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SunPower by esaSolar

We know your home is more than a place of living, it's a place to build your future. At a time of rising electric costs, homeowners like you every day are choosing to invest in their home, invest in their energy, and invest in their future. We’ve made it easy to replace your electric bill with a simple fixed monthly payment for your solar panels. With zero dollars down, you can start saving today and invest in your future with a solar powered home.
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As a company, SunPower by esaSolar is dedicated to changing the future of energy by providing simplified solar energy solutions. We are innovators, we are problem solvers; We are engineers with a mission to power your life with clean, affordable energy. With over 15 years of experience, we specialize in residential, commercial and utility scale solar energy applications. Our success remains rooted in our values, our approach and our passion for renewable energy. We measure our success not by the quantity of our projects but by the quality of our relationships.
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  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

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Workmanship Warranty

10 year Workmanship (Standard)


Solar Contractor: CVC75029
Electrical Contractor: EC13008032


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Industry Certifications

  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • SunPower Authorized Dealer
  • SunPower Premier Dealer
  • SunPower Elite Dealer
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Installer
  • Certified Solar Professional
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner
  • Sunpower Master Dealer

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ESA is a phenomenal company!

ESA is a phenomenal company that stands by their work. Their customer service is the best that I have ever experienced. Not only did they quickly address any and all concerns, but their consistent communication is top notch. Kevin is the BEST at what he does; if you get him, you are definitely in good hands. ~Brian

Posted by esebrian on Apr 06, 2021
Seven months of frustration, and counting

Having heard that Sunpower was a long-established and respected solar company that made its own equipment, I chose them and signed a deal with their contractor, esaSolar, in August 2020. There was room on my roof for about a dozen panels, and I ordered one of their Sunvault batteries as back-up to the system. More than seven months later, the system STILL isn't working. It seems that almost everything that could go wrong has gone wrong: long delays in supply of batteries, the wrong number of roof-supports installed on our flat roof, the engineers diagnosing faulty equipment and then not replacing it, different departments not communicating with each other, intra-company emails being copied to me in error, revealing what a mess the whole project is. They are very pleasant people, however. Maybe one day I'll have something that works.

Posted by davidjkennard on Mar 25, 2021
Great job, finished ahead of schedule

We had ESA Solar install a SunPower system with 35 panels, roughly 11.4KW. They did a good, neat job, and finished almost a month ahead of the original estimate for completion. The system works well and we can check our status anytime via the SunPower app or via the SunPower website. We're very happy to have used top-quality components that hit higher efficiency numbers than we would have seen from panels made by other companies. We also like that our end-to-end warranty comes from a single company, SunPower, via ESA Solar. No fingerpointing should occur if our system ever fails to produce the expected output and requires warranty service.

Posted by bcolburn on Mar 25, 2020
solar panel install took loner than quoted

the people at esaSOLAR are nice to deal with but delays and rescheduling of work caused the install to take close to 6 months. I chose o go with SUNPOWER panels based on being a Bank of America employee and know that the Bank uses SUNPOWER panels on their building.

Posted by jhrycyna on Mar 20, 2020
Russ Thomas, helping save me money

Had the opportunity to sit down with Russ today. Best appointment of my life when it comes to looking at solar, answered all my questions and no high-pressure tactics. Will definitely be referring him to my friends.

Posted by Karlvangool on Mar 20, 2020
Order # 25191OU almost a full year and still no power

Where do I begin, sales person who spoke to us was awesome and the sales side went perfect it was the post-sale where all the issue arose. Purchased in June 2019 final sales contract documents we completed July 2, 2019, finalize the umbrella insurance policy for being a tier II which started on 07/25. Project Engineering was completed on 08/2 then it was submitted for permit. Months go by and no updates until 10/2019 when I had to call and inquire as to when my system would be installed. Finally in November we had set a date for installation, first installation date was cancelled, then the following weeks after many calls finally got the installation scheduled in December. Mind you time was running out for the 30% tax credit and it was now 6 months after the sales date. Installers arrived on site and started pounding hammers in to my newly installed Roofing. I am sure there is a better way to find roof joist then to pound a hammer into shingles. What should have been a 3 day job turned into a full week and still not completed. The Electrician had not completed his work and left an opening to my attic for 2 weeks. After much complaining, the electrician finally arrived to finish his work. Now comes Jan, 2020 did not feel comfortable paying for the entire job when it had not been completed but did anyway. But I was paying cash and not financing it. Then there was an issue with Wi-Fi connectivity to the management box mounted outside. I was assured when I purchased my system that there was a cellular connection the management box could use and not have to rely on my personal network. I am very cyber security aware and my company does not allow for IOT devices to be on my network which I do not have full control over. Was informed cellular would not be an option, the only thing left to do was to have my internet provider run a separate internet connection to my house at a rate of $30/ month. After multiple hiccups with submitting the final paper work to Duke energy it is now almost the end of March and the system is still not operational. As mentioned pervious an umbrella policy was required in order to have a tier II system, it is almost a full year of premiums and still no power. Still unsure if all will work once it is fully turned on. Been a long drawn out experience and very unhappy with the entire project to this point. Unsure as to when Duke Energy will get around to installing the Net Meter. Wish I would have financed the project at least then you would not have been paid until it was fully operational. I was also promised two months of Duke Energy bill rebate it has been 3 months since the system was fully paid off and still no rebate check, don’t know if I will ever see it or not.

Posted by george.riemer on Mar 19, 2020



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