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Sol-Ark (Portable Solar LLC) - Profile & Reviews

Necessity is the mother of invention. Sol-Ark was born when like-minded defense engineers and veterans got together to create a better solution than anything they had been able to find for themselves. True energy independence, Sol-Arks are military-tough, yoga-flexible and incredibly easy to install. Even a handy DIYer can do it.

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  • "Fantastic Product and Amazing Customer Support !"

    Reviewed Sep 03, 2019
    "Fantastic Product and Amazing Customer Support !"

    Reviewed Sep 03, 2019

    The Sol-Ark 8K solar generator has cut our energy costs in half and their customer support is outstanding. The system had an issue on Sunday of the recent Labor Day Holiday weekend. I reached out to Dylan and Tom via email and text. Dylan was travelling and still reached back to me via text. Tom then called and I was able to get the controller's WiFi back on my network with his help. Minutes later he had updated the software ! This on Labor Day Sunday ! On Tuesday I worked with Dylan to determine that a fuse was blown in the system's AC disconnect. I was directed to Lowe's to get the required fuse and installed with Dylan's patient and expert direction. This is an amazing system and the after sale support has been consistently superb. You will not find a better system or a more helpful company to work with than Sol-Ark !

  • "Sol-Ark 8K Delivery | Installation | Tech Support"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2019
    "Sol-Ark 8K Delivery | Installation | Tech Support"

    Reviewed Aug 30, 2019

    My journey began into the solar realm by contacting a local solar proponent in town. My goal was to prepare for off-grid scenario and had no idea of where to begin. Local proponent gave me numerous websites to research but he specifically had me focus on Sol-Ark as he was familiar with YouTube videos of their products and installations. I've always believed you get what you pay for. I'm sure it would be possible to piecemeal a system, cut corners and just hope you don't regret those few dollars saved. I wanted one source offering the entire package. Sol-Ark team and business manager was very helpful creating a proposal that would fit my needs. Got off to a great start by superb packaging for LTL carrier. Next was to find a local installer and this also came from Sol-Ark business manager. Installer and his team did a very nice job. Sol-Ark tech support was right there on the phone any time we called. Kind of nice that after setting up WiFi, tech support can connect to the 8K unit to check on all systems, even update software. There is a learning curve for someone like me that has no background in solar and Sol-Ark made that easier for me with user guides and videos. Sol-Ark definitely met and exceeded expectations.

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Sol-Ark battery-based inverter systems are the most affordable, efficient, flexible and installer-friendly hybrid inverter systems on the market. We have 3rd party and installer data to prove it.

All-In-One, Plug 'n Play with zero headaches, Sol-Ark is revolutionizing the industry. Literally the "multi-tool knife" of solar inverters, the Sol-Ark:

*Protects your appliances and electronics against lightning, storm outages, and even EMPs
*Sells back to the grid
*Works seamlessly with all battery backup technologies and Time-Of-Use
*Auto starts a generator
*AC couples to existing microinverter systems
*Produces a massive 20 kW peak surge power to operate a 3 ton A/C off-grid!

...and tons MORE...for LESS than LG/StorEdge, Pika, Sonnen, and Tesla!

Battery Based Solar. Made Affordable. Made by You.

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Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Get a custom solar estimate for your home

Based on your roof and actual offers in your area

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Sol-Ark (Portable Solar LLC) Headquarters

5833 Curtis Drive, #200, #300
Parker, TX
75002 United States

Local Offices (1)

  • 5833 Curtis Drive #200 and #300
    Parker, TX 75002

Workmanship Warranty

10 year product warranty


Electrical Engineering
Nuclear engineering


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