Green Power Energy, LLC - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Electrical Contractor

  • Solar O&M Provider

Green Power Energy, LLC - Profile & Reviews

Primary Lines of Business

  • Installer

  • Electrical Contractor

  • Solar O&M Provider

Additional Services Offered

Additional Services Offered
  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance

Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us

Green Power Energy offers a variety of flexible financing options to ensure that the solar program you choose is the right fit for you. A home improvement project like solar should not be a cookie cutter process so we don't treat it that way. We listen to your requests and do our best to find you the best solution possible. Whether it is comparing multiple financing options or equipment choices you can trust us to get you exactly what works best for your family.

Green Power Energy does business the right way and our reputation reflects that. Turn around time for installation is 10-14 weeks, keeping you updated at every milestone along the way.

With 10 full installation crews working around the clock, we do not subcontract any aspect of the job which results in the consistent, high quality workmanship that we are known and loved for!

More About Us

More About Us

A full-service, turnkey operation, Green Power Energy has the experience and expertise to design and install high-performance solar systems that can dramatically lower, or even eliminate, energy costs for your home or business. Our custom-fit solutions guarantee a cleaner, greener future—and ensure a sound investment that could save you big in the long-term, even as utility costs continue to soar.

Technology Offered

Technology Offered
  • Solar PV
  • Energy Storage

Case Studies

Case Studies

Reviews from Our Community

Reviews from Our Community
87 Reviews
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"Very positive experience"
Reviewed Sep 11, 2019

We received permission to operate about a month ago, and, clouds aside, we've been really happy with how things have been going. Green Power Energy has been good to work with from the time I first spoke to our sales rep Tim after receiving a quote here through to getting our final system walkthrough earlier this week. The rainy spring meant the time from initial design and approval through to installation was a fair bit longer than we'd anticipated, but it also included a re-roof from GPE's roofing partner (which was also a positive experience). Responsiveness has been high and they've patiently answered the million or so questions I've thrown their way.

"Solar installation"
Reviewed Aug 18, 2019

Green Power was very clear about the process and on schedule. They were helpful with my many questions and answered them in satisfactory detail. They were a great company to work with.

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"Good Solar Installer to work with"
Reviewed Jul 13, 2019

We recently had solar installed in our Shore home in Brick. We went through (definitely use them) to receive multiple quotes and to screen installers. GreenPower Energy (GPE) stood head & should over other companies, albeit a little pricier than others. But I guess you get what you pay for. GPE already had very high ratings and hence selecting them was not a hard choice but I did speak with a friend of mine who had already used GPE for his install.

Our sales contact was always available, I mean almost 24x7 responding to emails quickly or via phone. He is very knowledgable and can assist in answering all the questions with no sales pressure at all. He is OK even if we go with someone else and that proved that GPE team is a straight shooter. The entire team was easy to collaborate with.

My only issue is that GPE is popular and their turn around time is slow. You have to wait in line for the install and then you get slowed down by the township and JCP&L red tape and their waiting time. So it took almost 4.5 months from the time signing on the contract to harvesting solar. So, if you want to get that 30% credit from Feds then you better sign now with GPE or another provider. Solar install is not a fast process, it takes time.

In total, I highly recommend GPE but do use for screening and price comparison. Use good panels like Panasonic or LG.

Good luck.

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Verified Installer
Response from Green Power Energy, LLC
Responded Jul 15, 2019

Thank you so much for the detailed and honest review Karthik. It was a pleasure working with you and your family and we appreciate your patience as you allowed us to get through the necessary approvals and steps it takes to go solar properly in NJ. I look forward to following along to see how your system does your first year of production, always fun to watch a perfect jersey shore roof out perform all expectations! Thanks!

"Highly Recommended!"
Reviewed Jul 11, 2019

I recently had my solar system installed and finalized by Green Power and the entire process was a breeze. Tim was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave me the best combination of quality and value. I ended up getting my roof replaced as well through a roofing partner. For someone who was new to the solar industry, Green Power Energy did everything and then some. I highly recommend their services and it has been working strong since being turned on in late May.

Verified Installer
Response from Green Power Energy, LLC
Responded Jul 11, 2019

Thank you Mike! Really happy the brand new roof and Panasonic system was able to exceed your expectations. We appreciate you trusting us with this project and letting others know about your experience.

"Awesome People, Equipment, & Service"
Reviewed Mar 20, 2019

Green Power Energy ("GPE") was not my least expensive quote, but I chose them for the reputation and recommendations - not to mention how easy Luis was to work with when he came to do the home assessment and quote. Everyone at GPE that I communicated with was knowledgeable and courteous.

I'm highly satisfied with everything, from GPE coordinating installation of my new roof before my solar installation to the consultation with Will after the install to show me how everything works and what to expect. I'll definitely recommend GPE to friends and family who are interested in investing in solar.

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Verified Installer
Response from Green Power Energy, LLC
Responded Mar 20, 2019

Thank you Cameron for the awesome review and for being such a great customer to work with! We are so happy to see the positive feedback and to officially welcome you to the Green Power Energy family! Please keep in touch with any questions you might have over your first year of solar production! Thanks!

"The Best System the Best Price"
Reviewed Feb 01, 2019

I had 10 plus estimates and Green Power Energy had the most efficient 350 Watts Panels solar system design while others were offering lower wattage panels for higher prices I got a 12.6KW system for $38,000 while others were paying $42,000 for 10KW or less plus they used bull horns on the ladders not to damage my new leafguard gutters/roof so better than that impossible.

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"Solar Installation"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

Very helpful and professional. Tony walked us through the entire process, step-by-step. There was a little SNAFU with permits and applications which set us back some time, but that was only an inconvenience and not a disaster.
Installation was quick and they did a good job of cleaning up after themselves. Their installation team is top notch.

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"Great Experience"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

Wanted to go solar, and after doing a lot of research, interviewing sales people and getting quotes from EnergySage, we went with GPE. Bought our system outright. Salesperson (Luis) was knowledgeable and answered all my questions on the spot. Price was not the lowest, but close, very competitive for the product and service offered.

I tend to be very critical, and as an engineer, I do my technical due diligence. Scheduling and installation happened later than I hoped. We signed our contract end of June and went "live" 4 months later. I was unaware of the process, but GPE explained and was available anytime I poked at them for a status update.

We had a scheduling snafu that caused a couple week delay in our install, but at the end of the day, we are very happy with the tech and hardware offered, and the people. Would recommend to anyone looking for an install.

