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Impact Energy and Solar Inc. - Profile & Reviews

C-10 Licensed Electricians. Locally Owned and operated. Solar, Lighting Retrofits, New lighting installs, New hot tub electrical, Whole house fans. Anything you can dream up electrically we have done.

16 reviews

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  • "Great Company to work with."

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2020
    "Great Company to work with."

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2020

    We've been very skeptical about solar for a long time, but finally decided to work with Impact to see if the numbers worked out where it made financial sense to go solar. Our sales rep, Ken, worked with us to meet every consideration and "what if" scenario we came up with. We determined how many panels we really needed and even considered where on the roof to place them to maximize their effectiveness. He answered every question we had and respected our final decision as to how many panels and where to place them. Applying for the loan to buy the panels was a very easy process. The installation crew was very professional and friendly. They problem solved a tricky install and battled through the August heat and smokey air from the mountain fires. We are very satisfied with this company and glad we chose them!

  • "Honest & Professional"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Ken, Phillip & the entire Impact Solar crew were wonderful to work with. You can tell they value their workmanship and stand by their integrity. We are extremely satisfied with the quality of work they did and the constant communication we had with their team!! We will continue to recommend them to as many as possible!

  • "Solar installation and new roof"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020
    "Solar installation and new roof"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Phillip Billington and his team at Impact Solor did a fantastic job putting a new roof on my house and a clean installation on solar. They were on time and very professional. I give them 2 thumbs up.

  • "Solar service"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    The impact solar group was very helpful threw the whole process and went above and beyond.

  • "Excellent service"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020
    "Excellent service"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Salesman was really respectfully explained every detail and process we had to go threw he was very helpfull to us. Thanks David

  • "Impact Solar Greatest Review"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    This is the best Solar company from start to finish.

  • "Roof and Solar Review"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Matt Billington did and awesome job and was very professional through the entire process of getting everything set up. I was very please and happy with the experience and will refer anyone that asks me about solar to him specifically. I have been very happy since my system and new roof were installed it has made my house more efficient and gave it a better curb appeal.

  • "Quality Products, Quality Installs, and a Quality of Trust!"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020
    "Quality Products, Quality Installs, and a Quality of Trust!"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    I put off getting solar for years. There were so many companies, so many different incentives, so many different offers.. it was overwhelming. That feeling was quickly replaced by confidence when I started dealing with Impact. Having the trust in a company, it’s workers, and the product their offering beats any incentive any company can offer. One of my favorite aspects of working with Impact was that they never tried selling me anything. They offered me information, and that information sold it self. The more you know, the better decision you can make.. and I believe I made the best decision by choosing Impact to install a solar system on my house.

    The quality of the panels and the install itself are worth noting as well! There are a number of different ways to install a system, and every install will be custom fit to your house.. and this is where that trust and confidence really came into play. Being a very detail-oriented person, I couldn’t be any happier with the way everything turned out!

    Do yourself a favor and give them a call. Run the numbers, do the math, learn the pro/cons of all your options and then... let the savings begin!

  • "Great company!"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Fast, reliable and great customer service! They explained everything clear and correctly. No surprise charges.

  • "Professional Company"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Everything that Solar Impact quoted me was the truth about the purchase. They were very professional on the work they did and made sure that everything was done on time. I’ve had my Solar for about a year and I’m very pleased with the outcome. I am very excited for the money that I will be saving in the future. I highly recommend Solar Impact to my family and friends.

  • "Best Solar Company"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Locally owned, with the owners personally involved on every installation. Very professional, nothing but the best equipment, prices and craftsmanship. Highly recommend!!!

  • "Solar Job"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Impact energy was fantastic to work with! They showed up on time, were very polite and respectful, and left the place spotless when they were finished. I would highly recommend for anyone considering solar.

  • "Solar Installation"

    Reviewed Oct 02, 2020

    Ken and the crew at Impact Solar were wonderful to work with. They were fast and did a nice clean job.They arrived on time and explained every question we had. Highly reccomend this company for solar.

  • "Saved a lot of money"

    Reviewed Sep 09, 2020

    I came across Impact solar rather randomly, I happened to be helping one of their employees at my place of work and noticed their hat and asked if they did solar installation. I had just wasted the last two months with one of the bigger companies giving me the run around and in the end saying they couldn't install the solar, after getting approved for the credit and signing the contract to install. Impact came out recommended different panels, no battery, a few other things that I had not thought of. In the end the panels were installed and active within just a few weeks and since then we have not seen an electric bill over $20, and we have been able to keep our home cool the entire summer, between out monthly payments on the panels and the electric bill we have saved about $400 a month over last year, and have been much more comfortable. I don't know why anyone would not get solar panels.

  • "Solar Customer"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2020

    Impact Energy and Solar provided an excellent overall experience. Great knowledgeable sales representative to professional installation installers. The process was fast and easy.

  • "Had our best interest in mind"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020
    "Had our best interest in mind"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020

    Impact Energy and Solar consistently kept us informed and educated about what we needed for our home renewable energy needs. They explained everything from system size, to panel efficiency to and how monitoring would work. This is the 2nd time we have worked with a solar company and we feel that Impact Energy had our best interest in mind while also making solid business decisions for their company. That's something I don't think the other company did. We also like the personal touch of the salesmen and foreman checking in on the job as the work was being done. Their employees were professional and knowledgeable about their craft. My husband was pleased with the results and the care they took when working on our home. I wish all businesses put the customer first the way this company did. A big thank you to all of them for taking the time to do it right.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Impact Energy was created on a customer first platform. We use top of the line Solar equipment and offer the best warranties including a 25 year Labor Warranty. Impact has a combined 40 + Years of Solar experience. We are honored to help people make a positive Impact on their energy needs. Every crew has a State licensed Electrician so you know it will be done right the first time. Residential/Commercial/Agricultural/Industrial.

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Impact Energy and Solar Inc. Headquarters

2304 Perseus Ct.
Bakersfield, CA
93308 US

Workmanship Warranty

25 Years. Inverters, breakers, wire, solar panels, racking, parts and labor, roof penetrations.


CALSSA, PG&E Trade Pro


Enphase Battery, Sonnen Battery, LG Chem


C-10 Contractor 1039873


Workers Comp. General Liability, Auto.

States served by Impact Energy and Solar Inc.

  • California CA