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Tayco Electric & Solar - Profile & Reviews

Tayco has been providing quality service to the Carolinas since 2006. We believe in honesty, integrity, and results you will be proud of. Our goal is to educate you, the consumer, so that you can make a confident decision as to whether solar is right for you. We want you to decide!

39 reviews

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  • "Best of the Best"

    Reviewed Apr 13, 2021

    I couldn't be happier with the products and service received by TayCo Electric. Joe had amazing knowledge and was able to create the perfect solar system for my home and situation. Whitney saw the project through from agreement, install, and turn on. Whitney made this complicated process seamless and easy. After the job was complete, the service didn't stop there. They are always available for random electrical questions, follow up on system performance, and assistance with any rebates that are potentially available. The products that were installed could have been purchased through many different dealers, but TayCo Electric is the BEST!!!

  • "Excellent experience with Tayco!!"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2021
    "Excellent experience with Tayco!!"

    Reviewed Mar 05, 2021

    I can tell you, Solar companies are NOT all equal!! We reviewed 3 solar company solutions before finding Tayco. Our experience with Tayco in the planning and installation of our solar system with Powerwalls, was outstanding! Their quality of workmanship, timeliness and the delivered solution has been well above expectations. We'll use them again for any electrical or solar needs and highly recommend you give Joe or Whitney a call. At no time did we feel pressured or given a "hard sell" to buy the solution. Instead we received experienced and steady guidance on what to expect during the installation process and never encountered "surprises". Great professionals and a great experience!!

  • "Tayco Electric for Solar Panels"

    Reviewed Oct 14, 2020

    We turned Solar for more than an year now. I spoke to handful of installers and decided to go ahead with Tayco Electric. O They are the elite installer for Sunpower Solar Panels. Their quote was competitive and came with no pushy sales tactics. Joe was easy to work with and helped us save money by sharing corporate MIR that were in play at that point. Whitney from the installation team took care of all the paper work, whether it was working with my HoA or Duke Energy or Inspectors. She kept me informed with every step and made this complete experience very pleasant. She also helped us to be prepared on how to apply for Duke Energy Rebates. Their installation team was also very profession and all Tayco owned, and finished the work within a day. I have reached out to them 2 - 3 times in last one year and even the post installation service has been very customer friendly.

    Over all very pleasant experience and very easy to work with. Professionals.. I will strongly recommend to reach out to them for all your solar needs.

  • "TayCo Electric and SunPower - Great Combination!"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020
    "TayCo Electric and SunPower - Great Combination!"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020

    We recently chose to go with SunPower for their superior workmanship in their panels over all of their competitors. TayCo Electric & Solar did the installation. They were efficient, professional, and did a remarkable job. Even the inspector was impressed on the neatness of the installation. And Whitney was awesome to work with, keeping us apprised of where we were during the process at all times. I would highly recommend these 2 partners together for your solar needs!

  • "Awesome Experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020

    True professionals through the entire process. Sales process was great, Joe is extremely knowledgeable about solar, did a great job educating me on their product. There were no sales gimmicks or pressure to buy, I really appreciated his technical expertise. I had a ton of questions and he answered them all :)

    Whitney did an excellent job as the Project Coordinator, she kept me informed of all the steps and handled all the paperwork with the HOA, county permitting, Duke Energy, etc. A true turn key experience with her handling everything and keeping me informed of all progress.

    The installers were awesome as well. They started exactly when they said they would, it took exactly how long they said, and they cleaned up so well it was like they were never here. It's obvious they take a great deal of pride in their craftsmanship.

    I got estimates from multiple solar companies, Tayco was by far the most professional and least pressure. Solar is not an inexpensive investment and I think this is a case of "you get what you pay for," I can't recommend this company highly enough.

  • "Excellent company, great service, before and after install."

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2020
    "Excellent company, great service, before and after install."

