Gold Rush Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Builder

  • Electrical Contractor

Gold Rush Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Builder

  • Electrical Contractor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Gold Rush Energy Solutions’ sole purpose is to empower people with the latest renewable technology so that they may live more abundant lives. Our focus is to develop a culture that nurtures a positive streamlined experience for our employees and customers. We perform quality work with qualified professionals. Our goal is to make our customers lucky to have chosen us.

More About Us

More About Us

We started Gold Rush Energy Solutions as an alternative to the impersonal and often unprofessional performance of our large volume competitors. Our goal is to provide an optimal install, with personal customer service by certified professionals, who care about their customers. We aim to provide the highest quality of product and workmanship while still maintaining the most competitive pricing in the market.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Can handle even the most complex of jobs!"
Reviewed Aug 30, 2019

This is a long review, hopefully worth you taking the time to read.

We've been working on getting solar on our property for 4 years now! It has been a very long journey for us, for most it should not be this long but we had some interesting challenges.

When I started the process we had three different meters on our property, one of them is 3-phase. We are now down to 2 meters, but having multiple meters added to the complexity. We also had wanted to put the solar panels on the roof of a barn structure we have, but unfortunately the building was not permitted properly by the previous owners. We also have a lot of tall Ponderosa Pine trees on the property that created a ton of shade issues.

Add to these "issues" the fact that we use a lot of power, so we were talking about installing a large, 60 panel residential system. All of these factors, and some others, made it very difficult to deal with many other solar companies. Some didn't even want to talk to us. We got into contract with one company and they couldn't complete the job, or weren't willing to deal with the challenges.

Then, when we were about to give up, along came Daniel Ramirez and the growing team at Gold Rush Energy! They dove right in and were able to solve the last challenge we had as well. Once we decided to go with a ground mount system we wanted to have a raised system so our animals could use it as a shelter in the pasture. Most companies were not offering something like this whereas Gold Rush Energy had it in their portfolio.

Due to the multiple power meter aggregation and the removal of one meter that we had, things took a while to get through PG&E's approval. The Gold Rush team were constantly hounding PG&E to get that approval done and giving me regular updates. Once we received our final approval the installation was scheduled for the next week!

I was initially a little worried that this is a growing company, what was the crew going to be like, how was their equipment, etc. They came on site with about 8 people, all very good work ethics, and some fairly new trenching equipment and tractors! They had a huge raised panel system to install and over 400' of trenching to do through some hard ground. I was impressed in how they got this project done!

If they can get through a difficult project like ours, they should have no problem with any other system they are working on!

Really looking forward to our solar production and seeing what our first annual true-up bill will look like, we should end up net zero with our efforts which is our goal! Thank you so much to Daniel and the whole team at Gold Rush Energy!

"Solar Panels"
Reviewed Feb 01, 2019

I've wanted solar at my new place ever since I moved here so I started shopping around and had many representatives from different companies come to see what they could do. Gold Rush Energy Solutions was by far the best. I had my solar panels up and running in a very short time. Daniel, Michelle and and the whole crew were always very helpful and informative throughout the whole process. I highly recommend them for your solar needs and have already recommended them to friends.

"Solar Installation"
Reviewed Jan 27, 2019

We moved to our new home in November with the expectation that we would take advantage of the Federal 30% solar tax rebate before it expires.
After interviewing 6 or more solar enterprises we chose Gold Rush Energy Solutions because the sales representative, Daniel Ramirez had a thorough knowledge of the industry and equipment. We also had a narrow window for the installation and approvals to qualify for the rebate in 2018 and Gold Rush assured us that they could get the approvals needed and install the system in 2018 for the rebate. Daniel had also handled other projects in our area and had been recommend to us.
Once Daniel was given the authority to proceed with our solar project on November 26th he did so with tenacity. He personally expedited the permit necessary for our county and insured that the highest quality equipment for our installation was available. The installation was completed in 2 days and the personnel doing the installation worked tirelessly and were very professional. On December 13th we were given the “ok” by PG&E to turn our system on!
We would most certainly recommend Daniel Ramirez and Gold Rush Solutions to others wanting to install a solar system.

