They were neat clean polite and did not inconvenience us in the least when completing the installation.
    If there's a better Solar Company out there I couldn't find them.

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  • "Highly recommended"

    Reviewed Oct 30, 2017

    I spoke with several installers while deciding who to do our solar installation, from local contractors to the big companies and by far felt most comfortable with using Frank, and we're glad we made the choice.

    He's very knowledgeable and was always willing to take the time to answer questions and talk through options. High quality work, very professional, and everything under his control was exactly on-budget. We ended up having to do some additional roof reinforcements, but even his contractor that he brought in for that (Butch) was excellent.

    The system is now up and running for a few weeks and production is great. I highly recommend using Green House!

  • "Superb partner!"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2017

    We are extremely pleased with our decision to invest in a solar energy system, and thrilled with our decision to partner with Frank from Green House Solar. From the outset, Frank was extremely patient and thorough answering our many questions. Knowing very little about what can be an overwhelming process, Frank took his time to go through our options to ensure we were comfortable with our decision.

    We spoke to several reputable companies throughout the state. Several pushed leasing, which was not the right path for us. Ultimately we narrowed our decision down to two. On the one hand was a true project manager/salesman that was fantastic in his responsiveness, competitively priced, and promised to stay on top of things as the install process unfolded. On the other hand was Frank, who was largely a one-man show, less flashy with sales materials, but far more genuine is his commitment to the process from start to finish and in his belief in the solar energy benefits, both financial and environmental. We favored having Frank onsite at all times. The downside to this approach is Frank had to handle everything for what was a fairly large 15.3kW system. Ultimately, it was the right decision for us to partner with Frank.

    As an example of the kind of partnering that worked for us, on the very first day of installment, once he was finely tuning our roof layout, Frank quickly realized that something wouldn't look quite right in the end with our layout. He discussed our options, and the one that worked for us required one additional panel. Frank took responsibility for the layout snag, and included the materials for the extra panel in our contract and never said another word about it. I also remember him staying late one night to rerun some tv cables (not his responsibility), so my kids could have tv back on. That's the kind of partner Frank was throughout.

    Frank's workmanship and dedication to his craft left us with a beautifully finished product that is already producing renewable energy at a terrific pace!

    As a smaller operation, it wasn't the fastest process with Green House Solar, but it was absolutely the right decision for our family and we have no regrets. I can't recommend Frank and Green House Solar highly enough.

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  • "Frank Curran owner"

    Reviewed Aug 20, 2017

    went with Frank, because I liked his personal touch and the way he went after my business . He's experienced but still growing his business and he'll always be there as he's licenced electrician, so i don't have concerns of using a large solar provider/installer and then the company going out of business.

    Frank VERY responsive and informative, project went smoothly

    only had 2 months, but energy producing as advertised!

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  • "Great personalized experience"

    Reviewed Aug 01, 2017
    "Great personalized experience"

    Reviewed Aug 01, 2017

    Awesome, knowledgeable, personalized service.

    If you are looking for an owner operator, an electrician who can understand what drives your electrical bill, and who can help personalize your solar installation to what works best for you this is your man.

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  • "Worth every penny"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2017

    Greenhouse recently converted our home to solar and couldn't be happier. After much discretion we went with Frank because of his knowledge of the industry and upfront full disclosure of what we could expect from the unit both short and long term. He kept us in the loop through the entire process and was attentive to questions and concerns. We have just began reaping the benefits of the system and look forward to a lifetime of drastically reduced electric bills while making an imprint in environmental conservation.

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  • "Awesome Clean and On Budget"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2017
    "Awesome Clean and On Budget"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2017

    Frank installed a 6.25 kW system on my house three years ago. It has worked flawlessly for the entire time and I have recouped approximately 50% of my total investment already. Also installed was an egauge monitoring system allowing the owner to monitor production online for the entire life of the system. Frank's team was courteous during the installation and Frank himself installed the inverter and all of the electrical back to breaker box. Couldn't be happier with my choice to use Green House Solar and am thinking of having him installed a tracking solar system next. Thanks again Frank and guys from Green House Solar and Electric. I also just refinanced and the system added $16,000 to my appraisal so I am actually already even and now making money while doing great things for the environment.

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  • "Go Green with Green House Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2017
    "Go Green with Green House Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2017

    As many others, I was skeptical about Solar at first when i started to research the benefits and now on Solar for more than 3 months, i would confidently say it has been my best investment.

    Working with Frank from Green House Solar was an absolute pleasure. I chose Frank over other companies not because he gave me the best deal but right from the start, he guided me through the process. He clarified the difference between the types of panels, inverters and the best configuration for my home to help me save the maximum $$$.

    While other companies we pushing to close the deal, Frank too time to explain the process which made me comfortable to proceed with Solar.

    Frank competed the installation in one day and i was up and running (test run) in no time. The time consuming part in the whole process is the licensing... It took a while to get the sign off from utility company.

    Even though its winter months, I've noticed a considerable savings having gone solar. I am hoping the production will be twice as much during summer.

    I highly recommend Frank and Green House Solar.

  • "Fantastic work!"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2017

    Green House Solar did a terrific job! Frank (the owner) is a great guy who is passionate by his work with high standard of quality and service.

    Since day one he has been listening to our household specific needs, helping design a custom solar system within our budget, being prompt to respond to any of our questions or concerns, and installed the whole system in a day!

    I would definitely recommend Green House Solar to anyone who is interested in having Solar Panels installed the right way and with all its benefits.

    Thank you from the Schmittheisler Family!

  • "Prompt and Professional"

    Reviewed Feb 10, 2017

    Electricians in general and Solar professionals specifically are a tough group to deal with. Frank is an exception. He is knowledgeable, professional and delivers on his commitments. I would highly recommend his services.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We are committed to installing the best custom designed system to suit your needs, we are not looking for the easy install or the quick buck. We are not married to any particular manufacturers, suppliers, or financiers. We are a New Jersey licensed Electrical Contractor as well as Nabcep Certified Solar Installer. Our warranties will withstand the test of time as our company is not solely dependent on the Solar Market. We do not use subcontractors. Our mission is to educate you on your choices, design the best system for you, and keep you as a customer for life! We also encourage you to "own your solar, own your sustainability" because the benefits of owning far outweigh that of leasing and ppa's.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Green House Solar Headquarters

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  • 192 Main Street
    Madison, NJ 07940

Workmanship Warranty

10 Year Workmanship Warranty


NABCEP PV Installer,
NJ Electrical Contractor
NJ Home Improvement Contractor
Preferred Sonnen Dealer
Sunpower Authorized Dealer


Business Incorporation: 18075
NJ Electrical Contractor: 18075
NJ Home improvement Contractor: 13vh09239100


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Commercial Liability

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