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Lunex Power Inc.

Lunex Power Inc is a leading provider of innovative and reliable solar energy solutions that help businesses and individuals save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Our cutting-edge technology and expert team enable us to design, install, and maintain solar systems that are customized to our customers' specific needs and requirements. With Lunex Power, you can enjoy a seamless and hassle-free experience, from the initial consultation to the final installation and beyond. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and sustainability makes us the ideal partner for anyone who wants to harness the power of the sun and create a brighter future for themselves and the planet.
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Lunex Power is a locally-owned solar engineering and procurement contractor. Our team is committed to delivering the most advanced solar & electrical solutions paired with excellent customer service for each and every one of our clients. Originally serving New England for over 7 years, Lunex Power’s employees are collectively responsible for the installation and procurement of over 2,500 average residential solar projects. Our goal is to be the most responsive and knowledgeable company in the country and beyond!
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Local (Value + Expert Knowledge). We are FL solar experts (locally owned and operated with in-house installation and service teams) - FL utilities / rebates / incentives / etc. are our expertise.

  2. Equipment Options. We install all makes and models of panels, inverters, batteries, etc. and can help you weigh pros/cons of anything on the market

  3. Design & Engineering. Our tailored team of (credentialed) specialists and engineers will enable us to customize a system to fit your needs.

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We speak

Arabic; English; Hindi; Polish; Portuguese; Spanish

Residential and Commercial Solar Installations. Rooftop or ground-mounted; battery storage (backup) installations; Solar System Servicing (in-house dedicated Service Team). EV Charging outlets, installation, System expansions, Solar Repair

Services Offered

  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Lunex Power has over 50 years of collective experience in the solar industry. With our primary focus being in design, engineering and construction; our projects are accurately quoted and exquisitely built. From utility scale projects to neighborhood residences, we've got you covered.

Workmanship Warranty

-25 year leak free roof warranty
-25 year roof warranty
-25 year monitoring, servicing, and maintenance
-25 year workmanship and materials


FL LIC: CVC 57085, MA Electrical: 8225A1 , CT HIC: 0662355, RI: GC-46963


General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation


Enphase Ensemble Certified, Tesla Energy Certified installer, REC ProTrust Installer, SPAN Certified, Member of Florida Solar Energy Association

Industry Certifications

  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Atmos installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • FranklinWH Certified Installer
  • Gold Installer
  • Powerwall Certified Installer

What Customers Are Saying

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Lunex is great!

We are very satisfied with process to purchase and install our solar equipment. Aaron - our sale rep - clearly explained every step and what to expect. And the rest of the team was just as professional.

Posted by chiefpete32 on Aug 25, 2023
how is the system performing

Our solar system was activated in early June. We have seen a reduction in our grid dependence over the last 3 months but still rely on the grid for 35-40% of our electricity usage. We now know the the appliances that draw largest amount of electricity are clothes dryer, electric stove and the air conditioner system, in that order. One problem has been the internet connection. There is no recovery when it fails and there is no notification until it has stopped sending data for 24 hours.

Posted by chris_oneil1 on May 27, 2023

It will take time for me to decide on whether to go solar now. But I appreciate you taking time and providing detailed estimate and answering all my questions. Everything was highly professional and straight forward. Thank you,

Posted by cyrilc on Apr 08, 2023
Wow! Just wow all the way through the process!

Right from the start, I questioned everything. Asking for accommodations out of the box, such as hard wiring. Each question was always answered in a respectful way and I never felt belittled for asking. From the sales to the installers to the service after commissioning has always been above and beyond. This is unheard of in this industry, let alone, this day and age. This company has it right. It IS about customer service and they outshine any service I have ever experienced. I never write reviews, but they were so outstanding and honorable, that it requires a deep, sincere acknowledgement. Thank you Lunex.

Posted by terra on Mar 08, 2023
Quote and contract phase proceeded smoothly

Lunex Power has been prompt and responsive for every step of the process so far. Lunex representative Jacob has either answered or followed up on all of my questions and has been very helpful in getting the process started. I chose Lunex for the following reasons: (1) They are relatively local to my area; (2) They do not subcontract the work; (3) They use highly rated equipment; (4) They provided a quote that provides nearly 100% of my power needs; and (5) They offer (and keep in stock) the highly rated Tesla battery for back-up power, which was important to me. I will review again after installation. :) Thank you to EnergySage for making this service available.