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2020

    I decided to go with solar panels for home in Apr 2019 and started reaching out to various installers for details and quotes. After talking to almost 10 different installers, I decided on Tayco in Sep 2019 and I am really glad I did that. Tayco is the best option if you want to go with Sunpower (#1 rated) solar panels.
    Tayco's team is very sincere, honest, skilled and responsive. There was never any "buy now" pressure, they just answered all the questions, gave details, including things I didnt ask but should know (e.g. wait until Oct for install for getting Duke rebate). My installation went without any issues, crew was all Tayco owned, very skilled and finished work within a day (22 panels). They made sure no wiring was outside the wall, surveyed attic and crawl space and all wires are inside/hidden. Even after the install, Tayco team stayed in touch, specially just before Duke rebate registration started with details of what info to fill, and reminders. On the day Duke rebate registration opened, they reminded again and followed up to make sure registration was done successfully. What an excellent customer service. Even 10 months after install, they are 1 text/call away and super responsive and helpful if any question or issues. Whitney and Joe are assets for Tayco and I'd definitely recommend Tayco for solar panel install services.

  • "Installation by Tayco Electric"

    Reviewed Jul 16, 2020
    "Installation by Tayco Electric"

    Reviewed Jul 16, 2020

    We recently decided to have a TESLA Powerwall installed to go with our previously installed solar system. After calling several companies, some never returned calls, some were incredibly arrogant and some just kept putting us off, we decided on TAYCO Electric. They were courteous, responsive and showed up when they said they would. Whitney was an absolute delight to work with on this and she kept us informed and the project on track. During the inspection, the County Inspector commented on what a neat, efficient job the electricians had done. We had a few hitches but TAYCO made it right every time. I would HIGHLY recommend TAYCO Electric.

  • "Creme de la Creme"

    Reviewed May 17, 2020

    Tayco Electric & Solar just installed a a 5.2 kW SunPower system on our roof. We could not be more pleased with the people at Tayco, the installation process, the hardware and the results. Tayco does what they say they will do and does it when they say they will.

    Of course the end result is what you are paying for. The efficiency of SunPower solar is as good as the hype. This is our second solar system so we have something to compare against. The first was a competing brand. It was good but SunPower beats it coming and going. Our previous system had 18 panels and on a good day it produced 25 kWh. With SunPower we have two fewer panels but it has produced as much as 38 kWh on a good day. The difference is compelling. Bottom line: go with Tayco and SunPower if you want the best.

  • "Excellence start to finish"

    Reviewed May 09, 2020

    Sales/education : 5 stars!
    Pre-project: 5 stars!
    Rebate assistance: 5 stars!
    Installation: 5 stars!
    First and finish: 5 stars!
    System performance: 5 stars!

    I can't say enough good things about Tayco and Sunpower. I still don't understand how I (and you, if you pick up the phone and call Tayco) could purchase the best equipment in sunpower modules with enphase inverters, with the best warranty available, for the cheapest. I got a bunch of other bids and Tayco edged everyone else out. I loved the process of getting educated. It was very informative without being "salesy", which is the fastest way to loose my interest. I liked how detailed the proposal was and how Joe included a full energy generation model complete with shade analysis, and I liked that he gave me options. I signed a contract soon after. I was then helped by Whitney who stayed as the project manager through the rest of the process. She simplified the Duke Energy rebate process and went to work in making sure her customers received the rebate after there was a glitch in the Duke website. Then the installation started, and went very quickly and smoothly. The installers were very professional and respectful of my property. I now have a glorious 9.5 kW SunPower PV system on my roof cranking out green energy. I love it.
    I highly recommend partnering with Tayco Electric because trust is very important to me. They created trust immediately, and maintained/increased that trust throughout the project.

  • "Best experience"

    Reviewed Apr 21, 2020

    We are super happy with the Sunpower panels, installation, and performance. From the initial consultation through the final installation everyone at Tayco was enjoyable to work with and very professional. What made this the best experience in 50+ years doing business with any contractor was how they managed the project by being proactive and detailed with all communications - they were always one step ahead with answers to questions we had not thought to ask yet.

  • "Solar install"

    Reviewed Apr 14, 2020

    Whitney was excellent as well as the whole install crew.

