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Solar Tech Elec LLC - Profile & Reviews

  • Installer
  • Energy Auditor
  • Electrical Contractor

SolarTechElec is a leading solar energy and full-services solar installations company spearheading the solar revolution in Florida. We provide turnkey and bespoke solar solutions to homeowners, businesses, and government facilities throughout the Sunshine state. We utilize cutting-edge solar technologies to offer you hassle-free renewable energy.

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  • "One and only choice for Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2020
    "One and only choice for Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 05, 2020

    I have multiple homes and have used multiple companies for solar PV systems. Solar Tech Elec was by far the most personable, caring, genuine and competitive. They listened, informed and did not push a decision. They had multiple options and allows me to choose with their guidance. I e recommended them to several sober the others and will continue to do so. Go with the best, go with Solar Tech Elec!

  • "Great cutomer Service"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2020

    Ross responded quickly to questions that I had and explained them until I understood. They started later in the morning per my request and still finished the install in one day.

    I have now had my system for 2.5yrs and am still happy with the performance. I am averaging 16.2MWh, which is right at what I was quoted my system would do.

  • "Top praise"

    Reviewed Jan 26, 2020

    Solar Tech Elec installed my 13.73kw solar system a year ago. It has performed better than anticipated. Praise to the team through the whole process. They continue to keep in touch to ensure all is going well. They truly care about customer satisfaction.
    Highly recommended

  • "15.0 kWp Tier 2 with Net Meter & Off Grid"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2020
    "15.0 kWp Tier 2 with Net Meter & Off Grid"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2020

    15.0 kWp System
    (50) 300 watt ITEC Panels
    (2) Sunny Boy SMA 7.7 Inverters
    (1) Cube 12KW Battery

    I have a system that can utilize net metering and also provide access to solar power in the event of grid power loss. The system is perfect for emergency instantaneous back up power for 90% of my home (ACs not included). The system is sufficient so I have no power bill (less service fee 11.58/mo) since activation. I also generated 2055 kWhr excess and will receive a credit that will off set the monthly service fees. Basically zero electric bill for our future.

    Duke Energy was the only bad item for the install, changing the goal posts at every checkpoint. Solar Tech Electric (Ross Owner) responded fast and professional to meet all requirements needed. We met with many solar companies and none would build a system that had emergency back up with net metering. Ross listens and is not afraid to give what the customer wants. Finally, the cost was literally 50% less than all competitors. My ROI will be in 5.5 years (including the 30% Federal Tax credit in that calculation).

    Very Happy In St Petersburg FL

  • "Saving money"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2020

    I had Solartech Electric install solar panels last March because my electric bills were $250-$350\month. They did a great job on the install and my bills went to $0 for a few months. In the summer my highest bill was $87 and average was about $50. So I am very pleased with the whole process and results!

  • "Solar Tech"

    Reviewed Jan 22, 2020

    I installed 20 solar panels in 2017 and have been smiling every month since as I pay my $12 and change electric. bill. The installation was done quickly and efficiently in two days. Everything has worked great. When I had a question or glitch Ross responded immediately. I couldn’t be happier.

  • "True pro!"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2020

    Ross and is team were awesome. They completed the job quickly and clean. Ross is very knowledgeable walk me through each step thoroughly.

  • "Best there is"

    Reviewed Jan 20, 2020

    I contacted Ross and his team at Solar Tech Elec 2 years ago and havent looked back. He and his team were quick and very efficient. He was up front and honest about the whole process. We would recommend Ross and his team to anyone.

  • "Quick and Efficient"

    Reviewed Jan 19, 2020

    Ross Dyson, owner of SolarTechElec, made a complex issue easy to understand and install. 35 solar panels were on our roof within 2 weeks of signing the paperwork. Ross negotiated a fair price, promptly responded to our texts, answered all our questions and even installed the equipment to enable solar monitoring on our phone. We generated 1000 KWH in January and can't wait to see our savings in our first power bill.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We’ve embarked on and completed numerous government, residential, and commercial installations throughout Florida. Our team consists of qualified and licensed professionals who bring more than 20 years experience to the table to ensure efficient service delivery. At Solar Tech Elec, we handle everything – from site assessment and paperwork to installations and monitoring. All our systems carry 25-year warranties, $0 down finance available and 24/7 system monitoring.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



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