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Sol-Ark (Portable Solar LLC)

Sol-Ark battery-based inverter systems are the most affordable, efficient, flexible and installer-friendly hybrid inverter systems on the market. We have 3rd party and installer data to prove it.

All-In-One, Plug 'n Play with zero headaches, Sol-Ark is revolutionizing the industry. Literally the "multi-tool knife" of solar inverters, the Sol-Ark:

*Protects your appliances and electronics against lightning, storm outages, and even EMPs
*Sells back to the grid
*Works seamlessly with all battery backup technologies and Time-Of-Use
*Auto starts a generator
*AC couples to existing microinverter systems
*Produces a massive 20 kW peak surge power to operate a 3 ton A/C off-grid!

...and tons MORE...for LESS than LG/StorEdge, Pika, Sonnen, and Tesla!

Battery Based Solar. Made Affordable. Made by You.
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About Sol-Ark (Portable Solar LLC)

Necessity is the mother of invention. Sol-Ark was born when like-minded defense engineers and veterans got together to create a better solution than anything they had been able to find for themselves. True energy independence, Sol-Arks are military-tough, yoga-flexible and incredibly easy to install. Even a handy DIYer can do it.
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Homeowner/Builder Installation

I just completed my installation of my 12k Sol Ark inverter and for the most part everything went smoothly. Although their manual provides enough detail to get things up and running, the manual could use more in depth explanation of several of the screens that are available for diagnostics, data, etc. I have had two times the inverter went to a 60VAC output with no fault displayed, no breaker tripping, etc. Not sure why, but it could be something lacking in the programming. Other than that, the equipment has performed as advertised so far. Since I have not used their service department yet, I could not rate their service or responsiveness. But, from what I have read about them I doubt their will be issues.

Posted by megood60 on May 31, 2023
Sol-Ark help

Installed the Sol-Ark unit on my basement wall myself but had a local solar tech do the wiring and if we had questions the help desk was there to answer questions. They were very informed as to helping us and did a firmware update which improved the performance of the system. Very satisfied Roger M

Posted by rogermorin95 on May 28, 2023
Couldn't be better, in my opinion

I just installed an 18KW solar system with a 15K Sol Ark inverter. The commissioning of the system couldn't have gone better. This was a self install and I do not have any experience with solar systems at all. I called Sol Ark support and was put through to an actual human with no wait at all. The human (Kevin) also turned out to be awesome and was very knowledgeable and patient. He had my system up and running in less than 30 mins. Amazing product and even better customer support.

Posted by biafra90 on May 23, 2023
off grid in the tropics-finally have a reliable system

Living on a remote tropical island sounds like paradise but the reality is far different from a practical point of view. It is extremely important to have equipment that you can rely on and a customer support team that is responsive. The sol-ark inverter fills the bill in both these areas. I had to install it myself as who else is going to do it? Being only a beginner in solar equipment, it was imperative that my new system would be easy to install and that I could get help if I needed it, which I did. So far it is working great, I love that the read out is so informative, you can really tell what is going on with the system. Also it is very flexible and the parameters can be set for almost any situation. I needed 240v/50 hz for Fiji appliances, which was a simple matter to program. I only have a small generator, 3500 watts, but again was able to program that to work with the inverter to charge my batteries when we have cloudy weather for too many days. We don't have any kind of a grid here of course to tie into, but I could see that it was equally well set up to adjust to almost any kind of input if needed. It is really well designed, I love that it is completely sealed, which was a must have feature due to ants, bugs, and humidity. The large fins on the back do the cooling, another important feature in the tropics so it runs really silently with a minimum of draw for the inverter itself. So far the fans have not needed to come on yet due to the excellent cooling design. It looks great too and is just beautifully crafted altogether. Couldn't be more pleased with my purchase so far.

Posted by marycwells on May 23, 2023
Sol-Ark Does It!

Thanks to Sol-Ark for the mindset to create a product worthy of recognition. I have installed 4 systems myself and aided in others. Clients have come to me for suggestions and questions about what I think is best. By the experience I have, I have always told them to research Sol-Ark first. The Hybrid technology and performance is always great. I have looked at some of the others and I just cannot find an equal. Thanks Sol-Ark for your service. They are second to none. Even in the recent congestion of the trends of buying solar they are always ready to help. Impeccable service. Thanks Again, Lonnie Johnson. Bahamas

Posted by lonnieg62 on May 14, 2023
Awesome inverter

This inverter is a beast. Great customer service

Posted by larsen328 on May 10, 2023
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 10.44 kW
    10.44 kW LG Ground Solar Array with a Sol-Ark 15 kW Inverter and 22.8 kWh of Backup Batteries
    • Residential
    • Solar PV
    • 8 kW
    New build in Lockbourne
    • Single-Family Residence
    • Solar PV
    • 19.4 kW
    19.4 kW Sol-Ark 15K with 38kWh Homegrid Stack'd battery
    • Energy Storage
    • 21.6 kW
    Sol-Ark 12 kwh Hybrid Inverter with Fortress Eflex (21.6 kwh total) lithium batteries



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