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V3 Electric - Profile & Reviews

We are California’s largest local solar company and intend to become the nation’s best energy provider. We believe in choice; Americans should be able to choose where and how they buy their energy, the same way we choose to buy everything else. Without the driving force of competition, utility providers have become slow, overpriced monopolies. Join us in revolutionizing the energy industry and take back the power of choice with solar power. This is the future of energy.

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  • "Joke of a company"

    Reviewed Mar 11, 2021

    This is an honest review after being a customer of v3 for the last 1.5 years.

    This all started back in June 2019 when a salesman, Dennis, solicited door to door about solar installation.

    After we sat down with him we got misleading information and no longer wanted the solar. It ended up being too late to back out of the solar installation since we already signed the contract. Dennis continued to reach out to me after this, knowing that I was upset with his service, about sending him referrals. That was the first problem.

    Fast forward to February 2021, my wife and I are selling our home. We get a roof inspection done and it states in the roof inspection that there are damages done due to solar installation. I posted an image of that roof inspection in my google review. For 1.5 year our roof has been sitting there damaged due to this joke of an establishments negligence.

    I call V3 and they send guys out on February 26th 2021. They do their job and leave with no announcement that they completed the work. Very unprofessional.

    I call back the office later that day asking for a report showing what was done. They tell me they will send me a report that day. I wait FOUR days before I get a report after repeated calls to their office and the report they send me seems like some kind of joke. A picture of their “report” is on my google review. There is no name of who did the job, no stamp of the company, and just poor quality pictures.

    I call back the office to raise this issue and ask if they had roof contractors come up and fix the roof. The manager said, they are people who have many years of experience working on roofs but are not certified.

    V3 promises you they will fix any damages to your roof cause by solar. What they DON’T tell you is that the people who repair those damages are NOT certified! Tell me how is that legal... I have issues with my roof and you have UN-certified individuals trying to fix my roof. How do I know they didn’t cause anymore damages?!

    Very unprofessional company. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY EVEN TO MY WORST ENEMY! This is such a headache having to deal with them.

  • "Best Option"

    Reviewed Jul 13, 2020

    I've had several friends build their own solar systems. That's great and all, but my biggest question to them was how to you maintain it. They maintain it themselves and that's what kept me away from solar for a while. My rep explained their solar option and it was a no-brainer to me. I'm only buying the electricity the system makes and I don't have to worry about the upkeep like my friends to. V3 takes care of any repairs. Had an issue with my Tesla battery but v3 showed up the next day and got it back up and running. All the benefits of solar without the responsibility of the ownership.

  • "System that protects me from PGE madness"

    Reviewed Jul 10, 2020
    "System that protects me from PGE madness"

    Reviewed Jul 10, 2020

    Got set up with a solar system with 2 tesla powerwalls. Had the option to buy or go with v3 solar's plan. I don't have the income or tax appetite for buying the system, so I decided to go with the v3 plan. Just makes sense. They takes the hassle out of owning a system. From maintaining the system, to making sure my panels and battery are working. No lien on the home which is great considering stories I've heard with friends leasing their panels. My PGE bills have never been lower and with these shutoffs coming up soon, I know I'm covered with my backup batteries. Batteries being tesla is surely a plus.

  • "PGE Bills have never been lower. Never going back to our old utility plan."

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020
    "PGE Bills have never been lower. Never going back to our old utility plan."

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020

    I have had my solar system for some time now and I was just dumbfounded on how low my PGE bills have been since then. My rep said I'd see some savings, but it's something else when you actually see the bill come through. Professional install and great customer service. Loving my V3 system.

  • "Smooth Process. Huge Savings."

    Reviewed Jun 24, 2020

    Only had to sign a few forms throughout the process. Office updated me constantly. Had the system for over a year and am only paying connection fees to pge. This has been saving me more or less $200 a month.

  • "Responsive and helpful"

    Reviewed Jun 22, 2020

    I work in construction, so I am very particular about what gets done to my home. I was a little skeptical at first to see how my V3 install was going to pan out. They did a great job. The install was clean and the panels were flush. I was a bit disappointed at first about some work around my electrical panel, but the electrician told me a contractor would be out to clean up that work. Makes sense I guess. Electricians aren't necessarily drywall experts. The contractor showed up days after the electrical work and fixed everything up. Props to you and your service team V3.