"Solar installation"
Reviewed Jan 23, 2019

The process of purchasing solar panels with Gold Rush was easy and painless. Once we decided to use this company, the installation including inspection was completed quickly and with little disruption in our house. Daniel explained the financing information in detail, was knowledgable, easy to talk to, and not pushy. We contacted two other companies, but in the end decided to go with Daniel. Everyone we dealt with were friendly and professional we highly recommend Gold Rush.

"superior Company"
Reviewed Jan 18, 2019

Gold Rush is by far the best company. Can’t say enough man out them. I was referred to Daniel and so glad I called him. I had already met with 10 + companies. And this company was by far the most professional, non pushy and paid attention to what I wanted. They also gave me the exact price and rate I was looking for. Thanks again Daniel

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"Best Solar Company"
Reviewed Jan 26, 2017

I had talked to many solar companies and specially the big names. Then i talked to Daniel from Gold Rush Energy Solutions. He was very nice and polite and listened to all my questions and explained me all the advantages of the solar system and its different options with the solar panels available in the market and the invertor systems. He was not really pushy like all other solar companies will definitely do. Once i finalized the system with them, it took 1-2 weeks only to get it approved and permits and installation.
Also approval from PG&E was also very quick and my system was running perfectly as it was explained and the way it should be.
Also the installation crew were very professional and finished up the job on time and also cleaned up everything and also painted the conduits and pipes used on the wall.
They were professional and neat as they worked.
Also the online monitoring system is working perfectly as expected.
I have seen the installation for other solar systems in my neighborhood and i could see the difference.
I will definitely recommend GOLD RUSH ENERGY SOLUTIONS than the big companies, as you will get good service and personal attention than the corporate service which you don't know who you are talking to and might be different salesperson every few months.
I will definitely recommend to all my friends.

"Awesome job!"
Reviewed Aug 12, 2016

My wife and I have spoke to well over 6 different solar companies.  We didn’t “feel it” with them.  They would listen to what we wanted, tell us they can work with us and then hit us with the lease pitch.  Even if you change the word “lease” to something else it is still a lease… Sorry.  We simply wanted to buy our panels and have them installed.  We wanted to have the least money out of pocket and take advantage of the government rebates and loans.  We wanted to have 100% of the energy produced applied to our PG&E bill.  The others said “No, no, no.  We install panels, you pay us for your electricity at a reduced rate.”  OK, that’s fair if you don’t know there are other options.  

Then we met Jordan and Daniel from Gold Rush Energy Solutions.  They knocked on our door one HOT Saturday afternoon.

Right away my wife and I liked these guys.  I had a lot of questions and they answered everything backing it up with documentation whenever I needed it.  They weren’t “Yes Men” though.  There were a couple of points that weren’t going to work but they came up with alternate approaches whenever possible.  We signed on the dotted line.

Less than a week later they and their team were on our roof putting in the system.  They had arrived right on time (maybe even a little early).  They were professional and neat as they worked.  Our neighbors had a team installing solar as well.  They had ordered theirs 2-3 months prior and they were finally getting the panels put up.  Their workers were definitely not on the same caliber as the Gold Rush Energy Solutions crew.  One big difference was that by noon when our solar was installed it was FULLY installed.  Ready to run.  The inspector showed up after lunch and was done in no time.  He was thrilled at the job they did with all of the electrical modifications and additions.  There was nothing for hime to complain about which made his paperwork very short and simple.  The house next door wasn’t even scheduled for inspection yet.  We had to wait a few days for PG&E to process us into the system for the meter changes they needed to do.  Then we were fully online.  The guys went out of their way and asked if we had any leftover house paint which we did.  They painted the metal conduit running up to the roof so that it blends in… neighbors is still an ugly silver/grey.

Would I hire them again?  Absolutely YES.

Would I refer them to a friend?  A resounding YES.

I wish all jobs went so well.

A very happy customer.