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ADT Solar

At ADT Solar, we strongly believe that solar energy can make an important contribution to a cleaner and safer world we live in. We are passionate about helping our homeowner’s make that vision come true, one home at a time.

Our ADT Solar team works closely with you every step of the way.

We understand that purchasing a solar system is not an impulse purchase. Taking into account your home’s design, electricity usage, and budget is the first step to making sure that solar energy is right for you and your lifestyle. At ADT Solar, we recognize the importance of the homeowner and how your satisfaction is vital to our business. Through our consultation process, we work to custom tailor solutions based on specific client needs.

We achieve customer satisfaction by honoring our commitments, exceeding expectations, and providing the highest quality products and service.
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Rapidly expanding, our mission is to be the best solar installation company in the nation; continually striving to maintain excellence in components, installation and superior customer service. ADT Solar differentiates from other solar companies because we strive to put the homeowner’s needs and budget first, to exceed their expectations, and provide the best warranty service after installation.
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  • Energy Auditing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Labor Guarantee;
25 Year Roof Penetration Guarantee;
25 Year Solar System Power Production Guarantee;
25 Year Module Performance Guarantee;
25 Year Enphase Microinverter Guarantee.


Licensed Commercial & Solar Energy Contractor #49417
Licensed Residential General Contractor #89848
Licensed Commercial & Solar Energy Mississippi #21374-MC
Licensed Texas Electrical #TECL31656
Alabama Electrical: #06642
Alabama Contractor: #54486
Arizona Contractors: #ROC-323436
Arkansas Electrical: #M-9565
Florida Electrical #EC13001242
Florida Solar #CVC57068
Florida Roofing #CCC1332319
Georgia Electrical #EN217625
Georgia Contractor #GCQA006378
Kansas City: Electrical/Roofing/Solar #19980-00417
Lawrence: Electrical #BC-28255
Miami County: Electrical #2371
Sedgwick: Contractor #10346
Johnson County: Contractor #5375 Contractor: #54486
Louisiana Contractor #49417
Mississippi Contractor #21374-MC
Missouri Electrical #2020002756
New Mexico Construction #395254
North Carolina Electrical #U.32923
North Carolina Contractor #81871
Ohio Contractor #48826
Oklahoma Roofing #80004398
South Carolina Mechanical Contractor #CLM.115162
South Carolina Contractor #CLG.122153 GC
Tennessee Contractor #73454
Texas Electrical #TECL31656
Texas Contractor #373057


Fully Insured


Solar Certified
Solar Energy International-PV Design and Installation
Solar Energy International-Advanced PV
Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)
American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
Solar Professionals Certificate Program

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Platinum
  • Platinum Installer

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Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

We signed up for this service when the Company name was SunPro in October of 2021. Then ADT bought SunPro and we were just dropped as a customer, although we had already signed up for financing with NBT Bank. Thank goodness we had enough since NOT to sign the final paperwork for the loan until the work was finished, because after a lot of avoidance, we had to file a complaint with the LA Attorney General to make them start installment of our system. In November of 2022 they finally started and finished set up in February of 2023. Our electric bill has NOT CHANGED since. The electric company says the buy back numbers have not changed since February which means...the system is still not working. VERY DISSATISFIED and filing another complaint with the AG.

Posted by ttankesly on Oct 26, 2023
Totally Ripped Off!

This solar company has a one question pre-employment question (1) Can you lie well enough to fool your own mother? If the answer is yes you’re immediately hired. From the first work day to the completion of my project was almost a year. Lie (1), scheduler stated that my power had to disconnect for any work to be performed. Lie (2), project manager stated that my electricity provider was be uncooperative. I contacted my provider and ADT had never contacted them on my behalf. Lie (3), project manager stated that my building permit office was taking forever to issue permits. I went to the permitting office and ADT had not requested a permit for my address. All this back and forth took me months of phone messages, text messages, and emails that mostly went unanswered. When they came to work on my system they would work on site about 4 hours every other week. Techs could only work 8 hour shifts including drive time and they were driving 2 hours each way. So almost a year to complete. Now it’s finally complete and the system is totally unreliable and when it’s down it takes their 24/7 support a couple weeks to resolve. I’m waiting now for the 3rd production failure to be resolved, sending emails, phoning, texting hoping to find someone who cares! Do yourself a favour, use someone else!

Posted by rwlackey on Jun 27, 2023
run and don't look back

Bought a system around February of 2023 told the sales man I have 400 amp service he took pictures of my service along with other people coming out and taking pictures finally the panels were installed wire run had to argue with the installer that they couldn't put electric box in the lot with cattle. The electrician run the wire but when he got to the box to hook it up he said I can't hook to these wires they are to big for my clamps. He said I will order clamps and it will take aprox. 5 days well 3 weeks later and on their ass they still are trying to figure out how to hook to my 400 amp serv. I am sure I am not the only one with 400 amp serv. and 500kcm wire. If a sales man stops to talk to you from adt don't even say hi just say there's the road hit it.

