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PacificSky Solar - Profile & Reviews

PacificSky Solar, with over 24 years in business and over 10,000 Installs, takes a conservative and realistic approach when evaluating your home or project. We take pride in our accuracy and detailed approach to your project as we fully educate you on the full scope of work. Black and white never looked so good!

You deserve the consistent, high quality workmanship that we are known and loved for! Our company stands apart with unparalleled commitment to excellence and integrity.

- Higher quality installations
- Consultative sales process
- Higher quality equipment
- More qualified labor
- Lower prices offered for services provided
- Aesthetically pleasing installations
- Over 20 years proudly serving families like yours
- Check out our Projects Map @ https://pacificskysolar.com/projects-map/

14 reviews

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  • "Up and running"

    Reviewed May 04, 2020

    Pacific Sky, performed and did an excellent job at a reasonable price.
    They handled all the details from design though permitting, installation and close out.
    The electrical work was good and they mounted the panels in a way that will last for years.
    I am very particular about the work done on my house and I am a licensed architect so I know what is right and wrong. They did their work right.

  • "so far, so good !"

    Reviewed Jul 19, 2019

    The whole process went pretty smoothly and quickly so far. We signed the contract on June 29th. A smiley technician came by two days later. I sent in my deposit on July 10th thru my bank's Bill Pay. They got my HoA's approval on July 17th. Three nice guys came to install today (July 19th). Within 4 hours, everything was done neatly and nicely. Even the pipes are painted (using my leftover same-color paint), and all debris cleaned up. Within an hour, I was told the city inspector is scheduled for next Monday (July 22nd). Most communications were done thru emails and cell phone messages/calls. Everyone was quite courteous and extremely pleasant. It's difficult to ask for a better experience than this. I'll follow up later with my progress.
    PART #2:

    One hour before city inspector's arrival today (July 22nd), PacificSky sent
    in another guy to make sure everything is in order, including all necessary
    stickers on the pipes and panel boxes. He even set up a ladder for access
    to the roof. He also tried to make the life easier for the inspector by
    opening up: 1) the cover to the grounding box inside my garage, and 2) the
    cover to the junction box at solar panels.

    Then he stayed, for the full hour, to wait for the inspector. He said, if
    any problem is found, he'll try to fix it right away. Even if he cannot,
    he has the first-hand knowledge to report and send in the right guy. But the
    inspector was very impressed with the their work and sign up right at the spot.

    I'm totally impressed !!!
    PART #3
    Around noon the next day (July 23rd), I got an Email from LADWP.com that a
    service request has been submitted, and an Electric Service Representative (ESR)
    has been assigned. ESR will review and process shortly and will typically respond
    within 5 to 15 business days.
    PART #4

    On Aug. 11th (Sunday, 19 days after first DWP email), two guys from DWP
    showed up at my house without prior notice. They changed the meter,
    gave PTO (Permission To Operate) and left in just a few minutes.
    The PTO paper has no name or address. But an Email with address and
    meter number was sent to us about 4 hours later.

    The next day, PacificSky called for my Wi-Fi password to set up
    Enphase/Enlighten monitoring app. Enphase sent me an email
    the next day to activate the monitoring account. The app is such a
    wonderful tool to check how much solar power is produced each day.
    It works on computers and cell phones. My panels generated
    a total of 26.27kWh on that day !!!

    In the last 14 days, my 12-panel solar system produced an average
    of 24.9kWh per day (or 2.07kWh per panel per day). On the DWP's
    digital mater, I have code #74 displayed with "99884"
    which is 100,000 + Power_Used - Power_Produced. That means
    my solar system has produced 116kWh more than I consumed.

    I think this is because PacificSky has done a good job in designing and
    installing the system. In addition, we kept our past habit and only
    turn on AC when necessary. This extra energy should come in handy
    in the winter when solar would produce less and heater may be turned on
    (blower motor takes lots of power too).

    I'm a happy camper !!!

  • "Overall Pretty Happy"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2019

    4 stars just because LADWP called out a Panel upgrade but that was not Pacifics doing, I bought my home with an unpermitted service panel unknowingly, As soon as we found out this company got the ball rolling and wasted no time to get everything completed for my family.

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  • "5 stars"

    Reviewed Jun 17, 2019

    PacificSky under promised and over performed, I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and swift everything went from contract signing to turning on my system,

  • "Wow That Was Easy!"

    Reviewed Jun 15, 2019

    Talk about an easy and professional process, I have to say that I was sceptical about what it would be like going solar but everything from scheduling to installation was a breeze! Thanks to Amanda for making this process smooth and simple. Guaranteed the job would be done on time and so it was! Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants to go solar!

  • "Excellent service across the board"

    Reviewed Jun 10, 2019
    "Excellent service across the board"

    Reviewed Jun 10, 2019

    So excited to have decided on my solar journey with Pacific Sky Solar. They were so helpful through and through and I couldn’t be more thankful for the office staff, specifically Amanda for keeping me updated and reassured along the whole process. You guys rule!