Posted by cshannin on Jan 31, 2023
The best things of Lunex Power, LLC

(1) Local company Because solar energy investment is significant, I researched more than 30 solar companies, both local companies and national companies. I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it is a local company. For national companies, they are serving many geography locations which made them difficult to work with. For example, I initially deposited $100 for Tesla to do my solar project. It took Tesla a month to modify the design to customize it to be suitable to my home roof. Tesla does not do face-to-face or video meeting. (2) Best Technology I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it uses best solar technology. Lunex Power provides me cutting edge Q-Cells AC solar panels that has preinstalled Enphase IQ7+ microinverters. For some companies, they are still providing 5 to 10 years old solar technology. For example, Tesla uses string inverter, instead of using microinverter, Tesla uses 600V DC wires and DC solar panels near the roof, instead of 240V AC wires and AC solar panels near the roof. Here is a webpage that compares AC and DC. Here is a webpage that compares inverters. (3) Excellent Architecture I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because James did an excellent solar architecture. During face-to-face meeting, James provided me a solar panel architecture that is customized to my home roof and my next 5 years electricity usage projection. The architecture fully utilized my home roof that are facing to the sun. Compared with that Tesla took a month to modify the design to customize it to be suitable to my home roof, James did it within face-to-face meeting. Thank you, James! (4) Expert Design I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it did expert design. Lunex Power provides me and Permit Department high quality solar project design document that is customized to my home roof and the location of electricity meter and main switch panel. The detail level of the design is documented to includes how many mounting rails and how many screws. I compared this design document with other companies’ solar project design documents that were submitted to Permit department, Lunex Power solar project design document is the best. It is an excellent job well done. Thank you, Lunex Power! (5) High Quality Installation in a day I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it has solar professional installation team. Right before Thanksgiving Holiday, Lunex Power sent a team of 5 installation professional to my home. They are Daniel Bautista, Jon, Conner, Jae, and Cody. They did a great job that was completed within a day. During the installation, they took many detail pictures of the solar panels, mounting rails, wires, connection box and switch box. After the installation, they uploaded these pictures to Lunex Power office. These pictures were used for Permit Inspection. (6) Friendly Customer Support I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it has friendly support team. In Lunex Power Office, Jaimie, Nolan, Sasha, Doreen and Cortney were working on my solar project. They are very friendly. During workhours, if I have some questions, I call Lunex Power Office. When I call, one of them answers. It was always reachable and very friendly phone conversation. Thank you, Jaimie, Nolan, Sasha, Doreen and Cortney! (7) Long Term Warranty I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it provides 25 years all-inclusive solar system warranty. Compared with other solar companies, 25 years all-inclusive warranty is the longest warranty in solar industry. For example, Tesla only provides 10 years warranty. 25 years warranty is a long-term commitment. Lunex Power provides me a 25 years warranty certificate that I can transfer to the person who purchases my home in future. Dan and James are young men who I can rely on them for my solar system warranty. (8) Cost Competitive I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it is cost competitive in solar industry. If you are looking for a solar company to do your solar project and you are in middle west Florida, I am highly recommending Lunex Power for your consideration. Lunex Power can offer you a quote based on your needs that is cost competitive against offers from other solar companies. (9) Referral Incentive I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it has a referral incentive program. If you use me ( as your referral, you will get a discount for your solar project. I will also get a $250 gift card from Lunex Power for you to use me as your referral. (10) Professional Processes I found that Lunex Power is the best solar company because it does professional processes. Right after James completed face-to-face meeting, Lunex Power process team started to work on my solar project for 2 months. They coordinated the processes, worked with HOA, designers, procurements, shipping, suppliers, vendors, scheduling installation day, permit inspection day, electricity company inspection day, submitting permit documents, electricity company interconnection documents, produced invoices, deposited checks, generated receipts, financial and accounting paperwork, keeps tracking of solar materials and parts, and so on so forth. Because of the great work, the process of my solar project was very smooth and moving through Permit Department and electricity company in time and successful even though there are many holidays during annual holiday season. Thank you and Happy New Year to all teams in Lunex Power!

Posted by dchen4649 on Aug 17, 2022



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