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"Great Experience"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

I had my system installed in July. Everything as promised.
Great communication punctuality and politeness.
This is the company you want to deal with.
Highly recommend.

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"Best Solar Company"
Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

Researched solar for over a year. After getting quotes from six solar companies, we chose Green Power Energy. Hands down this was the best decision. From the presentation with Christine to the installers, everything went great. Christine gave honest and realistic outlook in regards to SREC prices. Other companies overinflated and gave a much too optimistic outlook in regards to SREC prices in future. Green power was very competitive in price and installed the panels to my liking on two roofs. Looks great and best of all zero electric bill. If your serious about installing solar, look no further than Green Power Energy.

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Reviewed Nov 30, 2018

I Had a great experience with Green Power Energy. The process took some time ( not because of The Company)but Tim DeSevo and the Company was very helpful and professional throughout the whole time. I would some up my experience with great customer service.

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"NJ Solar panel install"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2018

I chose Green Power Energy because they are a privately owned business close by and because I was impressed from the start. Each person I worked with was totally professional and I felt they all had a passion as though each person was paer owner. The panels look and work great

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"Great Experience"
Reviewed Nov 29, 2018

The whole Green Power Energy team were tremendous from start to finish. Tim, Mike and Will have been very responsive to all my questions during and even after the system has been installed. They took care of every detail during the whole process and the whole setup went quickly and smoothly once approved by the town. I would highly recommend Green Power Energy to anyone.

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"Solar Panels"
Reviewed Nov 28, 2018

Excellent local company! Courteous, timely and professional. I highly recommend them. We are so happy with our system. Green Power continues to be there for us even a year later when we have questions.

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"Fast and Easy"
Reviewed Nov 27, 2018

From start to finish, the entire installation didn't take long. Considering we also got a new roof during the process, the installation was faster than expected. Green Power was very responsive and answered all of our questions, even weeks after installation was completed. Great company and a great service for solar panels!

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"Excellent in all respects"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

From first contact until the system was operational and beyond, the entire process has been a pleasure. Everyone associated with the company takes a genuine interest in you and your project, and the operation, both financially and from a construction standpoint, was flawless.
I now receive a monthly bill from PSE&G for about $1.50. That's one dollar and fifty cents, not one hundred and fifty dollars. In addition, the SREC's I receive each month have totaled approximately $3600 for the year, which is about $600 a year more than the panels cost me. So I get electricity and make a profit!
You can't beat Green Power for solar installation and financing.

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"Green Power Energy"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

We looked at several different Solar Power companies and then had a presentation by Green Power Energy. They gave us real numbers and a good solution for our Electric energy usage. It has worked out for us very well and they have a great Customer Service Department who are very helpful whenever we have any questions.

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"Great Company"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

After interviewing half a dozen local companies we went with Green Power Energy. We have been very happy with this decision. The solar panal installation process went as they said it would, and everyone involved was very professional. Our panels have been active now for just over one year. Green Power Energy helped us with the SREC selling process and it has been very easy. The system has performed as advertised and we are enjoying our super low electric bills and the profit from the sale of the SRECs. I would highly recommend this company to all.

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"Make the decision to install solar with Green Power Energy"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

After receiving quotes from other solar companies, we chose to have Green Power Energy install solar panels at our home. They came recommended by a friend and we are happy that we selected them. All of the on-site crew were conscientious, on-time, intelligent and treated us with respect. They kept their work area tidy and cleaned up at the end of the day. When there was a glitch with the software between the app and our controller, they took care of it for us. It has been a positive experience to work with them and we love having less than 10.00 a month energy bills.

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"very satisfied customer"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

Very easy to work with, cost effective, no issues, delivered as promised.

"Solar installation"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

Everything was handled very professionally, the company performed as promised. Guys were neat pleasant and cleaned up after themselves.

"Good solar job in Western Morris County"
Reviewed Nov 26, 2018

We chose this company out of maybe 6 to 8 who gave us proposals. They were straightforward and helpful. We were impressed with their pricing, flexibility, responsiveness, proposal and installation. They did a great job overall. It looks like we will generate about 8 srecs our first year during a rainy and overcast 2018. I had requested them to fabricate a blank, fake black panel to fill in where a vent was on our roof so that leaves would not gather there. They did not, but maybe that was too much to hope for. Overall a solid job that looks professional inside and out.

"All-around top notch company"
Reviewed Nov 21, 2018

I initially was drawn to Green Power based on their overwhelmingly positive reviews. Everything I read about their professionalism, courtesy and customer service was quite true. As a DIY homeowner, I wanted to ensure everything was done correctly, to code, and looked great. They met all of my expectations in this regard and I am very happy with the result of my install. Tim was excellent and very responsive answering my many questions. The installers were all polite and very professional. Will was also wonderful to deal with during our post-install meeting. Even with a problem on my original inverter, I was back up and running with a brand new inverter in less than a week.

My only small criticism is that they did not keep me updated during the lengthy amount of paperwork that needed to be filed (it takes many weeks). I often had to ask for updates as to when I should expect paperwork (permits, etc.) to be completed or returned. Plan on asking when to expect items completed to ensure that everything has been filed on your behalf. Other than that, it was a great experience and I highly recommend them without any reservation. It is my pleasure to have worked with a smaller company and recommend them to my family and friends to keep growing their business.

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"Great Experience"
Reviewed Nov 20, 2018

We selected Green Power Energy after hearing such a good review of the company from a close friend. I also liked the size of the company, not too big or too small. Their representatives were prompt and knowledgeable. The installers were very professional and the system is running well. The only issue concerned some delays that were longer than we anticipated, but the communication was excellent with their support staff. We recommend Green Power with the highest level of confidence.

