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Breiter Planet Properties

We actively invest in billions of dollars worth of solar projects and when we are taking that kind of risk, you know that we are doing our full due diligence to ensure our investment is secure and protected. When working with our clients, we feel that their money should be treated just like our money when developing projects.
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About Breiter Planet Properties

Breiter Planet Properties is a solar development and investment firm that has a goal of providing solar access to all. They empower property owners and ratepayers by educating and consulting with them on their best solar options, financing their projects, and demystify a very confusing and cluttered industry. By providing customers with a personal energy consultant they ensure to create a smooth buying process and provide the best possible customer experience.
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Services Offered

  • Installation
  • Financing
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy Auditing
  • Construction
  • Roofing
  • Electrical Contracting
  • General Contracting
  • Solar Repair & Maintenance
  • Community Solar

Industry Certifications

  • Better Business Bureau
  • PV Magazine 2019

Manufacturer Certifications

  • PWRpartner

What Customers Are Saying

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Zero stars - avoid at all costs!

Andrew Breiter-Wu should be forced out of business immediately for fraud. He is an unqualified, inept, incompetent serial liar. He took a 50% deposit (he wanted 100%) back in 2021 when we signed the contract to pay cash for a solar panel install project and he has no intention of ever finishing the job that was started. He did not pull permits. He created a huge cater in our driveway and then did not pay the asphalt company he convinced to fix the damage (we ended up paying the asphalt company directly to avoid the lien on our property). He had unlicensed people do electrical work and it is now dangerous to live here. It will cost thousands to undo his poor work. He did not pull city permits. He avoided the city inspector and was incapable of resolving the city inspector's findings. He constantly lied about what he did, and how he did it. He constantly promised to be out to work on the project but never came. He claimed his team left him because of honesty issues. I'm guessing he never paid his team or maybe he meant that he had honesty issues even though he implied he was blaming his team. He never gave us access to PowerClerk so that we could monitor his progress or figure out what he was doing even Eversource said that solar companies are required to give us access. He filed to setup our system as a "solar farm". Andrew also completely failed to submit the paperwork for the SMART credit back in 2021, which adversely affected us because there is no SMART credit available anymore. The list goes on and on. The past two years have been terrible and I'd be surprised of others did not fare worse than us because we were so vigilant in following up.

Posted by jeremythurber on Aug 09, 2023
No integrity - Stay away

Contract was signed January 2022. Deposit of $10,000 paid. Promised date of operation April 2022 per signed contract. After tens of calls and emails through mid August with no response, a new schedule was issued showing completion of December 2022. We demanded a refund. We had paid our deposit on our credit card and disputed the charges and got our money back. Stay far away from this company. No integrity.

Posted by msutter on Jul 11, 2023
Paying double bills now. NEVER connected my system. It's been 14 months

These people are obvious scammers. I had a grid installed in May of 2022, to date (July,2023) it has not been made operational. National Grid tells me that the paper work and photos are incorrect and that Andrew Breiter needs to fix this before they can move on. This has been going on for MONTHS. Andrew lies and says that he has remedied the problems and it is moving forward. This is false. I have been paying the 21k loan on the grid for months in addition to my electric bill. We should really consider a class action suit agains this company.

Posted by mlight620 on Jul 03, 2023
Stay away

Scam, stay away lies steals many lawsuits. They will take your money install the system if you’re lucky and never permit or interconnect it.

Posted by Frank12345 on Nov 02, 2021
Stay Away

We purchased our system through Breiter in January today is Nov1st we are still not up and running this company is inept. They are the absolute worst do not use these guys- They are scammers never even pulled permits with town…

Posted by glenncharette on Nov 01, 2022
One of the worst

I entered into a partnership agreement with Breiter Planet Properties to be an EPC on 1 project I had signed that couldn’t be fulfilled by a different EPC, later I signed another project to be completed by Breiter Planet. All communication although our contract specifically states Breiter Planet would handle was left to be handled by myself. 1 year later the jobs are still not completed(started but not operational)and come to find out Breiter Planet and most specifically their owner Andrew Breiter Wu was not licensed to even climb on the homeowners roof. He completed work without being licensed and without pulling any permits for said work. If you want to find yourself in a legal battle with an u ethical company than Breiter Planet Properties is the way to go.

Posted by andrew on Oct 13, 2022



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