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SunPower Corporation - Profile & Reviews

We believe clean energy and backup storage should be accessible to everybody. That's why SunPower designs all-in-one residential and commercial solutions backed by personal customer service and the industry's most comprehensive warranty. And with over 35 years of dedicated solar experience, we're the only U.S.-based solar company that's been around longer than our 25-year warranty.

· Headquartered in Silicon Valley since 1985
· Diversified portfolio leading residential, commercial and solar storage solutions
· Most efficient solar panels on the market
· Leader in U.S. commercial solar capacity since 2017
· Flexible loan and lease financing options to make going solar easy
· Industry leader in solar sustainability and social responsibility
· SunPower has received more than 700 patents for solar innovation

92 reviews

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  • "Love my solar system!"

    Reviewed Apr 10, 2021

    I was very impressed by and got great service from the sales rep, who was extremely knowledgable, and the managers I spoke with during the purchase and installation process. The sales rep was much more informed than competitors and explained the system and panel technology in great detail. The installation itself went quickly and smoothly. But in the months in between the purchase and install, there were times when I would not get a response from the project manager for weeks at a time. The manager(s) above I then contacted were great about getting things going again.

    I love everything about Sunpower except for the lack of communication during the project management phase. They have a top of the line product, I'm over a year in, and the system has worked perfectly 24/7!

  • "Energy Concepts = Honest, Professional, Value Added"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2021
    "Energy Concepts = Honest, Professional, Value Added"

    Reviewed Mar 18, 2021

    We chose Energy Concepts and are incredibly happy with our decision. We highly recommend Energy Concepts to anyone in the market who wants to get what they pay for. We worked with Dean who was outstanding and able to address all our concerns. We chose SunPower equipment for its efficiency & power, single supplier approach, simplicity of design and documented reliability. EC was extremely flexible on the project start date, which was an important factor in our decision. Brianna and Dean kept in constant communication throughout the project. Lorenzo and his team were outstanding during the panel install. Wally and Chris were outstanding during the electrical work and City Inspection. The quality of workmanship is above reproach. The system is performing above estimated output already. Specifically, EC designers estimated around 550kWh for February and this system produced 787kWh. March is looking just as strong as February despite the stormy days. This process has been an incredibly positive experience from start to finish.

  • "Beauty and Savings"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

    My system looks amazing. Such a great installation.
    And it's generating so much energy already, in March.

  • "A Very Good Experience"

    Reviewed Mar 17, 2021

    From the initial quotation stage, through the system design and installation and all the way to turning the solar system on, Sunpower has been great. They were knowledgeable, and educated me about our solar system; professional and more than competent when they installed it; and it is working as expected. We're very pleased.

  • "A very smooth process"

    Reviewed Mar 16, 2021

    My experience with Sunpower has been an excellent one from start all the way to completion of the project. It started with Steve Gross (Sr Energy consultant) who explained in detail all I needed to know about getting a solar system. I have to admit he sold me. Next was the site survey, followed by installation of the panels and associated electrical components. Jessica Espinoza was really on point as the POC by facilitating all the necessary administrative paperwork. Kris McDonald as Project Coordinator was superb as she helped complete the whole process all the way to supporting me in accessing and getting the monitoring app to work. I felt great when my system started producing clean energy and had no buyer's remorse at all. Thank you Sunpower!

  • "It's been 13 months for one issue. Isn't that long enough?"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021
    "It's been 13 months for one issue. Isn't that long enough?"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    If you ever need anything from them, please expect it will take at least 5 - 10 phone calls, at least 6 to 8 weeks to resolve, promises of calls back that never take place and repeated lies.

    Last February (2020) our solar went down due to a part they decommissioned and did not inform us of. In July our electricity bill was $500 so we contacted the company to find out what was wrong. It took until October for them to send someone out for a 15 minute work-order to fix the problem. 4 months of weekly phone calls and promises someone would be out soon. 4 months of 'we'll call you'. 4 months of $400-500 electricity bills for a part they took off line without informing us. 4 months.

    They have a performance guarantee that states if your solar doesn't perform as expected, they'll pay you back. Our solar was down for 8 months because of their actions and we are getting just slightly more than $1,000 back. The solar itself costs more than $200 a month and that doesn't even account for the multiple months of $500 electricity bills. The guarantee is a joke to say the least but a $1,000 is a $1,000 so it would be nice to receive.

    The report that told me the pittance they would be returning to us came out in November of 2020. I was told on one of my numerous prior conversations that the check would be cut in 4 - 6 weeks. I called in February of 2021. They don't know what I'm talking about and someone will call me back in a couple days. I called again today. The check will be cut in 4 - 6 weeks, just be patient.

    If nothing ever goes wrong and you never have to deal with this company, I'm sure it's wonderful but it's been 13 months for one issue. Isn't that long enough?

    Jay Naidoo
    Response from SunPower Corporation
    Responded Mar 16, 2021
    Response from SunPower Corporation
    Responded Mar 16, 2021

    Hello Skhager1, we value your business and apologize for the delays you've experienced with your repairs and Production Guarantee payment. I replied to your feedback on Y### confirming that your Production Guarantee payment was documented and that you should received your payment within 6 weeks.

    Please contact me if you encounter any further issues with your Production Guarantee payment.

  • "The SunPower solar system on our house is defective"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021
    "The SunPower solar system on our house is defective"

    Reviewed Mar 15, 2021

    The power output from our SunPower home solar system installed three years ago by Bluesel Solar has declined significantly. After inquiry our installer informed us the SunPower microinverters are known to be defective and several on our system have failed. All the microinverters have to be replaced (you will see in other reviews this is a common problem) and SunPower will not commit to replacing them until sometime in the undefined future (even that is not in writing). Its been 4 months, but maybe next fall???Bluesel abdicates all responsibility. SunPower will not commit to compensation for lost power, unexpected delivery charges, or lost solar energy credits. No one informed us of this problem and it was only discovered when we started receiving unexpected energy bills!

  • "Presumably doing a great job"

    Reviewed Mar 12, 2021

    Sunpower does NOT allow you to access per panel stats or metrics ... their monitoring app provides array level rudimentary data, but in order to get any info on how the system is actually performing (beyond gross 30,000' view stats) you need to beg your installer to provide you the data ... invariably, they treat you like you're asking them to go out of their way ... I have no way to know if the stated performance is actually being delivered or if the panel is performing to guarantee unless I beseech my installer to give me the data


  • "Smooth transition to solar"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021
    "Smooth transition to solar"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

    SunPower and Renova seamlessly transferred me from costly energy bills to planet-friendly solar. It only took a couple months to get up and running.

  • "Great experience"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

    Started the whole process back in the fall. The team was great at keeping us up to date and explaining the whole time. Panels installed quickly and had great support.