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"Great solar installation"
Reviewed Nov 14, 2018

Over the past several years I, like many of you reading this review, have been contacted by probably 6 or more solar companies offering leasing deals with the catch, “You won’t have an electric bill with solar”. Knowing that nothing is this life is “free” my research over that period of time resulted in the final analysis that buying my system was much more financially conducive to eliminating an electric company bill rather than leasing, so buying I did, for both of my two homes. In researching the multitude of solar companies on line and having every one of their company representatives meet with me at both homes I came to the conclusion that Green Power Energy would be the one solar company that I would contract with to install and maintain my two systems. Their support staff, from office personnel to field engineers, were nothing short of superb answering the phone whenever I called and getting me the complete information I was requesting in a timely and professional manner. I could not be happier with the application process, the efficient manner in which the design and installation was conducted, the post construction meeting with Will who explained all of the systems functions, but especially the end result which last month resulted in one home having a $21.00 electric bill and the other a credit of 230 KW of power. GPE was not the cheapest contractor, nor were they the most expensive, but they offered me a highly rated Panasonic panel system at what I felt was a reasonable price considering my long term overall costs with the Federal Government’s tax credit and my SRECs, along with my very low or non-existent Atlantic City Electric Company bill, will result in both systems being paid back in full in approximately 4.5 years. Everything after that will really be free, considering the SRECs will continue for another 10 years coupled with the fact that, on average, my production will equal my consumption. Ultimately, I could not be happier with Green Power Energy’s friendly and engaged employees who provided up front and transparent quotes, quality engineering along with a professional installation while being in constant communication with me concerning the projects overall process. It is with this in mind that I would recommend Green Power Energy to any home or business owner interested in determining whether solar power is feasible for you.

Larry Carlson

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"Solid company with pleasant people to work with"
Reviewed Nov 11, 2018

Had a very good experience during the install and provided constant information of the process.

"Top Notch all around"
Reviewed Nov 09, 2018

Cannot say enough about Sonny, my salesman, and the Green Power Energy team. Once we agreed on a price Green Power took care of everything from start to finish. They interfaced with the township and the electric company to get everything up and running in record time. They were very informative and are taking care of my SREC's and all I have to do is send in my readings. It was a pleasure from the outset and I continue a great relationship with them. Have not had an electric bill since installation.5 stars!

"Great Solar Vendor, very organized work flow, highly recommended."
Reviewed Nov 09, 2018

I was exploring installing Solar on and off for a few years, and finally in early spring, I decided to go all in. I reached out to a bunch of vendors from the really big players to the really small ones and finally decided on Green Power.

I did a pretty good amount of financial modeling and doing Solar in NJ seemed like a no-brainer, especially considering how long I am planning to stay in this house.

Tim DeSevo reached out to me with his proposal. The price that Green Power offered was one of the most competitive with best of the breed equipment. I reached out to Tim over e-mail/text messages/phone calls quite a few times and he was very patient in explaining the process and answered ALL my questions to my satisfaction.

Finally I decided on Green Power as they were local but big enough that the 20 year warranty etc meant something. What's the point of the warranty, if the company is not around to service it.

We finally kicked off the project and this was one of the most annoying aspects of this whole project. The paperwork & inspection took quite a bit of time(most of it was the township's fault). This was one of the minor quibbles with Green Power, during the entire paper work process there was radio silence and I had to constantly reach out to get updates even if it was the fault of my township.

Once the paperwork was done, it was smooth sailing. The project was very organized in the final implementation phase. Every step of the way the different crew/people were meticulous in keeping me abreast of what was going on.

I need to give a shout out to Will Miska for doing the final walk through, he was so helpful in explaining everything and how everything comes together(Power Generation, SREC Generation etc, faults monitoring).

Please do your own research, but I highly recommend Green Power for your Solar needs, I am glad I went with them. I am contrasting my experience with what my brother went through in the Boston area with a vendor there.

"solar install"
Reviewed Nov 09, 2018

Green Power Energy was very responsive to questions. The install was handled fairly effortlessly by them. Follow up after the install to explain the system and how solar credits work was very thorough.

Reviewed Nov 08, 2018

Great company to do business with. I love the solar unit they installed at my house. Friendly people and very helpful with any questions you have and a person always answers the phone.

"Green Power Energy Review"
Reviewed Nov 08, 2018

Green Power Energy did a great job installing my solar panels. The roofers they employed were efficient worked tirelessly to get the job done. The solar panel installers did a superb job and once the rough inspection was done they worked to install the panels on the same day right up to nightfall. The electricians were efficient and courteous. My kudos to the entire Green Power Energy Team.

"Inverter replacement in Clinton Twp"
Reviewed Nov 08, 2018

Green Power did great quality work on installing a new inverter for my system, and correcting some wiring issues in the array of our existing panels installed in 2003. Good follow-up after the installation too. Service was much, much better than the original installers, and I would certainly only work with Green Power again. Chris Bishop, Clinton Twp, NJ

"Residential Installation"
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018

I selected Green Power Energy after reviewing proposals from 6 companies. They were very competitive with pricing and they very good reviews. I also liked the size of the company, not too big or small. Their on site representatives were very prompt, courteous and thorough.The installers were great (very good clean up) and the system is running without issue. My only issue was in some delays in communication regarding permits. I would use them again.

"Solar Panels"
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018

Green Power Energy was great to work with. Sonny was amazing to work with, tell us about our system, offered competitive pricing and guided us through the entire process. We are already seeing the benefits a few months later. Highly recommend.

"I recommend Green Power Energy"
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018

Excellent company to deal with. Tim, Mike and the rest of the team we're very responsive to my concerns and questions. I did a lot of research through Energy Sage and it came down to three companies. All three companies we're pretty close in terms of pricing and materials used. The difference is the warranty, the experience of the company, value of what I am paying for,  and most importantly, in my case,  the customer service support.

 I'm glad I went with Green Power Energy. I had some minor issues,  one in particular was regarding the conduit location. They were able to address it  and resolve it quickly to my satisfaction. What differentiates a good company and a not-so-good company is how  quickly they  respond to customers issues and how they will resolve it. It's easy to have good reviews  when everything goes smoothly with the job. However, if  issues arise,  you want  a company that listens to you and be confident that they will address them quickly and to your satisfaction. Green Power Energy was excellent in responding to my concerns and issues and resolved them quickly without any hassle.

So far, it has been a little over a year since my solar panels were installed.  To this date, it has been great. No technical issues and minimal  or no electric bill except taxes and fees. Since I bought system,  I have earned about 6 SREC certifiates as of now.

I recommend Green Power Energy to anyone who is in the market for solar panel o installation.

"Easy install process and excellent components."
Reviewed Nov 07, 2018

Getting our system installed was easy. We got quotes from three installers and went with Green Power because they had a good price, and used better than average components. The system has been producing power at the expected rate with no issues. Installation took place on schedule, with no hassle or delays. We did have one bad panel at commission date, which they replaced within a week of the installation.

