Renu Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

Renu Energy Solutions - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Financing Company

  • Energy Auditor

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

For almost a decade, Renu Energy Solutions has grown to be a leader in the Carolina solar and smart home industries. With 1,800 residential and 75 commercial solar installations, our progress is unparalleled. Our team uses the most up-to-date technologies to offer our client base with long-term savings and energy efficiency.

Our commercial partners include local legends like Wise Man Brewing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and national brands like Charlotte Motor Speedway. Our partnerships with international brands like Tesla and LG allow us to stand out from our competitors and provide our communities with only the best of the best.

* A+ Rating by the Better Business Bureau
* Tesla Energy Powerwall Certified Installer
* 25-year warranty on top of a 25-year product and labor warranty

More About Us

More About Us

Founded in 2010, Renu Energy Solutions is the longest-standing locally owned and operated solar company in the Charlotte-metropolitan area. With over 50 employees including our own full-time install teams and 1800+ installations, you can feel safe knowing all of the work is completed by a Renu Crew member.

Stop by one of our locations and meet the team; we have offices located in Charlotte and Greensboro in North Carolina as well as Greenville and Columbia in South Carolina.


Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Industry Endorsements

Industry Endorsements
  • LG Pro: Platinum
  • Sunpower Authorized Dealer
  • SolarEdge Preferred

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
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"Extremely Happy Solar Customer"
Reviewed Mar 03, 2019

Renu took care of all interface with Duke Power and Mecklenburg County inspection. Their installation crews were dressed in company uniforms, were polite and very professional. The project management team kept me fully informed every step the way. It was an easy project for me. They even submitted all documents to Duke such that my rebate was processed right as the project finished. I would highly recommend Renu for your solar needs!

"Customer Service and Commitment"
Reviewed Feb 07, 2019

I haven’t seen or even heard of any design-build project that didn’t encounter problems – our project was not an exception. Problem # 1. The delivery of the solar panels was delayed three weeks. Now what you should expect and deserve is to have a firm working for you that responds to each problem in a professional manner and works diligently to successfully resolve every issue during the course of the project. This is the true measure of accountability. Renu Energy Solutions proved themselves to be accountable. Christina at Renu tracked the solar panel delivery daily and scheduled the installation crews on the first day that the panels were available in their warehouse. The panels were installed in a single day. And on the second day all of the electrical wiring, penetrations, connections and disconnects were completed. The last activity was the installation of a second home ground rod as required by current building code. Problem # 2. Normally the rod is installed by driving a half-inch diameter copper rod 8 ft. into the ground, usually near the electric meter location. Unfortunately, our home has only 1 ft. of topsoil over bedrock. The solution was to drill through the bedrock. Unfortunately, the drill bit needed was an industrial grade, extra long drill bit which is very expensive and has a long lead time to fabricate and deliver. Renu worked to locate a drill bit and when none could be found available, they purchased one at their own expense to minimize the completion delay – never asking for any additional money.

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"Smooth operation"
Reviewed Jan 04, 2019

Everything went really smoothly. I got a proposal from Renu, then I found Energy Sage and used them to compare. Energy Sage is a great resource. I got multiple quotes and offers. I went with Renu because they were local, had many installations in the area and had a good price.
Installation, both mechanical and electrical , was done by Renu, no sub contractors. It was quick and efficient. They took care of all the forms and permits and notified the power company when it was ready for turn on. Two days later I'm up and running. Two days before rebate applications are being accepted, I got an email from Renu with the form to sign and they filed it.

Renu has done everything they said they would do and did it professionally. I am very satisfied thus far. Now, if Mother nature will cooperate with some non-rainy days, I can generate some electricity. The few clear days so far have indicated that the system will perform as advertised.

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Reviewed Aug 03, 2018

My installation was as proposed and was professionally done. Production seems to be in line with what was promised. Actual results are difficult to judge because monitoring system is totally bogus. Power company meter indicates that my night time use is almost double that indicated on the monitor, likewise the monitors listing for daily usage is only half to two-thirds that of my last 3 years. I am currently in discussion with RENU to correct the monitoring system. Don't know if I am truly being put off or if they are just slow to respond. Will update later.

A RENU electrician came out ( on a Sunday) and relocated a couple of sensors. After a software update to account for new sensor location, monitored numbers appear to be accurate.

It's been about two months since monitor installation was tweaked. Comparing monitor numbers with those of electric company meter readings and known feed to grid, the monitor numbers are very accurate. I would estimate single digit error possibly 1% or less.

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"DO NOT use this company"
Reviewed Jul 02, 2018

I've waited an extremely long time to write this review (2 years now) but I'm sick of waiting for this company to honor what they said they would.

So lets start at the beginning. We ran across one of those Renu sales guys at the BJs in Concord, talked to him for a bit and decided to have someone come out and go over everything. Anwar, the guy that came out, was very nice and everything and worked his little calculation magic to show us what we would be able to get for essentially the equivalent of what we spent the last year in paying Duke. In the end, we ended up getting 15 of the largest capacity panels they carried. We were PROMISED, by Anwar, that the system we decided to go with would get us to what is called net zero (meaning you produce as much power as you consume over the course of the year and it is a wash) for what would work out to be the same amount Duke billed the previous year. So we were told that we would pay the equivalent amount to the loan for our solar panels that we paid to duke and that we wouldn't end up paying out for electricity to Duke anymore, essentially paying ourselves. Awesome, we loved that and decided to go for it. Anwar gave us all of his contact info and said to let us know if we needed anything.