  • "Professional & Timely Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021
    "Professional & Timely Installation"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

    I went solar as the first step to attain energy independence from PG&E.
    I am awaiting battery wall storage which is back ordered.
    Equipment delivered and installed as promised in a professional manner.

  • "Five star rating"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

    We had Esmay electric install our solar and could not be happier. Very well versed on all aspects of the sale, installation and follow up. I highly recommend them and Sun Power energy.

  • "solar installation review in cape cod"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021
    "solar installation review in cape cod"

    Reviewed Mar 10, 2021

    installation was in a day and a half. remarkably quick.
    company was very responsive in making this happen. (E2 solar)
    The only thing that disturbs me is that the inverter at peak times can't handle the power produced by the panels. This happens I guess when it's cold out and the panels are pointing directly at the sun, (not at any angle). It's known and called "solar clipping". The excess energy is shed by the inverter and lost. IT's only a small amount of power at the peak environmental conditions, however I'm puzzled why a slightly larger inverter wasn't chosen to avoid this energy loss all together. So 4 stars instead of 5.

  • "Timely and Efficient"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Timely and Efficient"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    Once the permits were issued and all the equipment arrived, the process moved very quickly and it was over before we knew it. If I had any questions I contacted Chris and he kept informed. He also gave me weekly updates to give me piece of mind.

  • "Very happy with the service!"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Very happy with the service!"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    From the time of the quote, through the installation phase, and post installation phase, my Sunpower installers were always very responsive to me and all my questions. Very happy I chose to install Sunpower solar at my home, and I got the Black on Black panels and they look very nice and clean on my roof. Have only had the panels running for a few months, but they are producing as estimated.

  • "Flawless system"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    So glad I went with sunpower. Plus the all in one warranty and production guarantee. Just passed one year since install and system has worked flawlessly!! Thx sunpower and ESA SOLAR for the quality install. The entry level 327 watt panels are a efficent powerhouse.

  • "Best in Class"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    We have been very impressed in the amount of output we have been seeing from our array. After shopping around around with all the other panels options, LG, Panasonic, Silfab, and others, we eventually decided to go with SunPower due to the higher wattage, lower degradation and warranty that not only covered the micro inverter but shipping and service if anything were to go wrong. Peace of mind is worth something also!

  • "Love My Solar System"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    I have had my system on for a couple of months and I absolutely have no doubt that going solar was a great decision. My system has an estimated offset of about 110%. This allow me the peace of mind that if I put in a pool or grow my family, my system will still be big enough to accommodate. I also bit the bullet (the cost can give you sticker shock) and got a back up battery (Tesla Powerwall) to accompany my system. I decided to do this because the 26% tax credit basically covered the additional cost AND I wanted peace of mind that I would still have power even if the grid went down. WORTH EVERY PENNY during snowpocolypse in Feb 2021 in TX. My subdivision was without power for almost 45 straight hours and I was completely unaffected. I didn't have to worry about my heater not working and losing all my food due to the fridge not being on.

  • "Great service"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    SunPower did a great job from quote to install to technical questions after sale. I couldn’t be happier and would recommend them to anyone!

  • "Great overall experience"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    I used Sunpower via Freedom Solar in Austin TX and one of the reason for selecting SunPower was the fact that every component in the system is manufactured/provided by Sun Power, which means that you have one single provider to cover all your warranty needs. The system is at par (or better in some cases) in comparison with others out there. So far no complaints.

  • "Going Solarwith Sun Power"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Going Solarwith Sun Power"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    Last summer on a Saturday night I watched a Sun Power infomercial and made a phone call. Later that week we had a meeting with a local installer who provided us with a quote for a new roof and our solar system. I did the math and made the decision to buy the system outright. We had our roof completed in November and the solar panels installed a few weeks later. The installation took about two days to complete. The guys were professional and did a great job. It took about four weeks for our local utility to come out and change out the electric meter. A week later the building inspector signed off on the install and we were ready to generate power.

    I like using the app to see how much power we are generating and how much we are sending back to the grid. Three months into having our solar system we are already seeing savings in our electric bill. Cant wait for the summer months to see how much we can generate. The best day so far has seen generating 400% of our energy use.

    It looks like we made the right decision.


    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    Updated Mar 09, 2021

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    Updated Mar 09, 2021

    Solar Projects both Commercial and Residential started out good but I believe if we had a company to work with that valued meeting or exceeding customer expectations we would feel different. We spoke with the President of FREEDOM SOLAR who determined he would leave our project incomplete and walk away after we awarded FREEDEOM SOLAR both our Commercial and Residential projects concurrently. We believe SUNPOWER has superior products and services and I believe we would feel differently if you could help us finish our projects as per the agreements we signed with FREEDOM SOLAR.

  • "Excellent solar choice"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Excellent solar choice"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    My system has been in operation for 13 months. It has been flawless. The electricity generated is just as estimated when my system was designed and my savings are precisely what I anticipated. The app which allows me to check the system's functioning works well. Each month, I get a report from SunPower on the system's operation.

  • "Great quality and great looking panels"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Great quality and great looking panels"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    I needed larger form factor panels so that I could install fewer panels. I wanted a part of my roof to not have panels. Sunpower panels have worked great and have performed exactly as was projected. The app is great as well even though it doesn’t show you each panel’s performance but the overall the graphs are great.

  • "Aesthetic design and good costumer service"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021
    "Aesthetic design and good costumer service"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    Straight forward installation and updated dashboard along the way. The system works seamless and the cost of the system essentially replaces my electric bills while adding value to the home.

  • "SunPower System Colorado"

    Reviewed Mar 09, 2021

    I had a great experience getting my solar system installed by one of SunPower's dealers in Colorado. The panels a great looking and the overall profile of the system is slick. The monitoring is easy to use and fun to follow I would recommend SunPower to anyone.

  • ""Consultants" are either complete liars, incompetent or both. Company does not respond to complaints"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2021
    ""Consultants" are either complete liars, incompetent or both. Company does not respond to complaints"

    Reviewed Feb 12, 2021

    I was either completely lied to or just flat out misinformed during my consultation call last night. I am both offended and appalled by such horrible sales behavior and tactics. I informed the consultant that I received multiple quotes from competitors of systems in excess of 10 kW, and she took that as an opportunity to bash the competition with misinformation. This is completely unethical.

    I just finished my call with National Grid and confirmed that the information I received last night was completely false.

    I was told by your rep that a system over 10kW would not qualify for the Massachusetts SMART program. FALSE. All systems up to 25 kW qualify for the full value of the SMART program. In fact, the larger the system, the more you stand to make from the SMART program.

    I was also told that a system over 10kW would not qualify for net metering - Somewhat False. While a system over 10 kW does not qualify for the full 100% value of net metering, they do qualify for the market rate which is currently 60%. There is also an application for exception to this to get the 100% net metering. Also what's frustrating is that this is less relevant for a home with high usage and a system with energy storage which is what I requested. There would be very little, if any, production going to the grid anyway.

