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Sunlink Energy

We are Arizona's newest leader in solar energy installations at cost-effective pricing.

We've partnered with technology-leading manufacturers and assembled a team of highly experienced professionals to provide Arizona with clean, efficient, affordable technology.

We are committed to excellence and stand by our workmanship with a satisfaction guarantee.

No money down and low interest financing on OAC. Most systems installed within two weeks of estimate, installation in a day. Start saving on your utility bill from day one.

With the majority of our team members having been in the solar industry over 15 years, there's nothing we haven't seen. It's never been easier to save green by going green!
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Sunlink Energy aims to make solar power accessible to everyone. There's never been a better time to go solar and regain your energy independence.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. We're a wholesale installer, no need to deal with sketchy third-party sales people looking to make a buck.

  2. 24/7 monitoring, we inspect all of our installed systems daily. If there's ever an issue, we're contacting you to schedule a repair before you are ever aware that your system is down.

  3. Every job site has qualified electricians, which means installs to code, every time. It just works.

Every installer in the Marketplace has passed our key screening criteria and are approved to participate. For this reason, we’ve labeled the first tier in our rating system, the foundation for all of our installers, “EnergySage Approved”

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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Roofing
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Workmanship Warranty

Our panels and inverters carry a 25-year product, performance, and labor warranty.




GL insurance, $2,000,000 per incident

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners

Manufacturer Certifications

  • Authorized Installer

What Customers Are Saying

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Do not choose sunlink

Having gone through a 3rd party sales company, we didn’t actually have the choice of contractors for the install. We had to trust our sales guy. We did and do trust the sales guy at Cold Fusion Solar, but it is very unfortunate that his company chose sunlink for the installation. Sunlink did not communicate or coordinate very well from the beginning. We were given an installation date but not given a time that the installation would begin. The crew was banging on my door at 6am on a Monday morning (which is fine if it is expected). They crew dropped some debris and various parts in my yard throughout the installation without cleaning up. When they were done, they left without letting us know the job was finished. We weren’t sure if they were coming back another day or what. After all was installed, sunlink made an error in our city paperwork which caused all kinds of confusion and delay with getting everything hooked up. I had to chase this down via my sales guy or I’m confident it would have just been dangling. Next, it took sunlink over a week to initiate getting the monitoring app provider (solar edge) to get us an account creation link. Then, the app indicates that my brand new system is not producing in the middle of the day in sunny Phoenix AZ. Turns out sunlink installed an inverter (solar edge brand) that has been recalled which is causing my system to shut down During the sunniest part of the day. So Sunlink installed a faulty inverter. Then, I Found out from my sales guy that sunlink has just decided to not use solar edge inverters anymore. My system was installed mere weeks ago so I guess I just got the last of their stock of crap?? Now, I’m waiting for sunlink to come out and replace my brand new inverter with another solar edge inverter knowing that sunlink no longer has a business relationship with solar edge. Meanwhile, my system is producing maybe 1/3 of the power it should because the inverter keeps shutting itself off. To top it off, we get emails from sunlink congratulating us on having our solar turned on. And inviting us to write these reviews. Our sales guy at Fold Fusion is running point for us, but seems like sunlink should know and care what’s going on. I have serious concerns with this company moving forward in terms of support of the product they installed. I would not recommend sunlink or Solar edge products or services to anyone. Steer clear!

Posted by ryzalevsky on Aug 26, 2022
They are on the journey with you - not a catch-and-release!

Starting with the initial consultation, they continually made certain that I understood all of the aspects from planning through to turning the system on. They were always polite and patient, and made sure all of my questions were answered. The project manager was always responsive (even when I asked questions late at night on the weekend [sorry about that]) and again, always made certain that I was clear about the next steps or what we were waiting on. When the installers were on-site, they were polite, cleaned up after themselves, and let us know when things were going to get a little noisy. Our system is now active and I'm hooked up with the monitoring app on my phone so I can see how the panels are performing (ok, I'm a digit-head so I enjoy that stuff).

Posted by kevin on Dec 08, 2021
How Business Should be Done

The team at Sunlink Energy was very professional and transparent with their pricing. Would definitely recommend working with them if you're in the market for solar.

Posted by nickjmoore2001 on Nov 06, 2021
Great experience!

I have had my system on for a year now and couldn't be happier! I was a bit hesitant at first with all of the different solar companies who have knocked on my door. Sunlink provided a detailed report of how much energy my system would produce and how that would translate into savings. A year later and my system produced MORE energy than expected with equaled even more savings. Definitely would recommend.

Posted by bphillips on Nov 04, 2021
Great customized solar system!

I received my solar system in December of 2019. The team at Sunlink was professional and helped me to work through the difficulty of only having an East facing roof. They were able to get the right, high quality panels and get the system installed by the end if the year so I was able to qualify for the tax credit. Thank you SunLink!

Posted by jonphx602 on Nov 04, 2021
SunLink is top notch!

Working with Sunlink Energy to design and install our system was extremely easy and fast. They answered all my questions and made sure each step of the process went smoothly. They are very knowledgeable and were a joy to work with. Highly recommend!

Posted by earlm7666 on Oct 26, 2021



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