At this point the whole permitting, measuring and installation process started. I told several people about what we did and gave out Anwar's info. No one was able to get ahold of Anwar. I tried to get ahold of him several times and couldn't. With-in the first week of the process, a guy came out to pull dimensions. I was talking to him about how no one could get in contact Anwar. He told me that Anwar was no longer at the company. When I asked why, he reluctantly said that Anwar was apparently having issues where he would lie to potential buyers, and that it has happened several times (more on that later). I hoped it didn't happen to us.

So the solar panels finally ended up being installed and connected to the grid. Every month we received a bill to where we would have to pay Duke. I was expecting some months to have to pay out and some months to be credited back since usage is averaged out over the course of the year. Every single month we paid, and we were paying a good bit, not just miniscule amounts that were to be expected. So I became frustrated. I called up Renu several times, bounced around between a few different people, if the receptionist even found me someone to talk to.

I finally ended up talking to a guy, maybe Chris or Jason? I can't remember his name at this point. While talking to him, he reviewed the production data and managed to see that it was producing the exact same amount of energy as the system was supposed to. Ok, fine. Why weren't we at net zero as was promised? Well, come to find out we actually would need 8 MORE panels for that. I would need enough roof space for 23 345kwh solar panels for a house that is under 1500sqft. That is ridiculous. So why were we told what we were told? He doesn't know. So then I brought up Anwar being fired because he lied to multiple people. To this statement, I was told that Anwar wasn't fired, he moved back to New York to be with family, and I was told that the guy who told me that was himself fired, because he was some sort of trouble maker. But if Anwar was going to be moving back to New York like I was told by the last guy, why would he give out all of his information and not just say he was about to move? This "moving" or firing, happened with-in a week of us deciding we were getting the panels. One would think that he would know that he was leaving the area in less than a week and let someone else take over for him.

At this point, I'm fed up with the situation and company. The guy I was dealing with said he would escalate this up the company to someone higher and that they would pay my next power bill to show how "committed they were to fixing the situation". Lucky for them, it was the month that we produced the most amount of power so their "commitment" was a grand total of like $30.

That whole commitment situation, was a year ago at this point. An entire year with no resolution. I called to find out the status several times, no one knows anything. The last time I was contacted was them wanting to have me buy a battery backup. I told the above story to the person on the phone who told me I would get a call back from a manager the next day. I never did. That was over a month ago. This company is full of liars and scammers. In the end, my "free" electricity is costing me substantially more than it ever would have cost just sticking with paying a power company. Buyer beware.

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"Renu is an excellent installer"
Reviewed Jun 06, 2018

Turned on the system today and already sold Duke 10kw in less than hr. Very professional from sales to installation. Installation crew is composed of university graduates and interns. Team leader had over 3 years experience with the company. Biggest hang-up was Duke Energy, very bureaucratic in forms and information. Everything must match exactly (i.e. spelling of first name) with them.

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"Renu was amazing to work with!"
Reviewed Apr 20, 2018

Renu Energy Solutions is an amazing company to work with. Drew and Hannah have gone above and beyond to answer our questions and make our solar panel install a smooth and easy one. We have had our panels for about 4 months and are very happy! I highly recommend Renu Energy Solutions!

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"Real Pros"
Reviewed Aug 30, 2017

I did a lot of research before purchasing my system and spoke to nearly a dozen different installers. I wanted to take my time and make an informed decision.

Of all the companies I spoke to, no one was even close to, Renu's communication, support, and professionalism. Starting with the first phone call, the sales rep (Whitney) was patient, knowledgable, transparent, respectful, and articulate. Nothing like the pushy sales tactics I saw from other companies.

During the initial site visit, the engineer (Joe) came prepared with polished presentations on multiple size and configuration options. He explained the technical differences between the panel types, impacts on reliability, production and warranty scenarios. Just like everyone else at Renu, Joe was a first class pro.

The price negotiations that followed were amicable, and Renu even found ways to save me money using creative financing options. Again, nothing but professionalism.

Once we kicked off the project, I had a dedicated project manager (Hannah) and a direct line to her via text any time of day. She walked me through the process that included a site survey, layout planning, installation, inspection, new meter installation and activation by the power company. Most communication and scheduling was done by text or phone, and she was always 100% responsive. It really felt like a concierge service.

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend Renu to anyone considering rooftop solar. Compared to some of the other companies I spoke with, they're in a league of their own.

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"Best Efficiency, Best Guarantee & Warrenty Best Install"
Reviewed May 26, 2017

I spent nearly 6 months researching Home Solar PV. I choose ReNu Energy because they were open and responsive to every question; assisted my HOA to develop guidelines for the neighborhood; handled EVERY detail about it; they are a SunPower Premier Dealer; they are licensed and certified residential solar installer using their employees; offered a competitive price; and my utility provider personnel when putting my new meter said "probably the best installation we've seen"

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"8kw Solar PV system"
Reviewed Mar 14, 2017

A beautiful 22 panel/8 kW system installed on our LKN home. Our solar Production already is out pacing our energy consumption so looking forward to near zero dollar bills (unfortunately duke still charges fixed fees) in the future.

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"Salisbury NC Installation"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2015

The Energy Sage experience was the best! The information, website navigation, interaction with bidders, everything was spot-on!

Our installation was completed on time, on budget & as proposed. Am very pleased with selections of installer & with their capable help the equipment chosen.

Probably the only AND continuing negative in the whole experience is the overall political environment as it relates to solar, read alternative, energy & Duke Energy's hold on the NC retail market.

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