  • "Terrible Customer Experience"

    Reviewed Dec 28, 2020

    We signed a lease for a SunPower system in July of 2016. The first year, the system performed beyond the guaranteed production. Each year since then has seen diminished returns.The lease is structured so that if the system is underperforming, a refund is issued at the end of the year to cover the difference in what the electricity savings should be. However, it does not cover what the average output was. Our savings would be greater if we received a refund based on average return.

    In the winter of October 2019-20 the system failed to report energy production to the energy company. According to the Sunpower "dashboard" (customer interface) the system was producing properly. It took four calls to Sunpower customer service and two calls to their service subcontractor to get a response. It was four months before anyone came to look at the system. They finally came and replaced a part. They system began reporting again but it continued to underperform.

    This winter the exact situation recurred and I am still trying to get service after three months from my initial call. Sunpower told me they were referring the problem to a subcontractor (Sun Systems) and making it a priority. I was unable to reach Sun Systems on the phone so I tried emailing. I received a curt email response several days later saying they were waiting for a part. After two weeks I still had not heard anything. In a follow up online chat with SunPower ( (they never answered the phone and it finally hung up on my after 20 minutes on hold) I was told Sun Systems actually did have the part. SunPower said Sun Systems would need to replace all the panels. I asked SunPower how I would know when Sun Systems was coming out to do the work, what the problem really was, and how I would know it was completed. They said Sun Systems would contact me. I told SunPower I would like some assurance they would follow up with Sun Systems, but the customer service rep refused to agree. I finally asked to speak with a supervisor, and was told one would call me back within 48 hours. I never heard back. My system is still not reporting and I am paying the energy company for almost all electricity use.

    SunPower has gone through financial troubles and recently spun off their manufacturing division. DO NOT buy or lease anything from this company. Terrible product, terrible service. I wish no stars was a rating option.

  • "Nevere"

    Reviewed Dec 14, 2020

    They were not able to tell why they will not install a system in my house.

  • "Honestly...Do Not Use This Company"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2020
    "Honestly...Do Not Use This Company"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2020

    I have had Sun Power for 3 years. When they installed, they said my roof looked good. I have since had issues with my roof and need it replaced. When I contacted Sun Power to remove the panels and reinstall them after my roof is done, they sent me a link to a website of approved dealers. I put in my zip code and proceeded to contact no less than 10 of the vendors on their site...NO RESPONSE. I kept trying for a month. Finally I called Sun Power and asked them for help. They proceeded to give me a ridiculous quote to do the job.

    Finally I was able to get through to two of the companies. Neither could do the job, too busy, but I asked them to provide me with a ballpark quote on the job. One quoted me $1,000 less than Sun Power, the other quoted me $2,000 less.

    These guys are cons who know they have you over a barrel as soon as you sign your lease. NEVER use this company. Also, NEVER lease panels, something I wish I knew back when my sales person conned me into a lease.

  • "Poor Customer Service"

    Reviewed Sep 29, 2020

    Just recently purchase a home with Sunpower panels. After a painful experience setting up an account we notice that the panels appeared to be under producing given our electric bill.

    Called customer service and they tried to convince me everything was ok. After getting the web account up and reviewed the previous year production in compared to the current year, I call them back and ask for a tech to come out and check the system. Two weeks later the tech arrived and found two micro converters not functioning and replaced them.

    If I had relied on the customer service person's advice our system my still be under producing.

    It appears that once the sale is complete and the panels are installed, the last thing they want to do is "provide service".

  • "Worst company I have ever dealt with!"

    Reviewed Sep 19, 2020
    "Worst company I have ever dealt with!"

    Reviewed Sep 19, 2020

    I have been a Sunpower customer about seven years. During that timeI have had five inverters. I have had them deliver inverters that were bad coming out of the box. Currently I have been waiting almost five months for a new inverter. They delivered one that lacked the lower panel and had to be sent back. Last week I received a call from the subcontractor who informed me that again the sent an inverter that did not have the lower panel. This company’s customer support is nonexistent. I informed them that Iwould not be paying them(it’s a lease) until this resolution is remedied. They agreed. I continue to get threatening correspondence telling me the steps they will take if I do not remit payment. One is to seek recovery in the full amount(with their history on this account) GOOD LUCK, Another is disabling my system(seems they already have done that last May) The final option they say the will take is taking back the system(please do). I gave this company a one star rating only because you can’t go any lower.

  • "Can't Get a Tech to fix sunpower solar"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2020
    "Can't Get a Tech to fix sunpower solar"

    Reviewed Sep 08, 2020

    Sunpower Worst solar company to get things fixed. Sunpower Customer service is located in the Philippines Just and FYI. Not even had solar 6 months too and having big issues. Enjoy the read. Here is the Issue. On August 13th there was a power outage for 1 hour and Sunpower solar production is not going to SCE grid now since this happened. I call sunpower solar daily to have a tech come to do an actual Physically check on their equipment but they always say they will get a call back. That never happens. I have had SCE come out and Physically check their equipment panel. We also did a circuit breaker reset and still nothing going to SCE. Southern California Edison are stating it is the solar system(sunpower Corporation) and it must have something wrong with the actual components from sun power. Online it shows sunpower production. However it is showing it as far less than it used to on average which also is a sign of something wrong. SCE. Edison is not getting anything and that is the main issue. Actual component issue is with sun power not the local utility company. My bill has also jumped to almost last year's summer bill cost when we didn't even have solar. Need someone from Sun Power to come out to my property at 8364 telegraph rd, Downey ca 90638 and fix or replace what every blew out on there system that is still covered by the warranty. Keep getting the run around and promises that i would get call backs. Go figure no call backs ever and i call them daily to try and get a tech out to fix this issue. Maybe this review might help. Avoid sunpower if you can worst customer service i have ever had.

  • "extremely unreliable Solar Installer Compavy"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020
    "extremely unreliable Solar Installer Compavy"

    Reviewed Sep 01, 2020

    I have a Solar Panel System installed by SunPower since 2015. My worst life experience! Unreliable, unable to get the system properly maintained; I had issues with one of my Inverter three times in five years! The last time in March 2020 it took them three months to fix it! They never returned my phone calls, never answered my letters never called me to address the issue. Cannot believe HOW BAD they are! The best happened today: One of my letter to SunPower Collections was returned for undeliverable address. I had used the address they provided me on their notice! The letter has been opened! Now I know, USPS does not open undeliverable letters!! You figure this one out!


