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RisingSun Solar - Profile & Reviews

  • Installer
  • Energy Auditor
  • Electrical Contractor

RisingSun Solar puts the power back into your hands to choose where your electricity comes from, giving you freedom from utility monopoly's increasingly inflated rates and aggravated environmental consequences.

We will continue to lead Kansas City towards energy independence in the transition away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable and reliable solar energy. We maintain the highest quality products, engineering, installation and customer service while offering a low price guarantee for your residential, agricultural and commercial solar energy projects.

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  • "Communication, trust and execution."

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2019
    "Communication, trust and execution."

    Reviewed Oct 23, 2019

    From the beginning to the end, it was a great experience. Communication is key. I was informed every step of the way. Either in person, a phone call, text or email, my questions were answered and always told what was going on.

    There are tons of Solar installers out there and I went through the process of contacting them and listening to “pitches”. I had 4 in home visits and multiple email offers. Rhody from Rising Sun was above my expectations. He listened to my needs and wants and communicated that to his team. A few companies did not listen. They tried to sell me on tax incentives, property value increase and incorrect energy savings. I was interested in sizing the system correctly, placement, and price per watt. He listened.

    He was the only one of all the companies that sized my system just right. He took into account my home, property and my needs and came up with the perfect system. When I pressed other companies on the size of their solar bid, they eventually came back and said that Rising Sun did correctly size the system and they did not. Kind of scary when you are talking about an investment of such a large size. It would be like going to a dealership looking for a basic truck to haul some items and they try to sell you an F-350 SuperDuty. I am glad that Rhody knows his solar, listened to my needs and knew my home energy usage exactly. This is the reason I went with Rising Sun, but this is not where my fantastic experience stopped.

    I was kept in the loop every step of the way. Communication about site visit and placement was key for me. I had an idea of where I wanted my ground system, but was unsure of how it would work. Desmond was able to walk my property with me and identify placement and ensure me of the success. I had drainage in the ground, a septic system and trees that he was able to help identify so that the install team would have no problems. It was exactly what I was looking for.

    The install team was fantastic as well. I was communicated with when materials would arrive and when they would start the process. For something so large, to get it done in 3 days is amazing. It was done with care and precision. When you have a project in your mind and then when it is complete, sometimes it looks different. Not this. This system is exactly what I had envisioned. It was in the perfect place and it looks like it belongs there.

    Along the way Rising Sun communicated with me effectively . WIth Megan, the project manager dealing with communication and addressing any questions. She was quick in responding and made sure everything ran smoothly. The President of Rising Sun also was available to call and email me to ensure my expectations were exceeded, and they were.

    Whenever you make an investment of a large size it can be scary. I did my research, read a lot about solar and educated myself on everything I could. Again, still a little scared. Rising sun made the process a lot less scary. It feels good to have a company that is dedicated to their clients as well as solar energy. The process was no pressure, and more informative, if anything. They communicated every step of the way on everything that was happening. I trust Rising Sun and all of their employees. Trust is hard to come by with me, but they gained my trust and will continue to have it. Thank you to everyone at Rising Sun.

  • "Great experience for us"

    Reviewed Feb 14, 2018

    RisingSun was one of five solar installers that we spoke with. Their price was competitive but we chose them most because of our confidence in their experience and trust worthiness. Energy Sage was only able to offer us two companies to contact and we were lucky that RisingSun was one of them because their performance throughout the project was great. The whole team was friendly and trustworthy and they handled every aspect of the process, keeping us informed every step of the way. We would highly recommend RisingSun!

  • "Best Solar in Town"

    Reviewed Aug 20, 2017

    You won't find a better price, better solar panels, more knowledge or better service than Rising Sun EPC. I talked to three other solar panel installers around town and their quotes were all higher than Rising Sun EPC (for the same sized solar panel system) - one was almost $10,000 more. Additionally, some of the other companies only use cheap Chinese polycrystalline panels (instead of the high quality American made monocrystalline Solar World panels) and still wanted to charge more for the same sized solar panel system. Knowledge wise, Rising Sun EPC easily beat out all of the competition. As a mechanical engineer I did a lot of research and was constantly sending Rising Sun questions, which they quickly answered by email or phone (and their answers always checked out with the research I had done). With the other solar panel companies I usually got conflicting information when compared with my research and they took their time in replying or just didn't reply at all. I was very impressed with Rising Sun's customer service throughout the entire process – they were never too busy to answer any of my questions and they were always accessible. Additionally, Rising Sun's knowledge and experience allowed them to sail right through the permitting process with the city of Overland Park, which I thought was going to be a nightmare since there are not a lot of solar panel systems in Overland Park and the city has been known to have higher than average requirements. Remember when Google Fiber came to Overland Park (OP) and OP had so many requirements that Google Fiber suspended talks and went to other cities around KC instead? This is why we are just now getting Google Fiber while many other cities have had it for a year or two now. Once we got through the solar panel permitting process with the city, Rising Sun scheduled our install right away and had our new solar panel system installed in two days. Again, as an engineer I watched over everything during the installation process just like I would for a project at work. Overall I was very satisfied with the install because everything was installed properly to meet code, they took their time to double check everything they did, they were safe and met all OSHA requirements (especially with being tied off on the roof), and everything was straight, flush, secured, labeled, etc. - very professional work. After the install was complete we had to wait for KCP&L to switch out our electricity meter (which took a few weeks) but what surprised me was that Rising Sun kept in constant contact throughout that entire time and was prepared to hound KCP&L if they didn’t get their new meter installed within 30 days as is required. If you are thinking about going solar (and not having an electric bill ever again) you should contact Rising Sun EPC. You will be very satisfied and you won’t find a better price, better panels, more knowledge or better service.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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We are professional solar installers and experienced solar consultants. We were recently named the fifth fasted growing company headquartered in Kansas City, MO. We try to hold solar to a higher standard and we're very passionate about what we do.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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RisingSun Solar Headquarters

4342 Belleview Ave
Kansas CIty, Missouri
64111 United States

Workmanship Warranty

12 Years


Business Incorporation: Missouri - LLC
Business License: 1255439488


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