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Sky NRG Solar Inc. - Profile & Reviews

Operating in Northern VA since 2016, our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across Virginia and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable power supply to as many homeowners as possible. Our solar systems are carefully designed to maximize your home's solar potential, and provide the most aesthetic installation without cutting any corners.

22 reviews

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  • "Knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy solar installers"

    Reviewed Feb 19, 2021
    "Knowledgeable, efficient, and trustworthy solar installers"

    Reviewed Feb 19, 2021

    I had a great experience with Sky NRG installing solar for my home two years ago. I’d been interested in solar power for a while but wasn’t sure if it’d work given some large trees we have behind our house. They gave me a realistic proposal for where solar panels could be installed on my roof given trees, shading, and roof orientation. They were flexible in the options they offered in terms of equipment while also making recommendations about what they felt was the best value. Although my panels are on the back of my house and the inverter is largely hidden behind bushes, they were clearly conscious of aesthetics and routed the wiring through my attic so that it’s essentially not visible.

    Recently, they alerted me when my system stopped producing power and came out to take a look at what happened. It turns out that some ravenous squirrels apparently got on my roof and chewed through some cables, which they replaced, and also proposed adding a critter guard to keep them away from the equipment. Given the critter problem, they set up a schedule to come inspect the system every year to make sure everything’s in order and there’s no damage, which is certainly reassuring to make sure that the panels and equipment have the long lifespan we expect.

    In general, they made it quite easy to add solar power to my house, and even though we were fairly limited in the size of the system that could be installed, it still provides about 2/3 of the power we use, saving us money and reducing our carbon footprint substantially. I’d definitely recommend that others take the opportunity to add solar power to their homes and I recommend Sky NRG to get the job done.

  • "Reston - Solar & Battery - thumbs-up!"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2021
    "Reston - Solar & Battery - thumbs-up!"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2021

    We relocated to Reston, Virginia (...near DC). I am pleased to share with those of you considering a solar installation for your home: SkyNRG has excellent pre-sale guidance, excellent system planning, and excellent execution/installation. SkyNRG's team members are well, qualified, consistently punctual, detail-oriented, and very professional. Happy, our system has been up and functioning for 4 months we generate surpluses most days (even during the winter). WELL: for those considering,, please ask to see a demo of the APP. The APP is extremely intuitive and handy for us to track the system performance.. Finally, i would advocate you consider to pair the solar installation with (i) a battery set-up and a (ii) car charger. With advanced notice, I/we would be happy to host visitors to check-out or setup. Go forward with SkyNRG with confidence, folks.

  • "Best Quality - Best Prices"

    Reviewed Feb 03, 2021

    Rob from Sky NRG is an expert when it comes to solar panels. Their pricing is competitive and complete. They takes time to understand your needs and provides the best solution. Additionally they can offer a multitude of panels and they have experience working with difficult HOAs and electricity providers. Most importantly Rob is onsite the entire time during the installation of the panels, and county inspection.

    I am completely satisfied with the panels and electric car charger Sky NRG installed for us.

  • "Go solar with Sky NRG Solar!"

    Reviewed Aug 31, 2020
    Updated Jan 14, 2021
    "Go solar with Sky NRG Solar!"

    Reviewed Aug 31, 2020
    Updated Jan 14, 2021

    I recently had solar panels installed by Sky NRG Solar on my home in Sterling, VA, and I would highly recommend using them if you are considering going solar ( They are a small, local installer (based in Reston, VA), and the owner Rob is very passionate about the field. Rob was involved with every step of the process, coming out as the salesperson, fielding my questions as I compared different companies and products, and was there for the installation, interconnection with Dominion, and county inspections. I researched and met with over a dozen local, regional, and national installers before choosing Sky NRG Solar, and I am very glad that I went with them.

    One of the things that makes Sky NRG Solar stand out among the competition is that they hide all of the wiring in your attic and behind your walls, which makes for a very clean looking install. No cabling or electrical conduit running across our roof or along the outside of our house! Their master electrician, Elliot, told me how he has been “snaking” wires over two decades, and it shows. Elliot patched up the drywall that he needed to cut to pass the wiring, and cared for our house as if it was his own. They were able to install the inverter in our garage (in case I decide to upgrade to an electric car in the future, and to increase the longevity of the inverter) even though our electrical panel is on the opposite side of our house from our garage.

    Additionally, Rob includes production and consumption monitoring in all of his installations. The SolarEdge app is easy to understand, and shows the per-panel daily production, along with production/consumption values over time. I find myself cheering on our solar panels throughout the day, and it is exciting to see how much energy we can harvest even on cloudy days.