    Reviewed Aug 24, 2020

    Do not buy a home with a sunpower lease! The dealers have NO POWER. it's out of their hands and in the hands of this horrible company! They lose documents, they don't know how to communicate, and if there's an error with docusign they will not take any responsibility even when you have proof of "All Signed" and they will not reverse or deduct charges associated with their errors. Even the corporate billing department says it's out of their hands and in the hands of the contract dept, which is 3rd party and you're not allowed to speak to. Everyone i speak to at corporate sounds like a minimum wage temp worker with either no power, or no know-how, to help a very frustrated customer. The whole process has been awful, and even though they are working from home, corporate doesn't answer the phone in the early evenings and never reaches out by telephone and does a horrible job communicating through e-mail. Their e-mail communication is vague, unpersonalized, indirect, unclear, and unresponsive. They disregard any attached documents of proof and take no responsibility for their billing department errors or their slow moving contract department! BUYER BEWARE. The panels themselves seem good, but there are lots of companies that sell solar. find one with a better corporate billing department! don't be fooled by attentive dealers. you won't be dealing with them for long.

  • "Giving false information in order to make the deal"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020
    "Giving false information in order to make the deal"

    Reviewed Aug 13, 2020

    One of sun power company’s salesman representative gave me wrong information which is considered fraud and took advantage of the fact that English is not my first language and told me that the federal government will give me 30% cash from the cost of installing the solar panels. And that Duke energy will give me 15% from the cost of installing the solar panels. In addition, he said that after the installation, the monthly payment will be $114 for twenty years. And after the panels were installed, I discovered that everything the company representative said was wrong in purpose of signing the contract which is considered fraud. And the monthly payment that I pay now is $164 and after one year from now, it will be $240 monthly for 20 years. Meanwhile before installing the solar panels, I used to pay $120 monthly. Therefore, I advise you that this is an untrusted company and wouldn’t 100% recommend at all as it is untrustworthy and disappointing.

  • "SunPower service is terrible."

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020
    "SunPower service is terrible."

    Reviewed Jun 30, 2020

    System in place for over a year. Tracking production stopped six months ago. App does not work. Installer called SunPower, no fix. Called SunPower and made a work order in January, no fix, no communication. Our installer is great but the SunPower company service is terrible. I would not use them again.

  • "I gave up contacting them"

    Reviewed Jun 27, 2020

    1. My roof leaks in a heavy rain after they installed the system.
    2. I have mold in my bedroom ceiling now.
    3. The Sunpower software tracking their solar power output, mysteriously matches my "supposed" energy use. In other words their software tells me that my family uses the most electricity in our home..... At the peak of the day!
    And when the sun goes down and we are all home? We don't use power at night.
    Now, someone reading this will instantly see the problem there, correct?
    Not sunpower! Their team told me they consulted with their in-house electrical engineer who told them that's correct. A family doesn't use electricity at night when they turn on lights and computers and televisions!

  • "Don't try to transfer your lease! What a headache."

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2020
    "Don't try to transfer your lease! What a headache."

    Reviewed Jun 04, 2020

    I started a lease with SunPower in 2018. Danielle, who is no longer with SunPower, was very knowledgeable and great to work with. installation was a breeze. two years later, my circumstances have changed and I have since sold my home and transferred the lease. or so I thought.

    THIRTEEN WEEKS since the sale of my home, countless calls, payments debited from my account for a lease I do not own, and emails with "confirmation your account was transferred" ...I am still trying to transfer the account.

    Month 2 since sale of my home and SunPower attempted to debit my account for payment even AFTER I was provided phone and email confirmation the ACH was cancelled.

    Unbelievable. this has yet to be resolved. I will be contacting my lawyer.

  • "Lease from hell"

    Reviewed Apr 20, 2020

    I recently purchased a home which came with a Sunpower solar lease (12 years remaining). Unfortunately, I discovered that the inverter is defective (routinely output Imax/vmax error code and disconnects from the grid). It also emits a disturbing arcing noise prior to the error.

    I contacted Sunpower to describe the situation and how I was not comfortable with the errors I was that I was receiving or the low power output (less than 2.5kw average for an 8kw unit on a sunny day with few clouds). They kept giving me runarounds to avoid scheduling a service visit. Very scammy. Called multiple types: same response of 'we'll get back to you in a few days.' Reading BBB reviews other people have reported similar stalling tactics.

    Beyond the defective unit, I also signed up for autopay to get a discount only to find out that the autopay failed to work on the scheduled date resulting in no discount and a late fee. Still no response from billing to correct the issue.

    To put it frankly, this company needs to go out of business. It should be illegal for companies to operate this way. They have a legal obligation to ensure their units are functioning correctly and do not pose a hazard to the home. What they are doing is downright criminal: locking people in 20 year leases and failing to provide the leased service.

    I'll be contacting a lawyer within the next week to see what my options are. This company must be owned by the devil.

  • "Great panels and installer, terrible monitoring site"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020
    "Great panels and installer, terrible monitoring site"

    Reviewed Mar 22, 2020

    We installed a 10kW SunPower system two years ago. They are rugged and reliable panels. We were initially impressed with the layout of the SunPower site. We also have our SolarLog meter and site to track power generated for SRECs. It's a good thing that we have the SolarLog site. For example, today we are maxed out at 9.8kW at peak generating conditions. The SunPower site shows 0.2kW. They claim that we would be able to track power generated vs power used, but that is false. The site is useless. We have to do that manually by watching the power companies meter. All requests for SunPower support have gone unanswered. Our installer has tried their best to be sure the CTs are placed and functioning properly but have thrown their hands up in frustration with the lack of factory support. Maybe someone there will read this, maybe not. But beware, if you don't have another way to monitor you panels, you will be very unhappy with SunPower. I want to impress upon the reader that our installer, BluSel, is fantastic.
    The manufacturer is at fault.

  • "Stay Away"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2020

    My system was only 12 months when it started malfunctioning. It's been now three months since I reported the issue to SunPower, and after 60 days and weekly calls to follow up, nothing has happened. The local dealer I bought this system from went out of business, read other reviews. It seems like everyone dealing with this company goes out of business.
    Their customer service is terrible; they never follow up; their partner technicians are irresponsible and don't care about their work orders; hence things don't get fixed. There are far better companies offering quality solar systems to save yourself the hassle and look somewhere else; if I could, I would get rid of my SunPower system today.

  • "panels don't produce as promised poor customer service"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2020
    "panels don't produce as promised poor customer service"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2020

    Our panels were installed in 2017 and we had a good year with them received about a $100 refund from power company at year end. 2018 a number of inverters failed and it took 4-5 months to get them replaced. they compensated us only a fraction of what we had to pay the power company at the end of the year. 2019 the panels produced even less than they did with the inverters being out and did not contact us to let us know something's wrong (what the monitoring for if they can't identify problems) nor did they even attempt to pay a portion of the hundreds of dollars we had to pay the power company. Sun Power has been nothing but one disappointment after another. Complete rip off and stuck with a 20 year lease. DON'T GO WITH SUN POWER. Run away and go with anybody else. Hopefully I can find a way to legally get out of this lease and go with a real solar company.

