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Second Generation Energy (SGE Solar) - Profile & Reviews

Second Generation Energy designs and installs residential and commercial photovoltaic PV systems.

Established in 2006, Second Generation Energy is a leading Solar Integrator based in Massachusetts. We are owned and operated by a skilled team who are all passionate about the work we are doing. We believe that renewable energy combined with conservation measures will have the greatest impact on solving our energy problems.

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  • "SGE Solar"

    Reviewed Jan 29, 2021

    SGE was great - knowledgeable and careful. Dave Zimmer could explain the details and give us choices. We are very happy with SunPower panels which have exceeded projected production. SGE worked with us on layout so it looks great on the building and the installation was done and well coordinated. Every panel, clip and pipe looks great! They also helped us understand and obtain the correct financing for us.

  • "Recommended - including to my own son!"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2021
    "Recommended - including to my own son!"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2021

    Project went smoothly, and we were making power quicker than expected. Enthusiastic manager, polite installers and good office support staff. Accurate design and no operating problems so far (18 months) - it just works.

  • "Great sales process, poor install/service"

    Reviewed Jul 26, 2020
    "Great sales process, poor install/service"

    Reviewed Jul 26, 2020

    Started with a great sales process, but everything was down hill from there. Once contract was signed, service fell apart and whole process was incredibly frustrating. Paperwork would arrive unsigned at the inspector, solar loan was incorrectly filed, debris was not cleaned up, and whole process took 3x as long as communicated during sales process. Problems have come up post install and it takes weeks to get a response from the company.

    Dave Simmer
    Response from Second Generation Energy (SGE Solar)
    Responded Aug 05, 2020
    Response from Second Generation Energy (SGE Solar)
    Responded Aug 05, 2020

    Hi there MichiganMan13. We are so sorry to hear about your bad experience and would like to apologize for any problems you have had. We're normally known for our exceptional attention to detail throughout the installation process, and we regret that you feel we missed the mark. If you wouldn't mind giving us a call at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. We look forward to speaking with you and working towards earning back your trust and being sure any outstanding issues are resolved.

  • "Great Company!!"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2020

    Since we've had our solar installed, no more electric bills. The workers were very precise & never left a mess for us to clean up. We had an inverter blow out so I let them know about it. Sadly, it took over 2 weeks to get a new one & another week before someone could install it. But other than that, we really love having solar. During the summer especially, we carry a large credit on our electric bill, even with 2 a/c's running.

  • "Great investment and experience"

    Reviewed Jun 02, 2020
    "Great investment and experience"

    Reviewed Jun 02, 2020

    We bought in 2015 and have 54 panels on our home. SGE was extremely knowledgeable and we felt offered one of the best backed products on the market. Our energy bills neared $400/ month. now we pay $0 / month except for 1-3 months in the winter and even then they are a third of the cost that they were. And we're helping the environment. Any questions we have had, were answered promptly and thoroughly. Great company to work wtih.

  • "The SGE Solar Experience..."

    Reviewed May 30, 2020

    Thank you SGE Solar for helping me select and install a Sunpower Solar System. I met Dave at the RI Home Show and he was very creative with a solution to maximize solar generation and maintain the “architectural” aesthetic of my home.

  • "Good experiences on our two projects"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020
    "Good experiences on our two projects"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    Did a bunch of research and shopped many different companies before deciding to go with SGE solar. Very glad that we did! Great workmanship and I was especially pleased with how the conduit and equipment was run. Very clean and tidy installation. We went with SGE for a second solar project and the service and professionalism was consistently as good. One small inconsistency between the two projects was the first crew used rigid conduit whereas the second crew used flexible conduit. It's a small cosmetic difference but worth noting.

  • "very professional, excellent workmanship."

    Reviewed May 28, 2020
    "very professional, excellent workmanship."

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    Our on the ground solar system from SGE Solar was installed in 2008 and we have not had
    A single problem with it ever! I think it was one of the first off roof systems they had done. The power output continues to be strong and with this last mild winter I am going into the spring with the biggest electric bill surplus ever!
    The crew was extremely professional, and the workmanship is exquisite.
    I have recommended them several times and will continue to tell people about our
    very positive experience with them.

