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V3 Electric

We believe in a new age of energy, where you have the freedom to choose how you pay for power. V3 Electric provides thousands of customers the ability to take back their power from the utility companies, literally. When we provide choice, we provide freedom. This is our way of life. This is the future of energy.
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We are California’s largest local solar company and intend to become the nation’s best energy provider. We believe in choice; Americans should be able to choose where and how they buy their energy, the same way we choose to buy everything else. Without the driving force of competition, utility providers have become slow, overpriced monopolies. Join us in revolutionizing the energy industry and take back the power of choice with solar power. This is the future of energy.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Construction
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

10 year workmanship warranty covers any labor needed to repair any defective equipment. All panels we use are tier 1 panels that carry a 25 year warranty and production guarantee.


CA Contractor License #1000573 and holder of our own CL-10 electrician's license with our own on-staff electricians.


Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL) of $1M per person (bodily injury) and $2M for property damage, including $2M in coverage for aggregate for products-completed operations and $2M in general aggregate, which shall apply separately to any installation work.


Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners
  • Solar Energy Industries Association
  • Tesla Powerwall Certified

Manufacturer Certifications

  • SolarEdge Preferred

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I do see that solar panels help to reduce our electric bills. That representative misinformed me that electric bills cost us nothing. We have to pay $10 per month. We received True-Up total NEM charge every year. I see that we have to pay $155. He was wrong. We tried to do our best to minimize our energy usage. They didn't mention us that solar panels won't keep running during power outage. It didn't say on our contract. I'm disappointed. They said I have to get battery storage. I found different solar company is cheaper than V3 Electric

Posted by dgeiger82 on Dec 31, 2022
Inverter and battery are dead and today whole system died.

You used to be on things when they went wrong,but lately you lag in customer service,my inverter has been out since November 10,I have an appointment for January 3,talk about quick resolutions,how today December 27 the whole system died,so everything that I put on solar to save us from power outages is not working.I don’t know if you and SunRun are the same company,but you both suck!!

Posted by madpainterxxl on Dec 28, 2022
V3 Destroyed my Home Purchase

I am trying to purchase a Home and V3 Electric is not allowing the Seller to Purchase the Solar Lease Contract under Purchases in 12-b on the Contract. Also, I have been unable to reach on contact anyone to try and resolve this on my end. Thanks, V3 for screwing up my Real Estate Purchase and forcing me to Cancel the Escrow.

Posted by barkandhonk on Mar 15, 2022
Predatory sales tactics

These predators sold an 81 year old woman 24 solar panels to put on her roof telling her that PG&E was ripping her off that her electric bill could go up 50$ per month and that PG&E could raise her rates by 17%. All to scare her into putting 30,000$ with of solar panels on her roof. After installation they forgot to turn her panel back on so she spent a very cold night without heat or electricity. They told her it would not cost her a dime. Long and short when she sells her house if new owner doesn’t fall for said scam she is out cost of panels without getting rebates on Panama that she would of gotten had she just bought them outright.

Posted by terriskaggs on Dec 01, 2021
Joke of a company

This is an honest review after being a customer of v3 for the last 1.5 years. This all started back in June 2019 when a salesman, Dennis, solicited door to door about solar installation. After we sat down with him we got misleading information and no longer wanted the solar. It ended up being too late to back out of the solar installation since we already signed the contract. Dennis continued to reach out to me after this, knowing that I was upset with his service, about sending him referrals. That was the first problem. Fast forward to February 2021, my wife and I are selling our home. We get a roof inspection done and it states in the roof inspection that there are damages done due to solar installation. I posted an image of that roof inspection in my google review. For 1.5 year our roof has been sitting there damaged due to this joke of an establishments negligence. I call V3 and they send guys out on February 26th 2021. They do their job and leave with no announcement that they completed the work. Very unprofessional. I call back the office later that day asking for a report showing what was done. They tell me they will send me a report that day. I wait FOUR days before I get a report after repeated calls to their office and the report they send me seems like some kind of joke. A picture of their “report” is on my google review. There is no name of who did the job, no stamp of the company, and just poor quality pictures. I call back the office to raise this issue and ask if they had roof contractors come up and fix the roof. The manager said, they are people who have many years of experience working on roofs but are not certified. V3 promises you they will fix any damages to your roof cause by solar. What they DON’T tell you is that the people who repair those damages are NOT certified! Tell me how is that legal... I have issues with my roof and you have UN-certified individuals trying to fix my roof. How do I know they didn’t cause anymore damages?! Very unprofessional company. WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY EVEN TO MY WORST ENEMY! This is such a headache having to deal with them.

Posted by james.adams474 on Mar 11, 2021
Best Option

I've had several friends build their own solar systems. That's great and all, but my biggest question to them was how to you maintain it. They maintain it themselves and that's what kept me away from solar for a while. My rep explained their solar option and it was a no-brainer to me. I'm only buying the electricity the system makes and I don't have to worry about the upkeep like my friends to. V3 takes care of any repairs. Had an issue with my Tesla battery but v3 showed up the next day and got it back up and running. All the benefits of solar without the responsibility of the ownership.

Posted by norma.maverick on Jul 13, 2020



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