  • "I will recommend to everyone I know!"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2019
    "I will recommend to everyone I know!"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2019

    So thrilled I moved forward with a family owned solar company, Pacific Sky Solar even went as far as introducing me to the entire team and showed me around the warehouse before I made my final decision, the office responds quickly and is always updated on current stages from start to finish ! Big thanks to Amanda for being helpful throughout the entire process!

  • "Accommodating and Professional"

    Reviewed May 31, 2019
    "Accommodating and Professional"

    Reviewed May 31, 2019

    Beyond excited with how my service went, super smooth and great timing. Amanda was real articulate and clear with everything so there's no surprises for me in the future! She was also there for us when we had any questions, top notch customer service.

  • "Thank you!"

    Reviewed May 31, 2019

    Through all phases of the project, this company performed, exceeding our expectations for service, communication, estimating, scheduling and installation. Amanda is deserving of a special mention. She managed our project with ease and understanding. Many thanks to her. Look no further. This is the company you're searching for. Highly recommended!!

  • "Excellent service and a great knowledge of solar"

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2018
    "Excellent service and a great knowledge of solar"

    Reviewed Oct 05, 2018

    Thomas was wonderful. He explained everything that was planned in great detail and asked questions to make sure there system designed for us was a great fit. All of the other quotes were presented like sales pitches, but this one was a clear, concise plan of action. Unfortunately, we ended up unable to move forward with our project (for reasons out of anyone's control) but Thomas tried his hardest to make it work financially for us. I will without a doubt us PacificSky in the future when I can move forward with getting solar installed.

  • "Happy Camper"

    Reviewed Sep 07, 2018

    Thomas was very helpful every step of the way in our process. He explained each step, the time frame, and I am very happy with our panels!

  • "Excellent team!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2018
    "Excellent team!"

    Reviewed Aug 16, 2018

    From the initial contact through the home visit, the evaluation team, dealing with my HOA and all the way through the process including the installation team, all aspects of working with this company were pleasurable.

  • "Excellent Install"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2018

    We had our system installed within 30 days! Very quick turn around time. This company knows what they're doing. After being in business for almost 25 years it's no surprise though.

    Our installation crew was fantastic! They are all PacificSky employees (no subs) and were very professional and courteous. They did such a clean job with our solar installation too! No conduit seen, low-profile racking and city inspector signed off on the first visit! The City Inspector says he usually has to come back a few times for other companies.

    Overall we were very impressed and loved our experience with PacificSky.

  • "Great Overall Experience!"

    Reviewed Aug 15, 2018

    I came to Energysage and heavily interviewed 5 different solar companies. At the end of the day PacificSky wasn't the cheapest but they provided me the best overall value and I'm so glad I went with them!

    1. Very competitive pricing
    2. Willing to patiently answer any questions the customer may have
    3. Superior pre and post-installation service commitment
    4. Best installation process and aesthetics

    Out of 7 quotes, PacificSky provided the longest panel and worksmanship warranty, at the second lowest price.

    The lowest-priced quote I received planned to use cheaper panels, and did not provide the incredible warranty that PacificSky provided.

    Installation went perfectly with no hiccups, and I was able to flip the switch on solar near the middle of December. My ROI is 6 yeas and and the panels are rated for 25 years! That's 18 years of gravy from my solar panels -- and I most definitely do enjoy my gravy!

    About a month ago, there was some heavy rains in my area, which caused a water spot to appear on the ceiling of my second floor. Since I had not seen the water stain previous to these rains, I initially thought it was due to solar panel installation. I gave PacificSky a call and they came IMMEDIATELY (the same day that I called) in order to check out the damage and repair any damage caused due to the solar installation.

    When PacificSky came we both agreed that the issue wasn't due to the solar panel installation, but their workers still insisted on repairing the damage free of charge. What incredible service!

    I really don't think I could be any happier with my choice of going with PacificSky Solar. They are simply the best!

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Choose PACIFICSKY Solar!
● Over 24 years in business with over 10,000 Installs
● 5 Star Yelp Company
● Best Pricing and Best Value!
● Only the Best in Class Quality Equipment/Hardware

PACIFICSKY Solar means always honest talks.
● Consultative approach - No hard pushy sales tactics
● Our Engineers and Technicians design the most effective and optimized systems based upon YOUR actual needs
● Most of our business come from satisfied customer referrals
● 25 Year Bumper to Bumper Warranties on Product, Performance and Labor
● Residential and Commercial Licensed and experienced
● Our installers are experienced roofers
● Expert quality installations, Safe and Secure and always in compliance with codes and regulations

PACIFICSKY Solar is a One Stop Shop (Solar Panels, Battery, EV Charging, Roofing, HVAC, etc.)
● Showroom & warehouse open to public
● Installation crew employed with us 20+ years
● Ground-mount experts
● Outstanding Customer Service Department
● Multiple Flexible Financing Options to choose from
● Licensed, Bonded, Insured
● Happy Customers!!!

  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



PacificSky Solar Headquarters

20640 Bahama Street
Chatsworth, CA
91311 United States

Workmanship Warranty

25 years.
We've actually been around long enough to make that claim.


5 - Stars on YELP


Business Incorporation: 1004379


$5,000,000 Aggregate

States served by PacificSky Solar

  • California CA