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Power Solar Structures Construction - Profile & Reviews

The Burgad & Burgad Corporation has been in the Stockton and Lodi areas since before 2010 and installing SOLAR since 2014. Power Solar Structures Construction was founded in 2018, a long overdue establishment considering participation in the construction industry for 40+ years. So, if you’re considering working with Burgad, you’ll feel confidence working with us knowing that we’ve been a family business in the area for the long haul.
Power Solar Structures Construction is a full service general contractor that specializes in several different types of energy saving products including of course Solar, energy storage along with Windows, Water Heaters, Roofing/Gutters, L.E.D. lighting, Skylights, Flooring and everything in between.
We have a strong belief in giving back to the community, especially to the youth. Keith has worked directly with YMCA youth sports capturing memories and contributing to their programs since 2002. Power Solar Structures Construction contributes to several different sports programs such as Pacific Athletic Foundation and District 8 Little league in the local community along with partnering up with non profits like Save Swenson, United Cerebral Palsy and Stockton Host Lions.

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  • "Competent Reliable and Accessible"

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020
    "Competent Reliable and Accessible"

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020

    My house, built in the '60s, is atypical. Keith came out after I accepted the quote and went over the site. I pointed out my concerns about ventilation with the roof since I'd switched from tar & gravel to elastomeric seven years before. In connection with the solar job, he arranged for an excellent and reasonable roofer to take care of the problems with my roof. The electrical wand that brought power into my house had rusted away and was routed through galvanized piping in a way that made my attic impassable. He fixed the wand and rerouted the power to the main and box as part of the job. He threw in a 50V receptacle from the new solar breaker box for my EV (my main box was full). The outage time was minimal. Although the crawl space is very uncomfortable and he had to do lengthy troubleshooting on my switch box to get all the neutral connections set right, he never complained about extra work. He patched the sheetrock well and was very clean. He kept in touch with me the whole time and always showed up when he said he would. It was lots of work but it was in an efficient and timely manner while we were on lockdown for Coronavirus (electrical work was allowed as essential). He had to return for a remote inspection via cell phone with the County. Included in the job was battery backup by Sonnen that took some time to set up but I am very pleased with it. I am happy with the job and will use them again when I'm ready to add some more panels and increase battery capacity.

  • "Quick install, works as expected - able to handle changing requirements during install"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2020
    "Quick install, works as expected - able to handle changing requirements during install"

    Reviewed Jun 08, 2020

    Power Solar installed rooftop solar and a Sonnen ecoLinx battery. The system has been running as expected for 6 months now. We had some changing requirements as the project moved forward because of misunderstandings on my part. Keith was extremely helpful working through the details with me investigating our various options and paths forward. The wiring in our home had some quirks that made the install complicated. They handled those problems with grace. The system works great and met/exceeded all our goals going into the project.

  • "Very happy customer"

    Reviewed Jun 06, 2020

    Keith Burgad handled the peculiarities of my roof expertly and installed an excellent system
    for my house. He went above and beyond to include items which handled all my energy needs
    including my pool. I highly recommend PowerSolar.

  • "Best Installer around"

    Reviewed Apr 18, 2020

    Keith is knowledgable and the best solar installer around. He provided the best options at the best price and did not try to pressure sell me. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a customized solar solution.

  • "Simply the Best!"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2020

    A terrific experience in every respect. After doing a lot or research, I happened on Keith - which was a stroke of good luck! He not only gave me an excellent price, but took the time to help me understand my other quotes as I wanted to compare apples to apples. You can tell he takes pride in his work as his installation and all the details that go with it were flawless. Additionally, he personified customer service as evidenced by his quick response to any call, text or email. You can't go wrong!

  • "Absolutely Wonderful"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2020

    Top notch Solar business, these guys will stand by their work and always take your best interest into consideration. They have the highest quality technology and the fastest installation time from start to finish. Go with Power Solar and you won’t be disappointed !

  • "very good work"

    Reviewed Mar 26, 2020

    i had keith and tate install my solar the were very professional. they install my solar very fast and clean left no mess. even when i had a question about anything they answered all questions. i would recommend to everyone to use power solar!

  • "Solid Solar installation professional"

    Reviewed Mar 24, 2020
    "Solid Solar installation professional"

    Reviewed Mar 24, 2020

    Soligent has been working with Keith and his team for over a year as one of their trusted Wholesale Distribution Partners. Keith is committed to providing quality service and workmanship
    He is able to deliver great value with solid product offerings and continues to expand his knowledge on Solar plus Storage offerings. You will be in good hands working with Power Solar Structure Constructions with their commitment to "Put YOU in CHARGE of your POWER" - I look forward to reaching out to Keith next Spring, when I'll be re-roofing and looking to install solar on my home
    Karen Hale
    Regional Sales Manager, Soligent Distribution

  • "Best solar service around!!"

    Reviewed Mar 23, 2020

    Power Solar was phenomenal to work with. From start to finish, at every stage of the process, they made seamless. From the beginning sales process, Keith was incredibly informative and responsive on everything from the system selection to payment options/questions. He there with us from the beginning to the final install. Keith and his team handled everything perfectly - installation, meetings, follow-up visits, questions, you name it. Power Solar did all the heavy lifting and were a pleasure to work with throughout. We felt comfortable and confident with our choice through the whole process. I would highly recommend Power Solar over and over.