  • "Exceptional company"

    Reviewed Mar 25, 2020

    If you are contemplating Solar, I would absolutely recommend Tayco Electric. Their professional team from the first moments of inquiry, to install, to follow up (7 months later) are second to none. We ended up saving over $15,000 by going with Tayco. We received a higher quality panel, and they by far surpassed the other competitors price. We have had Solar for 10 months now and are saving true dollars 325-375 a month. At this rate with the still unbelievable tax credits they should pay for themselves in seven years. Not only are you doing something to help our environment, you also are receiving high quality, good looking panels that should produce for over 30 years. Go with Tayco, Tell them I referred you:)

  • "Great experience"

    Reviewed Mar 24, 2020

    I started to research about solar mid last year, and Tayco was one of the first to send me an estimate. After a phone conversation, Joe visited us, and analyzed the situation to us. I got a sense that they are actually very busy, and Joe did not engage in any pushy sales behavior to seal the deal. In fact, if I did not get back to him, I somehow felt like that I might not have heard back from him again. As a side note, they were the only company that visited my property, as others somehow never did. Second, they did not try to sell me as many panels as possible, instead focusing on my need. He made the design so that I would not lose too much excess production due to net metering reset. Also, their design allows us to have more panels installed in the future, which can't be said about several other estimates I received. They were not the lowest on total cost, neither the lowest per watt cost, but I had the most confidence in their numbers and decided to go with them.

    The permitting and installation was organized by Whitney, and it was very straightforward from my perspective. It seems to be a locality they have not worked with before, but they pretty much took care of everything other than those required my signature. My attic has a very tight opening, and they found a way to get all the wiring done. She also helped on getting the utility rebate. For the record, the customers need to file the rebate application. Since I got it, I'm glad that I did not go with another company which provided guaranteed rebate at a higher cost. Their financing offering is also quite straightforward, with reasonably nice interest rate. I asked a bank to combine it into a refinance mortgage, and was told that it will not be financially advantageous to do so.

    As for the system, I think it's performing more or less as promised so far. Joe told us that we will have challenge in the winter due to shading, and we did (which sounded odd when he told me and we looked outside in the summer). Now in this warm March, we see the first month that our power is roughly 100% from solar.

    Overall I am very happy with the experience, and will highly recommend them.

  • "Thankful we went with TayCo"

    Reviewed Mar 23, 2020
    "Thankful we went with TayCo"

    Reviewed Mar 23, 2020

    We looked at several others, but settled on TayCo and SunPower. Joe was very thorough and knowledgeable during the sales process, and Whitney was a superstar during installation. Duke is TERRIBLE to work with. They make it intentionally difficult for homeowners, but TayCo made it all happen. I've seen and heard other stories about other installers. Very happy we chose TayCo.

  • "Wonderful people, wonderful service, great product"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2020
    "Wonderful people, wonderful service, great product"

    Reviewed Feb 07, 2020

    Tayco designed and installed the solar system at our farm in Chuckey, TN. They came all this way and even got licensed in the state in order to help us get our farm off the grid. The team, to a person, is fabulous. Their customer service, during and after installation, is just terrific. They are still coming up with ways to help us optimize our system. We could not have been more pleased, and I give them my very highest recommendation.

  • "Happy Solar Customer"

