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Forme Solar - Profile & Reviews

Our difference is that we are one of the few solar companies willing to repair a solar energy system we didn't install. Allowing us to be the best solar installation company. It is harder to fix than install systems and we have been able to see every flavor of a bad solar install ensuring we don't make the same mistakes fly-by-night solar installers make.

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  • "Happy"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2022

    FORME offered a competitive quote compared to other installers. They specialize as a solar dealer and was able to help me get the LG panels that I wanted. I also upgraded to the new Enphase IQ8 micro inverters and black panel mounting equipment. Which some companies were not offering.

    Once the contract was signed, they arranged a visit to my home to check out my roof and electrician panel. My experience working with Donna was positive. She provided a detailed timeline of what to expect and got back to me with all of my questions throughout the process.

    There were some differences with the original layout and so I had to move a few panels to the front of my home. The process has been smooth so far and have kept me up to date. After passing the final inspection it took about 14 days to get approval from Edison to turn on my system.

  • "Big mistake"

    Reviewed Apr 23, 2022

    The beginning of my experience with Forme Solar was encouraging. Their team walked me through the process, provided layout options and quotes, and answered questions to a reasonable level.

    However, once they got my money, help was nowhere to be found.

    My permission to operate was approved over a month ago and my system is still not fully up and running. I called last Thursday after an error prompt that arose on my app had told me to call them. I spoke with Candy, who said I was lucky to have someone in my area the following day and that they’d send someone out that day. She didn’t have a timeframe, so I asked them to please provide a courtesy call with an ETA since the arrival window was in the middle of my workday, to which she agreed.

    The technician arrived without the requested courtesy call, and I walked away from a meeting to answer the door.

    The technician came by for 20 minutes and told me he had flipped a switch that he had forgotten, and everything was now fine. As I walked the technician out, I noticed that he parked in the next-door neighbor’s DRIVEWAY and walked over. I’ve never seen this in my life. That neighbor has young children, and if they had an emergency, they would have no way of getting out. This behavior is dangerous, inconsiderate, and unprofessional.

    I rechecked the app after the technician had left to see that not only did a problem persist, but now my system is showing ZERO production. This reading concerned me because if I am not producing output, the downtime is COSTING ME MONEY. Forme is costing me money while they go through the motions of pretending to care while my system should have been up and running in full five weeks prior.

    I called and spoke with Candy on Friday, and she said they’d call me back later that day once they reconnected with a technician. No call back on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I then call on Monday and reexplain my issue. They tell me the soonest they can come by is Thursday. I tell them that is unacceptable, as they are costing me money while the system is not producing, and it had already been a week since I had first alerted them. Candy offered to send someone between 7a-730a Wednesday, so I took the day off of work to settle this in full.

    Well, the technician that was supposed to come that morning never came. Am I surprised? Yes, somehow I am. I am astounded by the difference in experience between myself and others on this and other sites. I cannot believe that their experience was so much better than mine. Regretfully, this leads me to question the integrity of their reviews and the quality of their work. I am also surprised that a company in this industry with tremendous competition would exist for very long with such a lack of pride in their work and poor treatment of their customers.

    I am wasting days off of work and should be spending my time caring for my newborn. As I spend another day dealing with Forme Solar, I genuinely wish I had spent more money with a more professional company to get a better customer experience. There are dozens of solar providers out there and I had thought I had gotten the best value. The equipment is adequate, and I pray the work itself is of quality, but I can guarantee that the experience of how they care for and appreciate their customers is far from adequate.

    There are several other documented instances of lack of response or follow-through by Forme Solar, but I will save the detailed report for the BBB.

    Date of Writing- 4/6/22

  • "Detailed"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2022

    Solar installation went smooth. Forme was detailed in providing me info on what to expect. They arrived when they said they would. They weren't too noisy and did a decent job of cleaning up. In terms solar of quality of work and service they are stellar

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

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25-Year Workmanship Warranty

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Forme Solar Headquarters

1211 E. La Habra Blvd #A
La Habra, CA
90361 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 607 N Vermont Ave, Ste A
    Los Angeles, CA 90004

Workmanship Warranty

Free Solar Monitoring - 5 Year Support

95% Performance Guarantee Year 1
25 Year Workmanship Warranty
25 Year Roof Penetration Warranty
25 Year Equipment Warranty
- 25 Year Enphase Microinverters
- 25 Year Unirac Mounting
- 25 Year Solar Panels: LG, Panasonic, Solaria, QCELL, REC, Canadian Solar


Top 100 Solar Installers - Solar Reviews
CPUC - Supplier Clearinghouse Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)
CPUC - Supplier Clearinghouse Women Business Enterprise (WBE)
Top 7 Best Company Rated
Mosaic Ensemble
Enphase Authorized Installer
Panasonic Authorized Installer
LG Dealer Authorized Installer
Q.Partner - Q.CELLS Authorized Installer


In-House Certified Electricians and Installation Teams
A+ Rating with BBB
Ranked #5 in California - Solar Reviews
Ranked #3 - Best Company
0 Complaints with CSLB, Consumer Affairs & BBB
Authorized Enphase, Q Cells, Panasonic, LG, Generac Installers
Mosaic Financial Ensemble Program
C-10 Electrical


CA State Licensing Board:
C10 #1066257

Electrical License
#119199 SP Expiration: 05/31/2023
#119315 SP Expiration: 05/31/2023


Fully Bonded and Insured
The Hartford - Business Insurance
State Fund Workers Compensation

States served by Forme Solar

  • California CA

Languages spoken by Forme Solar

English, Hindi, Korean, Vietnamese