"Customer Service A+"
Reviewed Nov 02, 2018

Green Power Energy took the time to answer all of my questions and explain how the system works from the bottom to the top. The installation was professionally done, and when a worker made a mistake, management was quick to make it right. The system is operating beautifully and as promised. We are very happy! In particular, Will Miska was very friendly and helpful, and took extra time to explain how our bill works.

"Exceptional install - start to finish!"
Reviewed Oct 16, 2018

Shouting from the rooftop...literally! From my initial inquiry, to meeting with Steve in sales, to the work done by Stas and Chris, I couldn't be happier with my decision to go solar! But, I am most thrilled about my choice to use Green Power Energy! This company is top notch all around...professional, skilled, fair, honest, and friendly. I will definitely refer them to others. Thank you GPE, I can't wait to start saving $$$!

"Great overall experience"
Reviewed Oct 09, 2018

Great company to deal with, overall the project went smoothly. Quality install, competitive prices. Highly recommended!

"Outstanding Performance"
Reviewed Sep 13, 2018

Just completed the first full year of service of our solar system that was designed and installed for us by Green Power Energy. System performance over this first year has been outstanding. Despite all the snowstorms of February and March, and in spite of the never ending rainy/cloudy days of August and September, our system achieved 98% of the Power it was sized to produce. When you think about it, that represents an incredibly accurate system design. Green Power got us a very high power and high efficiency system for our home, and at the lowest price of the companies we had provide us quotes. If you are in the market for solar in the NJ/PA area, highly recommend you contact them.

"Going solar the right way!"
Reviewed Aug 18, 2018

Like everyone we went through several proposals form solar companies and the company that stood out was Green Power. Our sales rep Sonny was nothing but awesome. Knowledgeable, professional, and far from being a pushy salesman. He responds immediately to any question even AFTER the “sale” was made.
It was a process due to no fault of their own. There was an electrical sticker that my township required but they worked quickly to resolve that so we can pass inspection.
Why not a 5 star. We were under the impression that we can see production and consumption using the SolarEdge app. It was a miscommunication, we can but via the meter. They are simply the best solar company around and never were pushy and don’t need to “knock on doors” or stand in Home depot. Also do NOT go for a lease even green power will tell you

"This is the kind of crack that everyone should try."
Reviewed Jul 08, 2018

The guys at Green Power Energy were great from the initial consultation to the final inspection. Tim DeSevo was our sales consultant and he came to our home to review our property's individual panel layout in full detail and answer all of the questions we had, from logistics to financing. The contractual/financial process was all handled digitally which made it super convenient for a couple of people who work many hours and may not have time to visit an office in the middle of a work day to sign documents in person. We bothered Tim a few times with random questions and he was always readily available to answer without delay. The installation guys were super friendly and very quick; within two days they were done! They left the area very clean and without any indication that they had been there other than leaving behind 42 amazing solar panels on our roof that you would never even know are even there. Oh, and the app! The APP! Tim will describe to you the monitoring system and the accompanying app that you can download and when he does, he will understate the distracting effect it will have on your daily life as you randomly celebrate the kwh (FREE energy) your system is generating on a sunny day. For an old square person like myself, that's as close to crack as I'm gonna get. That app is the old square person's equivalent to crack. The sun works for us now. The biggest star in the galaxy rotating light years away from from our planet is shoving dollar bills inside of our wallets. It will shove some in yours too. Just do it. You're reading this review so you're obviously serious about it. At the very least, call Tim and ask for an evaluation of your property. Because this is the kind of crack that everyone should try.

Reviewed Jun 21, 2018

I went through Energy Sage and reached out to about 4 installers. Green Power Energy gave me the best material, fastest follow ups and a very competitive price. My sales manager Tim DeSevo made the decision of which company to go with easy. I emailed back and forth with him until he found the perfect layout and pricing option for me. I secured my own financing as most loan want to build in the credit you get from the IRS. I did not like that thought as I simply don't know how my tax return looks next year.

The whole process was very easy as Green Power Energy did an outstanding job..
E-signing the contract was easy and it remained that was until my system was live and producing clean energy. I assume most people have no idea on how to secure the necessary permits, working with my township, state and electrical company..they took care of everything and updated me along the way.

Tim, Eric, Will...they all worked as a great unit. I really liked Will's visit when he explained how the system works. He left a brochure with manuals, warranties and contacts in case something ever goes wrong.

My system is now producing for 2nd months and I just earned m 2nd SREC.
Couldn't be happier and I'm very glad I chose this professional company to do the job!

"Pleased by my experience working with Green Power Energy"
Reviewed Jun 20, 2018

Pleased with their fair and up-front pricing, no surprises. They were able to respond to phone calls in reasonable time. Worked well with my town and PSEG to get my system up and running as soon as possible. All of the workers that we dealt with were prompt, courteous and professional. Attentive customer service, specifically in placing my invertor in the most aesthetically pleasing location possible. Also very pleased with the detailed walk through that they provided to explain exactly how my system works, how to read my meters and how to handle SRECs and PSEG issues. Finally they provided an informative binder and spreadsheets to reference so I can make the most of my investment.

"Happy Customer"
Reviewed Jun 18, 2018

Great experience - Happy with solar install. Now turn on AC with no second thought

"5 Star Service from beginning to end"
Reviewed May 29, 2018

I recommend Green Power Energy with the highest regards. The communication was excellent throughout the project. Everyone who came to my home from Green Energy was friendly and respectful. I quickly felt very comfortable and happy with my decision to go with Green Power. Whenever I had questions, they were quick to respond. You will be in very good hands if you smartly choose to go with Green Power Energy for your solar project.

"Simply the best"
Reviewed Mar 15, 2018

If shopping for a solar installer look no further than Green Power Energy, they are amazing. From start to finish they were the ultimate in professional, knowledgeable, and value centered solar installation providers. The quotes were the best, the knowledge base was top notch and the installation was precise beyond description. We had a problem with an inverter and they were on top of the repair in no time. I have nothing but the highest praise for their installation and continued service.

"Excellent Experieence"
Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

Very competitive price. I received three or four off Energy Sage. Tim DeSevo is wonderful to work with and he can walk you through any questions, you may have including comparing prices. The installation was done without any problem. They took care of permits, and the inspections. The system is now up and running and producing energy. They even have someone come out and walk you through how to use the meters and how to account for your energy production versus any amount or credit you may have with your electric company.

"Ravi Bulusu"
Reviewed Jan 13, 2018

I have received an excellent Project Implementation Experience, though the Project was lengthy as it had several steps to be completed, Overall, We are very excited going Solar and Having selected Green Power for My First Major Project for our New Home.