    Now is a great time to go solar in Virginia. The Federal tax rebate is still in effect (26% of the purchase price for 2020), but is scheduled to drop to 22% next year, and then 0% after that. The price of solar has decreased dramatically over the past decade, so even if you have looked into going solar in the past it is worth a second look. I took advantage of recently passed legislation that allows homeowners in Dominion territory to install systems that will provide up to 150% of their current usage, so my family’s energy needs should be met for the foreseeable future and I’ll get a larger Federal tax rebate. Additionally solar renewable energy credit (SREC) trading will start in Virginia in January, which will decrease the time it takes for the system to pay for itself.

    I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have about my experience with Sky NRG Solar (Joseph,

  • "Highly Recommended!"

    Reviewed Jan 11, 2021

    SkyNRG Solar has our highest recommendation. Professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy, SkyNRG Solar’s service and product offerings are of superior quality! We were particularly impressed with their timely and hands-on approach, which ranged from initial site visits to the personal supervision of all phases of work by the company’s owner, Robert. We were also crunched for time to get this project completed before the end of the calendar year and SkyNRG Solar came through, delivering a well-designed and immaculately installed PV solar system.

    Robert and his team of professionals designed and efficiently installed a 14.76kW PV solar system consisting of 41 panels with LG Chem battery backup (the power here in northern Virginia goes out from time to time, particularly during severe weather). We didn't want a lot of bulky and unsightly equipment, conduit, and wires - SkyNRG Solar met that mark. We are excited to see how the system performs over the course of the next year and beyond.

  • "Professional"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2020

    Professional throughout the process. Attentive to details and customer service. Very pleased with our solar installation and product.

  • "outstanding experience of having a complete system installation"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2020
    "outstanding experience of having a complete system installation"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2020

    Sky NRG installed a 15 kWp system for my home with 41 solar rooftop panels, two LG Chem backup batteries, and an EnergyHub inverter that feeds my EV Charger. With some careful monitoring of energy use, this system will allow me to have a net zero energy bill and a nearly zero carbon footprint for both my house and car. Another benefit is having energy backup when Dominion power goes down, which it does several times a year because of storms and trees falling on transmission lines. Sky NRG did an outstanding job using cutting edge technology. I chose this contractor after interviewing three solar companies in my area. Here were the pros and cons as I experienced them.
    Pros: The owner, Robert Mudry, was directedly involved in the sales process and every step of the installation process. His team of installers were professional and courteous. Sky NRG’s head electrician, Elliott Aten, was outstanding in the quality of his work. The result was a completed project that was both technically and aesthetically excellent.
    Cons: The only thing that I could have asked for was even better communication of the installation steps. There were a few minor delays due to scheduling challenges which would have benefitted from more regular contact. Overall, this was a minor issue.
    I highly recommend this team for their professionalism, integrity, and customer care from start to finish.
    Five out of five stars.
    Chris L.

  • "Impressive customer service"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2020
    "Impressive customer service"

    Reviewed Sep 18, 2020

    I was very impressed with Sky NRG Solar during my correspondence with them about solar installation. Although I ultimately picked a local company (I live in Charlottesville) for our installation, I was compelled to write this review because of their exceptional professionalism during my correspondence. Also, Sky NRG Solar's quote was one of the best we got among the five different companies we dealt with - and there was absolutely no sales pressure from the company - how refreshing!

    Robert Mudry went above and beyond in his communications with me. Without fail, he responded to all my questions about solar panels (there were many over several weeks) within two days, if not sooner. He is extremely knowledgeable about solar and even went out of his way to contact a solar panel company's headquarters to relay a question I had about a new advanced panel I was interested in. This confirmed to me that Sky NRG will go the extra mile to accommodate their customers.

    Sky NRG Solar's philosophy of overall aesthetics combined with high-quality products is a formula that should appeal to anyone interested in installing solar panels at their home.  In my experience with Robert I learned his goal is always to educate his potential clients, as going solar is an investment that offers innumerable benefits that will last for many, many years.

  • "SkyNRG Delivered !"

    Reviewed Aug 10, 2020

    I chose a system from SkyNRG over 8 alternatives. Before that decision they answered every question I had about solar in general and their proposed solution specifically. They took the time to ensure I knew what I was buying and how it would meet my goals. They kept me informed throughout the process from permitting to installation to inspection. I would highly recommend them for any project.

