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AWS Solar - Profile & Reviews

AWS Solar is locally owned and operated and one of the most well-respected & experienced solar installers in Southern California, because we are passionate about solar power and our core value, is to offer our customers a first class service experience.

We are able to design a properly sized photovoltaic system in just couple of hours. We will let you know the location of modules on the roof, the cost, payback period and your return on investment.

Request a free of charge, no obligation solar energy quote and then make an informed and educated decision in regards to the solar energy potential of your property.

AWS Solar offers fully designed solar panel systems to the architectural profile of your property and energy needs. We offer installation and maintenance for a turn-key solar power system that meets every customer's detailed preferences.

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  • "AWS"

    Reviewed Dec 13, 2020

    AWS did a great job. They completed the installation in one day. They were very friendly and professional.

  • "Really nice people"

    Reviewed Jun 14, 2020
    "Really nice people"

    Reviewed Jun 14, 2020

    Although I did not end up going with them, they were clear about the expectations of the work and ultimately told me that they were not going to do the installation, because it did not produce enough power.

    Honest people, highly recommend.

  • "1 Year Later and They Are Still Amazing!"

    Reviewed May 06, 2020
    "1 Year Later and They Are Still Amazing!"

    Reviewed May 06, 2020

    After doing a ton of research and hunting I decided to go with AWS. They were offering the best panels, best system, at the best price. Tim was amazing! Super responsive, explained everything and took care of dealing with SCE. They were efficient and professional. The roommates didnt even know the panels had been installed. The system has been active for a year now and I am beyond thrilled with AWS.

    We are now in the process of looking for another house that currently has Leased panels. I asked Tim to review the contract and to no surprise the lease system is terrible. He has given us a lot to think about moving forward. A year later and AWS is still there to help out. Seriously the best!

    Frank Muntean
    Response from AWS Solar
    Responded May 07, 2020
    Response from AWS Solar
    Responded May 07, 2020

    Thank you for the kind comments. We always strive to offer the very best customer service both during and after the installation process. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions.

  • "AWS Solar has the best customer service"

    Reviewed May 17, 2019
    "AWS Solar has the best customer service"

    Reviewed May 17, 2019

    I spoke with AWS Solar about solar for my home 3 years ago, but couldn't afford it at the time.
    Now, 3 years later, I called AWS Solar and 2 other companies and AWS Solar was still the best. The process was very fast and they did a great job.
    AWS Solar was great and I would recommend them to everyone that wants to hear about solar for their home.

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  • "Best solar company in Los Angels"

    Reviewed May 05, 2019
    "Best solar company in Los Angels"

    Reviewed May 05, 2019

    We started looking seriously at solar in 2016 and by early 2017 we decided to pull the trigger, to be able to get the 30% Federal Tax Credit. We went online to see which solar companies served the Los Angeles area and read some reviews. We narrowed it down to four companies and made appointments for them to come round to our home. Two of the companies that came out were really pushy and tried to “hard sell” us with a discount if we signed there and then. I am always wary of these sales tactics but AWS impressed us immediately because when Tim and Frank came they took time to check the roof and the electric panel, explain the whole process, analyze our needs from the bills we showed them, and even calculated the extra energy we would need for the Tesla we had ordered. They made us feel relaxed about taking our time and even encouraged us to do as much research and checking as we needed to do. I am glad that they did because after we checked the licenses (with California Contractors Board) we discovered that the first company that came had misled us about how long they had been in business! Although AWS weren’t the cheapest (or most expensive!) we decided to go with them. They did all the paperwork for the permits and about three weeks later Luis and the team from AWS were installing on our home. We went with 22 Panasonic 330 watt panels in two arrays (south and east) with a Solaredge inverter. Unfortunately, we had to wait another three weeks after the install for LADWP to come and change the meter and allow us to turn the system on. I wanted to wait a full year to see how the system works and have not been disappointed. Over the year we have only paid the $12 fee with LADWP each month and still have credits for the excess energy we made. I am very happy about going solar and would recommend AWS to anyone who wants to have solar.

  • "Knows their business and get the job done fast"

    Reviewed Apr 13, 2019
    "Knows their business and get the job done fast"

    Reviewed Apr 13, 2019

    AWS did a very good job designing and installing a 4 kW system – thirteen 330 watt Panasonic panels with Enphase micro-inverters. The system was sized to produce 6,800 kWh in the first year.
    I picked three companies to bid on the project – two (including Tim Broughton at AWS Solar) through www.energysage.com and one local contractor. After reading reviews, I insisted on a micro-inverter approach but left the designs to the solar companies. Each of the companies claimed that installing atop my clay tile roof was not practical, and the project must include new roofing beneath the panels. Re-roofing raised the initial quotes from the EnergySage companies but in the end AWS Solar promised the best $/watt and almost the lowest overall cost.
    The project went surprisingly quickly. Tim originally promised completion within 6 weeks. In fact the job finished in two weeks, with barely three days on-roof time for Mario and his team. AWS handled city permits and inspection. Inspection finished yesterday. Throughout the process Tim did a good job keeping me informed.
    Today I’m watching my SCE net meter running backwards on a sunny afternoon. The system is delivering all the power expected. I recommend AWS Solar for residential owners with similar projects.