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"Amazing Experience!"
Reviewed Jan 11, 2018

I have nothing but good things to say about Green Power Energy. I barely had to lift a finger throughout the entire solar process; from estimates/quotes, installation, inspections and approvals, everything went incredibly smoothly. Tim and the entire team were incredibly friendly and professional, and have been responsive and communicative even now that the install and approvals are complete.

If you're looking for a hassle-free, worry-free solar project, look no further, kudos!

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"Great Company from the Start "
Reviewed Oct 22, 2017

My husband Gil and I were very pleased with all facets of this project from the initial bid contract, installation, and follow up. Response time to our questions was within minutes of our email or phone call. Everything promised was fulfilled.

We also want to give special acknowledgement of the installation crews that did our new roof and our solar panels who did tremendous work when the roof temperature was over 100*. Everyone we worked with was extremely professional, courteous, cleaned up after every job, and arrived on time for each project. So far we have been pleased with the performance of the panels. Our first full month's electric bill was 26.00. We highly recommend this company.

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"Fantastic, Would give higher rating if possible"
Reviewed Oct 18, 2017

In summary: Go with Green Power, no others compare.

With Tim's guidance I chose a 44 panel 12.98kW system (44 panels at 295 watts each = 12,980)
Panels: Hanwha Q Cell 295 Watt
Inverter: 1 Solaredge
All black panels with black racking and trim. The panels blend in very nicely on my black roof (if that is a concern to you).

For reference - my prior home had owned solar put on by the prior owner. So I have solar experience/knowledge but never installed them myself.

I'll breakdown my review by the various steps needed to get solar installed.

I used energysage to solicit quotes and met with a local installer in NJ (Trinity Solar) as well as called the big name brands (Tesla and others). The local and big name companies I felt like the salesmen didn't care to educate me, just wanted a sale.

Tesla (formerly Solar City) had the appearance of a lower cost system but in reviewing their quote I realized they were taking my SREC's upfront to lower my cost but at $4 per....currently $150-200/per. Be careful if speaking with them, losing SRECs materially changes the economics of solar.

Trinity Solar salesman just came across as untrustworthy; he stated a few things in regards to tax credits and SREC pricing that felt wrong. When he left and I researched them, my instinct was correct. I challenged him and he tried to spin his statements.

Tim was the complete opposite...his approach was answer honestly and if I happen to go with him that's great. I ended up choosing Tim specifically, because of my interaction with him, these stellar energysage reviews, the price / equipment used and I called a few references he provided.

It's important to note, for my quotes, Green Power proposed the same equipment as the big name brands. So there is was no difference in equipment/manufacturer warranties/etc.

After choosing Tim, we filled out some paper work electronically and Green Power Energy worked behind the scenes to get my project going. We went back and forth with proposed layouts, I was very focused on the aesthetics so Tim and team were patient sending me multiple layout options and discussing the efficiency among the various layouts (# of panels on front vs back of house).

From there we waited for township/state/etc approvals and set the installation day. I thought Tim was great but the team installing my system even better. They made sure all of my aesthetic concerns were met, talked me through the process, asked questions and suggested some improved layouts of wires/etc. I have two small boys who wanted to talk to them all day long, they took time out to talk to them and explain what they were doing. I gave permission for a team to come out and take some pictures, they let the kids see how the drone works etc. I realize these are little things but it seems everyone at the Company knows the little things make a big difference with some people. Just a great company, I can't rave enough about them. Clearly their focus is on customer satisfaction.

Install took 4 full days over two weeks, some of which was due to my townships inspection requirements half way through. The teams installation passed the midway inspection and the final building/electrical inspections on first pass.

I'm currently waiting on PSEG to swap out my meter so we can turn my system on, it's in standby mode. So I can't speak to the accuracy of energy production quoted vs produced but will try to update this review in a year. It's currently October 2017.

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"Very responsive company "
Reviewed Oct 05, 2017

Excellent company to deal with. Tim, Mike and the rest of the team we're very responsive to my concerns and questions. I did a lot of research through Energy Sage and it came down to three companies. All three companies we're pretty close in terms of pricing and materials used. The difference were the warranty, the experience and value of what I am paying for.  I'm glad I went with Green Power Energy. I had some minor issues,  one in particular was regarding the conduit location. They were able to address it  and resolve it quickly to my satisfaction. What differentiates a good company and a not-so-good company is how  quickly they  respond to customers issues and how they will resolve it. It's easy to have good reviews  when everything goes smoothly with the job. However, if  issues arise,  you want  a company that listens to you and be confident that they will address them quickly and to your satisfaction. Green power energy in my case was excellent in responding to my concerns and issues and resolving them quickly.

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"Excellent people and service"
Reviewed Aug 16, 2017

From initial proposal questions to contract, financing, installation process and steps to final inspection, everyone we dealt with at GPE were professional and excellent communicators. Special thanks to Tim DeSevo who guided us through the entire process, thanks also to Dan Garcia our project foreman who reviewed all install details with me and to his entire hard-working install team and Cheryl at home office who kept us informed on next steps and upcoming schedule. I would highly recommend Green Power Energy to all NJ residents interested in solar. The LG Neon2 panels look great and were installed on schedule, neatly arranged and precisely located as we requested.

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"Great Experience with Green Power Energy"
Reviewed Jul 30, 2017

From initial call to final completion Tim was open, honest and quick to respond every step of the way. I am glad they had won my business since they took the difficulty out of going solar and were on top of their game. Our foreman Jesse was spot on quick and efficient. I could just sit back and relax. Green Power took care of everything without any issues. I have recommended them to my Neighbors as this was a great decision going with them that will pay off to the end of the life of the panels many many years down the line.

"Green Power Energy Review"
Reviewed Jul 26, 2017

Tim DeSevo has provided excellent service - walking me through process and handling all of the paper work with the town, the state and the utility company. His team were true professionals - even the township inspector was impressed by their work. And they left my house in the same condition as they found it (sweeping up and taking away all debris). I am very happy with the company.

"Solar Panel installation with Green Power Energy"
Reviewed Jul 19, 2017

Tim made the process easy and understandable. He always stayed in contact with me via email explaining in detail the requirements of me for each step of the process.

