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Solar, batteries, EV chargers

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  • Installation
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Zenernet was founded by solar veterans who were dissatisfied with the high-pressure sales tactics and outdated processes that were the norm in the industry. Our commitment to innovation and customer service has propelled our rapid growth.

Workmanship Warranty

Workmanship warranty available in 10, 20, and 25 year increments, covering the entire system - installation, components, and roof - in addition to manufacturers' warranties.


Business Incorporation: 6624142





Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Gold Installer
  • PWRpartner

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Company has gone bankrupted

To the best of my knowledge, the company had gone "belly up" beg. of 2023/ end of 2022 which can be the reason why so many people are complaining about the "service" (or lack of).

Posted by Beatrice.Zelenko on Jul 18, 2023
You may have coverage for an insurance claim

You may have a claim with Zenernet's Insurance Company. If you have a certificate of insurance look up their carrier and policy number. My policy was an occurrence-type policy so as long as their liability occurred while they were insured there should be coverage for a covered claim. Of course the panel manufacturer and inverter manufacturer warranty their own components.

Posted by fmsmall on Jun 05, 2023
Save Your Time and Potential Headaches

Paid the deposit for the installation in late September and then got abandoned by October. No more communications or anything. All phone numbers are dead and no one is emailing me back. Disputed the charge with my credit card company and of course they respond to them to reverse the charge so that I'm still responsible for it. Of course they can respond to something that actually costs them money but they can't respond to any customer inquiries on exactly what's going on with them.

Posted by richardxdu on Dec 16, 2022
Save yourself…Don’t do it, they will abandon you!

Well, today I just got my solar system running after 165 days (5.5 months) from signing the contract. It looks like Zenernet went out of business, their phones are dead, no response from email anymore, CEO sent a vague weird email about having company issues...basically a soft way of telling customers they are finished. I seem to be one of the luckier customers as they did finish ~90% of the work. I did have to get an electrician to get the system connected to my main panel. Then I had to call Enphase to have them activate the system. After that it fired up right away and starting pumping power on a cloudy day! So happy now. So I finally have a system that works, but still not all things were done properly. Monitoring doesn't work as they did not install it correctly. Overall I got a good price, good hardware, service was ok till they went belly up, just glad I did not get abandoned halfway through like I heard other people did, I made it just in the nick of time. ADVICE TO ANYONE WORKING WITH THEM STILL --- DO NOT PAY THEM UNTIL YOUR SYSTEM IS FULLY UP AND WORKING AND APPROVED AND MONITORING IS WORKING! DO NOT PAY UNTIL JOB IS 100% COMPLETE!!! Pro's -Good price, best price out of all installers -Good hardware -Install did go smooth mostly, no issues other than listed below -Less than 4hrs to install a 10 panel Enphase micro-inverter system on a 2nd story asphalt shingle roof. No issues on install day, it went smooth, except it wasn't fully complete (not that I knew at the time). Con's - My 25 year installation warranty just went up in smoke if Zenernet really did go out of business. - Never finished the installation, had to get electrician to finish the job, mainly needed to add 3 breakers and rewire some things in the panel. - They did not honor the 60-day installation guarantee. - They did not paint the conduit on side of house per contract, looks ugly. - Had to activate the system myself. Had to call Enphase for ~1hr. - Monitoring does not work properly as they did not install all hardware needed for it to work right.

Posted by nealstight on Dec 10, 2022
What is going on ???

At the Beginning of my journey everything was well. I had a great experience with everyone. 2 months in and I haven’t been contacted with an update or anything on what’s going on. I’ve tried to contact 3 different project managers and nobody answers. I go on Google and it says they are permanently closed. What does this mean ? I signed all the documents and also the contract. Am I free to choose someone else now ? I need advice. Thanks

Posted by angelsalazar63 on Nov 28, 2022
Zenernet is Horrible

I started working with Zenernet in August, signed a contract and gave a $1,000 deposit. Their Sales people are very good at selling, see my review 8/26/22. After getting my deposit I was told the quote was wrong, I need one more panel, they sent me a new quote. I asked for a roof quote, it was almost double the amount I paid to have my roof replaced. About a week after getting my revised quote I was told I will need a re-spot of my electrical main panel $4,500. I said that seemed high and asked if I could have a local Electrician do the work? They said I could. Local $3,800. Then I was told by Zenernet $4,500 was not correct it would be between $6,000-$12,000. 2 weeks later I was told "Good news! we can add a sub panel for $3,000 and no need for re-spot" I understand codes are different depending on location, but any solar company should know this when they quote. I told them I want to cancel and want my deposit back. More than three weeks have gone by and they (Project Mgr & Sales) will not respond to texts, phone calls or emails. NOTHING! Stay away from Zenernet!!

Posted by Shelbgone on Nov 14, 2022
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