  • "Great Professional Install! I’m really happy!"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020
    "Great Professional Install! I’m really happy!"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020

    Power Solar finished the installation of my solar system and turned it on October 2019. I chose Power Solar, out of the 7 companies I researched, mainly due to the knowledge of the sales technician/owner, and the reputation of the company (even being “new to the industry”).
    Each step of the process was clearly communicated and the installation was completed without delay. The installers were courteous and respectful of my property plus they provided complimentary repairs to my roof during installation. They were always willing to take the time to answer any questions I had, no matter how redundant or repetitive. They even sent a technician out to train me on all the aspects of the system upon completion. I am very happy with my new solar system and the money I’m saving is great! I can’t wait to see how much I’m going to save during the hot summer. I have recommended them for to my family and friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone else in the future! Thank you!

  • "Fast, timely, honest installation; great professional service"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "Fast, timely, honest installation; great professional service"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith was straight with us on his price, found the best option for us, and even accompanied me to the HOA meeting when we ran to a slight hiccup. His installation was fast and timely. My neighbor used another installer and he started before we did but Keith finished the work way ahead of my neighbor. I've recommended Keith to one of neighbors, who ended up using Keith's service, and I'm about to recommend another neighbor to Keith.

  • "Happy with Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    The owner of this company, Keith Burgad, was very professional and responsive. He installed our solar system within a few days of signing the contract. The system has worked as advertised and we are very pleased with the energy savings. During our sunny February, energy production was greater than consumption. During the summer/fall, energy production greatly exceeded consumption.


    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith and his crew has effortlessly gone above and beyond to my my solar structure dream come true.. Myself and my horses are extremely happy with the shade and rain cover the structure has and will continue to provide for many years to come .. Thank you so much KEITH AND CREW

  • "Kudos for Keith Burgad and Power Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "Kudos for Keith Burgad and Power Solar"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith provided the solution to a shortfall in production from another company’s previous solar installation in a stellar and expeditious manner. His solution was timely, cost effective and efficient!

    Dedicated to high quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction he has earned our long lasting trust and confidence.

  • "Solar installation"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "Solar installation"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Kieth and his crew were very knowledgeable and professional.
    Was always available for questions ,and gave us answers.
    The installation was flawless and kept very clean all the time!!
    I would highly recommend Kieth!!

  • "Excellence in customer service."

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "Excellence in customer service."

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith at power solar is a ture professional. Says what he'll do and does what he says. All the work performed was done with great attention to detail while staying on time and on budget.


  • "Power Solar Structures Construction is the Way to Go!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "Power Solar Structures Construction is the Way to Go!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    We had Keith Burgad come over and meet with us in late June 2019, to explain the benefits of going solar. He explained the financial benefits of going solar and provided documentation to support his position. We had the solar system installed and don't have any regrets. If you want the best solar system, call Keith Burgad and he will explain the system and how you too can have a solar system on your home.

  • "Great job!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    They were great from start to finish. Very professional with fast install times. Thank you..

  • "Exceptional Service"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith and team are the real deal. Professional, polite, hardworking and qualified. I would hire them again 10 times over. My bill just hit $ zero for the first time and I am going to pay off my panels and be net positive in no time. I got bids from multiple other companies on this site. They couldn't hold a candle(pardon the pun) to the savings and quality I got from Keith. Go with this company.

  • "Reliable & Affordable"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith & his crew do great work at a fair price. I was tired of paying too much to PG&E so we went solar. These guys can help you do the same.

  • "Thorough"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith Burgad is a knowledgeable and thorough business man. Great at communicating with his customers about their needs and how to achieve them.

  • "Communication and Pricing Spot On"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    I had been talking to Keith for a couple months about my solar needs and he answered every question I threw his way and even assisted in finding alternate solutions to my unique situation in adding onto current system and finding additional room for possible ground mounting also.

    I also am wise enough to shop around as when purchasing a solar system, it gets expensive. Keith had the best prices I found anywhere else and his panels are American Made also.

  • "Great service great prices"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Easy to work with. Got me exactly what I needed

  • "Great Generac PWRcell Installer!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "Great Generac PWRcell Installer!"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith and his staff at Power Solar Structures Construction offer the amazing battery storage/backup system by Generac called the PWRcell. Highly recommended to contact them for all your solar + storage needs.

  • "My Solar On time on Schedule and on budget"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020
    "My Solar On time on Schedule and on budget"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    From the beginning of the project Keith communicated with me and he met all of his deadlines. I would highly recommend Keith. Feel free to call me if you have any questions Craig 209-993-3759

  • "Reliable, Excellent Quality"

    Reviewed Mar 20, 2020

    Keith installed solar panels to support our entire 2,200 sq ft home. He provided all of the information we needed in a format that was easy to understand and combo through. All of the cost information he provided was accurate and did not change as it came time to pay for things. Keith installed the panels on the exact schedule that he said he would. We've had them for a few years and they've been performing perfectly, providing energy exactly as he said they would. Keith has been available for questions and advice along the way, even years after installation. I would highly recommend Keith for solar installation.

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We are a family business, general contractors who strive to do the job right. We are constantly seeking to improve and find the best quality products to install with integrity. An honest, local approach provides the trust you deserve as a solar customer. Always seeking your best interests, you'll appreciate a down to earth, genuine win-win solution for your solar needs. You can hire big box companies for your solar, sometime for a little less. But you'll miss that direct contact with real decision makers and often slip through the cracks dealing with several layers of employment. And, those big companies either use temporary employees for your installation or they call companies like us to subcontract and undercut values.
We always answer the phone and always respond in 8 business hours or less.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Power Solar Structures Construction Headquarters

6507 PACIFIC AVE 139
95207 US

Workmanship Warranty

25 years we stand behind manufacture's warranty and workmanship, so you don't have to worry about labor costs. 10 year penetration warranty.


Premier Solaria Installer

Enphase Installer Network Silver

We partner with a Sunpower master dealer for sunpower installations.




B general contractor 1051351


state compensation workers comp, 2m liability, standard 15k bond

States served by Power Solar Structures Construction

  • California CA