  • "Great Panels, Absolutely Terrible Customer Service"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2020
    "Great Panels, Absolutely Terrible Customer Service"

    Reviewed Feb 27, 2020

    I had leased SunPower panels installed over six years ago. They worked perfectly for about six years. I had an inverter fail in December. It was causing ground faults throughout our home. I used the SunPower app to report the problem. After more than a week and no response, I called. After some tests directed by the person on the phone, I was told I need to schedule service and shutdown that inverter. I got a call back from the scheduler after eight days. The scheduler said the first tech opportunity to come to the house was five weeks out. I asked if the tech could bring a new inverter and was told no, he would only diagnose the problem. The tech showed as scheduled, and affirmed I needed a new inverter, which they already knew by error code! I was informed that it would take about two weeks to order and to communicate with another scheduler. I don’t know when the repair will occur but it is likely at least another month out. I’m estimating end of March at best. All during this 3 month period, I have about 60% of my solar panels out of service. Terrible customer service!

    Update: SunPower scheduling texted me at 2PM and indicated that I had until 4 PM to accept their proposed timing to visit my house for repair, or lose the slot. Nice that it was only one week since the tech visit. Pathetic that the first date available is April 17, 7 weeks from now, to fix a problem that has the majority of my solar PV system shut down since December! Also incredible when you consider that I live in Santa Barbara, CA, perhaps the most robust solar market in the US, and a short drive to the SunPower Corporate headquarters. BUYERS BEWARE!

  • "worst company ever"

    Reviewed Jan 15, 2020

    I have never written a review before but this should be said since this company is absolutely terrible and I would never recommend them to anyone.

    My wife and I built a new house starting in February, with the new law in California, we have to have solar for new homes. Our builder contracted with this company and was not our choice to pick them for our solar.

    We were told a couple of months before we moved in which would be in October of 2019 that half our panels were not functioning correctly and that they would need to fix the problem before we move in. We are in January of 2020 and the problem is not fixed.

    they had someone come out and do a service on the panels. they worked on the panels for several hours. After they were done, no information was given to me he finished whether or not the problem was fixed, I was home the whole time. A couple of weeks went by and no information was given still if the problem was fixed. My wife called and asked if the panels were fixed or they still needed to come out. Their response was that the report was not in and that they don't know if it was fixed. Another couple of weeks later they call to schedule an appointment to come out to the house. When the tech was working on converting the panels to start, she realized that the work from the previous person was not done and the panels were still not fixed. So their own company is not communicating with their own employees on what is fixed or not. So she had so leave without doing anything since the panels are still broken.

    Weeks have gone by and no phone call was made to get the panels fixed, so i called the company. They said there was a work order in and that they are working on it. They said they outsource their installtion and that they would have them contact us to schedule an appointment. This was in December.

    We are now over 3 months from when the problem was first recognized and the panels are not fixed. This is by far the worst customer service and the worst company I have ever worked with. I really just want these panels off and would choose another company because even and if the panels are fixed I would not expect things to get done if the panels have problems in the future.

    if I was just kept in the loop and it was looking that like you guys were trying to do something I would not have a problem but this is ridiculous.


    Reviewed Dec 11, 2019

    Very poor customer service.

    Moved into our new home 4 months ago with SunPower solar panels. We excited thinking our electric bill will be fairly low, but our electric bill was very high.

    We called SunPower for an explanation on how the system worked and why our electric bill was so high. Couldn't get a straight answer after a number of repeated calls. The standard line was "your system is functioning normally".

    After pointing out to them that their website shows power consumption and solar electricity generation numbers were not realistic, they schedule a tech to replace a part. They stated they would follow up in 24 hours to advise if the problem was resolved.

    Well almost two weeks later, I had to call them to find out what was going on. There response was "didn't you check the website to see if the number looked ok?"

    I'm not sure if the panels are working properly. Will have to wait and check the electric bill.

    If I could, I remove this crap and install a different system just from the bad customer support I've received.

    I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

  • "Having Some Doubts"

    Reviewed Nov 25, 2019

    We installed a rooftop system 3 years ago; very happy. In Mid-September, an inverter stopped working, disabling about 60% of my generation. The fault was identified at the beginning of November and I have been unable to get an answer from Sunpower when their tech is coming to replace it.
    Extremely disappointing!!!

  • "Replaced Existing Solar Panels with SunPower"

    Reviewed Nov 04, 2019
    "Replaced Existing Solar Panels with SunPower"

    Reviewed Nov 04, 2019

    I've had a system of 10 Canadian Solar 250-watt panels connected to an SMA Sunny Boy inverter installed on my roof for 8 years. Production has steadily declined over that time (even though I was told by our installer that there is nothing wrong with the panels), and then last November we got a plug-in hybrid EV. Our electricity consumption when up more than we expected, and we have limited roof space for more solar panels. That led us to SunPower. Unfortunately I wasn't well educated about solar technology and the differences between manufacturers when I initially went solar, but now I know that all panels are not the same. We replaced the existing system with SunPower 327-watt panels and EnPhase microinverters in July, and couldn't be happier with SunPower's technology, warranty, and customer service.

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  • "Caution, 2 years of trouble and frustration."

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2019
    "Caution, 2 years of trouble and frustration."

    Reviewed Sep 25, 2019

    Knowingly installed faulty microinverters yet charged full lease price and continually lied about what problem was while the correct micro inverters were on backorder for a year. Fraud. Call center in the Phillippines and you get lies, rudeness and/or lack of response, take your pick, it's beyond frustration. Worst customer service period. No production or under production. Breech of contract. Watch their lease, you sign away your right to sue and full discovery. Damage to roof upon installation, leaking and ceilings caving in below solar panels, licensed roofer estimates damages in excessive of $68,000, not including the wood or ceiling repairs, they won't respond on removing their solar panels to repair property damaged nor will they acknowledge the damage...roof doesn't leak anywhere else...curios. After 2 years complaining the send another solar company out to examine, guy is not a licensed roofer he's with another solar company. Have written agreement from former employee Charlie Garcia there will be no further charges until we have resolve, they turn it over to collections regardless. Write to their CEO and am contacted by Gabe Link who says he's going to make me happy, he puts in writing they will defer payments for 8 months so I can make the almost $7000 true up bill to San Diego gas and electric accrued while I was paying sunpower the monthly lease for an inoperational and under or non producing system, if I will make a one time good faith payment (which I did in order to keep it from going to collections as they threatened) Extortion. It was written it was not in collections with the payment deadline in 3 days yet now they block (during the deferred payment status) a refinance of a heloc by refusing to move their fixture lien (UCC subordinate lien) and title can not get clear title to close. They have been asked by me for weeks and title company what will it take to get you to temporarily move your UCC subordinate lien so we can record a senior lien, after approximately 2 weeks of delays on the part of sunpower, Sunpower refinance has indicated they will not remove their lien until they have payoff of almost $110,000. I have resisted 2 years of filing any kind of grievance publicly about this company. Today the gloves are off. Lawfirm by the name of Watkins is taking cases in San Diego if you have an extra 10k after paying sunpower and San Diego gas and electric. Now it's time to join the long list of consumers damaged by this company and file my numerous grievances with the FTC, BBB and State contractors license board.