"Outstanding! Green Power Energy & EnergySage are a knockout team!"
Reviewed Jul 10, 2017

All I can say is, “Wow!” It’s very rare that you find a vendor who is responsive, informative, flexible, reliable, AND cost effective. But Tim, Mike, David and the install team at Green Power Energy knocked it out of the park. I needed a new roof and wanted a fairly large (12.2kW) residential system. When the dimensions of my roof came up a bit short for my needs, Tim came back with variety of options to maximize the productivity of my system and squeeze as many panels possible of my roof. GPE coordinated everything, roofing, permitting, inspections, and (of course) all of the installation work including the new SolarEdge consumption monitoring capability. I’m so happy with my new Panasonic panels and the monitoring data and enhanced performance I get from my SolarEdge solution. What a great company to work with! I sailed through my inspections the first time without any issues, and all of the installation work is top notch. I highly recommend them! Now's a great time to go solar in NJ.

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"Great Value - Great Solar - NJ Company"
Reviewed May 14, 2017

I started researching solar in earnest over 6 months ago. I got quotes from the “top five” solar companies as well as the local big box hardware stores and then I came across the web site Energy Sage. They were a fountain of information and brought me several new quotes, including GreenPower Energy’s. (What I like about Energy Sage was that they send you quotes without you having to give out your personal information-unless you want to.) Bottom line, I found that GreenPower Energy offered the best value; they had great equipment, great pricing and great customer service. Tim DeSevo, their sales manager, was knowledgeable, responsive and easy to work with. The installation crew was professional, courteous, and flexible to my needs. (I actually asked them to delay installation while I had a new roof installed). Installation went smoothly - they took care of everything - and I am now generating my SRECS. They are an excellent local company, based in New Jersey, and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in going solar. Five stars from me.

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"Good experience"
Reviewed Apr 27, 2017

I am mainly working with Tim. He is very helpful and responsive during the whole process, which is pretty length because of all the paper works. They handled all of them. The install was done in a week , clean and professional. Highly recommend if you are in the market for Solar.

"Everything I wanted..."
Reviewed Apr 25, 2017

I have had my system up and running for about 3 months now and have completely knocked my bill down to just the utilities service charge of around $5. I cannot believe how great this experience has been and my hats off to Tim DeSevo. He responds to questions almost all times of day and sometimes almost as fast as if I was texting him. The entire process was seamless from initial quotes, to financing, to the system going live. Having had many quotes from other installers, this was by far the best. I felt no pressure and felt that Tim knew more about this industry than all of the "salesman" the other companies had me speak to. I would recommend GreenPower Energy to anyone looking to go solar. If anyone has any questions about my install and experience, feel free to email me at


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"Going Solar Experience - Energy Sage & Green Power Energy is Superior !"
Reviewed Mar 24, 2017

We completed our install with Green Power Energy and I can't sing their praises enough.
We chose Green Power Energy for our purchase and could not be happier. Tim DeSevo is our contact person and has always responded quickly to any questions. We can't thank him enough for making the process seamless and he is always pleasant and knowledgeable.
After extensive research on solar companies and systems I can confidently say that Green Power Energy is the best choice for a system purchase. The quality of products offered surpasses the large companies ( Sunrun and Solar City ) we looked at and at a much lower price.
The whole experience has been excellent. From Tim helping us design a system to meet our needs,the contract was straight forward,all the permits handled for us,the installation crew were professional and skilled at their work, and Dave the master electrician who completed the final inspection and net meter install. They are also the only company to consider and install squirrel guards to protect the investment of a solar system.
We are so thankful we were connected with Green Power Energy through Energy Sage. In our experience,the large companies are definitely profit focused where the people at Green Power Energy are focused on getting the consumer the right system and they go above and beyond to meet price , quality and workmanship.

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"Time Desevo @ Green Power Energy is awesome"
Reviewed Mar 16, 2017

Not sure where to start because this entire process has been phenomenal from the word go. I used a third party aggregator site to submit my solar requirements. Within 20 mins on a Friday afternoon, Tim Desevo from Green Power had given me a quote. Most others didn't even respond with an introduction till Monday morning. Tim took the time to truly educate me and answer all my questions. Instead of trying to sell me a product he listened and answered every one of my very detailed questions and ultimately gave me a solution. Because I am highly technical and had done a lot of research already I had a LOT of questions that most probably don't ask. He walked me through the whole process. By the end of that day we had corresponded multiple times with him contacting me via cell over the weekend multiple times. I cannot even begin to tell you the joy it was working with a competent and engaging guy. In reality I bought "Tim". At no point did I feel like I was being pressured or sold. He was confident and even offered to allow me to speak with another person in my town that had purchased through him. As the process went on, I was NEVER left guessing what the next step is. Their people showed up on-time every time. Dan, Chris and Devon did a neat clean job and I could not be more pleased. I would highly recommend Green Power Energy for your solar needs. If I could give 6 stars I would. If they asked me of a suggestion I could give them to improve what they did, I seriously cant think of a thing.

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"Excellent Company"
Reviewed Feb 09, 2017

I chose Green Power Energy because of their great reviews and very competitive pricing. I am very glad that I did! Tim DeSevo was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. I asked a lot of questions and Tim answered my emails almost as fast as I could write them. Dan and his installation team were pleasant and professional. The project went very smoothly and followed the timetable as described. I highly recommend Green Power Energy.

"Glowing recommendation"
Reviewed Jan 27, 2017

I recommend Green Power unqualifiedly. I picked them with the help of Energy Sage and am so glad we did. They made a complicated process and project almost effortless and fun. Tim DeSevo was our point of contact. I hope they pay him a lot because he was on the job 24/7. Seriously, he responded promptly to every email and phone call. His answers were clear, knowledgeable and he was endlessly patient. Christian and the installation crew were both nice and hard working. They treated us and our property with respect. We are very happy with Green Power. Our meter is not yet installed (waiting on electric company ,not Green Power) so I can't answer as to the effectiveness or value yet.

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"Outstanding Customer Service & Quality of Work"
Reviewed Jan 26, 2017

I received proposals from 5 different companies (some were not via Energy Sage) and compared many factors, both financial and non-financial, before choosing Green Power Energy. Their combination of quality products, clear explanations of different technologies, best overall value, and superior customer service (my Green Power Energy representative, Tim DeSevo, always responded within hours, even on weekends and evenings!) made them the clear winner. While the total process was long, most if not all of the delay was due to the slow processing of permits by my municipality. Again, my representative, Tim DeSevo, stayed on top of the process and kept me informed along the way. Every detail throughout the project was attended to with care and professionalism, minor glitches along the way were quickly addressed and corrected, the installation was thoughtfully designed with esthetics in mind, and my property was left spotless at the completion of the job. My system has been performing better than anticipated and I couldn't be happier with the final result. Green Power Energy is a company that I highly recommend to anyone considering a solar project. Their quality of work, value, integrity and customer service is a rare find!

