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FNS Power

We are a one stop lithium battery manufacturer and provider for all your energy storage needs. We can supply you with individual battery modules; battery banks or complete energy storage systems with hybrid or off-grid inverters to suit your many applications. We are a US based company and have 24/7 local support and service. Call us today for your next energy storage job!
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Founded in 1991 and public listed in 2011, Sacred Sun is a lithium iron phosphate cell and module manufacturer in China. With more than 2000 employees and 350M + USD revenue in 2021, Sacred Sun has 7 wholly owned subsidiaries in the world. FNS POWER is a fully owned subsidiary of Sacred Sun supplying and supporting the US market. FNS POWER focuses on residential energy storage system integration as well as commercial and industrial. Sacred Sun North America Inc. is a US based company with local sales team, customer service and technical support and two US warehouses. Sacred Sun batteries have industry standard 10 years warranty and all UL1973 and UL9540A certificates.
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Reasons Why You Should Work With Us
  1. Our parent company, Sacred Sun, has been around for over 30 years manufacturing and supplying batteries all over the world.

  2. We are a US based company with 24/7 local support and service.

  3. Our battery modules are well tested and proven, last year alone we distributed over 40,000 48V battery modules around the world.

We manufacture and supply 48V/100Ah lithium battery modules, 9.6kWh, 14.4kWh, 19.2kWh battery banks and complete ESS's for all off-grid and on-grid applications.

Services Offered

  • Manufacturing

Workmanship Warranty

10-Years limited warranty or 6000 cycles at 80%DOD whichever comes first.


UL1642, UL1973, IEC62619, UN38.3, UL9540A, SGIP listed (CA)

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Great Company Great People

FNS is dedicated to quality and customer service. Their product has been really well received by our customers and with a couple of exceptions has performed flawlessly. Those issues were taken care of with dispatch and courteous professionalism. We will continue to install the FNS Lithium Batteries for our Solar Power System clientele.

Posted by matt on Jun 04, 2022
FNS Power

Great storage solution. Quick service and pleasant to work with.

Posted by debbie.miggins on May 20, 2022
reliable, quality good value

We at Harvest Solar Energy llc have been doing solar for 20 years and always looking for reliable and cost effective technologies for our customers. FNS power has a great product offering with over 10 years of Lithium Battery experience. The batteries come with a nice metal powder coated lockable enclosure that makes the product safe, sleek and very professional. They;ve been doing hospitals and critical care facilities for years, good enough for me. Give them a try and come see us for all your solar needs. John Miggins

Posted by john on May 20, 2022
FNS is an excellent lithium option

We have used the FNS battery for many off-grid and grid-tied installations. We have found the technology to be solid and at a great price-point. The communication options are solid and work well. We have effectively integrated these batteries with Sol-Ark (Canbus), Outback Radian and VFXR (voltage mode), Schneider Electric (voltage mode) and Magnum Energy (voltage mode). We like their battery cabinets as well. Great product and we will continue to offer this to our customers. Excellent customer and technical support is available if needed.

Posted by mac on May 18, 2022
Happy with FNS Power

We have four 19.2kWh units in the field as backup to grid-tied solar, and one 14.4 off-grid bank - all connected to Sol-Ark inverters. First two installed in Jan 2022, both in climate controlled environments, two more installed in un air-conditioned garages etc. So far so good, they're doing the job they're designed for, and handling the temperatures better than a couple of other brands we have out there. The battery cabinets are well made, though the knockouts aren't, but may be now, big enough 4/0, but that's easily remedied. We'll have another four 19.2kWh banks installed within the next 2 weeks, and ordered four more banks, that are currently waiting at the depot in Tyler for pickup, arrived just 2 days after confirming sales order.

Posted by Cal Morton from EasTex Solar on May 17, 2022



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