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SunCool Energy Company - Profile & Reviews

SunCool Energy Company is located in Boca Raton and is a certified Solar and Electrical Contractor. We are your one stop shop for all your Solar / Backup power needs. We are a full service company that handles every aspect of your project from design to final utility connection. If you are looking for an honest local business that cares and can provide the best equipment, service, and expert knowledge look no further. Contact us today for a no cost estimate.

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  • "Perfection!"

    Reviewed Feb 16, 2021

    Greg, Kelsey and the team at SunCool Energy have provided us with a fantastic solar experience. From the planning stage to the installation of the system everything went flawlessly! The one issue we had was tons of rain the week we were scheduled for our install. We were hoping Greg could stop the rain be he doesn’t have such connections. Lol
    We went live with the special FPL electric “Net Meter” on November 9, 2020. So we have only had 3 full solar month bills and all three have been very close to Zero. Each bill was between 10-20.00. And these bills include many rainy or cloudy days. As I said previously SunCool cannot control the weather :)
    We highly recommend SunCool Energy for all of your solar needs.

  • "Sun Cool Energy"

    Reviewed Jan 06, 2021

    We recently installed a home solar system with SunCool.
    Greg the owner came out to meet us at our home and was thorough and extremely helpful in guiding us on the proper size and specifications of our system.
    He did not try to oversell us at any time.
    Everyone else in the company was great to work with especially Kelsey in the office.She made the whole process painless.
    The installation was done in a day. They used Solar stack technology which does not require penetrating your existing roof. This is a great system.
    I would highly recommend them for your solar system.

  • "Not a high pressure used car salesman!!!"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2020
    "Not a high pressure used car salesman!!!"

    Reviewed Jul 14, 2020

    The main reason we went with Suncool is that they were not high pressure used car salesmen! If you want an honest and straightforward estimate without the "If you sign today I will throw in Extra Stuff" then talk to them. The Owner, Greg Gearhart, was the guy that came to our house to talk to us. We thought he was a great guy and very honest. He presented us with what we needed at a very competitive price and then let us decide if we liked it. We had them install the Mission Solar Panels (made In Texas, not overseas) and the Enphase micro inverters. We could not be happier with the purchase! The Installers were awesome guys and Kelsey in the office is always right on top of things!!! They are all Just great to work with!!!

  • "Reduce your foot print"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2020

    Solar energy is the best and easier way to reduce your foot print on this earth and help the generations to come.
    Sun Cool Energy has the answers!!!

  • "Professional"

    Reviewed Jul 08, 2020

    We had a solar system, with backup batteries, installed late in 2019. Once the net meter was installed we have enjoyed virtually free electricity with the added bonus of eliminating our share of emissions to the environment. SunCool Energy acted totally professional throughout the process. The installers were reliable and courteous and the office staff, especially Kelsey, were very helpful and informative. Thus far two people I told about SunCool have contracted for solar systems for their homes. I have and will continue to recommend SunCool Energy to those who express an interest in a solar system.

  • "Great overall experience, highly recommended"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019
    "Great overall experience, highly recommended"

    Reviewed Jul 12, 2019

    33 Panasonic panels and microinverters on my roof now, SunCool did a great job. They handled all the permits and electrical. Fast turnaround time between final contract signing and work beginning (less than 2 months). The SolarStack brackets mean no need for roof penetrations. Communication throughout the process was adequate. They were one of 3 quotes I got (one on EnergySage and 2 others)... they weren't the cheapest but I have no regrets... this is one area where you pay a fair price from a fair company and get a much better result. If I had to do it over, I would choose them again.

    We discovered a leak shortly after installation, SunCool was helpful in working with the roofer to find the culprit... a 2 year old roof repair done wrong (nail holes not sealed).

    As part of the leak repair process, some of the panels and brackets had to be removed. Before I was a little hesitant about using the SolarStack brackets, took a leap of faith on my part to use them... but now can tell you firsthand the SolarStack brackets are solid and secure, no worries.

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  • "11.6 KW Solar Install"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

    I went with SunCool Energy for this project after already having signed a contract with another company. I cancelled the contract because they were pushing for 100% solar output, about a 16 - 17KW system. Besides adding an additional $20 K to the cost of the system, I also considered the additional cost of insurance, (for 1 mil. in coverage), to meet FPL regulations for any system over 10 KW. I also requested a premium quality Panasonic solar panel due to improved temperature coefficient, and Suncool was very cooperative with that request. They were also able to take care of switching the financing over to them without any issues.
    The system was financed through the PACE program which makes paying it off very easy with one payment a year applied to property tax bill.
    As for the installation, Suncool was very prompt and kept me informed with every step of the job from permitting to final inspection.
    And when there was a minor issue with communicating with the controller, they were quick to remedy the situation. And when I installed optional power consumption monitors, they had it activated within hours.
    The actual installation of 35 panels only took 3 days.
    I would be happy to recommend SunCool Energy for your solar installation, and would use them again if, and or/ when I expand my system.