    Reviewed Jan 18, 2020

    I had been looking to go solar since 2009. Every time I entertained sales people to explore the options, they always came to the table with a high cost and equally high pressure sales tactics. Those tactics usually included if you sign a contract today you get this price but if I needed time to think about it then the price would go up. I’m not sure about others but when I am looking to spend tens of thousands of dollars, I want some time to think that decision over carefully. Needless to say that always turned me off. So I was not super optimistic in 2019 when I decided to explore my options again that anything would have changed. But a neighbor told me about Tayco Electric and I decided to give them a call & I am extremely glad I did!
    The Sales Experience
    Joe, my salesman, could not have been any easier to deal with. From the start he understood, that I was not going to make a commitment that day and would need time to research my options. And that was fine and would not affect my quote (unless I took a really long time to decide obviously). He walked me through how they would size my array so it would maximize my energy production without over-sizing the array. This would allow me the most cost effective return based on the net metering offered in my area. He also explained how my electric company’s rebate program had worked in the past and what my options were to have the best chance to qualify for that rebate. Also the panels he presented based on my research offered the best efficiency and quality.
    Project Management
    My project manager, Whitney, was also excellent. From the start, she coordinated with me on next steps, final design aspects of my array and explained how the process would proceed. She also answered all of my questions and educated me on anything that I had questions about. But the best aspect was that once my panels were installed and activated, she was still involved. Reminding me about the electric company rebate deadline, how the process had played out in the past and how, from her knowledge, it would work when I would be applying. She also provided the exact information I needed to enter on the rebate application. On the day the rebate application submission process opened, she was checking in to make sure I was supported.
    The installation crew that installed my panels did an excellent job and were super nice. Now I had anticipated this installation day for 10 years, so I was like a kid on Christmas day hovering over every aspect of the installation. But that did not phase them in the least and they were super friendly and took the time to explain any questions I had and never made me feel like I was an imposition.
    Bottom Line
    My panels are producing great power and I have qualified for the electric company’s rebate which was a return of about 19% of the cost of my array.
    So bottom line, Tayco Electric met and exceeded my expectations for my solar purchase and installation. Their customer service, quality product and care from start to finish renewed my confidence that there are still companies out there that while they exist to make a profit; they can do so and give me the comfort and confidence that I will be taken care of and I am in good hands.

  • "Very pleased with TayCo and our SunPower solar panels"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2020
    "Very pleased with TayCo and our SunPower solar panels"

    Reviewed Jan 03, 2020

    Joe, Whitney, and the installers all did an excellent job walking us through the process, answering all of our questions, and getting the solar panels installed efficiently. From start to finish it was a great experience, we were very glad that we chose Tayco and have been very happy with our SunPower system.

  • "Perfect!"

    Reviewed Nov 04, 2019

    I can't add much to what others have said about this superlative company and their staff. Joe and Whitney were there for me all the way, including helping me push my HOA to establish solar rules and approve my installation in a timely fashion. The installation crew was friendly, fast and professional. And of course, the Sunpower 370 panels are extremely efficient. Oddly, I got three proposals. Two others wanted to put low efficiency panels on east and west facing roof slopes and both cost a lot more. Tayco put fewer panels on a south facing slope to produce equivalent power and still beat both the others on price.

  • "Exceeded Expectations & Experience for Solar Systems installation and continue service"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019
    "Exceeded Expectations & Experience for Solar Systems installation and continue service"

    Reviewed Oct 29, 2019

    I looked at over 7 solar companies in my area. I picked TayCo and they have exceeded expectations; First Joe and Whitney were knowledgeable about all the options for solar panels. They educated me in terms I understood about +/- of various solar panel systems and the payback. They are an establish company with the ability to service my system for the whole warranty, since its not dependent on just the Whitney, Joe and Edgar team, who have been exceptional. My home had some electrical installation hurdles that they had the lowest cost and best long term solution. Installation was as scheduled and promised. I have had the system for 12 months now and they are still checking on my system and providing exceptional service to the solar system & online monitoring.
    Rebate support was exceptional. Whitney provided step by step instructions and reminder emails, so I recieved the rebate without problems. All round 5 stars experience.

  • "Highly recommend"

    Reviewed Aug 28, 2019
    "Highly recommend"

    Reviewed Aug 28, 2019

    Getting my home solar set up from start to finish was seamless and easy! Whitney, Joe and everyone who participated in installing the system were great partners. They provided us with all our options and helped us choose the right amount of watts we needed; they didn't try to oversell us. Whitney and Joe were knowledgeable and patient with me as I threw questions and even more questions upon them. Super helpful, professional, honest, just outstanding to work with. They helped me through the financing and rebate processes as well. The solar system has been great, and we have definitely seen a decrease in our bill from our energy provider. To anyone who may be looking into solar energy, I can’t recommend TayCo Electric enough!