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  • "worst company ever"

    Reviewed Sep 16, 2019

    My system has not worked properly for 6 months, damaged my roof and chimney trying to repair. customer service is outsourced, the worst customer service ever, they don't listen, don't care, your on your own after the installation. I will be seeking legal action to remove the system from my house

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  • "Once installed 0 service"

    Reviewed Jul 17, 2019

    Rep very nice and installation went well Then stonewalling
    In writing they confirmed $1200 check rebate and we were supposed to receive a document to present to our accounting for federal tax credit
    6 month later we have none
    Jessica writes condescending emails saying she can't help
    Hopefully the panels will work properly
    Would not use them again

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    Reviewed Jun 20, 2019


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  • "Worst Service of any company I've ever dealt with. Pray you don't ever need it."

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2019
    "Worst Service of any company I've ever dealt with. Pray you don't ever need it."

    Reviewed Jun 12, 2019

    Called the tech support line after an inverter (apparently) failed under warranty and is giving a proprietary code. I am a licensed solar contractor for 35 years. It was answered by a call center in the Philippines, not tech support. The entire system (Grid Tie Inverter, Sine wave Inverter & Transformer) was manufactured by SMA, which I am a certified tech. Sunpower tells me if I touch the unit they will void the customers warranty. He needs to call a Sunpower dealer (which he says he's left 6 messages for and has never received a return call) for service. They referred him to another dealer that he will now have to pay for another service call. That is a violation of the Magnuson–Moss Act and federal law that you cannot void a warranty and force someone to use a specific company - the homeowner can technically perform the service himself if he chooses. Even after asking to be transferred to a supervisor ( who I don't even think knew what an inverter is) obviously not in tech support, got no help. The homeowner is rightfully upset with this company.

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  • "Horrible service and hardware"

    Reviewed Jun 09, 2019

    Sunpower monitoring systems are a joke, They have failed constantly, the first time because the whole unit just decided to stop working. The second time because of a 10 second loss of connection to the internet. The brain was too stupid to figure out to reconnect. Every failure has required getting through to tech support, which in and of itself is a challenge. They list as an American company, but their office is in Australia, and tech support in the Phillipines? If you want to be an American company, keep American business hours. I should not get a closed message at 3:30 p.m. With over 1b$ liquid assets they can afford another shift.

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  • "Completely Satisfied"

    Reviewed Apr 08, 2019

    I've had my SunPower System installed for almost a year. System has worked as advertised with no failures, and production has be as promised. To the best of my ability to compute, the monitor system seems to be quite accurate, probably within 1% for usage/production.

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  • "Fraud"

    Reviewed Mar 30, 2019

    They sold us on a locked 20 year guaranteed not to pay more then 231.00 a month. They would produce 98% of our power. To this day we pay them and our power company. Our total electric bill now over 500.00. Before the solar, never paid more then 280. I see a lot of unsatisfied customers looks like we need to get together a file a class action. Anyone game. I’m on Facebook

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  • "16 SunPower X22 360 watt panels installed on my San Jose, Ca Home"

    Reviewed Nov 16, 2018
    "16 SunPower X22 360 watt panels installed on my San Jose, Ca Home"

    Reviewed Nov 16, 2018

    I have worked in Technology all my life and I have received Solar quotes for my home from over 6 companies. I decided to utilize Sun Power panels to create the most power from my south facing 2nd floor roof. I fully understand the advantages of AC power coming from the panels and the 25 year warranty provided by my local SunPower installation team. My system was installed in late August and to date has generated about 1/3 more power than I use. I realize that will drop as we move into the winter months, it is now being impacted by the smoke coming down from the California wildfires. My next step is to install a battery storage system which I will probably buy from Enphase.

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  • "1 star is 1 too many!"

    Reviewed Nov 06, 2018

    I contracted with SunPower in 2015 because a trusted family member worked for the company and sold me on the merits of the company and their panels. For the past nearly 3 years SunPower has consistently UNDER DELIVERED. In 2018 we’ve had over 3 months with no solar power due to a faulty inverter. No solar production from June 24 to August 2 and again from September 15 to present (November 6). Absolutely NO communication from the company. Email goes unresponded to. Phone calls all elicit the same response from a foreign accented person stating its being investigated The local electric company that installed the panels has bankrupted and the company assigned to our account doesn’t return calls. SunPower has been 100% unresponsive. The only time I hear from a representative is when I leave a scathing review, yet issues are still unresolved. I absolutely cannot recommend SunPower. We are now seeking legal remedy!

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  • "Leading to Solar Revolution"

    Reviewed Oct 11, 2018
    "Leading to Solar Revolution"

    Reviewed Oct 11, 2018

    Eric Frazier and the Amazing Team of extrodinary Gentlemen AKA Freedom Solar out of Austin Texas installed an Awesome PV system on the roof of my home. It looks great and offsets 100% of my electric bill. I have a $1200 credit built up with the city. I charge my electric vehicle and will never pay for gas ever again. The service and the whole process was the best experience Ive ever had. The People at Freedom Solar are passionate about leading the Solar Revolution and they put the customer’s experience as the priority. Couldnt be happier. Thank you Freedom Solar!!!

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  • "Well worth the investment"

    Reviewed Oct 11, 2018

    Very happy with Sunpower solar panels and the installation by Freedom Solar. Our entire electricity bill for the first full 12 months with solar panels was only $199...that's for the entire year, not monthly. And we live in Texas! In a 3700 square foot two story house. Both Sunpower and Freedom Solar have been very responsive to any minor issues and updates to the system. Couldn't be happier and highly recommend both companies!

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  • "Freeeeedom"

    Reviewed Sep 23, 2018

    I Had Freedom Solar install a beautiful all black 7 kW SunPower solar system on my roof. They were the most powerful panels available and a US company! Texas Summer has nothing on my electric bill these days. 80% of my usage is covered. Thank you sunpower and Freedom Solar.

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  • "Yay for Solar, terrible customer service"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018
    "Yay for Solar, terrible customer service"

    Reviewed Sep 11, 2018

    This company has been an absolute nightmare to deal with from day 1. Their communication is terrible. No one talks to each other, it’s impossible to get a hold of anyone who knows what’s going on. We had various things scheduled along this process to get the solar panels installed. Not a single one happened on the day it was scheduled. We had people just showing up at our house with no notice. And we took time off work to be home only to have no one show up. Do NOT go with this company.