  • "Very efficient and professional"

    Reviewed Jul 10, 2020
    "Very efficient and professional"

    Reviewed Jul 10, 2020

    Thanks to EnergySage, we received solar proposals from five companies. We chose SkyNRG Solar and could not be happier with our choice. Of the five, only Robert Mudry of SkyNRG Solar actually came to our house to review the proposal and answer all of our many questions. He examined different placement options to identify the one that would produce the most energy, and he offered two price options, which were both attractive. We were concerned about the appearance of the panels, and SkyNRG Solar assured us that they wanted the panels to enhance rather than detract from the beauty of our home; the panels look great. SkyNRG Solar managed the permits and inspection, and they were ready to install the panels and inverter sooner than we anticipated. Robert and his very professional team completed the actual installation within two days. Again, the panels look great. More importantly, they have been producing power for over a month now, and it has been a pleasure doing business with SkyNRG Solar. We highly recommend them!

  • "Great Install!"

    Reviewed May 15, 2020

    Over the last month, the team at SkyNRG installed a 9.7kW system at our home. The 27 panel and 10kW inverter install only took one day; however, because of Covid-19 we deferred work inside the house until a later date. Rob was happy to accommodate this delay and was able to bring up 9 of the panels that did not require house access. Within the last week, we decided to have Elliott (the SkyNRG electrician) come into the house alone (masked and gloved up) and finish up the main attic wiring. We're now fully operational and producing significant energy from all of the 360W Solaria panels.

    The panels were expertly and quickly installed with the inverter placed next the electrical panels. The panels are black with practically invisible traces and mounting hardware. In his usual install manner, Rob and the crew hid all conduit and wiring. There is no exposed conduit anywhere on the house. Additionally, Elliott ran the panel feeds into the back of the inverter; thus, there is no exposed conduit at the inverter - just a white box hanging on the wall. Along with the panels and inverter, a wattNode consumption meter was wired into the main panels that allows us to monitor our energy production and consumption. And finally, a 14-50 240v outlet for eV charging was also installed, again with no exposed wiring.

    We are very pleased with the install, and most importantly, the experience of planning and delivery of the solar system. Rob generated a detailed install plan along with descriptions of the entire system including panels, the inverter and consumption meter. He handled all the necessary county permitting and worked with the utility for net metering approval. Rob is always reachable and willing to swing into action when necessary. They stand behind their installations and will do whatever is required to ensure you're producing energy - as long as the sun shines.

  • "Highly Recommended!"

    Reviewed Apr 04, 2020

    I have nothing but great things to say about Sky NRG. We shopped around quite a bit before finding them and between price, professionalism, quality, and honesty, no one came close. We've had the panels installed for over 5 months now and they've been operating flawlessly. Our electric bill this month was $19! It's so exciting seeing the system production against consumption on the real-time dashboard that comes with the SolarEdge inverter. Robert and his crew were extremely courteous and knowledgeable. Word spread in our neighborhood and 4 other homes also went with Sky NRG all which have been extremely pleased with their systems. Going solar now is a no-brainer, and going with Sky NRG is even more so.

  • "Consumption Meter Install"

    Reviewed Mar 02, 2020

    This is days after the consumption meter they installed. The meters are working and both my wife and I got really good "6th sense" about the electrician who came by and Robert whom I spoke with via text and phone. So far so good. I'm maybe hopefully going to purchase an EV and if I do I will have this same group install the EV charger and update my electrical panel. Again its early but I trust this group. That's a big statement. I trust them.

  • "Professional and thorough"

    Reviewed Feb 13, 2020

    SkyNRG designed and built a ground-mounted system for our home. Their pricing was competitive and they worked to provide the system we wanted, rather than the one the other contractors wanted to sell us. When a shipping company damaged some materials, SkyNRG took care of it, and when a manufacturer failed to meet its obligations, SkyNRG solved the problem and stood by its original pricing. Their service to us was thoroughly professional – we will turn to them again if any expansion to the system is ever anticipated.

  • "SkyNRG installed solar panels"

    Reviewed Jan 24, 2020
    "SkyNRG installed solar panels"

    Reviewed Jan 24, 2020

    After meeting with several solar installation companies, we chose SkyNRG. Their talented crew did an excellent job. We couldn't be any happier with the results and the entire process. SkyNRG are very professional, courteous and competent. They handled all of the details: the planning, permits, ordering quality parts, full installation, notifications to Dominion Energy, etc. The project was completed quickly, in timely fashion with minimal interruption to the household. They even coordinated with our own repainting schedule. SkyNRG kept us well informed throughout the entire job, start to finish. The solar panels look sleek with no wires visible running along the inside or outside of the house. We also opted for a new larger electrical panel, which SkyNRG installed at the same time, in preparation for possible future expansion (eg, electric car). The entire system is working great! We can monitor our solar energy production and usage online or via smartphone, to see how much we're saving on electricity. We heartily recommend SkyNRG for your solar panel installation. They do high-quality work.

