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Better Tomorrow Solar, Inc - Profile & Reviews

Better Tomorrow Solar is a turnkey solar installation firm operating from Atlanta, GA. We work to make renewable energy accessible to as many communities as possible, through expert service and game-changing financing options for solar installations. We offer provide clients with solar panel installations tailor fitted to each individual’s unique lifestyle, schedule, and budget.

There’s nothing we like better than helping others experience for themselves the many benefits of solar energy. Take a look at our process to see if solar is right for you. Or check out our project calculator to see how much you could save every month.

Our mission is to make solar power available to everyone. We do that by removing the upfront cost to ensure long-term energy price predictability for our customers.

A cleaner, greener, more resilient world isn’t just a nice dream – it has become an achievable reality. Solar energy in Georgia is affordable and simple for anyone who wants to join the movement and step into the future. Join the hundreds who run their lives on clean solar energy, ask for your free home solar consultation today!

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  • "Excellent Solar Experience"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021

    Better Tomorrow Solar provided us with a great solar experience. Their staff was friendly from the start and truly listened to our needs during the consultation. With this, they were able to custom tailor a solution for us and provide a seamless experience from consultation to install.

  • "Great People - Great Service"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021
    "Great People - Great Service"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021

    They are very knowledgeable and thorough through the entire process. Friendly people with great communication from start to finish. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

  • "Great Customer Service & best price in town"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021
    "Great Customer Service & best price in town"

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2021

    Better Tomorrow Solar was timely and offered the best price in town without compromising the quality. The plan they offered was realistic based on the sun our home captures. Other companies tried to up-sale us and put panels where sun was limited. Better Tomorrow was honest. Better Tomorrow is a mission driven company which is one of the main reasons we started looking into them. After speaking to them , it turned out to be true. They were professional and on time which is important to us given our hectic schedule with the family. They are a local company & a phone call away. They encouraged me to look into other options in town to make an educated decision which we did. We are so glad we went with them. Our power bill has been reduced substantially. Please do your homework before you go solar. I am glad we did.

  • "Solar Power Installation"

    Reviewed Jan 14, 2021

    Some good things happened in 2020. I was able to arrange for solar panels to be installed on the roof of my home. I have wanted to install solar panels for many years and seriously began thinking about it after I moved into a home in Gainesville, GA. I know that power outages occur occasionally and I needed to have some kind of back up system for those outages. I contemplated a generator, but when I thought about their expense and maintenance, I decided I should invest that money into solar panels which I could use all of the time and have back-up power when needed.

    I was impressed with the solar panels that Better Tomorrow Solar had installed here in Gainesville and contacted them so they could assess the viability of installing them on my home. They came back with plans for my roof, I adjusted them slightly to include a couple more panels and instillation of a Generac Battery system within my garage. The workers were professional and kept me apprised of their progress. The company would always respond to my question via email and phone calls.

    I am extremely happy with the work they did, the panels they installed, and the customer service they provide. Here's video about our experience with Better Tomorrow Solar:


  • "Good Value Solar PV option"

    Reviewed Jan 04, 2021

    Better Tomorrow Was able to provide a good price for the small PV array we purchased from them 8months ago. We are so far experiencing a better expected return on investment than originally anticipated. We paired this with our residential battery energy storage system to maximize sustainability and grid independence.

  • "For an honest and reliable service choose Better Tomorrow Solar"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020
    "For an honest and reliable service choose Better Tomorrow Solar"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020

    When searching for a solar company we were looking for an affordable, reliable and locally owned company. We found it in Better Tomorrow Solar. They presented a very neat and straight forward proposal, considering our budget. They inspected our house, came up with plan satisfactory to our expectations. The installation was prompt and hassle free and within two days we had a solar house and powered by the sun. I highly recommend this company if you are looking for a Knowledgeable, honest and reliable service within your budget. BTW we love our new power bill now.

  • "Knowledgable, Professional, and Affordable"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020
    Updated Dec 28, 2020
    "Knowledgable, Professional, and Affordable"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020
    Updated Dec 28, 2020

    Better Tomorrow Solar did our installation and we could not be happier with the system and the savings. We have saved over $80 a month on average. Better Tomorrow Solar delivered exactly what they promised us at the sales call and explained the process. The offered the most reasonable price for the exact same product compare to other companies. They were very professional and knowledgable and on time. Also they are a mission driven company and truly care about the environment and a sustainable world. We highly recommend Better Tomorrow Solar.

  • "Excellent Customer Service"

    Reviewed May 04, 2020

    We are completely satisfied with the work Better Tomorrow Solar did in installing our solar PV system. We plan to employ BTS in the future to add additional panels and perhaps have a battery installed. All of the BTS employs are cordial and professional.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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Better Tomorrow Solar is committed to creating a cleaner, greener, more sustainable world. We provide the lowest price on solar with the same top-notch materials to the Georgia market - show & compare. Through flexible financing solutions and expert installations, BTS is working towards a better tomorrow, one solar panel at a time. We can beat the lowest prices in the market and can have your solar system up and running within 3 weeks of signing a contract.

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  • Energy Efficiency
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  • Energy Storage
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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



Better Tomorrow Solar, Inc Headquarters

1074 Memorial Drive
Atlanta, GA
30316 US

Workmanship Warranty

5 year labor warranty


Georgia Solar Energy Associations


NABCEP Certification


Georgia Electrical License (EN214374), NABCEP (PVA-061819-025398)



States served by Better Tomorrow Solar, Inc

  • Georgia GA