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Disappointed in customer service

It took six months from point of sale to production. Everything went great up until install then they totally dropped the ball. They didn’t follow up on the FPL interconnection application and didn’t follow up to see what the hold up was so I sat with a 50k system on my roof installed in May that I couldn’t use in June July and August. Every time I called they said to just wait not realizing it was hung up. Very frustrating.

Posted by izzyrt on Sep 26, 2022
Keep looking, this company will leave you hanging

The sales process is refined, but there's nothing behind the claims. It has now been a year since contract signing and 10 weeks since panels were finally installed. They simply refuse to set up a final inspection so that they can be activated. I'm now paying for the panels AND my regular FPL bill because they will not do the final city inspection. I call daily. Never ever ever ever a call back. I'm sorry for the day I heard about this company. Now on top of the cost of the panels and electric bill, there will be an attorney fee to force them to complete the work they started. These folks simply do not care at all about what happens after the contract is signed. Working on getting a consumer advocate to do a media story. Looks like that might happen. Do yourself a favor and avoid companies who promise the world but refuse to deliver, even when under contract.

Posted by mtaylor0035 on Sep 21, 2022
Don't do it

If you want to owe FPL more than solar bear than sign up! We pay FPL $310 and solar bear $279 it's amazing to pay more than $500 for power every month. We also did not qualify for the tax rebate because we have to little of a tax liability. Not a good financial decision.

Posted by sheisartphotography on Aug 31, 2022

I selected and signed contract with Solar Bear last July 6, 2022. They guaranteed 103% offset of my last year's energy usage thru combination of spray foam attic and an 8.14 kW solar system. Per contract, spray foam attic will reduce energy consumption by 25% and the rests of energy needs will be produced by the solar panels. Sounds great! July 26, 2022: Spray foam was applied to my attic. The work is a mess from cleanup of existing cellulose insulation to the application of spray foam itself. Duct supports, I counted at least 6, were removed but were not attach back. The worst part, I don't see the 25% reduction in my energy use. The only good thing about my attic now is that it never gets hot pass 90F but again that's not the goal. I emailed customer service last 7/29 about the issues but never heard any response. August 1, 2022: Solar panels were installed. During the sales presentation, I asked how they are going to make sure that the rails are attached to the rafters, the sales rep told me that they use specialized instrument to detect rafters. I watched for few minutes how the installer detects rafter and dumbfounded by the fact that the specialized instrument is HAMMER! The guy will tap my roof hard to guess for rafter and I saw him drilled and missed multiple times and just cover the holes with sealant. Hopefully those missed holes won't cause leak in the future. Also, installers made 3 big holes in the spray foam and I was told it will be fixed (hopefully). I also saw installers stepping on the panels during installation, you can see their footprints and handprints all over the panels. August 16, 2022: Two full weeks after solar installation, I was not getting any update on inspection, so I decided to email the company and check for inspection schedule. To my amazement, no one in the company knows that inspection has not been scheduled yet. An employee named Erika immediately scheduled an inspection the following day, 8/17. IN SUMMARY: I REGRET SELECTING SOLAR BEAR! Sadly, there's nothing I can do now. · My biggest concern is the promised 25% reduction on energy use by spray foam attic. · I will follow up on the solar system performance if it's delivering on it's promised production. · No single person that manages the project. · You will never know what's going on unless you ask. · Quality of work is abysmal. · The only good thing about the company is the sales talk (and sweet promises which are mostly broken) · Spare yourself from sure HEADACHE, choose other company P.S.: HIDE YOUR VALUABLES! I learned the hard way during spray foam application where all doors and windows are required to be opened.

Posted by leodones on Aug 19, 2022

We just had Solar Bear install the solar panels on our home. From beginning to end the entire project was beyond our expectations. Mike Winn was our sales man from Mike to all of the installers they were professional, knowledgeable, respectful and trustworthy. My sister and daughter have also signed up with Solar Bear. Looking forward to a low electric bill too! Thank you Solar Bear

Posted by sversley on Jul 26, 2022
Great company very happy

Everyone from solar bear did a great job. Anthony the sales guy was very professional and not pushy. We are very happy with the over all process.

Posted by jag1048 on Jul 22, 2022



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