  • "More than satisfied with our solar installation"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020
    "More than satisfied with our solar installation"

    Reviewed May 28, 2020

    Our panels were installed in December 2014, and upon being attached to the grid, the system has provided all our electric needs. The installation was done neatly and quickly, and Ed took the time to answer all of our questions and explain the system to us. There was no pressure, either to buy or lease.

    Happy to say that in the five years we've had SGE panels, reporting, and aggregation, we've been completely satisfied. The support team is responsive and courteous. We purchased the system outright, and it has just about paid for itself. One of our best investments!

  • "Great experience"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    I have had solar panels provided by Second Generation Energy for almost four years now, and they have been an excellent partner. The installation was done professionally, so that you don't see conduit running all over the roof, unlike that of other installations in my neighborhood. I no longer worry about my electric bill, as I have not paid a bill since the system went live! Even when I had an issue that was under warranty, Second Generation Energy lobbied on my behalf to ensure that everything was taken care of as promptly as possible.

  • "Great workmanship!"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    Great workmanship! Running two years with no issues!
    Energy production is as promised! I would definitely go with SGE if I have another opportunity to install the solar power. I haven’t call for any service yet.

  • "New Solar System"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    After vetting several companies and receiving a positive referral from a friend I decided to move forward with Second Generation Solar. Although there were several bumps along the way I am extremely pleased with the end result. The system was installed beautifully and is operating exactly as promised. I am still very happy about my decision to choose a smaller local company rather than the large players but I did have to be patient along the way. All sales and support staff were responsive, friendly and committed and I look forward to enjoying my solar system for years to come!

  • "The best investment you'll ever make"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020
    "The best investment you'll ever make"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    We installed our system back in 2013 after getting quotes from 3 different companies. I liked SGE the best and they worked with me to a) put the largest system I could fit on my main roof, and b) run all the wiring and such so it looks aesthetically pleasing to me. Filling up the roof made it look like a big screen TV and I love looking at it day after day :) With the largest system within less than 5 years I have managed to have the system pay for itself and now we are just in the gravy years getting some income as well as free electricity since August of 2013!! The system has been flawless, I do clean the snow off in the winter to maximize my production and SGE has been on point handing all the SREC transactions. A great company if you are thinking about solar, don't think, do it, as its a win win investment. As an added benefit we both own plug in hybrid cars and we can drive locally right off sun power with no emissions to keep the earth air quality cleaner for everyone!

  • "Amazing experience"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    I was thoroughly impressed and satisfied with my experience with the Second Generation Energy. From the very first meeting until the day system went online, they were courteous, professional and efficient. The entire process took just about a month including pulling all the permits, reinforcing my roof appropriately and setting up the monitoring with the manufacturer.

  • "Solar has been a great investment and SGE is a great company to make it happen"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020
    "Solar has been a great investment and SGE is a great company to make it happen"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    When I finally decided to have solar installed, SGE was the company for me. They provided multiple competitively priced options. (I quoted out solar with 4 or 5 different companies) Their communication and install process was efficient, clean, and well managed. The system has just about paid for itself in 4 years. My 2 regrets are: 1. I didn't "go Solar" sooner and 2. I should have gone with the larger system.

  • "Very Good Experience"

    Reviewed May 27, 2020

    I chose this company for my solar because the initial call and emails were so helpful and gave me all the information I needed to make my decision to go with solar. The process was smooth and if I did not understand anything, it was explained clearly. They even assisted me with finding financing and informing me on all the rebates and credits. The installation was pretty quick and again they were easy to deal with. I have referred my sister to this company.

  • "SGE is Great"

    Reviewed Dec 23, 2019

    When I decided to go solar, I did an exhaustive sesrch on Solar companies in my area. I got 4 quotes from companies but only SGE responded for further questions in a timely fashion. Some companies responded 3 months after I installed my system. SGE installers were very friendly and professional when I decided to go with SGE. Their product was the best and the price was competitive and most importantly, they were a local company. They have continued to offer great service for the past 5 years and respond quickly to any concerns and questions. If you are thinking about going solar, and I encourage you to do so, then go with a local company and one that offers the best service and value for your money, SGE.