  • "No hidden costs and great maintenance policy"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2020
    "No hidden costs and great maintenance policy"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2020

    Good product good service. I thought there was a catch with the paperwork. My rep said no payment for the equipment or labor and that I only pay for power when everything is turned on. Went through the project, turned my system on, and my rep was right. I decided not to purchase the panels itself because their energy plans offer maintenance for the whole contract. I had a piece of equipment go out on me the other day and they replaced it with no cost. Back up and running. Very nice to know I am covered.

  • "A company that's there for you"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2020
    "A company that's there for you"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2020

    This company really knows their stuff. I'll admit, my install was a bit rocky at first. There were a few damaged tiles from all the work on my roof. It was right before rainy season, so you can imagine how anxious I was getting about leaks. After the install was done one of the installers sealed the areas as a temporary fix but they called the main office letting them know. They took pictures of the damages and made sure they got the correct tiles to replace the cracked ones. The installer told me the office is reaching out to a roofer to get things squared away. Someone from their team called me and kept me updated on when I can expect this to be fixed. Tiles were replaced very quickly - thank goodness! I am glad the team took care of everything because with my schedule there's no way I have time to coordinate all of this!

  • "Took some time but worth the wait"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2020
    "Took some time but worth the wait"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2020

    ‘I have had V3 panels for just about a year now. The process did take a good amount of time, but by the end of things, my utility bill’s been lower than ever. That’s why I signed up in the first place, so overall I’d say I’m one happy camper.

  • "5 Star and Then Some"

    Reviewed May 21, 2020

    I got 3 separate bids, like they advise you to do, with V3, PetersenDean and Solarhut. All professional and I have nothing negative to say about any of them. However, V3 is the one that stuck out to me with how thorough they were explaining the process and I didn't feel rushed into making the decision. Ultimately, it came down to what made the most sense financially and the quality of what we were getting longterm. I have been happily installed for a year now and will gladly keep sending my friends and family to this company.

    I also want to praise the sales individuals who assisted one of my close friends. They told her that it did not make sense to get solar in her situation - it would have cost more money no matter how you sliced it for her and out of the 6 companies she spoke with, V3 was the only one to confirm her beliefs. Honesty is a big deal when you're making a large purchase and there is no question that this company values just that.

  • "Too Good to be True?"

    Reviewed May 20, 2020

    Not only did I think this was a scam, I wasn't sold on the whole idea until sat down with Eric Corbridge, one of their managers, and he explained the whole thing to me from beginning to end. I have now had my solar for a couple of months and am very pleased. Be skeptical in all things you hear regarding solar, ask a lot of questions, and make sure it all makes sense. I would refer V3 and Eric as your solar experts. They know what they are doing.

  • "Wonderful Experience"

    Reviewed May 19, 2020

    I just got my true up bill and it was a credit, woo! I went with the PPA option, which I originally thought purchasing was the best way to go.... however, I couldn't benefit from the tax credit, anyway, and oh my is solar expensive! Why would I spend my hard earned money on this when I don't have to. Just pay for what you use, it's cheaper than PG&E, and don't worry about the maintenance of the equipment? Score! Unlike other programs I looked into, there is no lien on the home, either. I suggest you call V3 and see what they can do for you. Stop letting PG&E make you pay them for their mistakes!

  • "Love My Solar"

    Reviewed May 18, 2020

    I am a skeptic so I wasn't on board with the idea of solar at first. Even the rep I first spoke with at first was new and not as well versed in the topic, so that made me a little nervous. However, after meeting with both him and his manager the 2nd time, I knew what option would be best for me and that it was a no brainer. The process took longer than I would have expected, but after researching a bit, it makes sense that it's not just up to V3 to install and turn on - you have to permit, go through city inspection's and even PG&E before you will have your solar all said and done. I am saving money, have consistent payments, and I am even using more power than I was before. I would definitely use this company for your switch to solar.

