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Professional Electrical Services Inc - Profile & Reviews

Proud to have been in business since 1997 with Exceptional customer satisfaction. Family owned and operated, the owner of the company is on every job. We are not only solar installers, we are a licensed electrical contractor with an A+ rating with the BBB. ALL of our work is done In-House!!

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  • "Recommended"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    Top notch! The Whole Crew was fantastic! They went the extra mile to make my installation smooth! Very clean and respectful crew. I was told this was going to go fast and he wasn't kidding! Whole System up and running within 2 weeks at most.

  • "Highly Recommend."

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    Sale Rep was very informative about the solar business, and how it helped me with my foot print and more so, how I can benefit from it. He was there the whole time from day 1 to the end, and is still there. highly recommend.

  • "Great Service"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    Highly Recommend. Best Solar Company in Florida Hands Down ! Product lives up to what is advertised . Definitely glad i went solar with an amazing company who cares about their customers.

  • "Great Service"

    Reviewed Feb 09, 2021

    One of the best companies I have ever worked with. Their salesperson explained everything clearly and she kept me informed.

  • "The Best in Town"

    Reviewed Dec 08, 2020

    I wanted a company that was local, answered the phone when I called, and knew what the best product was for me and my home. I was nervous about such a big decision, but PES made the whole process painless, and actually enjoyable. Now I get the peace of mind of saving money, sticking it to DUKE Energy and helping to save the environment, all at the same time.

  • "Happy for years!"

    Reviewed Dec 08, 2020

    My 10 KW system was installed 6 years ago. PES continues to respond to me whenever I have a question or issue with anything. They are friendly, courteous and best of all knowledgeable about all things related to my system and don't make me feel like I'm bothering them. I love that they are local and family owned. Would recommend this company to anyone wishing to go solar.

  • "This company ROCKS!"

    Reviewed Dec 08, 2020

    I was worried about making such a big decision when I knew so little about solar, but wanted to save money and help the environment. PES explained everything so well until I understood all I needed to know. They had the best price and the great customer service was a bonus. Going solar with PES was the best decision I made all year!

  • "Amazing Company."

    Reviewed Dec 07, 2020

    Pes solar come out and did a bid on putting solar panels up on my property and there great guys and very reasonable and have great prices highly recommend them

  • "Amazing"

    Reviewed Dec 07, 2020

    Great company , installed solar on my house and turned out great. Family owned and operated. Recommend them to anyone!

  • "Excellent."

    Reviewed Dec 07, 2020

    Excellent Service. Family Owned . Great Staff , Very Friendly , Professional & Honest . Best Prices Around.

  • "Great Company."

    Reviewed Dec 07, 2020

    Company was A M A Z I N G ! Definitely Recommend. Friendly & Honest Staff . Great Prices Around.

  • "Followed Through"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2020

    Pes solar was great! love my 36 panel system that has been working great! had 1 converter under the panel go out and pes was there the next day and changed it out for free! Thank you PES

  • "Great"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2020

    PES installed my solar, Richard and I are very happy! We'd like to tip our hat to PES for backing up what they say and following through on everything! Highly recommend!

  • "Solar"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    This was the one company that I actually trusted. I got so many good reviews from them that I had to use them. I will definitely recommend them for others.

  • "Install"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    I was very happy with the way my solar system turned out. Everything thing was very clean, didnt leave nothing behind for me to pick up. Very professional.

  • "Solar Install"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    Great work, came on time and got the job done when they said it would. Highly recommend!

  • "Solar install!"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    Great company to get solar with, very fast install. Had my 11kw system done in one day. Crew was polite and cleaned everything up, very impressed.

  • "Solar Installation"

    Reviewed Feb 04, 2020

    Great company from the owner to the installers. All around great people with a fast and easy install. They had my 15Kw system installed in one day!