  • "Excellent experience from start to finish"

    Reviewed Aug 25, 2019
    "Excellent experience from start to finish"

    Reviewed Aug 25, 2019

    After many, many weeks of research I decided that SunPower has the best panels & warranty in the industry, and that I'd be doing business with TayCo Electric. Joe, the Sales Director, was professional and polite thru the whole process, even at times when I wasn't. He hung in there and got me the system and financing I was after. Whitney, the Project Coordinator, did everything she said she would and walked me thru the entire process, from the initial interconnection application to getting my system commissioned. Edgar and his crew installed the system in almost no time, and left my home looking exactly the way I imagined. If you live in their service area, and are interested in solar, do yourself a favor and call TayCo Electric.

  • "Taylor Electric | PV installation"

    Reviewed Aug 25, 2019
    "Taylor Electric | PV installation"

    Reviewed Aug 25, 2019

    Tayco Electric is my go to company for all Green Energy solutions. Joe J. and and Whitney S. were very helpful and answered all of my questions and concerns with my solar purchase. The have gained my trust and future business with Tayco.

    Thank you Joe, Whitney and the Tayco Electric team!

  • "Great company & Excellent Team"

    Reviewed Aug 24, 2019

    I highly recommend working with Joe & Whitney at TayCo Electric. Very knowledgeable & professional team. They sell a great product, SunPower panels, one of the best in the industry at a level that you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else. They went above & beyond everyone else I talked to during my research and then they delivered what they said they would. Great service at a great price!!

  • "Randy G. Thomas"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019

    Having already conducted extensive research on solar companies, installation, cost estimates and having already experienced the installation of a 16 panel solar system, I couldn’t have been more impressed when I first met Eric Owen and became a TayCo Electric customer. His knowledge base and insight into every aspect of the solar market and state of the art equipment that is available in the field of solar power absolutely blew me away. Not only did he revamp my existing 16 panels to take advantage of newer technology, but he retrofitted the latest support equipment, when he added 17 more solar panels. He went out of his way to ensure the optimal in aesthetic appearance of all the equipment and assisted me in downloading a solar edge app on my phone that would track the production of each of the 33 panels individually. When he realized that my electric provider would only pay me 40% of what they charged per Kwh, he provided a solution for storing excess power that I produced through his company’s innovative business arrangement with the Tesla Corporation. He installed a Tesla Powerwall, which allows me to self-power my entire house; completely off the grid, as long as the charge is capable, and only pull electricity from the grid as a last resort. He also helped download the Tesla app on my phone to monitor the solar production, state of charge on the battery, home power consumption and consumption of electricity from the grid. I have been so impressed that I have signed a contract for TayCo to install an 18 panel solar system on our beach home before the end of the year. By far the most advanced company in terms of technology and knowledge of everything pertaining to solar, TayCo was also the most inexpensive by far and they get every aspect of the job done with astounding speed, accuracy and professionalism. I cannot accurately describe my overwhelming positive assessment of TayCo Electric Co. They are leaps and bounds ahead of their cometition in the rest of the solar and electric community in absolutely every respect.

  • "Epic job"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2019

    Joe and Whitney team did and epic job on the install on my panels only took 40 40 days from start to finish of the project flawless.

  • "Tier 1 white glove service"

    Reviewed Mar 24, 2019

    This is a review of my experience with Tayco Electric. I choose Tayco based on a number items. One was that they are certified installers of SunPower Solar Systems. The second was when I actually called them the first time and spoke with Whitney. Between knowing the riggers or being SunPower certified and the wealth of information they had on solar panels and systems I knew I would be in good hands.

    Turns out good hands was an understatement. Everything was installed and handled like true professionals. From inspections to symmetry on the layout. They told what my product would be before we started and they were spot on. They told what this would look like when completed, they were spot on. I couldn’t be happier with the way they treated my as a customer. It’s the way it should be.

  • "Excellent team! Great job!"

    Reviewed Mar 04, 2019

    Professional team. Great communication. Courteous. On time. Reliable. Great job!