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"Solar Install"
Reviewed Jan 17, 2017

I started with the EngerySage website for my project. I found their site amazing at providing information (solar is more of an investment than purchase with great ROI) and normalizing the bidding process. I decided upon Green Power Energy after going through quote/bidding process. They had installed in my area were familiar with my town and had a very reasonable quote.

I cannot say enough positive things about Green Power Energy. Very professional and responsive - Tim almost always answered and provided an update same day. Jessie and his team did a great job of installing and even worked with my in hiding the electrical run to the converter. They handled all the paperwork, cleaned their work environment and now I couldn't be happier.

I am now energy independent and I love watching the meter go backwards!

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"Green Power is an excellent supplier of a solar energy system to homeowners!"
Reviewed Jan 12, 2017

In every phase of providing a solar energy system (proposal, approval from township and utility, installation, turn up), Green Power was excellent. If you are looking to buy a system for your home, you need to look no further - I highly recommend this company. They made everything seem so easy. I found each person (regardless of function) to be professional with superb customer interaction skills. I chose Green Power partly based on the excellence of past reviews and they have excelled. I don't normally give glowing reviews but they truly deserve them. 5 stars!!!!

"Green Power Energy beat the big guys by a mile!"
Reviewed Jan 11, 2017

I have been very impressed with Green Power Energy. They have been completely consistent through sales and installation and their service has been flawless. They showed great integrity and communication throughout the project which came online yesterday... I was originally going to proceed with a large national company. I had started the process with them but became frustrated with their attention to detail during the design phase... I called Green Power back and switched to them. I am so glad I did so! These guys know the industry inside out and can answer any question you may have... I am really excited to see my 12.6Kw system online!

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"Green Power Energy is an Amazing Company! "
Reviewed Jan 11, 2017

WOW!! Is the only thing to say. Tim and the whole team at Green Power Energy are amazing! The guys were so respectful and polite in our home. Everything they said they would do they did and on time! If you are considering Solar for your home or business you found your company!

"Excellent Decision!!"
Reviewed Dec 06, 2016

I did my due diligence as this process can seem overwhelming initially. After contacting a number of different solar companies, Tim and Green Power Energy were heads above the rest. From our initial meeting in person through our application process and approval and thru the installation, Tim ensured that everything was delivered and installed in the time frame promised. Christian and his installation crew were also outstanding in their work. It's refreshing to see such a commitment to what they do. Hopefully I won't have to go through the process again but if I ever needed to, I would only consider using Green Power Energy!

"Don't Look Further. Choose Green Power Energy, LLC"
Reviewed Sep 09, 2016

I very rarely write great reviews about the Companies with which I do business. Maybe it's that I have high standards in order to merit my time. In any case, a proper Green Power Energy review needs to start by mentioning the person with whom I had the most contact--Tim DeSevo. The truth is, Tim made some lofty promises about a Green Power Energy solar installation which included best pricing, best in class construction, best warranty, best equipment, and best customer service. From presentation to negotiation and painstaking follow up, Tim delivered. Since you only install one Solar Energy Plant on your house you will want it done right, perfect, fast, and with as little intrusion on your daily life as possible. I did a lot of research before I took the plunge in Solar. I read the reviews, I checked credentials, and did a ton of due diligence. I knew I needed to make the right decision on my provider and couldn't afford to make a mistake. Green Power Energy and Tim DeSevo lived up to my expectations, and made me look really smart about my decision to invest in Solar. My bill is now $0, and I am making money. I think that about says it.

"Happy with our solar"
Reviewed Aug 13, 2016

We are extremely happy with our decision to install solar, and were very satisfied with the work that Green Power did. Our panels are producing the amount of power that Green Power projected, and we no longer have electric bills, other than the $2 delivery charge. Of the four quotes that we received, Tim at Green Power was the most straightforward in explaining exactly what we would be getting and did not pressure us the way some of the other companies did. They were able to begin our job a week before they had anticipated, and the installation itself only took two days. The only delays we have experienced were related to waiting for PSE&G to install the new meters and for the State of NJ to get back to us with our SREC registration. Green Power has been immediately responsive to all the questions I have had.

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Reviewed Aug 05, 2016

I worked with Tim at GPE. From the start to finish he's been readily available to answer all of my questions. They we're easily the best mix of quality and cost effectiveness I came across in what was over 3 weeks of research. I talked to all the big guys (Solar city, Sunrun, NRG etc) none of them came even close when it came to cost or customer service. Most would tell me the offer from Tim was a lie and that I'd never get a system for the price quoted. But I did indeed get everything Tim and Green Power promised and more.

There were a few hiccups with my Township for inspection. Buy Tim and the team were constantly updating me on the status of my inspection.

The install team was courteous and really helpful whenever I had any questions. They really ensured that I knew what was going on in my system.

All in all, Tim and his team were fantastic. He's always available via phone, email or text and has never failed to answer any questions I've thrown at him. I don't think I've ever had to wait more than 5 minutes for a response from anyone at the company. Couldn't imagine how any other company could surpass Green Power in customer service and affordability.

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"Excellent Service - start to finish!"
Reviewed Jun 25, 2016

I contacted a number of different solar companies, and it was immediately clear that Green Power Energy was different than the others. My first contact with them was the sales person, Tim, who responded to my emails as quickly as I could write them. It did take some time to obtain the required permits, etc (we live in a historic district), but Tim even attended our Historical Preservation Committee meeting to assist with questions.

The installation crew was not your "typical" contractors... They were here on time every day, and went out of their way to ensure the installation was done just the way we wanted. They had to dig a trench between our detached garage and the house, and they asked us if we'd like to have them install a second conduit just in case we ever needed one, so we wouldn't have to dig it up again. Great service!

I can't recommend Green Power enough. Since installed our electric bill hasn't been more than $3.00, and I'm glad to be able to power my Tesla Model S with solar, making it truly a green car!