  • "A Missed Opportunity!!!!!"

    Reviewed Aug 26, 2019
    "A Missed Opportunity!!!!!"

    Reviewed Aug 26, 2019

    I received several quotes from Energy Sage.After debating about which company to talk with and schedule an appointment with.I decided on Second Generation and schedule an appointment with them.At the time, I was also talking with several other companies not on Energy Sage.On the day of my appointment with Second Generation they contacted me shortly before the appointment and canceled.Another appointment was made on another date and they canceled the appointment again right before the appointment.So this left a very bad taste about this company ,so I never contacted them again.I in turn continued to speak with a couple of other companies and finally signed a contract with a company not on Energy Sage.So to Second Generation ,"Business 101 " keep the customer happy and follow thru with appointments and always establish great communication with customers.Your company lost a sale.Bobby

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  • "Very Pleased with Perfomance & Workmanship"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2017
    "Very Pleased with Perfomance & Workmanship"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2017

    My solar install just went online about a month ago and I do not anticipate paying another electric bill. The whole process from design to installation went very smoothly. The workmanship & customer service has been fantastic. I would highly recommend SGE.

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  • "All went smoothly - one minor exception"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2013
    "All went smoothly - one minor exception"

    Reviewed Aug 12, 2013

    We contracted with SGE because their sales guy, Dave Simmer, was extremely knowledgable. I had done a good deal of research, but still had some questions and he was able to answer them all, as well as to give us some good advice about sizing the system. They were at parity for pricing with our other top choice, Independent Power Systems, but Dave had a slight edge in his industry knowledge.

    The installation happened sooner than they had expected - some clearances came faster than predicted, and the panels arrived sooner - so we had the system up and running about two weeks earlier than we had initially thought.

    We're expecting to produce nearly twice what we consumed last year, but we've also bought a Nissan Leaf to suck down most of that excess, truly driving that one with zero emissions. We're also considering moving to electric hot water. If you actually produce more than you consume over the long haul, while you build up a credit balance on your bill the power company is not required to pay you that money, so it is wisest to be very close to net zero for the year.

    You can see photos and read more on this blog: http://fletchersolar.blogspot.com/

    The only negative on the installation is that the monitoring was not correctly installed initially so the electrician had to come back and troubleshoot them, which it appears he did correctly. He was extremely competent with regard to the basic installation, and his workmanship was exemplary. I can only fault him for not having deep understanding of the monitoring systems. There are two monitors, by the way, something called the "L-Gate", which is a utility-grade remote metering system that SGE uses to measure production for SREC calculations, and a split production/consumption system from SunPower that lets you see the breakout on the web.

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  • "No hassle, no gimmicks"

    Reviewed Aug 01, 2013

    Very good and professional installer. Turnkey solution. Delivered the project on time. Will absolutely recommend to others.
    They monitor the system as well. We had an issue where one of the parts blew up and I did not notice that the system was not generating power. They were on it already. Proactively reached out to me to swap the part out.

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We have a deep commitment to developing and maintaining healthy, productive relationships and place utmost importance on customer service and satisfaction. We have a Customer Care Manager who ensures that there is clear communication through out the entire process and beyond. We know the value of happy customers, and strive for 100% satisfaction.

We also have a commitment to operating our business in a sustainable, healthy manner. We continually look to our Sustainability Initiative to inform our business decisions on potential impacts on the local, regional and global environment, people and community.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Second Generation Energy (SGE Solar) Headquarters

85 S. Bow Street
Milford, MA
01757 United States

Workmanship Warranty

10-25 years, materials and workmanship


Selected for Solarize MA in 2012,2013

SunPower Authorized Dealer

Solar Loans: Mass Solar Loan


MA CEC Approved Installer
Mass CSL


Business Incorporation: CSL
NABCEP: # 031409-142
: multiple
: multiple



States served by Second Generation Energy (SGE Solar)

  • Connecticut CT ,
  • Massachusetts MA ,
  • New Hampshire NH ,
  • Rhode Island RI