  • "Excellent experience from start to finish"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2019
    "Excellent experience from start to finish"

    Reviewed Feb 11, 2019

    I've worked with my fair share of home contractors, and TayCo is far and away the best and most professional. My only concern going in was the relatively small number of solar installs they had completed compared to some of their competitors, but I honestly can't imagine the process being any easier or going any smoother than it did. They have a solid team, were very communicative, and delivered what they promised. My system is working well and looks great too. Highly recommend.

  • "Excellent Product, Service and Price"

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2019
    "Excellent Product, Service and Price"

    Reviewed Jan 23, 2019

    The Team at TayCo Electric are head and shoulders above the competition. I received 5 solar bids for our home and theirs was the best equipment at the best price. In addition, they were extremely helpful in receiving a solar rebate from Duke Energy in North Carolina although rebates are limited. The installation and service at every step of the way was excellent. The entire staff are knowledgeable, considerate and motivated.

  • "Outstanding install of Solar Panels"

    Reviewed Nov 05, 2018
    "Outstanding install of Solar Panels"

    Reviewed Nov 05, 2018

    This is a top notch Sales team and Install team. Joe Jensen the Salesman was very knowledgeable about the whole process of getting the paperwork done to how many panels we would need. I tested him on his knowledge with some very tech orientated questions such as clipping of power and other such items. He delighted me in his knowledge and made it an easier for us to trust his word. The install team was both friendly and professional. I had thrown them a curve by requesting conduit instead of going thru the roof as they had planned for the wiring from the panels to the main panel, They got it done and I am very satisfied with their work. Hector with the install team would be my go to guy for future work I want done on the electrical in my house and I will use this company for other projects I have planned. I had four other companies send a rep out for a presentation and Joe and this company blew them all away with outstanding performance.

  • "4.2kW System Install"

    Reviewed Nov 05, 2018

    My experience with TayCo has been nothing but pleasant from the moment that I submitted my request for a quote on EnergySage. Joe Jensen worked with me through the site to provide quote updates as I was updating my requirements. After talking to multiple companies I went with TayCo because of (1) had the best price for a superior product, (2) provided the longest installation warranty (7 years) in the area and (3) Joe was very knowledgeable and up front so I felt in good hands.

    After deciding to go solar, Joe connected me with Whitney who was my project manager. She was absolutely fantastic in keeping me up to date on the project. There are lot of moving parts when you go solar and a lot of process that needs to be followed with the city, energy company, finance company etc. Whitney handled all of that and continued to stay in touch with me through the process. Due to some bad weather and other city delays it was a couple of months between deciding to go solar and having the panels installed but through the entire time Joe and Whitney were there and guiding me through.

    When it came to installation Edgar and his team were fantastic and treated my home with respect. We discussed multiple options in terms of driving the wires for the units through my home.

    Overall, I am very happy with everyone who interacted with me from TayCo. Honestly, the customer service and the service itself has been one of the best I ever had. So happy that there are small companies out there setting the bar high like this. I would absolutely recommend TayCo to anyone looking to go solar and my only regret is that I couldn't give these guys more business!

  • "Tayco Electric"

    Reviewed Sep 14, 2018

    Tayco Electric is a great company for Solar Panels. Whitney Smith and her team did an excellent job. Very professional and thorough in every step of the process. Highly recommend to use them.

  • "Knowledge and honesty"

    Reviewed Aug 29, 2018

    Joe, the representative from TayCo, was very knowledgeable about his company's solar panels and the process it takes to connect to our electric company. He listened patiently and explained thoroughly, Before he went into more details concerning the solar panels themselves, he readily answered our questions concerning how our power company, Energy United, actually inhibits customers from going solar. We are 68 yrs old and in order to recoup our investment, it would take 20 years ( if we used a 20 year, low interest rate loan through their company). Even though we can use our investment as a "hedge" in our electric expense and we would be respecting our environment, out of our $98 monthy electric bill, we would still be paying $68 plus the monthy payment of the solar loan. We cannot afford this at our age. Younger couples could definitely recoup the expense and still have years of "free" solar power left! We loved the look of the product, its efficiency and the warranties, but due to our age and our electric company, we were very sorry we could not go solar at this time. If anyone uses Duke Energy, please consider solar through the TayCo!