Posted by jakelay57 on Jun 15, 2023
Look at other options

My panels have been on my roof for over 1 year and they still have not been able to pass the FINAL inspection. The inspector has been at my property about 4 times for the final inspection and the issues are still not fixed. They have extremely poor internal communication, seems like no one knows what the other team member is doing. Look elsewhere and do your homework, I wish I had the same as I would have definately not chosen this company. The excuse I am consistently getting is, they merged SUNPRO with ADT Solar and they have more projects then they can handle. In addition, the staff is like a revolving door, every week a new employee who has only been a week or so. I hope this is helpful.

Posted by Aaguileravaldez on Mar 08, 2023
Expensive HVAC tools stolen from my house

On 3/1/22 I had to have new smoke detectors wired in by ADT Solar, because it's city code, since I had to get a breaker panel upgrade. My mother was at the house while the electricians installed the smoke alarms.I work in ac/heating and about 2 weeks later I noticed I was missing a tool. I looked everywhere in the house and could not find it. I started to panic and wonder what happened to it because it is in a big BLUE container and is pretty heavy and cost about $714. Finally I got the idea to check some of my security cameras in the house. I looked on my kitchen camera and noticed that on 2/25/22 that tool was on the floor. I continued my research and found that the electrician, not the apprentice, took my tool on 3/1/22. The electrician did ask his apprentice if he wanted to meet him at the shop the next day and which car they should go in. I have him on my doorbell camera taking it to his Sunpro car. I contacted my salesman and he made phone calls to find out what happened. I spoke with a manager about it and said the electrician stole my tool and she chuckled and according to her my tool was sitting in the foreman’s office the very next day, March 2nd. I have posted the videos of the electricians on and Look for “Sunpro electrician taking my HVAC tools to his car”. On 4/1/22, while my mother was getting her solar panels installed the manager brought not only my big blue container, but also another tool I did not realize he had taken, which means he made a second trip for that one. The big blue container has evacuation hoses in it and the other smaller container she brought to me was a Fieldpiece refrigerant leak detector. Both of these tools totaled about $1000 together. She treated me like I should be grateful that they are bringing these tools back to me. That day I spoke with the salesman and said no one ever offered compensation to me. This electrician took $1000 worth of tools out of my house, and according to Sunpro, it sat for about 2 weeks before I realized it was missing. Had it been at Sunpro the next day and, according to them, the foreman asked the apprentice if they were his and he replied no. Why did they not return it immediately? She offered $500 for compensation after the salesman spoke with her and said I was upset. I said I wanted to speak with her manager and she sent an email back stating that she first received notification of the missing tools Sunday March 27th and that on Monday March 28th she found both in the foreman’s office. Until this time she claimed that Sunpro had my tools in the Foreman’s office the next day, so why is she saying now she found them in his office March 28th? Why not keep the story the same that they had been in his office since March 2nd? The day she called I had to call the salesman and ask what was going on and she did not call until 11am-12pm. She should have called me 1st thing that morning and asked, “What can we do to make this right?” I let her know that Sunpro did an excellent job on the install, but I am being treated by upper management as if I did something wrong. I spoke with her manager, the regional manager, and he also has this attitude that I should be grateful to them and that he is doing a favor for me by even considering offering compensation to me. I spent a lot of money with this company and had expensive tools taken from my house and they do nothing at all about, because according to them it was in their office the next day. I spoke with the regional manager and he said he would send an email the next day with an amount for compensation. Up until this time I have been patient with them, because the regional manager did not contact me until about 5 days or so later, and shortly after 7pm I sent him an email saying that I had not heard from him and that I was going to go to the BBB, etc. to leave reviews. He emails me back saying, “Sir, my EOD is in the evenings I thought we had an amicable and reasonable conversation but now I’m starting to get an understanding of your character.” I did nothing wrong to Sunpro! Management has dragged their feet on this matter since I reported it to them. They are treating me as if I do not matter! He also ends the email saying, “Had the tone of your email been different, my decision could have also been. With that said, I will make you a one-time offer of $300 in exchange for a non-disparagement signed letter. You can choose to take that or post the negative reviews, in which, I will respond to with factual information.” He then gives me until 5 pm CST on 4/13/22 to respond or the offer is off the table. I am writing this review with factual information. According to your side that you consider factual information they had my tools the very next day and did absolutely nothing to get them back to me until I found out where they ended up. Very poor customer service. A Sunpro employee took tools that did not belong to him, took the tools to the foreman’s office the next day (according to them), and no one thought to find out who the tools belonged to? It should have been easy to find out who they belonged to because they were coming from my house the day before. Had I not had the cameras I would have never gotten them back and I would have been out $1000 and they treat me like I wronged them! I was promised in writing, a text from someone at corporate and on another review site, that I would receive $714. They will not send it unless I remove all negative reviews. I refuse to do that because of how they treated me so poorly. Stay away from this company!! They have a 3.17 on another review site.

Posted by shteekah28 on Apr 27, 2022
Worse Customer Service!!!!

I got panels installed in August 2022, and after they were installed, they didn't care anymore; the panels were not working. I have three arrays installed, but only two workes properly; one array with six panels is not working; even technicians said it must be a faulty wire, but c/s refused to file a ticket to get a fix and called cust service a nightmare; they never answer, and when you complain about the production of the solar panels, they refuse TO FILE A TICKET to help and hung up the phone, TERRIBLE COMPANY, CHOSE ANOTHER ONE.

Posted by glendyemperatriz on Jan 27, 2023
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