  • "Making a Difference"

    Reviewed May 18, 2020
    "Making a Difference"

    Reviewed May 18, 2020

    There always going to be pros and cons to any company or ways to improve. The reason I have worked for V3 for now two years is because they are always aiming to do better. While no situation is perfect, if you voice a concern, they will help you better understand or find a solution. In a lot of the negative reviews I've read, most of them are inaccurate due to a lack of understanding. It's not easy finding a company that is actually looking out for you and the community as well as themselves. Unfortunately, not every person will be completely honest either - that is just how the world works. However, the core of this company is something to believe in and they truly want to do better for their community and employees. Why not save, choose who you pay for your electricity, AND partner with a company who genuinely cares to help you do so?

  • "Don't do it!!!"

    Reviewed May 08, 2020

    Lower priced for setup than others but absolutely horrible experience and not worth it. We started the process of doing the install last July and it's still not done, 10 months later. Also lied to us and told us we would be up and running when PGE shuts off electric. The pitch was, "PGE will starting rolling blackouts so you better get solar, blah, blah, blah. This is not true. Unless you buy their battery the panels on your roof are useless when your electric provider turns off power. We set up our first appointment for them to come out to our house last July for the sales pitch. They no call, no showed. I literally took 4 hours PTO to be there to meet with them. That should have been an omen for us but we rescheduled and now find ourselves stuck dealing with this terrible company. Sadly, once you sign you're stuck with them forever. Seriously, don't do it. Don't do it! Do solar for sure, just not with this company, in my opinion.

  • "Good riddance PGE!"

    Reviewed Oct 11, 2019

    We're now happy solar and battery backup customers. No more PG&E blackouts for us!!! We were so tired of paying the rate increases and now they turn off our power when it's their fault. Not anymore! Thanks V3!

  • "Great company to work with"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2019

    Can't say enough positives things about this company. They answered all of our questions and made sure we understood everything before signing anything. Been a customer for 5 months and we're already seeing the solar savings benefit. Thank you V3!

  • "Highly recommend for homeowners with PG&E!"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2019
    "Highly recommend for homeowners with PG&E!"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2019

    Been with V3 for a while now, and keep see the savings pile up as PGE rates continue to increase! So glad I took the leap of fait with these guys. Call and ask for Matt!

  • "Highly Recommend This Solar Company!"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2017
    "Highly Recommend This Solar Company!"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2017

    I have nothing short of an excellence experience with this company! I highly recommend them to anyone who is interested in learning more about solar for your home!

  • "Very nice to deal with! "

    Reviewed Jan 21, 2017

    When my husband and I decided on solar we received three different quotes. Andrew from V3 had the best presentation and price. On fact the price we were quoted from V3 was $17,000 cheaper than the higher one and the system was almost double the size. Very honest to deal with!!

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  • "Solar Excellence "

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2017

    Everything went exactly as explained and very efficient.

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  • "Highly recommend "

    Reviewed Jan 17, 2017

    I was introduced to V3 by my brother. The guy from V3 Electric that came to my house (Andrew) was very helpful and seemed to really know his stuff. He gave me lots of options along with the pros and cons of each option. Overall, I had a very positive experience with them. And I ended up getting a heck of a great deal too. You can't go wrong with these guys. I've already recommended them to my neighbors too.

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We believe in a new age of energy, where you have the freedom to choose how you pay for power. V3 Electric provides thousands of customers the ability to take back their power from the utility companies, literally. When we provide choice, we provide freedom. This is our way of life. This is the future of energy.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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V3 Electric Headquarters

Address: 4925 Robert J Mathews Pkwy #100
El Dorado Hills, CA
95762 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 109 North Maple St, Unit K
    Corona , CA 92880

Workmanship Warranty

10 year workmanship warranty covers any labor needed to repair any defective equipment. All panels we use are tier 1 panels that carry a 25 year warranty and production guarantee.


Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer


CA Contractor License #1000573 and holder of our own CL-10 electrician's license with our own on-staff electricians.


Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) of $1M per person (bodily injury) and $2M for property damage, including $2M in coverage for aggregate for products-completed operations and $2M in general aggregate, which shall apply separately to any installation work.

States served by V3 Electric

  • California CA