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  • "Reliable installer with a knowledgeable team!"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2018
    "Reliable installer with a knowledgeable team!"

    Reviewed Jul 09, 2018

    After spending months doing research on solar and which panels and companies are leading the industry, I chose SunPower Solar Panels and they were installed locally by TayCo Electric Inc. I could not be happier with the overall system and experience of being guided through every step of installation.

    Eric Owen initially met with me to go over the process, how solar panels work, etc. and I did not feel pressured into buying anything. I appreciated Eric's honesty and professionalism. The rest of the team that followed, Whitney Smith, Edgar et al. are an awesome bunch! They work tirelessly to make sure the customer is happy with the system and will do anything to correct any issues that may crop-up.

    The TayCo team kept me informed with the approval progress of permits, HOA approval, loan approval, panel shipment status, etc. I have an 11.88 kW system composed of 33 panels, SunPower SPR-X22-360-D-AC. The energy generated so far based on the location of the panels has surpassed expectations and continues to perform well. I chose SunPower due to their extensive warranty, quality of panels and being a leader in the Solar industry.

    If I had to go through the process again on another property, I would definitely go with TayCo Electric Inc. and SunPower Solar Systems.

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  • ""Happy Customer""

    Reviewed Jul 05, 2018
    ""Happy Customer""

    Reviewed Jul 05, 2018

    If you are looking for a solar company that is efficient with good service, this is one. Very responsive to all my request and provided a good product.

  • "Solar Panel Install"

    Reviewed Jul 05, 2018

    Right throughout the process Tayco took the time to understand my needs and desires and went out of their way to ensure I got what I wanted for a fair price. There was absolutely no hard sell - they just wanted me to be comfortable and happy. They were very responsive, and professional/tidy throughout. It was all installed very quickly and as a result they were very flexible on the staged payments. I would definitely recommend Tayco, especially as I had previously investigated an install with another company a year ago, who were very hard sell and not customer focused at all.

  • "Great Company to work with!"

    Reviewed Jul 05, 2018

    Whitney was great! Keeping us updated every step of the process. Edgar, project manager, was very friendly, knowledgeable, professional. The installation was done very efficiently and the panels look great!! We would definitely recommend them!

  • "Raising the Bar for Residential Solar"

    Reviewed Apr 26, 2018
    "Raising the Bar for Residential Solar"

    Reviewed Apr 26, 2018

    There is a Sleeping Giant that has awakened for SunPower Residential & Commercial Solar in Union County North Carolina and surrounding areas of North & South Carolina that is raising THE BAR, TayCo Electric. Even though TayCo Electric has been an Authorized SunPower Dealer for a number of years, their focus up until now has been on residential and commercial electrical contracting. They now are not only trained and certified for solar design and installation but are committed to providing a totally integrated system for their clients with top solar equipment for both on-grid and off-grid clients in a timely and cost competitive manner.

  • "Excellent worksmanship"

    Reviewed Apr 16, 2018

    I highly recommend Tayco Electric for Solar system installation in and around Charlotte region. They are the authorized dealers for SunPower systems in North Carolina. I have found Tayco Electric personnels highly skilled and customer oriented. They have installed solar system on my home. They did a comprehensive assessment and went into great details in providing exceptional worksmanship that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also caters to the energy needs of my home.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Workmanship Warranty

The Sunpower product itself is backed by a 25-25-25 year warranty. 25 years on the product, 25 years on the energy production (92% after year 25), and 25 years on the labor. Tayco's personal workmanship warranty is 3 years and covers faults that were a direct result of the work we did while installing your solar energy system.




General Contractor, Master Electrician, NABCEP


RBE 2146 - SC Electrical
U. 27516 - NC Electrical
58917 - General Contractor


Insured and Bonded in NC and SC

States served by Tayco Electric & Solar

  • North Carolina NC ,
  • South Carolina SC