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  • "Horrible Customer Service"

    Reviewed Aug 03, 2018

    Yet again another company that sends there call centers over seas. Stay away!!!! Even the installer said that they were having a lot of issues with the inverters that they were installing and within 1 month my system is down and now 3 weeks with not so much as a call back to have someone come out and fix my system! From the 3 times we have called it took over an hour to get a rep on the phone with no resolve.

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  • "Performance & Aesthetics The Best"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018
    "Performance & Aesthetics The Best"

    Reviewed Jul 25, 2018

    Very pleased with our E-20 AC Equinox system. It’s the nicest looking solar array in our neighborhood. We purchased it after a great deal of research. Glad I put in the time. No electric bill since installed and we live in the Northeast. Cost more but leaps above the other systems in looks and performance as far as we can tell. For 2 years it has produced around 127% more than we used on average.

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  • "Customer service, yeah not really"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2018
    "Customer service, yeah not really"

    Reviewed Jul 24, 2018

    I'm now on my 4th inverter, average replacement has taken at least a month, just to get a tech out to look at it, then usually another month to get it replaced. Add the fact that when you call for billing questions, I've been stuck on hold for over an hour twice now. Finally submitted to the option of leaving a voice mail, never to receive a call back... Their panels maybe great, but their customer service sucks, I'd look elsewhere for solar...

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  • "The Best Panels Out There"

    Reviewed Jul 06, 2018

    SunPower panels are the best panels available on the market. They are the top shelf of the solar industry. Not only do they look way better than any other panel, they are the most efficient, and backed by the best warranty. By far the best value in the solar industry. Plus they vet their dealers so you know you're working with a good company if they are a SunPower dealer.

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  • "Highly recommend sunpower solar panels"

    Reviewed May 13, 2018
    "Highly recommend sunpower solar panels"

    Reviewed May 13, 2018

    Totally satisfied with the power output of sunpower solar panels. they were chosen over others because of their efficiency. they did not disappoint us.

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  • "Great panels out there"

    Reviewed May 09, 2018
    "Great panels out there"

    Reviewed May 09, 2018

    Having installed a solar system consisting of sunpower brand panels, my electricity bill have gone down to zero for the two years since I have owned th e system. Great quality panel s ,US made highly recommend.

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  • "Good system - Especially good App"

    Reviewed May 08, 2018
    "Good system - Especially good App"

    Reviewed May 08, 2018

    Very satisfied with the system. Only one problem since it was installed 2 1/2 years ago, which was quickly fixed by the installer. Particularly like the monitoring App and the information it provides.

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  • "Great look and efficient"

    Reviewed May 08, 2018

    Panels look great and work even better. The mounts are low profile with no overhang, and you can barely tell they’re on the roof. Rated to provide me about 70% of my needs and so far they are exceeding expectations. Would absolutely do it again.

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  • "Be your own electric utility company"

    Reviewed May 08, 2018
    "Be your own electric utility company"

    Reviewed May 08, 2018

    We've had our 6 kw pv system now for 15 months and have been impressed with the results. We have saved more than $1,300 while supplying 2/3 of our total power needs since the install. In fact, based upon our experience, we decided to purchase a Honda Clarity plugin hybrid electric car in March. We've driven over 1,400 miles and used only 4 gallons of gas. The rest of our car's energy comes from our Sunpower system at about half the current cost of gasoline. We plan to add some additional panels in the near future to provide an even greater portion of our energy needs. We love the app for the computer and smart phones to instantly retrieve lots of real-time data about our current and historic energy use and production. A great feature! We are delighted to have made this investment to be energy self-supporting for now and for many years to come. Glad we chose the Sunpower system.

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  • "Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar Review"

    Reviewed May 07, 2018
    "Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar Review"

    Reviewed May 07, 2018

    When I first started looking into solar energy for my home, it quickly became very confusing trying to compare the various panels, inverters, types of installation, etc., even with an engineering background. After much research, I came to the conclusion that the best equipment and best value for the money was Sunpower. There are two companies that install Sunpower equipment in the Albuquerque area and the best priced of the two was Sunpower by Positive Energy Solar. Unlike many service providers I've dealt with in ABQ, my experience with Sunpower was top notch. They were professional from start to finish, did their work on time and charged exactly what they said. My system has been running for two weeks now and production is what was claimed with no start-up glitches at all. I highly recommend (and commend) Positive Energy Solar, Jim Pettegrew and their work crews.

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  • "My Experience"

    Reviewed May 04, 2018

    Sun power Solar panels A reported to be some of the best panels available and I tend to Agree

    There after sale support is NOT QUITE AS GOOD They are slow to respond to issues and even slower to resolve problems after they identify the issue

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  • "Just do it"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    Not the cheapest but I think they are the best. Just do it!

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  • "Best panels available"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    Almost a year in and we're seeing significant results daily. Our dealer, SolarTech, put together the right solar package for our needs and we're tracking on point. When looking at panel providers, the 25 year warranty was critical in our decision as well as SunPower's commitment to clean energy. This is what they do and they excel at making the best panels available.

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  • "Excellent Service and Products"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    There are a lot of reasons we went with Solar Tech (our installer) and Sun Power. Local rep who was extremely knowledgeable; a product made in the US - with all components made by SunPower - not parceled together from various sources...and the option to add pool solar at the same time - all as part of the same package install. Haven't paid a $ in electric since!

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  • "It wast good experience"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    The sales process was easy, but the installation was a little cumbersome. The fact that their base is in Charlotte and Anderson, SC is two hours away, made the process slow. The installation took more than expected and did not pass the first lllocal inspection. Making the small corrections required took a couple weeks, and then almost a month to power the system. There were some ridiculous hiccups with duke power to aprovve and install the new meter but it was solved.
    As far of the system itself, it is not producing as much power as expected, but it is just fine.
    The service was good, the project manager answered all my questions but she should be more proactive communicating the status, instead of waiting for the client to call.

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  • "Loving SunPower"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    Put 15 365 watt SunPower panels on a pole with a SunnyBoy inverter right at the pole. On a slight hill behind house. Beautiful sight. On a clear day the panels easily reach 5,000+ watts/hr production of a theoretical max of 5,475/hr watts. And when it snows I crank the array to it's most vertical position and the panels clean themselves with some wind assist and heat produced. Nice.

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  • "SunPower in New Mexico is the real deal"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018
    "SunPower in New Mexico is the real deal"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    SunPower's local affiliate - Positive Energy Solar - from start to finish - always did what they said they would do.
    From my initial visit with a SunPower sales manager, through several tries at sizing the "right" system for us, to efficient visits by the project manger, designer (layout on our flat roof), etc., to the installers (one-day job - amazing!), to follow-on calls to get information for my taxes, SunPower never disappointed.
    There are a number of solar companies in New Mexico, many good ones, I'm sure, and several of which I interviewed along with SunPower. But SunPower always stood out. They are credible, customer-oriented, and performance-driven.
    You may make a different choice and be happy, but I suggest that you at least include SunPower on your short list.
    Oh, and the cost of the system, which is providing more energy than we use on most days, was quite attractive compared with other offerings. The excess we supply to the PNM system will be useful when our air conditioning is needed this summer.

