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Castaways Energy

WE ASSEMBLED THE AVENGERS OF SOLAR POWER! Come experience being on an Island of Solar Excellence with Castaways Energy. Nobody works harder, or does it better, than the Castaways.
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Our company name and brand come from our past experiences. When our co-founder Nathan Traynor opened the first SolarCity/Tesla Energy operations in Florida, he was tasked to create a team name and symbol for his regional office in Clermont, FL. The Clermont office was the first operation in the entire southeastern region of the United States for what was the world's largest residential solar energy provider at the time. Out of all the offices that SolarCity had in operation, our Clermont office was the furthest from the other 50+ SolarCity locations nationwide! (the closest being in Washington, D.C.) We were left on an “island” to grow the operation from the ground up and with local Florida talent! So Nathan selected the name “Clermont Castaways.”

The operation grew to be one of the largest in the country, and when Tesla purchased SolarCity, the Castaways location was the first Tesla Energy location in the world to install 1 MegaWatt (1,000,000 watts!) of solar in a single month.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. OUR SOLAR FAMILY - Ownership has 35+ Years of Experience Everything done in-house – NO SUBCONTRACTORS - Our experience is unmatched in Florida!

  2. 5 * CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE - All of our reviews are FIVE stars just check out Google! We have 0 BBB complaints! Outstanding customer support after installation and 24 hour hurricane support for Storage customers!

  3. NABCEP CERTIFIED INSTALLER - Castaways Energy is one of the RARE companies that have achieved NABCEP certification - this is the industry's highest level of knowledge and quality that can be achieved!! Peace of Mind your system is installed perfectly!!

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Florida Statute 163.04 forbids any binding agreement (between HOAs or otherwise) to prohibit a property owner from installing solar. An HOA may restrict where you place your solar panels, but not if the system’s performance suffers.
Yes. We offer easy financing with low/0 interest, 0 down and low payment options! Our goal is to make your solar energy payments less than what your monthly electric bill costs you. We have more options than any other contractor.
YES, it could! Our design team works to utilize all your roof space to properly size your system to get you to net zero! Your electric company still may have a small minimum bill requirement, like Duke Energy, which is $30. We know how to work with that
Every home, family, business, and electricity bill are unique! Solar panels come in many different sizes and wattages. We choose solar panel products that will utilize the most space receiving the highest amount of sunlight on your roof.
With all the experience we have at our company, that means we are also super fast (less than 30-45 days) and efficient with even the most complex installs! No can beat our timelines with the quality that we offer.

Home Battery and Storage Services, Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers and Service, Ground-Mount Solar Systems, Off-grid Solar Systems, Solar System Inspections and Cleaning, Grid-tied Solar Systems and Service, Inverter Repairs/Replacements and Service, Main Electrical Panel and Electrical Service Upgrades, Bird, Pest & Wildlife Barrier Installations, Energy Storage Systems, Battery Backup Systems, Electrical Service and Gas Generator hook ups, Solar Panel Efficiency Check-ups, Solar Panel Removals and Reinstallations, Re-Roof Services through our licensed partners, HVAC upgrades through our licensed partners.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Our company was founded when Nathan Traynor, Carl Craig, and their co-owners and partners recognized a tremendous need for quality solar installations in Florida. Castaways Energy leads the way in customer experience, immaculate installation quality, and outstanding and heroic service. Daniel Moore, one of our co-owners at Castaways Energy, has made our company one of the only NABCEP Certified (the industry’s highest level of certification!) solar energy contractors in Florida!

Nathan Traynor, Chief Operations Officer/ Co-Founder
Carl Craig, Chief Electrical Officer/ Co-Founder
Daniel Moore (D-Mo), Chief Technology Officer - NABCEP PV Professional
R. Bryan Culberson, Chief Supply Chain Officer
Dan Kenney, Director of Operations

Workmanship Warranty

Lifetime Workmanship & Roof Penetrations Warranty
25 year panels warranty
25 year inverter (enphase microinverters) warranty


NABCEP Certified PV Installation PRofessional


General Liability
Worker's Compensation
Inland Marine


NABCEP PV Installation Professional - The industry's highest level of knowledge and certification. (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

Sunpower Master Dealer
Tesla Certified Installer
REC ProTrust Installer/Dealer
Q Cells Preferred Partner
FranklinWh Certified Installer
Enphase Gold Certified Partner

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Gold Installer
  • Powerwall Certified Installer

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One Year Satisfaction!

I would just like to extend my satisfaction of Castaway's Energy to this Energy Sage Website as we near our one-year anniversary of installation. It took us 2-3 billing cycles to bank credits and get to a zero bill. We have been at a zero bill since and very happy with our installation and service that Castaway's provides. As stated in other reviews I wish I could have had them do our installation in Ohio. We finally did get a system in Ohio, but it was not nearly as comfortable getting one. Castaways has a wealth of experience with their team and the price was reasonable.

Posted by LLRichards60 on Jun 22, 2023
Solar energy review

From the moment that I got intouch with Nathan regarding my desire to go solar, the company has been professional in their dealings. I was kept informed every step of the way, and they made sure I was informed on how to operate the system. From my dealings this company has been honest and very informative. If you need or are considering going solar, I recommend Castaway energy as your Solar energy installer.

Posted by rpeterkin61 on Jun 15, 2023
Competitive, fast, and super helpful

I shopped around for multiple solar companies and was recommended to check out Castaways Energy by my loaning bank. They have competitive prices with everyone else, use the new higher end micro inverters, and include an additional 5 years coverage that no other company offers. They were extra informative of every step working with the city and install was a breeze. I'm now happily covering all of my energy usage with the panels and saving more than my monthly loan payments.

Posted by lynchphil7 on Jun 14, 2023
Using the sun to save

Quick and friendly installation. Great crew and company.

Posted by ktriscari on Jun 13, 2023
Team Work, that includes the property owner!

Solar is a team effort. As a customer, I came to Castaway already understanding that. I had to understand what I wanted & what my expectations were in comparison to what technology was available at the time of my decision to go solar. With that in mind, this is the company I am happy with for my ENPHASE system. I have no complaints. None. I understood what I was buying before I purchased my system. Castaway just did all the labor AND kept me informed during AND after the installation. Castaway has even gone out of their way to keep me informed BEFORE the storms/hurricanes since the install. I am one of their oldest installation customers. If you want a company to treat you fairly and respectfully, this is the company who will do what they need to do to make the right fit for you. The only problem you will have is with any unasked question by you. They will provide you with the service and information you need, however as a customer you need to understand how solar works, in my opinion, so you get what you want. Communicate with Castaway fully... Be a part of your install verbally and you cannot go wrong.

Posted by dakayperz on Jun 12, 2023
The Best = Castaway Energy!

I HIGHLY recommend Castaway Energy! Not only was their customer service top notch, but their prices were way better than any of the other companies I received quotes from. They were also very knowledgeable and did not try to sell me additional panels or products that I did not need.

Posted by kristinekossler on Jun 12, 2023



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