  • "Confidence in your decision"

    Reviewed Mar 28, 2019

    It makes sense to utilize the the sun as your source of energy. Right? It’s certainly dependable. Well, so is Professional Electrical Servces, Inc. (PES) The team of individuals at PES, from Brian and Austin, Troy, Kyle, Willie, Robert and to the wonderful, Jan, instill a tremendous amount of confidence that you have not only made the correct decision in chooosing to move towards solar energy but that you have chosen the correct company to perform the installation. They manage the entire process from the introduction, to financing, dealing with permits, to installation, dealing with your existing energy company, and to activating energy derived from the sun. The quality of their workmanship is rare. They are dependable, efficient and clean. I highly recommend PES.

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  • "Qualified, Licensed and long standing"

    Reviewed May 24, 2018
    "Qualified, Licensed and long standing"

    Reviewed May 24, 2018

    I researched several solar companies, did background checks and what made the difference for us was licensure. Who better to work with than an electrician. I was also influenced by the engineer out of Sanford, Fl that worked up the plans. Solar companies will often quote a lower KW system, charge more and the customer will still need electrical power. Our goal is to be as self sufficient as possible. The tax credits inspired us to install now. As a
    matter of fact, Professional Electric will be converting our office in 2019 after we replace the roof....a double tax credit.

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  • "Honest and fair"

    Reviewed May 23, 2018

    When I first started my search for solar, it was just an inquiry, wasnt really sure if I was going to purchase. After I met with the salesman, it was clear to me solar was a "no brainer" decision. I met with other companies who gave me outrageous quotes and promised to price match but no one could! I was given a fair estimate from PES the FIRST time! We even compared equipment and the salesman of one of the other companies even said PES would be the way to go because they couldnt compete. Ive had my solar up and running for a month now and I now LOVE checking my power usage on FPL instead of dreading it.

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  • "10 kW"

    Reviewed May 22, 2018

    What an outstanding company!! Family owned and operated doing business like it was meant to be done CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Had multiple companies come out and Professional Electrical Services just blew everyone away with Professionalism, quality, and price! Guided and educated us through the entire process and still is outstanding with just checking in!! Referred them to my family and friends!
    Thank you PES

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  • "If they could get a rating over 5 PES would have it!"

    Reviewed May 22, 2018
    "If they could get a rating over 5 PES would have it!"

    Reviewed May 22, 2018

    Professional Electrical Services Solar Division is a family owned and operated company with Honesty and Customer satisfaction being on the top of their list! They are a very reputable solar company in Florida, myself and MANY others will agree!!

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  • "No high pressure just great service"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2016
    "No high pressure just great service"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2016

    Being ready to retire and about to be on a fixed income I was very cautious when I started looking into solar companies. I had read some horrible stories online and encountered two high pressure companies that tried to get me to sign a contract within 30 mins of coming in my home. After being told by two different people that I should use Professional Electrical I decided to give them a call. When they showed up they first looked at my roof and told me that when I was ready they could do the job and quoted me a price. Mark told me he would send me the details in an email. HE NEVER CAME IN MY HOUSE AND NEVER ASKED ME TO SIGN ANYTHING. He sent me references and a copy of the contract to go over. Quite different than anything I expected. After calling his references I called Mark back and told them I was ready to go forward. It took about 3 weeks for them to get everything together but then they were done in 3 days. I could not be happier and I do refer anyone who asks about my system straight to Professional Electrical. GREAT COMPANY! -

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We are the company that has made solar affordable for almost everyone. We offer $0 Down financing options. In most cases you will be able to completely eliminate your electric bill. We are a family owned company and strive to bring quality craftsmanship and great customer services to every single customer we welcome to our GIANT solar family!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Professional Electrical Services Inc Headquarters

185 S Charles Richard Beall Blvd
Debary, FL
32713 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 2437 S 86th St.
    Tampa, Fl. 33619

Workmanship Warranty

25 year workmanship warranty but solar panels come with Standard 25 Year Performance Warranty


Enphase Energy Inverters preferred contractor
Proud member of The International Electrical Contractors Association.
Proud member of The International Inspectors Association.


Certified Electrical Contractor
Tesla Partner


Business Incorporation: 06/09/1997
EC13001686 Cert Electrical


Federated Insurance Co.

States served by Professional Electrical Services Inc

  • Alabama AL ,
  • Florida FL ,
  • Georgia GA ,
  • North Carolina NC ,
  • South Carolina SC