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SolarQuote - Profile & Reviews

We are a team of energy experts determined to transition your home from old and dirty power to a newer clean energy future.

We have a low price guarantee and do not pay our staff on commission.
-Would you rather get service from an employee who is not paid by how much they charge you?

We have over 30 years of solar experience under one roof.
-Is industry experience important to you?

We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have taken control of their home’s power costs.
-Do you want a solar provider with a proven track record?

We are here to be on your side through every step of the way. Our job goes from install to long term home energy care.
-Should you work with a dedicated team that cares just as much about your future as theirs?

Maintenance, cleaning, diagnostics, and emergency power are factors to consider when leaving your existing power company.
-Would it be better to use a company that is ready to maintain your home’s energy capabilities in the future?

When you choose Solar Quote you will have the commitment and excellence you’ve been looking for in an energy provider.

Contact us now and let us prove it to you!

11 reviews

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  • "Solar Quote, very professional and detailed"

    Reviewed Jul 04, 2020
    "Solar Quote, very professional and detailed"

    Reviewed Jul 04, 2020

    Very please with the service that was provided. Very
    Clean and professional install in timelly matter. Did not try to over sell, everything explained in detail

  • "Very helpful"

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020

    Helped me from whatever I needed

  • "Agua Dulce Review"

    Reviewed Jun 19, 2020

    I am almost in my third year of owning solar. It has been amazing. Jordan and his team at Solar Quote are incredible. Helpful. Available. Actually care about the customer and not just the bottom dollar. Then even three years later, they are still just as helpful as if they were "getting the sale." Amazing crew. The installers were professional and great guys.

  • "Great Service, Great People."

    Reviewed Jun 11, 2020

    I worked with Solar Quote on my home installation and the process couldn't of been easier. They listened to my wants, designed the system around where I wanted the panels to be, while advising me on better placement for better power production.

    The pricing was very competitive and the whole process was smooth and without issue. Two years in my system is working flawlessly and my summer high bill of $500+ was less than $20 since the installation. I haven't had to pay anything at true up either, all around a great system and a great experience dealing with Chris and his team at Solar Quote.

    Highly recommend Solar Quote.

  • "Steve's review"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2020

    Great experience with this transaction. Everything was done just as it was represented by sales Rep Scott. Installation crew was courteous and professional. Would gladly recommend Solar Quote.

  • "Great experience!"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2020

    Solar Quote is always very responsive if I have any questions or concerns with anything. The salesman was very knowledgeable and figured out exactly how many panels we needed. We have been very happy with our solar.

  • "Good Price and Great Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2020
    "Good Price and Great Customer Service"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2020

    We shopped around for solar and got about 4-5 quotes at the time. We had an idea of what brand we wanted and the wattage that we also wanted. We ended up with 28 panels 8.64 KW system that so far in the past 2 years has been great. Working with SolarQuote was super easy! When we called and set up appointment they returned calls quickly and set up times that were convenient for us. Installation was done timely and we liked them so much we recommended to our neighbor and she utilized them as well! Definitely will recommend them again.

  • "Excellent Solar Quote"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    My solar experience has been good and I'm glad I chose Solar Quote as my business partner. The first year my bill was confusing and I had many questions. My questions were answered or I was directed to the place I could get my questions answered. The second year, I learned how to better manage my energy used at peak and off peak times and how to better conserve my energy use to offset my true up costs. By the third year, I had learned how to better balance my energy use to maximize the use of my solar panels. I would recommend without reservation, Solar Quote as a business partner to family and friends.

  • "Wonderfull All Around!!!"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    After checking out a couple other companies, I chose SolarQuote. My sales person Jack Summerville was kind, respectful and most of all honest. He was able to answer all my questions and not laugh at the stupid ones. The process from begaining to end was about one month and my system was up and running. Everyone involved was polite and kind.

  • "Great customer service, very friendly people."

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020
    "Great customer service, very friendly people."

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    When we started looking at solar companies a lot of it was confusing. With solar quote they say with us answered all our questions and explained the process in detail. They then stayed in contact throughout the whole process and explained everyone step and were fast at getting back to us to answer our questions. Even now that the insulation was complete they still get back to us quick when we have questions. Very great/ friendly service.

  • "The Best In Town"

    Reviewed Jun 05, 2020

    I worked with Solar Quote to install a complete system. They explained everything. How solar works, what to expect and timelines for installation. Now that we are up and running, I can see the value. My only regret was that I didn't do it sooner.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator

*Professional Staff Paid On Salary
*Loans Starting At 0% Interest
*100% Satisfaction Guarantee
*Low-Price Guarantee
*Individually Tailored System Design
*Proud Central Valley Local Team
*System Output Monitoring and Guaranteed Production
*Individualized True-Up and Energy Efficiency Strategy
*25 Year Installation Warranty
*25 Year Roof Penetration Warranty
*Industry Leading Manufacturer Warranties - 25 Years or Longer
*30 Day Average Install Time
*5 Year Maintenance Plan Available (Cleaning and Diagnostics)
*Energy Storage and Battery Back-Up Power-Shifting Experts
*Back-Up Generator Experts
*Critter Guard / Bird Netting Available
*Clean Design and Installation
*Streamlined Construction Process
*Serving All Of California
*Dedicated Team Member To Each Project
*Roofing/Windows/HVAC/Solar Water Heater Experts

  • Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency HVAC
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



SolarQuote Headquarters

255 W Fallbrook Ave
Fresno, CA
93711 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 255 W Fallbrook Ave
    Fresno, CA 93711

Workmanship Warranty

25 Year Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty
25 Year Panel
25 Year Inverter
25 Year Racking
25 Year Roof
25 Year Workmanship
25 Year Performance Output


NorCal Solar
Fresno Police Dept
Independent Electrical Supply


General B, C-10, C-46


Business Incorporation: License # 1065106
General B


$1 Million Dollar General Liability Insurance
$2 Million Dollar Workers Compensation Insurance

States served by SolarQuote

  • California CA