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PEG Energy - Profile & Reviews

We are a group of people that believe technology has reached the threshold of progress. Innovation in solar panels has created an opportunity to become generators of our own energy from sustainable sources that preserve our environment. We have built a team that provides bankable, innovative, and reliable solutions to communities in South Texas, offering "turnkey" working solar energy systems.

​We develop solutions for our communities, such as Laredo, with the idea of driving positive economic and environmental change. South Texas is a perfect location to go solar. We are looking to exploit the solar energy capabilities that we naturally have access to. At the same time, we are looking to drive down electricity prices for all home owners in Laredo and San Antonio, along with the rest of South Texas and provide day 1 savings; As well as to protect the environment from the harmful co2 emissions that negatively impact Laredo, San Antonio, and surrounding areas in Texas.

Peg Energy is proud to be locally based in Laredo,TX - San Antonio, TX- and Corpus Christi, TX.

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  • "Didn't get what I expected"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2019
    Updated Feb 20, 2021
    "Didn't get what I expected"

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2019
    Updated Feb 20, 2021

    Didn't get what I expected. Even though I sell energy back to the grid I don't see a lower bill. My usage sky rocketed after the install + the cost of panels my bill doubled. I I get a bill every month and never get a zero or low bill ass expected. My battery back up and panels shut down when the grid went down in the big 2021 freeze and was forced to leave my home.


    Richard Lira
    Response from PEG Energy
    Responded Feb 20, 2021
    Response from PEG Energy
    Responded Feb 20, 2021

    Good afternoon James,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Your system was sized to produce 15,783 kWh/yr and cover you 88% 2.5 years ago when we installed your system. Last year, it produced 17,750 kWh/yr which is over what we promised. That's great news!

    You have recently added a pool to your home which has increased the amount of energy you are using on a yearly basis, which pushes you further away from 88% coverage. There is no available roof space to install more solar panels on your roof to get you closer to the 29.070 kWh/yr you used this past year. Having family at home during these times likely has elevated your usage as well. We have provided free consumption monitoring CTs valued at $500 to help you watch your consumption closer and conserve energy where possible.

    Your system will continue to produce energy during an outage if it has the capability to do so. Otherwise, your battery will kick on and protect you during an outage to the extent of what is stored. It's important to be watchful. In your case, we installed a 9.8kWh LG Chem battery which gives you up to 9.8 kWh of backup energy.

    We have proposed 2 solutions to this issue to eliminate your overages and have provided support and services throughout your 2.5 years as a client with us to address any issues or concerns you have. We are offering a low-cost expansion; a solar pergola with 21 390Watt Bifacial Panels to eliminate your overages. We are also working on a few options for backup storage/generators to make sure you find what you're looking for. Please let us know which you like best. As always, we are here to support our community members.

    PEG Energy Solar Support Team

  • "Solar panels"

    Reviewed Sep 17, 2019

    I had my solar system installed in May 2019. We are extremely happy with our system. PEG Energy have been nothing but the best. My install went smooth and was up and running one month ahead of schedule. I highly recommend them for your solar system.

  • "Professionalism at its finest"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2019

    From start to finish this company has been very informative professional and responsive in a timely manner!!! Very organized when it came to their installation and pin pointing every aspect of the work and what needed to be done for the best production of energy for our home! Big shout of to Richard and Gerardo who were the ones who helped through this process!!! Thank you guys can't wait to share my negative energy bills to other people.

  • "Solar System installation"

    Reviewed Jun 18, 2019

    We had our system installed in March and we are extremely happy with the results. During commissioning we had a couple problems but PEG kept their word and they were very quick to respond to any issues we had with the system. I am very impressed with how fast they responded to any issues that we had at any time of the day or night. Our system is producing as advertised and we could not be happier.

  • "Best solar panel provider in all Texas"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2019
    "Best solar panel provider in all Texas"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2019

    Exactly what the title says, best solar panel provider and service in all of Texas. You can't go wrong having PEG at your side.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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PEG Energy Headquarters

7220A Bob Bullock Loop
Laredo, TX
78041 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 7220A Bob Bullock Loop
    Laredo, TX 78041

Workmanship Warranty

PEG Energy offers a 20 year Service/Installation Warranty.


Texas Association of Builders in Corpus Christi, Texas, Laredo Builders Association, Laredo Chamber of Commerce




All required in Texas.


Fully insured

States served by PEG Energy

  • Texas TX