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  • "Knowledge,Workmanship,Dependability,Expertise, Quality and Price"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2019
    "Knowledge,Workmanship,Dependability,Expertise, Quality and Price"

    Reviewed Jan 28, 2019

    Suncool came through for me in all the above areas;
    32 Mission Solar Energy MSE300SQ5T MSE PERC 300 Watts each - 60 Panels - 25 Year Warranty
    32 Enphase IQ7 Micro Inverters 25 Year Warranty
    Engineering, Permitting and Double Down racking of Panels on Roof(Doesn't destroy your roof)
    9.6KW DC Total installed
    A small company but big on experience 10 + years
    Competitive pricing(Contact them yourself)

    Today 01/28/2019 in Florida with little or no Sun highest temp 67 F in Wellington. I produced 25.6KWh which is more than 70% of my average daily consumption of 33 Kwh for a none AC day and all this while 75% of the Country was experiencing near freezing temps.

    Check out their website https://suncoolenergy.com/
    or FB page or call them (855) 446-2786 you will not regret it; don't wait this year is the last year you can claim 30% Tax Credit for Solar installation(ITV)
    Listen I don't buy into this Green Energy/Saving Trees mumbo jumbo I believe in saving money in my pocket and going Solar is an investment that makes sense. 25 Year Warranty on Panels and Micro Inverters!!!

    With this Enphase system I can check my Solar production and Power Consumption Kwh on any Android or IOS platform realtime, create reports daily,weekly and monthly.I can see the individual production for each panel installed(32). I have since cancelled my Budget Billing with FPL and my next project is to build a pool(if the wife sanctions it) because now I can afford the utility bill for Pool pumps and heater!!!

    Call them tomorrow morning don't hesitate!!!!!
    Oh yeah and save some trees!!!! While you are at it.
    Warning stay away from the Big Box Solar installers. I met with four of them before finally deciding to go with Suncool Energy Company.
    Suncool Energy Company
    113 Northwest 11th Street
    Boca Raton, FL 33432
    United States

    NB I will be sharing my Enphase readings on FB in a week stay tuned!!!

  • "Great Service and the panels work great so far..."

    Reviewed Jan 26, 2019
    "Great Service and the panels work great so far..."

    Reviewed Jan 26, 2019

    The solar team was always on time and took care of installation in a timely and professional manner, highly reccomend them!

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  • "The ONLY ONE to trust!"

    Reviewed Jan 24, 2019

    Unlike a competing BIG Company that did not give me "the time of day"! except send a single quote, SunCool followed up, my every question, rapidly.
    The installation of my 9Kw system was done in 2 days. The entire process in MY case took barely 3 weeks from start to finish! The Fort Lauderdale permit office AND FPL also came trhu with flying colors!
    I HIGHLY recommend SunCool. Not a big Company, but BIG in service, from the CEO all the way "down" to the schedulers and installers.

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For more than 12 years, SunCool Energy Company has been successfully serving the solar energy needs of South Florida home and business owners. We know South Florida well and you can rest assured that our systems will meet and exceed local building codes and requirements, so that you don’t experience unnecessary delays due to installers from out of town being out of touch with local municipalities. We use only the highest quality solar panels and inverters that can withstand hurricane force winds and come with a 25-year warranty, ensuring your long-term energy production needs are met. Our staff stays up-to-date on the latest technology advancements as well as market trends so that you receive the best possible systems and designs with the hopes of not only saving you money, but also earning your trust and developing a lasting relationship. We are committed to our customers and look forward to serving you!

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  • Financing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar
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  • High Efficiency Hot Water
  • High Efficiency HVAC
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



SunCool Energy Company Headquarters

113 NW 11th Street
Boca Raton, FL
33432 US

Local Offices (1)

  • 113 NW 11th Street
    Boca Raton, FL 33432

Workmanship Warranty

25 year installation warranty


Certified Solar Contractor CVC56914
NABCEP certified
Certified Electrical Contractor EC1300031


Certified Solar Contractor CVC56914
Certified Electrical Contractor EC1300031


General Liability and Worker's Compensation

States served by SunCool Energy Company

  • Florida FL