  • "Fairfax Solar Panels"

    Reviewed Jan 13, 2020

    Robert and his crew did a great job with our solar installation! We are pleased with their work and the price was very reasonable. So happy that we went with Sky NRG Solar.

  • "Battery Backup"

    Reviewed Dec 11, 2019

    We recently contracted with Sky NRG Solar to add a battery backup to our existing solar system. From the time of our initial contact through project completion, Robert and his team were incredibly responsive. After taking careful consideration of our system and our household needs, they developed a battery backup solution that works well for us. Our existing solar system presented some challenges (e.g., ground mounted panels and inverters remote from our house, along with home wiring that dates back to the 1920s), but Robert and his team handled each one with ease. In addition to the expert installation of two LG Chem RESU 9.8kW backup batteries, Sky NRG Solar also found ways to make our existing system perform even better than it had been. We were consistently impressed by Sky NRG Solar’s professionalism and their passion for installing effective solar power solutions. Throughout the entire process, it was clear that Robert and his team were focused on ensuring our system would meet our needs and provide clean power for years to come. We’ve already been through several power outages since the installation, and the battery backup system worked perfectly. Robert and his team were a pleasure to work with, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision to use Sky NRG Solar!

  • "Solar Install in Vienna"

    Reviewed Dec 04, 2019

    Sky NRG Solar was an excellent choice for solar at my home in Vienna. Rob was great to work with and explained to me the different options I had in installing solar in my home. His company was able to get to my project quickly and complete the onsite work in only two days. Highly recommend their service to my neighbors and appreciate the high level of service they were able to give both before and after the install. Thank you Rob.

  • "Solar in Springfield"

    Reviewed Nov 08, 2019

    I have been looking at adding a solar system to my home for several years. This summer I decided to make the move and started looking for a small 10 panel setup. My approach was to get the roof replaced then add the panels. The roofer did a great job and referred me to Rob and SkyNRG. We feel very lucky that we met Rob and were able to work with him and his install team. This is a bigger and more complex job then you might imagine and they did an excellent job routing the cables and hanging the panels. The system works great and its fun tracking its effectiveness on the mobile app and even better watching that meter go backwards!
    Thanks again Rob!!

  • "Solar panels with a great team"

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2019
    "Solar panels with a great team"

    Reviewed Aug 18, 2019

    Robert and his crew did an incredible job installing our new solar panel system. From educating us to planning the layout to processing paperwork to connecting the final wires of the system, they were complete professionals. What sets Sky NRG apart from other companies we spoke with is their philosophy of making the PV system look streamlined on your house.

    We loved watching the meter start spinning backwards after our first few hours in sunlight! We can monitor our energy production with an app on our phones, and our kids even enjoy seeing the energy production and talking about how much they can reduce their usage.

    We our so happy with our system and glad we went with Sky NRG for this investment.

  • "Great solar installer in NOVA"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2019

    Sky NRG Solar completed the solar install at my home and I could not be happier with the results. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in solar. I spent a lot of time researching various PV solar panels, components, and design considerations. When I started contacting local solar install companies I found that almost all provided little or no choice on components, panels, and other add-ons; I felt my time was wasted researching and I would not be able to get exactly what I wanted. When Rob from Sky NRG Solar reached out to me he had a much different tone, he was excited to deliver the system that I envisioned and provide a solution that would exceed our expectations and meet our energy goals.
    Sky NRG Solar clearly separated themselves from competitors by the following:
    1. Allowing solar panel choice which was very important because warranties differ between manufacturers.
    2. Providing inside wiring of conduit rather than having metal conduit exposed along a roofline and down the side of the home; and the resulting look is worth it.
    3. My installation also included a consumption meter, no other vendor offered this. Without the consumption meter you are only seeing a third of the picture, you only see how much solar you a producing; however, with the consumption meter I can see how much I am self-consuming from solar, how much I am using from the power company, and most importantly when my utilization goes up. This truly gives a full energy picture within your home and makes you very aware of the energy you produce and consume on a regular basis.
    4. Throughout the entire experience they treated every aspect of the design and install as if it were their own home. The placement of components like the inverter were all strategic, ultimately minimizing costs for improvements in the future and allowing us to quickly add additional components (like a whole home battery or electric vehicle charger) for when we are ready without having to relocate any existing components.
    5. Finally, Rob and his team have a genuine passion for solar energy and it is displayed by the work they do and the finished product.
    After the first visit Rob was able to provide a detailed quote with sizing, pricing, and component selection. Unlike other vendors I corresponded with he was quickly able to provide component specification sheets that provided all the details needed for the system that was to be installed, this even included the rail color and hardware. We went through some iterations and changes in the quote and finally decided on a different panel type than originally planned, he was able to price quickly and update the quote.
    Rob provided all the information necessary for all HOA approval docs, he took care of all the county permit applications and design documents, and the coordination with the power company for our net meter install. I simply had to post the permit on our front door. The detail included in the documentation was second to none. Once the HOA approval was done and the permits were ready he was able to coordinate the delivery of the panels and components to our home with us. Shortly after the delivery his team got to work installing; they worked long and hard to get the install completed as quickly as they did. Most importantly their entire team treated our home like it was their own home; very respectful and clean. The result was visually attractive, functional from day one, and insightful regarding our power production and consumption.

