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For the last 30 years Sunworks has vigorously worked to build this company on providing customers with the best products and customer experience possible. We take a lot of pride in our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction and strive to build your customer solar system to fit your and your budget. We take care of your entire solar process "in-house" truly is solar savings made simple.
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When you make the decision of choosing SUNworks to take care of your complete solar solution, you are instantly choosing over 30 years of experience and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. SUNworks is your “One-Stop” Residential, Agricultural, and Commercial Solar Integrator that understands there is no “one size fits all” solar solution. SUNworks handles your entire solar process from start to finish…its solar made simple.

With our generous "easy to qualify" financing options, state and federal incentives paying up to nearly half the cost of installation, plus the constant rise of electric rates, now is the perfect time to Go Solar!
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Warranty covering all parts and labor, including the inverter and roof penetrations.


C10, B, C46


General Liability, Workers Comp, $1 million Bonding Capacity.


NABCEP, LEED Certified

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Certified Dealer
  • PWRpartner
  • SolarEdge Preferred
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner
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Sunworks Inc OWNS Solcius and is liable for their entire companies fraudulent and illegal activities. BEWARE ALL SOLAR BUYERS - DO NOT BUY FROM SUNDANCE SOLAR OR SOLCIUS SOLAR. FRAUD ALERT!!!!! TOTAL SCAM... I tried to do business with Sundance Solar who are reps for Solcius Solar. I was promised a Spring 2022 install. Well it is now October 2022 and yep you guessed it....... Absolutely no solar is installed. I kept being told that my project was delayed because Xcel Energy had not gotten to Solcius what they neede d to be able to do the project. I was quite irritated to find out that Xcel Energy had completed and approved my solar project April 5, 2022. And they put it in writing. I found out July 15th that the Rep Deke Welling from Sundance Solar submitted the WRONG quantity of solar panels for my project. Then I was told it would be another 2 weeks to get all the paperwork straightened out. I repeatedly tried to contact Deke Welling the week of July 25th and yep you guessed it..... I still have had NO response at all. Then just a few days ago I get an email from Solcius trying to charge me a cancellation fee of $5011.80 for a project Solcius cancelled. I had no idea that they cancelled it. Now they are very forcefully trying to Coerce me into giving the ok to reactivate the project to get rid of the illegal fee they are trying to charge me.... Then they offered to reduce their nice illegal fee by $1500.00. Mind you this is after putting me on hold for Over 4 hrs, conveniently hanging up on me multiple times, continuing to transfer me from department to department because no one has the authority to fix this, very rudly talking over me, calling me by the wrong name continuously in the conversation, doing everything they could to try to tick me off to get me to hang up on them and then telling me they were going to put this bill into collections BEFORE THE ILLEGAL BILL IS EVEN DUE. Yes we can thank Anna and Samantha at Solcius for that. If every company could cancel your stuff and they be in breach of their own contract and then charge anyone a fee. You can GUARANTEE EVERY COMPANY WOULD BE SCAMMING EVERYONE. It is harder to see a SCAM when they are in disguise of what seems to be a good company, but are NOT. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS THAT ARE CONSIDERING SOLAR - DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SUNDANCE SOLAR OR SOLCIUS SOLAR..... THEY WILL GET BURNT...... SCAMMED AND PRAY THEY CAN GET A LAWYER BEFORE THEIR CREDIT IS AFFECTED. Now on that note - I know I am not the only person that Sundance Solar or Solcius Solar has done fraudulent & illegal practices on. Yep I know the world does not revolve around me.... lol... Please contact me. It ONLY TAKES 3 PEOPLE TO START A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT AGAINST THEM. I'M IN, I ONLY NEED 2 MORE PEOPLE TO GET IT GOING...... Thank you for your time.......

Posted by Gwyn96 on Oct 05, 2022
My Hero: Wright Haggerty of SunWorks

Wright Haggerty of SunWorks is professional and highly knowledge. More importantly for me, Wright was patient, understanding, and always quick to respond when I had questions or concerns. It was reassuring to have his help and support, not just during the design and contract phase, but also throughout the entire installation and activation process. You can’t go wrong with Wright. By the way, if you have an older home, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector. We didn’t so failed 1st inspection. Panels installed August 4th. Received SCE permission to operate (PTO) August 31st. Contract date May 12th. If you hope to get Federal Tax Credit in 2020, act now before credit reduced in 2021.

Posted by austexred on Sep 02, 2020
My final inspection still not pass after 5 weeks install

July 7 - Solar installed July 27 - First inspection didn't pass July 28 - I received phone call from Sunworks final inspection schedule to 7/30 July 29 - Inspector showed up and ask "where is the contractor, we scheduled today" July 29 afternoon - I called to find out what happened and left message no one returns my call July 30 - I called again, spoke to someone said will schedule inspection on Monday 08/03, then got a call again the inspection reschedules to 07/31. I asked "is anything done? I know you need to fix something." The guy said "oh, I thought this is the first inspection." I asked him to double check he said ok. July 31 - Early morning contractor showed up said the plan changed he need to print something, later he came back and said he need to go back to office and come back this afternoon. Afternoon inspector showed up and ask for contractor and contractor didn't come at all. No one call me back in Sunworks. August 3 - I called find out what happened, been told everything already fixed, wait for final inspection August 5 - I called about 2:00pm ask for status, the lady said will call me right back... but no one calls me back... August 12 - still no update

Posted by Shuchuchu on Aug 13, 2020
Overall very happy!!

Sunworks was one of my very first bids-- and then i compared at least another 15 bids. But Sunworks was the best and got me the panasonic panels i was set on .Sunworks has been professional and responsive all.around, from install to fixing a couple bugs for me. Plans were clear and met my needs. 99% of staff contacts have been terrific. Quick clean friendly install team. Didnt take too long for PGE approval. Full disclosure, Ive had minor issues in the last 2 years- needed to reset the solar edge monitoring system twice, they emailed me easy steps to.follow and once they pinged it from their location. The optimizer on a panel went out once, which is unusual. The fix took only a few minutes to be physically replaced- but it took me weeks to reach them as someone was lagging on the job and finally was replaced? The new person ordered repair immediately. So, loss of power from a panel for a while sucked. I should have tried the main office sooner, when I got no response from the direct number. That being said-- best home decision i ever made. Loving the $30/PGE bills and my true up is 0-150. No regrets at all.

Posted by calittle on May 01, 2020
as expected

They inspected, and measurd my house, checked my anual average electric use calculated how many panels I would need to produce 120% of my anual usage, gave me a bid, dealt with all the permit hassles, scheduled a time for instalation, showed up on time, Finished early and schooled me on what they did. I was , and still am pleased with the work, and the product.

Posted by frog88 on Apr 29, 2020
Excellent service

Very professional, high quality service.

Posted by jenoasis on Apr 29, 2020
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    • Solar PV
    • 2.60kW kW
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