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"Excellent workers, communication, quality"
Reviewed May 30, 2016

The workers of GPE were extremely courteous, professional, and diligent . All questions were answered clearly, and in a very timely fashion. The quality of the equipment outstanding.
From installation to end, 70 panels from scratch, they completed the project within 4 days!!
Goal of start date was March 31, but didn't start till end of May

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"Great Experience"
Reviewed May 11, 2016

Great experience. We did a lot of research and found Green Power Energy was the right fit for us. No matter when I texted Tim he responded within a matter of minutes. He was patient with all of my questions (there were a lot). The installers were excellent and did a beautiful job. Highly recommend Green Power Energy.

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"Could not have been happier"
Reviewed May 10, 2016

I chose GreenPowerEnergy from a list of seven solar installers, some big household names some smaller ones. GreenPower was an easy decision for me
- they listened to my specific needs: I have a complicated roof topology and all other providers tried to limit the system capacity to keep the installation simple for them
- they were the only ones who physically measured the roof immediately to come up with a credible proposal
- they had a very competitive price point
- they had a track record (including references they readily provided) with installations on metal roofs, which I have

After making the decision, I could not have been more satisfied. Tim DeSevo has been incredibly responsive. Not a single question/inquiry - and I had many - wasn’t answered the same day. GreenPower did exactly what they said they would.

The installation itself was done very well. The crew was very courteous, professional and competent and worked hard to accommodate particular likes/dislikes. For example, our roof topology required a complex conduit setup that we wanted to be visually as unobtrusive as possible. The crew really thought hard about ways to accommodate us and went the extra mile to make it happen.

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"Robert Thrunk a month ago "
Reviewed May 10, 2016

I was extremely happy with my entire dealings from start to finish w Green Power! They Did exactly what they said!

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"Great workmanship!"
Reviewed Mar 17, 2016

If you compare installers, most use the same materials, the difference is the price of the system and the workmanship that goes into the installation.

GPE excels at both. Tim is a pleasure to work with, and Chris and his crew are great installers, they will work with you, and keep you informed every step of the way. I always felt that my business was appreciated, which goes very far in my opinion!

I can't say enough good things about this outfit.


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"green power"
Reviewed Mar 11, 2016

I would like to offer high recommendation of green power energy. Everyone from team was very professional and courteous. Tim did a great job in explaining the benefits of solar particularly customized to my property. The installation was done very efficiently and from what I can tell so far everything appears to be of highest quality. Only time will tell how the product fares over the years but so far I could not ask for better team to work with in delivering solar panels to my house. Thanks Green Power.

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"Excellent Communication and Execution. Highly recommended."
Reviewed Feb 18, 2016

From day one, our dealings with Green Power Energy have been a pleasure. Tim and Andrew, the sales team, were both highly informative and clearly explained the complete process from the beginning. We interviewed several contractors, and Green Power Energy's quote was highly competitive. Once we signed up for a system, GPE handled all of the necessary paperwork for filing with the township, state and the electric company. Getting the approvals from the state and especially the electric company took quite a while, but once the approvals came in we were off to the races. Within two weeks from the day the approvals came in GPE had Dave and his crew of his installers over. Dave and the team did a great job keeping a tidy work site and made sure we knew what was happening each step of the install. Both my wife and I work from our home, so we were impressed how the team was able to accomplish their job with minimal interruptions to us. Professionals through and through. Mike showed up for the final inspections and system walk through and let us know we could reach out to him at any point if we had any questions.

We now have a fully functioning solar system and we couldn't be happier. GPE's communication and execution have been exemplary. Green Power Energy did a terrific job and we trust we can count on them to provide us with any future support we require.

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"Great Company"
Reviewed Dec 20, 2015

Very happy that I went with Green Power. Worked with Tim on the inside getting the contract together and Christian at our home on the install. Really good people, pleasure to work with.
They installed the panels in November and I went live the middle of December. So far, everything has exceeded my expectations.

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"Trustworthy and kind"
Reviewed Oct 19, 2015

Green Power Energy met all my expectations, and in some respect even surpassed them. They showed up on time, followed up with all the required paperwork and planned the work very well. It took almost 4 months to get all the approvals and permits, but when the actual installation started, they had it running like a speed train between mounting the racks, setting the panels, town inspections, electrical crew and finally the opening day - all within 2 weeks. During this whole process, the guys were very professional, kind, and genuinely believing that they can save the planet one house at a time. Great job, thank you!

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"Great experience with GPE: 5.5 KWH Roof Mounted Solar System"
Reviewed Apr 27, 2015

GPE installed a 5.5 KWH roof mounted solar system consisting of 22 panels and a SMA Sunny Boy 5000 with secure power supply. Working with Eric and Tim was a pleasure, they were both knowledgeable and responsive to any questions. I most enjoyed my dealing with them prior to signing the contract. They were the only installer that took the time to explain our options thoroughly and worked with us to choose the best options based on our current needs. I never felt like they were salesmen with an agenda.
I found the price to be very competitive. The installation was extremely easy on us as homeowners. GPE handled all permits and inspections and they system was installed with near zero impact on our daily routine. The installation crew was extremely professional and work neatly. The system has been performing as described since it was activated and we are looking forward to years of savings. I highly recommend GPE to anyone who is considering installing a solar system.

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"Very good so far."
Reviewed Mar 29, 2015

They gave me the best quote for a lease with Sunnova and they handled all the paperwork. Kept us up to date on the progress of the project. Installation and inspections went well and they replaced a switch on a whole house fan that they accidently damaged (although it doesn't work again, so we are having an electrician look at it).

If you do lease insist on a non escalating payment plan, some quotes from competitors built in a 2% annual payment increase.

The panels were turned on about 2 weeks ago (Mid March), they need to produce about 900 Kwh for us to break even with the lease and so far they have produced about 500 Kwh in 16 days .

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"Professionals with Attention to Detail"
Reviewed Oct 21, 2014

We found Green Power Energy through Energy Sage, and they found us the best deal for going solar. They presented us various options between purchasing and leasing, in the end we went with a Solar Loan program through our utility, PSE&G, which allows us to break even on the system in only 4-5 years and own it. While designing our system they laid out various equipment choices and let us customize our system to fit our needs; we went with SolarEdge optimizers, a great technology to maximize power from every panel. The installers were thorough and friendly, explaining to us every step of process, taking photos of the work in progress, and once it was installed teaching us exactly how the system operates.

I would highly recommend working with Green Power Energy, they are not a huge company so they can really focus on their customers and each project they work on. They are great people to work with and will help you make a smart investment in clean energy for your home or business.

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