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  • "So Far So Good"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    We had our 7.5Kw system installed just about a month ago. The panels look great and are producing as designed. Their monitoring app is easy to use and shows us everything we need to know out our system production/ usage daily, weekly, monthly and for the life of the system. So happy to be powering our house through solar.

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  • "SunPower Above All Other Panels"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018
    "SunPower Above All Other Panels"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    After an exhaustive research into different solar panels, I learned there are premium panels, decent panels and garbage panels. I won’t get into what criterion I used for brevity sake. It was quite obvious that SunPower solar panels are premium panels. I was able to negotiate a price to purchase that was very close to lower tiered panels. It has been five months. I was skeptical at first of generating 10 SRECs a year as estimated by the installer because my panels were installed during one of the worst winters in record in terms of snow accumulation. However, after earning more than 1 SREC a month for March and April, I am confident of earning 10 SRECs a year.

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  • "Sunpower Solar Panels"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    I am very happy with my SunPower solar panels and equipment, they perform as advertised. They also look good on the roof with the invisimount installation. Their software system provides me with hourly, daily, monthly, yearly and life time production and also provides me with an emailed monthly report that shows my energy production for the month.

  • "SunPower review"

    Reviewed May 03, 2018

    We had a SunPower solar array installed by Positive Energy Solar late last year. It is working great. Our energy bill has been reduced by about 95%. I especially like the webpage they provided. It gives us up to the minute updates on the performance of our array.

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  • "Untrustworthy, unprepared, poor at their core work"

    Reviewed Mar 29, 2018
    "Untrustworthy, unprepared, poor at their core work"

    Reviewed Mar 29, 2018

    Spectacularly poor service. We've had panels on our roof for months. They're completely unable to be activated. All I've received from SunPower so far are broken promises and updates that never come. When I get calls back, they've done no prep, have no updates, and seem to be completely clueless about how solar is activated. It's pretty nuts. I feel like you'd really have to try hard to be this unhelpful. I would never recommend working with them.

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  • "THE BEST"

    Reviewed Feb 28, 2018

    Best panels on the market with most complete warranty. The proof is in the warranty. The manufacturer stands behind their product and their dealer network.

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    Reviewed Jan 02, 2018

    I have a broken solar panel. After about 4 months of me calling and following up, the panel finally came in. Then they couldn't find an installing company to install it...another 2 months. They came out and it was the wrong one! They found that there is another one broken. Supposedly got them on order...I've called probably 6 more times and every time they tell me they're on order. This time they tell me they aren't even ORDERED YET!! Go with a different company...this one has no follow through and could care less about their customers!!!

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    Reviewed Dec 08, 2017

    I had Sunpower install solar on to a new home build in May '17. I moved in the middle of June '17 and turned in my paperwork on July 10th, 2017. Today is December 8th and I still do not have operating solar. I have had to turn in the same paperwork 3 times, all with the same information on it. I can't comment on the Value or Quality as I have not been able to see what those might be in 5 Months. Other homes had Solar installed 4 weeks ago and are operational. This is beyond ridiculous. UPDATE: Finally got the panels activated and received my first bill. Dropped the bill by about 45% which is great. I am happy now. Upgraded the rating.

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  • "Best panels with the best warranty "

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2017
    "Best panels with the best warranty "

    Reviewed Dec 01, 2017

    Just had 32 of their top panels 360-c-ac installed on 2 sections of my roof for 10kw. With many cloudy days my system reduced my first months bill by over 65% from $150 to $46. That is in just 3 weeks. With the 25 year warranty I expect to do quite well eventually. They cost more than most companies but the warranty was important to me. The main complaint I hsve is not being able to monitor performance at the panel level lkke I've seen other brands o#er.

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    Reviewed Jul 01, 2017

    I was a little afraid to put panels on the front of my home looking at some of the ugly solar panels in my neighborhood, but I found it was time to do something because my utility bill was killing me. I decided to go with SunPower and I got their x21 335 black on black panels. I have to say they look absolutely incredible. I had a few of my neighbors even come over to my house and tell me how ugly they're panels look compared to mine. If you're putting the panels in the front of your home you can't go wrong with SunPower.

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  • "Made in USA ? "

    Reviewed Mar 08, 2017

    Sunpower doesn't have manufacturing facilities in the USA. I got the information from 10-k filing report on February 17, 2017, and the link is here:http://investors.sunpower.com/sec.cfm
    "Our headquarters and research and development operations are located in California, and our manufacturing facilities are located in the Philippines, Malaysia, France, and Mexico."
    The reason for 4 stars is because of some dealer and some website says those panels as they are manufactured in the USA. Don't get me wrong are good solar panels, but are not made in USA and be ready to pay a premium price for their quality.

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  • "Awesome!"

    Reviewed Nov 15, 2016

    These panels have produced more than 100% of my needs for the past 3 years. I bought them because they were the most attractive option for the front of my home and that they have the best warranty.

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  • "Great panels but expen$ive"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2016
    "Great panels but expen$ive"

    Reviewed Sep 27, 2016

    I think it's clear Sunpower makes the best solar panels, but you pay a price for them. My prediction is that the technology will keep getting better, and in 10-15 years you may want to upgrade your system anyway, so why would you pay a lot for premium panels with a very long lifetime? In 15+ years, the low cost panels are likely to be more efficient, and you'll want to replace your (golden) Sunpower panels, anyway. But, if you must have the best - and cost is no object, this is the best.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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With a climate in crisis, more homeowners and leading organizations are taking control of their energy and embracing more sustainable practices. It’s an initiative we stand firmly behind, because our mission is to change the way our world is powered.

SunPower designs, sells and installs the most efficient and durable technology on the planet. We’ve spent over 35 years pushing the boundaries of innovation and demanding more of ourselves—never settling on being a conventional solar company.

As a result, our home solar solutions continue to lead the industry, and we’ve been one of the top commercial solar providers in the U.S. since 2017. But being a leader also means putting safety first. With up-to-date guidance from federal and local health authorities, our experienced professionals are trained and ready to safely serve homeowners and businesses looking to go solar.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

Try Solar Calculator



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Workmanship Warranty

SunPower’s Power and Product home solar warranty covers your entire system, including the power it generates, for 25 years. (Monitoring hardware is also covered by SunPower, but the term is for 10 years.) And we’re the only company to cover all costs associated with repairs. It’s that simple. Because we design and manufacture the entire solar system, instead of piecing it together from different suppliers, we confidently stand behind our products with the SunPower ® Complete Confidence Warranty.

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