  • "Excellent Experience - Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2019
    "Excellent Experience - Highly Recommended"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2019

    I could not be happier with my Solar installation from SkyNRG. In the six months prior to my installation I did a lot of research on PV components and got offers from eight different installers, but I picked SkyNRG for a variety of reasons and I am very glad I did.

    SkyNRG was great to deal with, extremely responsive and happy to answer my multitude of questions. Although my house is a very typical Northern Virginia single family home, they analyzed the relevant aspects of my home in detail to propose a system that fits my needs and blends in nicely. Robert and his team impressed me as they were extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and truly passionate about Solar. Throughout the entire process I could tell that they take great pride in their workmanship and strive to provide excellence in all aspects. Doing my research upfront I noticed they only use highest quality components. Most customers only pay attention to the main components (panels, inverter), but I was pleased to see that SkyNRG uses top notch materials only, even in areas that might not get as much attention (mounting system, electrical components). They also stood out by routing all conduits through inside walls, so the aesthetical appearance is superior to what I was offered by the other companies (routing conduit along the outside of the house). It was very reassuring that in all aspects they were always striving to implement the best, most durable solution to ensure a long lifetime of the system.

    In contrast, some solar companies only quoted me via phone / email based on satellite images and never came by to look at my house and review any specifics. This leaves the details for the installation crew to figure out on the day they arrive, but no specifics other than the components that will be used can be discussed and agreed upon prior to the actual installation.
    Other companies sent a sales person to come by and give me a quote. How it works is that the initial conversations take place with this sales person, but on the day of the install only the installation crew shows up. Typically the installation crew needs to finish the install in one day, so they are under time pressure. I felt somewhat uncomfortable with this setup as I was concerned that the sales person might not accurately convey all the agreed upon details to the installation crew – how conduit should be routed, where to place certain components etc. Also, what if I would not agree with the installation crew how they propose to handle unforeseen challenges? Who would be my contact person? There might simply not be sufficient time to discuss as they are under time pressure and need to finish by the end of the day.

    I felt much more comfortable working with SkyNRG as Robert guided me through the entire process. He came for the initial consultation, provided the quote, and personally oversaw the entire installation process. There were absolutely no disconnects; at all stages Robert was very pleasant to deal with and I received exactly what was promised and how I expected it. Despite their exceptional performance, SkyNRG’s offer was very competitive with the other quotes I received. To me it felt like getting a superior product for the same price.

    As stated, I did a lot of research about PV systems prior to investing in my system. Therefore I was very involved, asking the guys at SkyNRG about every step and followed every little detail of the installation. They actually enjoyed my curiosity and were happy to let me shadow each of their steps. The entire crew was extremely transparent about everything they did and explained in detail how everything works and why they do things in a certain way. I really appreciated this, it gave me peace of mind to be able to confirm that they were highly competent and everything was executed with great diligence.
    On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a customer that wants to go solar but you’re not interested in getting into all the details, working with SkyNRG should be equally satisfying. Based on their approach and professionalism you can rest assured that they will do an outstanding job and put in a top notch solar system.

    I would consider myself as a pretty demanding customer and I typically do not refer or recommend contractors, but I am making an exception and leave a positive review as I am an extremely satisfied.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Sky NRG Solar Inc. Headquarters

12020 Sunrise Valley Dr. Ste 100
Reston, VA
20191 US

Workmanship Warranty

10-year workmanship warranty


Solaria Pro Partner, LG Chem RESU Partner, Silfab Partner, LG Pro Partner, REC Certified Solar Professional


LG Resu Certified Installer


VA AES # 2705165086


$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance via Erie Ultraflex policy

States served by Sky NRG Solar Inc.

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