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Top Quality Systems. Any Brand or System at Our Best Price Guaranteed. 100% Texas Based, Industry Leading Solar Warranties, Dedicated Expert Support.
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At PEG Energy, we’re passionate about making new solar technology available to our communities, which paves the way for our community to save money, increase energy independence, and protect the environment. Technology has given people the opportunity to generate their own power and take complete ownership of it. We aspire to bring positive economic and environmental change to South Texas using top-quality solar energy solutions at low prices.
​We develop solutions for our communities, such as Laredo, with the idea of driving positive economic and environmental change. South Texas is a perfect location to go solar. We are looking to exploit the solar energy capabilities that we naturally have access to. At the same time, we are looking to drive down electricity prices for all home owners in Laredo and San Antonio, along with the rest of South Texas and provide day 1 savings; As well as to protect the environment from the harmful co2 emissions that negatively impact Laredo, San Antonio, and surrounding areas in Texas.

Peg Energy is proud to be locally based in Laredo,TX - San Antonio, TX- and Corpus Christi, TX.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. PEG Energy's practices transparent and honest pricing

  2. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent service after installation

  3. Our innovative solar designs provides the best look for solar

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PEG Energy provides solar installation with top tier solar equipment. You can choose to get your solar panels on your roof or on a newly built solar structure for no extra cost. If you are looking for a outage protection, PEG Energy is certified to install Tesla Powerwall, SunPower SunVault, and Enphase Encharge batteries.

Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Workmanship Warranty

PEG Energy offers a 25 year Service/Installation Warranty.


All required in Texas.


Fully insured.


NABCEP Certified PC Installation Professional, Tesla Powerwall & Solar Roof Certified installer, REC Certified Solar Professional, SunPower Authorized Dealer, Enphase Gold Installer, LG Chem Certified Installer, Generac Certified Clean Energy Installer, PWRCELL Certified Installer

Industry Certifications

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Gold Installer
  • Sungage Financial Certified Partner

What Customers Are Saying

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Great System Very Satisfied

I've had my system with PEG Energy for 3 years and have not had any problems, my light bill has been negative to $60 at the most. The price was also $12,000 less than another quote I had gotten. Highly recommend.

Posted by skywiz57 on Jul 25, 2023
Fantastic Service

I was needing to update my account, check on new providers and PEG Energy hit it out if the park . Got excellent service from all employees. I being a dinosaur on technology PEG Energy took the bull by the horns and got me all taken care of. Whoop.

Posted by rgonzale65 on Apr 05, 2023
Very Satisfied

Solar is a major expense, so taking the time and effort to research and compare was important to me. I used energy sage as well as meeting with other local solar installers. After a significant amount of comparison of products and service, I found that PEG offered the best quality solar panels and micro inverters at the best total price. My research also showed PEG had good reviews for installation and service. That research paid off. I'm very happy with the process to design and install my solar array. First, the communication process with PEG was great. I was kept in the loop as the installation process went along and the installation went smoothly for me. I was introduced up front to the project manager so If ever I had a question, a quick text and he always gave me either a call or text response. From contract to final power checks and turning on my system was about 45 days. I was prepared for a 60-90 day process and they were well under that. My solar array has been powered on now for two weeks. PEG can track the performance of my system so they will know if there is ever a problem. I can track as well -- down to the performance of each individual solar panel. It's great to see it paying for itself as soon as it's turned on.

Posted by ljmarkus on Sep 02, 2022
PEG Solar Energy Installation

When I decided to install solar panels for my home in San Antonio, Texas, I took several months to review local as well as national solar energy companies and the products offered. Some of them were reviewed in Energysage. Eventually I narrowed my list down to four companies, including PEG, which offered the most competitive pricing for the installation. That included 11 365W Enphase panels and inverters. It took almost six months from signing the contract to the project completion. Most of the time was spent waiting for the energy company qualification and municipal approval. PEG staff was very responsive by phone, text or email in reporting on the status of the project. The energy produced in kWh is slightly above that quoted by PEG. This is only the first month that the solar panels are on line. So far, I am very satisfied with the pricing and the service from PEG as well as the results from the project. I sincerely hope that this cooperative relationship will continue.

Posted by qytchou on Aug 01, 2022
Excellent experience

Great communication, excellent pricing, attentive to my concerns

Posted by jdelgado2002 on Jul 29, 2022
Buyer beware!

I tried to give this company every opportunity to avoid this review, but after numerous issues, delays, lack of communication with my installation, and four requests to speak with a manager…I find myself writing this review because PEG Energy has not bothered to contact me. You get what you pay for, so buyer beware of working with this company! I chose PEG Energy based on their positive reviews and the white glove service I was receiving while they were building out my plan and final quote, but the white glove service stopped as soon as I signed my contract. Prior to signing, I was told I would be kept in the loop on the approvals so I would know where I was throughout the approval process, which could take up to two months. After about six weeks, I reached out asking for an update because I had not received any updates…no response. Two weeks later I reached out again and was told I needed to sign an agreement with my electrical provider. It felt like this agreement had been sitting with PEG until I reached out, but now I was told we were ready to move forward. However, nothing happens. I reach out to the Project Manager and ask when the installation will start. He tells me he will get back to me tomorrow…he doesn’t. Two weeks later, I receive a text at 6pm asking if the crew can show up the next morning to start. I was eager to get started and approved the last-minute request thinking this was a one off…it wasn’t. This happened three more times. I spent $35k on my system and the customer service is horrendous. There has been poor communication with letting me know what is happening, no answers to my questions/concerns, and no proactive scheduling. The company feels like a “fly by night gone by tomorrow” company and I have serious concerns about the work they did and their responsiveness if anything needs to be repaired in the future. Other issues: After the crew left the first day, I noticed the hardware they had installed on my roof did not match the plans I had approved. They had moved 5 panels from a high producing area to a low producing area, without my approval and without saying anything to me about the change. I immediately brought this to the attention of the project manager, and he never provided me with an answer. Just kept saying he would get back to me with an answer. I was also told the project would likely take two days. It took four days spread over four weeks and at this moment I am still waiting on confirmation of when my final inspection will take place so I can actually use my system after signing my contract three months ago. When I was discussing the project, I specifically told them I did not want conduit on my roof and the person conducting the site survey said that would not be an issue. However, he never actually confirmed this by going into my house and they had to run conduit on one section I approved and they ran it on another section that I did not approve.

Posted by tckeyser on Jul 26, 2022



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