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  • "Honest, Professional, and Excellent Solar System Installer That Delivers Excellent Results"

    Reviewed Dec 12, 2017
    "Honest, Professional, and Excellent Solar System Installer That Delivers Excellent Results"

    Reviewed Dec 12, 2017

    I chose AWS Solar to be my solar system installer because I prefer premium equipment quality and 25 years warranty. I highly recommend this company. Frank Muntean (the owner) is honest, thorough, and deliver what he promised. His crew is very professional, take pride in their work, and did an excellent job installing my solar system. I'm extremely happy with the results. The whole process, from the day I signed the contract to the day SDG&E approved the solar system installation and gave permission to turn it on, is about 5 weeks which is amazing.

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  • "Solar installation"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2017

    Frank, AWS Solar installed solar panels on my garage roof. As I remember there were five installers present, they went about their work very professionally. They secured all of the permits and labeled all of the electrical components. When the installation was finished, they painted the conduit to match my stucco color. It took about two days to complete the installation. The system works well, I have generated more power than I am using, no paying the city for electrical power. It is interesting to monitor the output on my phone or computer. Would highly recommend AWS Solar.

    Rowland Hall

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  • "Happy PV System Customer"

    Reviewed Sep 07, 2017

    After many weeks of research and getting quotes from multiple vendors, AWS Solar was one of the few that met my list of criteria. We met with Frank and his associate a week later. They were punctual and very professional. He gave me a rough idea of what to expect with the installation , some images of past installations he had done and took measurements of the roof and pictures of the house.

    Things went REALLY FAST after signing the contract! He made sure nothing would be held up during the whole process. His guys finished the majority of the work on the first day. The main service panel relocation was quite a bit of work and took another day to finish. He pulled city permits quickly and worked with SCE to get ‘permission to operate’ done a few days after city approval. My installation was done on 12/15/2016 and the system has been running trouble-free since then. I have contacted Frank a handful of times with questions regarding my PV system and he’s been always responsive.

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  • "AWS solar installation"

    Reviewed Sep 06, 2017

    i chose Frank from AWS to provide my solar system. their prices and communications were the best of all respondents to my request for quote.
    everything was completed in a timely bassis and we have enjoyed 2 months of near zero bills from Edison. we were paying 500-600/monthly during the summer. my system uses 36 Panasonic 335W panels with a Solar Edge inverter.

  • "Fast and Easy Process"

    Reviewed Jun 16, 2017

    AWS Solar was a great solar partner. The explained the process well and handled everything. Took two days to install. Very Professional!

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  • "Aws solar"

    Reviewed Jun 15, 2017

    Frank and his team were timely and efficient. Took about 2 days to install and has been running perfectly ever since.

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  • "Clear, reasonable pricing; they handle the whole process, paperwork included"

    Reviewed Sep 26, 2015
    "Clear, reasonable pricing; they handle the whole process, paperwork included"

    Reviewed Sep 26, 2015

    AWS provided no-nonsense answers to several pre-sales questions I had about solar installations without the hard-sell I was receiving from the well known mainstream solar leasing firm. I ended up selecting a purchase with AWS after digesting the options. The price was reasonable and easy to understand.

    Based on what I had heard from friends who had installed solar at their homes, I anticipated a complex and long installation process. AWS defied that expectation with timely on-site inspection, rapid scheduling, swift execution of the installation, and (most impressive to me) seamless handling of the city and utility paperwork. The installation team is friendly and efficient. There was very little effort on my behalf, aside from writing a check, of course. But writing a check and getting excellent service is the definition of great customer experience: you pay for professionals and you get professionals.

    The panels look good, energy production has been solid, and it's already on auto-pilot.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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At AWS Solar we speak Solar. We are NABCEP certified installers and we install just high-quality solar panels. Manufacturers of solar panels provide a 25 years warranty for their solar modules while the lifetime expectation of solar panels is more than 50 years
At AWS Solar we are passionate about solar power systems. It’s hard to match our expertise with the latest products to protect the roof and to install the most efficient solar power systems.

We monitor and guarantee the output of your solar system once installed.
Check out website: https://aws-solar.com/ or 818-484-3264

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



AWS Solar Headquarters

11750 Roscoe Blvd Ste 7
Los Angeles, CA
91352 US

Local Offices (10)

  • 275 E Hillcrest Dr
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
  • 2112 E Thompson Blvd
    Ventura, CA 93001
  • 3000 Olympic Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90404
  • 100 W Broadway
    Long Beach, CA 90802
  • 18575 Jamboree Road
    Irvine, CA 92612
  • 25350 Magic Mountain Pkwy
    Santa Clarita, CA 91355
  • 9431 Haven Ave
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
  • 15437 Anacapa Rd
    Victorville, CA 92392
  • 626 W Lancaster Blvd
    Lancaster, CA 93534
  • 1249 S Diamond Bar Blvd
    Diamond Bar, CA 91765
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Workmanship Warranty

25 Years Warranty
Production Guarantee


California Solar and Storage Association
Tile Roofing Industry Alliance
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, Inc. (NABCEP®)#051112-130


North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) PV Installation Professional # 051112-130
Tile Roofing Institute - Certified Installer
Tesla Certified Installer
Panasonic Certified Solar Installer
LG Chem Certified Solar Installer
Sonnen battery Certified Installer
SolarEdge Diamond Dealer Certified Installer
Enphase Certified Installer
Cal Osha
Arc Fault protection
Fall Safety Protection
Hero Register Contractor
CaliforniaFIRST Contractor


Contractor State License California C10#901196


General Liability 5 mil
Commercial Auto
Workers Comp

States served by AWS Solar

  • California CA